Get 10% off Blacklane executive car transfers for new users

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Airport chauffeur group Blacklane – website here – has launched a new 10% discount code for first time users.

I have just used this to book a car for Milan later this week – given how much luggage we’re going to have, plus the kids, I thought that guaranteeing an SUV was available and waiting for us made sense.  I signed up my wife so we could get the 10% first user discount …..

Blacklane also lets you earn airline miles with:

  • Asia Miles (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Flying Blue (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Miles & More (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Qatar Privilege Club (1 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Enrich (Malaysia Airlines) (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer (2 per £/$/€ spent)

Blacklane discount code

The 10% first ride discount code is SAVE10%

Blacklane has a slightly odd way of entering promotional codes.  You will be presented with a page asking for your credit card details.  After you type them in, there is an additional screen which asks if you have a voucher code.  Add SAVE10% on that page and 10% is deducted from your quote.  Your card is not charged until after the ride and you can cancel until 1 hour before pick-up.

You can book, create an account or find out more about Blacklane on their website here.

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  1. New Pop-up Amex Lounge in London

    American Express Platinum House is coming to London. Platinum Cardmembers and their guests2 are invited to experience the best of Platinum during a four-day pop-up event at the Old Central St. Martins Building. Stop by Platinum House and enjoy complimentary food & beverages, live music performances, morning workout classes, beauty services and more.

    To join us for this event please check in with the American Express team in the lobby of the Old Central St. Martins Building. Please have your American Express Card available for entry. To learn more, visit:

  2. OT : any personal recommendations for HSBC premier bank account? Tempted just to be able to sign up for the premier credit card, but would probably move my whole current account across from Barclays, who I’ve actually been quite impressed with, Barclay’s banking app is actually very good (I can even deposited cheques via the app to save on a trip to the bank)

    Decisions, decisions………

    • Everyone should have current accounts with 2 or 3 different banking groups

      I have HSBC premier in several countries but not sure it’s really worth it in the UK, except for the credit card

      • Having had it for 20 years, fundamentally it just gets you the level of service that everyone would have got 30 years ago but no-one gets today.

    • Genghis says:

      I’ve been mulling this over. I’m currently with Barclays and quite like the free coffee (and cake a few times a year) and the English Heritage thing. But the queues at Barclays are long and machines useless. The segregated Premier offering at the Queen Victoria St branch is appealing.

    • 1nfrequent says:

      I made the move earlier this year and have been pretty pleased with it. If you have a local HSBC branch then I find that the staff tend to acknowledge me and say hello when I pop in and they’re genuinely very helpful if you have an issue (I had a problem making a payment and they sorted it for me within 10 minutes). The switch itself went smoothly and the only downside was that it took about 45 minutes in branch to actually set up the account (although this was due to my having moved jobs, which affected on of the things on their computerised system). The downside is that the on-line banking site isn’t particularly intuitive – the access is secure but working out how to make payments etc took me a while to get used to. There was also a bit of pressure to download their App onto my phone (which I didn’t do because I try to minimise what I keep on my phone) and I’ve had a couple of calls from their Premier team trying to sell me products, which I have politely and firmly put a stop to (thank you, GDPR). I can’t speak to their savings/investment products though because I got the account by moving my mortgage (they had the best rate for what I wanted so it was a no brainer).


    • I’ve been Premier for yonks (even had to pay for it in the beginning).

      It’s fine but I don’t have a Barclays card to compare it with.

      They made a terrible, terrible hash of my application to get the Elite MasterCard but I expect they’ve sorted out their systems by now. If you collect one of the airline currencies Premier offers then it’s well worth it. The free travel internet was good but that’s been quietly dropped from the Elite version I think.

    • the_real_a says:

      The HSBC products (even premier) IMO are terrible, and you need to consider the opportunity cost of lost interest compared to “best in market”.

      HSBC is a very bureaucratic organisation, expect to have to “go in branch” to get anything done, and also expect over zealous anti money laundering paperwork (and associated proofs) for basic transactions. How would you like your account suspended and asked to “go in branch” to prove source of funds for a £750 cash deposit for example?

      • I don’t have an HSBC UK account any more after it was closed for paying my Amex £5000 by direct debit. I feel that they got spooked because my usual DDs to that Amex were under £1000, and I transferred £3000 from my own account at another bank the day before the DD was taken. The letter specifically told me not to go in branch as they were not going to reconsider! And it was hand signed by the branch manager….

      • Totally agree. I was thinking of getting HSBC Premier or another “premium” tier bank account, but then the rates of interest on savings products are terrible compared to challenger banks. Most of the investment products from these traditional banks are also expensive. I had a HSBC account purely for the 5% regular saver and switching bonus, but the app was so poor I switched again after a year. So for me, deffo not worth it!

    • rams1981 says:

      I have it. Don’t do much with the account. Have a regular saver which I use. Not a fan of their £10k daily online limit on bank transfers.

  3. Would arriving at LGW on the train at 0527 for a 0645 departure (Norwegian) give us enough time to enjoy the Grain Store? Could also aim to arrive 0457 but not sure if worth it

  4. OT: Does anyone know if Melia Rewards bookings paid for entirely in points can be cancelled and if so if the points are also refunded? Can’t find this info anywhere on Melia website or in FAQs

    • Alistair says:

      Yes, I did that a couple of weeks ago. Took a few minutes for the points to come back through, although when trying to rebook it showed the pre-refund balance until I logged out and back in.

    • Alistair says:

      From the booking confirmation:

      Payment garanteed with points.

      Cancellation of the reservation

      If cancel within 24 Hour(s) before arrival or customers are no show, 1 Night(s) will be charged as cancellation penalty”

  5. OT/

    AMEX SPG – Anybody had any more feedback from American Express on the retention offer that seems to have been messed up in the Marriott merger?

    I’m awaiting a phone call back from Amex, but based on the previous conversations its not going to be easy…

    For others not aware, there was a retention offer of double points (2 points instead of 1 per £) for keeping the SPG AMEX instead of cancelling, however the base rate has now moved to 3 points in the new scheme, but AMEX are saying that its still only 1 extra point per £ instead of the logical double of 3!

  6. Benilyn says:

    1) My Curve limit is 10k p.a., asked for a raise, they said no… joined in circa May-18. Annoyed!
    2) Did the Gold Charge to Platinum upgrade: a) The £1k spend to hit bonus is not showing up as an offer, assume I will get bonus anyway? b) When do they charge you the annual charge?

    • Genghis says:

      1) Do you actually spend on Curve?
      2) It’s normal for a progress bar not to show. You’ll be charged the annual fee in one of:
      i) straight away
      ii) with first statement
      iii) not at all – until Gold charge anniversary.

      • Benilyn says:

        1) I spend only to pay my amex / other credit card bills (double dipping).
        2) thanks, hopefully (iii)

        • Genghis says:

          Actually do some spending on the card and they might raise your limits.

        • And if they catch on as to what you are doing they may suspend your curve rather than up your limit anyway.

    • 1.I got my Curve upgrade on limits after 4 months, so I suspect yours will upgrade shortly
      2. I cancelled my platinum card after 2 months, and didn’t get any annual fee

    • I’ve had my upgraded platinum since January and not paid any fee, which seems to be quite common judging by comments on here.

      Shame they changed the gold card to a credit card as the platinum upgrade bonus and then 5x referral bonuses whilst paying no fee was great while it lasted.

  7. A Dickinson says:

    I have just purchases the smallest amount via Groupon deal to test the water before committing to any large amounts.
    Anyone have an idea of how long it takes for your voucher to become redeemable? Also how long is it before the points hit your iberia account?

    • I have done something similar. I couldn’t find the the voucher codes on the website, I had to download the app to find them. It is supposed to credit to Iberia within 10 days. I will let you know!

    • Any luck? I’m in need of 25k urgently, I hit the min spend on the BAPP but looks like i’ll have to wait at least a month to get the 25k bonus

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