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Good deal – earn 6,000 Avios or €120 credit for 3 x 2-night Accor stays

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Accor Hotels, which own Novotel / Ibis / Mercure / M Gallery / Sofitel / Pullman / Raffles / Swissotel / Fairmont etc, has brought back its potentially generous promotion to earn 6,000 bonus Avios or €120!

Called “The Reward Days”, you will earn €120 of Accor hotel vouchers or 6,000 Avios (or a variable pile of other airline miles) if you complete three x 2-night stays at Accor properties between 18th September and 14th January 2019.

That is clearly a very impressive deal, although the two night restriction per stay could be tricky.  If you can make it work around your work or leisure plans, however, you are looking at a good result.

You must book your stays between 12th September and 7th October.   You need to book via the Accor website or a corporate travel agent.  Stays booked via hotel wholesalers such as Expedia,, etc will not count.

Existing bookings do NOT count. These need to be cancelled and rebooked.

How to register

More importantly, you MUST register for this promotion via the offer website All you need to do is to go that page and log in.

What is the bonus?

The bonus is dropped into your account in the form of 6,000 Le Club AccorHotels points:

Your first 2-night stay comes with 500 bonus points

Your second 2-night stay comes with 2,500 points

Your third 2-night stay comes with 3,000 points

Accor The Reward Days

Whilst the Accor website for this promotion focuses on taking points, you can convert your 6,000 bonus points (plus base points) into airline miles. For the main programmes I write about, the conversion rates are:

Flying Blue 2:1

British Airways Executive Club Avios: 2:1

Iberia Avios: 1:1 (so don’t convert to BA!)

Emirates Skywards: 2:1

Etihad Guest: 2:1

Miles & More: 2:1

There is one thing to remember.

Whilst 6,000 Avios is certainly attractive, you need to remember that by converting to Avios in the Iberia programme, you are effectively ‘paying’ 2 Eurocents per Avios compared to taking €120 in Accor hotel vouchers.

The hotel vouchers are therefore a better deal unless you have no plans to use them – although, if all of your Accor travel is through your job, it is very possible that you won’t mind giving up the vouchers.  In all of the other airline schemes you are paying 4 Eurocents per mile which is very poor, and if you are not primarily an Avios collector I would seriously suggest taking the €120 of vouchers instead.

You can find full details of the offer, and the link to register, on the Accor website here. Remember that bookings must be made by 7th October even though you do not need to stay until mid January.

PS. Remember that bonus points from Accor promotions do not count towards status any longer.  This offer is not a quick way of helping you retain Gold or Platinum for next year.

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  1. That’s not massively attractive to be honest…awhen these offers first started it was 10000 or 12000 points for 3×1 night stays 🙂

    • Lady London says:

      They differentiate by market. Asia still seems to get closer to those better terms. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother this time. I have relatively few hotel stays for the Accor promotion period this time round. Any that I do have IHG might get as they have given a reasonable target finally this time round. IHG’s points are more useful than Accor’s unless you have far more of them than this Accor promotion will yield.

      • Didn’t realise that. It was in Asia I took advantage of them. I had a house in Bangkok at the time and was mattress running £16 a night Ibis hotels just down the road, it was very lucrative.

  2. Sort of OT
    I can’t get the V Villas Hua Hin (M Gallery) to price up for any stays in 2019. Does anyone know if it’s closing for a refurb, or is it likely to be deflagging? Or something else entirely?

    • They may just not have loaded any rates yet, but google says it’s available in January at least

    • Cat, have you been to Hua Hin before? Unless it is a particular favourite of yours there are much better beach resorts in Thailand to choose from.

      • ankomonkey says:

        @BJ, any places you would particularly recommend? We will have around 10 days in the Phuket/Krabi areas next year. Would like to do an easy (2 kids under 10) snorkelling trip too if anyone has experience in this region. Thanks!

        • Around Krabi and Phuket there are lots of great beaches. Coastal scenery from Krabi to Phuket is also stunning. Just search the main chains for both Krabi and Phuket and see what takes your fancy. On Phuket it is difficult to go wrong, however, avoid Patong if you want a quieter place for the kids. Patong is where all the nightlife, shopping malls etc is based. I have not been to PhiPhi in over 10 years but I have heard it has become trashy with too many tourists so perhaps best to give it a miss. I would recommend a hire car, stay some time in Krabi, and say Surin Beach, on Phuket and use the car to explore the coast and the island. It is also possible to do single and multi day private boat tours of the Andaman islands but it is expensive.With AY and QR you can open jaw these places without going to Bangkok if you wish. If you have not settled on these places you might want to consider Koh Chang and Koh Sammet as less touristy alternatives. My own favourite is Songkhla, but that is definitely far from the usual tourist trail.

        • ankomonkey says:

          @BJ, thanks for the detailed response 🙂

      • I’m a bit disillusioned with Thailand after my last trip TBH, BJ. I’ve done so many glorious backpacking trips there over the decades, it’s one of those places where I would always stay in family run guesthouses and beach huts, but recently every time I’ve gone to my old favourite haunts, they’ve been so rammed with man-bun sporting hipster tourists, beach towels practically tessellating on the once gloriously quiet beaches, that I despair! My last trip to Railay beach resulted in spectacular food poisoning (I’m told the local fishing industry can no longer supply the tourist numbers, so more and more fish is imported and is less than fresh). On my last trip to Phuket I went to an area I had heard good things about, but the sex tourism was just inescapable (there’s nothing to make you vomit into your mouth a tiny bit quite like a septuagenarian walking towards the ladies posing by the side of the street, while pulling a sweaty was of notes out of his boardies – except perhaps the aforementioned fish). We had bad luck with tides too – every swim in the sea seemed to result in plastic bags stuck to limbs.

        Maybe I was just unlucky on those last two trips.

        I did wonder if it might be better now to stick to the areas where Thai tourists actually go (and eat where the Thai tourists eat) like Hua Hin, but stay in a fancy resort to escape the chaos of the area at night. Well, I was considering giving it a try! Either that, or maybe just staying in a resort with a private beach!

        I have been idly contemplating a trip to the far flung Indian islands though – the Andamans and the Nicobar islands are supposed to be incredible.

        • *wad* of notes

        • Shoe string says:

          I would second Koh Chang, though the last time I went there was in 2000!

          I’m a Koh Tao/ Koh Phangan/ Koh Samui oldie – I went there first in 1988 then nearly every year/ second year into the 90s and believe me they were all a million times better than now!

          On my sabbatical 2000 I was on Koh Chang for a couple of weeks & it was great, much less developed than Koh Tao, which had ceased to be a forgotten paradise even then.

          As a national park, I can imagine that it has stayed relatively un-foreign-touristy.

        • I paid the Andaman Islands a visit a few weekends ago – flew via Chennai.
          I was only a long-weekend for me (based in Singapore) so did not have time to explore outside of Port Blair (Ironically there is a Corbyn cove too). It is worth bearing in mind the logistics. As they are special security areas Non-Indians need to clear a second form of immigration on arrival at the airport (all flights are domestic) and subsequent to that, register with the local immigration office, in person, within 24 hrs. That office is in town and it can take a little while (10-15 mins) for your details to be put into the computer. Given the ferry sailings, and your scheduled arrivsl time into IXY you may find you need to add a night in the town before heading to the islands, e.g. Havelock,
          Likwise for you return ferry and flight to the mainland. The runway is easily closed due to mist or fog and flights to the mainland can be significantly delayed.

        • Cat, totally recognise and agree with the picture you paint. This is why I recommended Angkomonkey get a car to get off the beaten track a little and discover the real Thailand. It is also why my favourite is Songkhla and wetlands of Pathalung, still very Thai and few tourists except for Malaysians and Singaporeans in Hat Yao for shopping, eating and bars at the weekend. I’ve also come to like the beaches and resorts up the coast from Rating for the same reason, mostly Thais down from Bangkok for the weekend. Beaches are not the best but a lot of good food. A decade ago I stayed in a small family run resort in Hua Him called Baan Talay Dao, it was excellent back then but expensive by Thai standards. No idea what it is like now but might be worth looking into. Koh Sammet used to be cool but judging by the cars parked at the pier last time I passed it may be going same way as others. I am not sure what Thailand can do, latest issue is hoards of Chinese organised tours, both BKK and HKT now have direct flights to over 20 Chinese cities. I think people can still have a great holiday in Thailand, it is just that you need to put a lot of thought into the plans to be sure you get what you want.

        • @Harry & Jamie, sadly national park status guarantees nothing. On Koh Lupe with Thais last year they were very upset at number or visitors allowed and amount of rubbish left around. Koh Chang still a decent choice I think but for me Samui is a definite no.

        • Just to add to above comment, I did not intend to cause any offense to our Chinese readers, I merely meant that they are now adding substantially to the vast numbers of visitors to Thailand. Like everybody else, the vast majority of Chinese are good people.

        • Shoe string says:

          I decided Koh Samui was a definite no in about 1989! That’s what got me moving to the other 2 close islands, and Koh Tao really was wonderfully undeveloped back then, not a lot going on except beaches, great food, diving & a couple of nice bars.

        • Hey, I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread. Sadly I can’t drive, so I’m restricted to the vagaries of public transport. While this can be kind of fun in Thailand, it can also be a bit of a limiting factor when going off the beaten track entirely. I have, however, made a note of all the places mentioned for trips in the future and have vowed not to give up on Thailand just yet!
          Brilliant, enthusiastic advice and helpful ideas from you guys is one of the many reasons I love HfP.
          ¡Muchas gracias a todos! (I have an unusual number of Iberia flights coming up, and I need the practice) X

        • Shoe string says:

          I wouldn’t rule out going back to Phuket, if you avoid the seedy bits it’s fine & indeed still idyllic in parts with great food etc. Easy to get to. I went there last in 2005 & previously 2003, with wife & babies/ toddlers – 3 weeks each time. Dreamy, relaxed, memorable holidays and not that expensive, either. Flights were free (on the way back from NZ) and the hotels were dead cheap, something like £15/ night incl breakfast for a 3* perfectly nice modern hotel. As you’ll know, top quality fresh restaurant seafood / chicken etc is a fraction of what you’d pay in Europe.

          If I had to rate Phuket (with all the [avoidable] seediness that comes out at night) and Dubai, I’d say Phuket wins on all counts apart from waterparks.

          Would still prefer to explore further afield within Thailand, just saying that Phuket isn’t that bad. Once you know what to avoid, avoid it & enjoy the good bits. Those beach restaurants!

        • @Harry et al, Harry has a proper perspective on Phuket which remains true today. There are about 30 beaches on the island, most of which remain sparsely populated to deserted most of tbe time so it is entirely possible to get away from it all and discover unspoiled spots.This can be done simply by hiring a car and driver for thkse who do notdrive. It is very inexpensive in most of Thailand despite the low £. Phuket is a bit more expensive though. For those who want to explore the South using public transport I always recommend the following hops using VIP bus which are inexpensive, very comfortable and great fun. Bangkok-HuaHin-(Chumphon)-Phuket-Krabi-HatYai/Songkhla. Flight back from Hat Yai to Bangkok or continue south overland to Malaysia and Singapore by VIP bus. All these sectors are daytime and not too long so quite relaxing. Pom rak LOS, Sawasdee Krub.

    • Chris Palmer says:

      There appears to be some availability via

      • I know, and most other similar websites, but not on Accor. I was thinking about spending my hoard of Accor points there!
        I suspect a deflagging.

    • I checked this for 2019 March just a couple of weeks ago and it was pricing up ok. Hopefully, it is just a temporary blip! Personally, Hua Hin is one of my favourite places in Thailand for a family holiday and preferable to Phuket or Samui. YMMV though!

      • +1

        First time to Thailand Easter just gone. Stayed in Hua Hin for 10 days – just great!

    • Apparently V Villas will be bookable again on the accor site from next week…..

  3. hingeless says:

    I prefer to transfer the points to Iberia and then BA instead of using them for stays as the only the cash part of the booking counts towards status.

  4. In my experience the credit never gets automatically credited and is a real PITA to chase.

  5. as nearly always happens this offer came out a couple of days after I had booked a stay with them
    sure I can cancel and rebook – I have free cancellation but thats not the point grrrr

    • I just made a non-refundable booking last week – to be fair I did lock in a bigger saving than the return from this promotion, so I’m still better off, but I find the requirement to book within the offer period really annoying with Accor promotions.

  6. I assume I can use my points to redeem money off a 2 night stay then accumulate in the process? Got a few thousand stashed away….

    • Generally not, I believe. If you use points, it won’t count as a qualifying stay. But do check…

    • It’s explicit in EVERY Accor promotion now that stays partly paid using points are not eligible, although it does slip through from time to time.

  7. Any suggestions on how to spend a stash of Accor points (30,000+) other than to convert to Iberia? I noticed that the points can’t be used to pay for cheapest prepaid rates. Any one has experience with redeeming vouchers and then paying the bill with vouchers on check out?

  8. Is it possible to book as follow:
    1-3 Nov
    3-5 Nov and
    5-7 Nov
    as 3 bookings to earn 6000 points?

    • MrHandBaggageOnly says:

      Not at the same hotel, but different Accor hotels in the same city would be fine. I did 2×2 once in Berlin and received the bonus points.

      • MrHandBaggageOnly says:

        Under point 3 of the terms it states “Consecutive stays in the same hotel will not be eligible for this offer.”

  9. Urgh!! Only need 4,000 to maintain gold… this was going to be my easy way of doing it until that last line ????????

    • Don’t worry. You can comfort yourself with the fact that Gold is not worth a great deal with Accor.

  10. The T&C state ‘staying in a Le Club AccorHotels participating hotel’ but there is no list published.
    Any idea whether a ibis budget would count for this promotion?
    I thought to vaguely remember those were excluded last time but I would like to know for sure.

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