Hilton Honors quietly DOUBLES the price of many of its cheapest redemptions

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Hilton Honors has, with no announcement, made substantial increases to the points required to stay at many of its cheapest hotels.

These have been slipped through over the last 48 hours.

As of last week, there were seven UK hotels – I think – which cost 10,000 Hilton Honors points per night:

  • Hampton by Hilton Liverpool / John Lennon Airport
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Newcastle International Airport
  • Hampton by Hilton Newcastle
  • Hampton by Hilton Newport
  • Hampton by Hilton Corby / Kettering
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park
  • Hampton by Hilton Sheffield (photo below)

Hilton doubles cost of 10,000 point hotels

SIX OF THEM now have a maximum price of 20,000 Hilton Honors points per night.  They will be cheaper than 20,000 points on nights when the room rate is under circa £65.  Newport is the only one still showing at 10,000 points.

It isn’t clear how many of the 150 x 10,000 point hotels globally have been raised to 20,000 points, although I have found other examples such as the Hilton Salalah Resort in Oman.  This used to be 5,000 points per night until recently, but jumped to 10,000 points.  It is now 20,000 points.

I randomly checked the six hotels in Malaysia which used to be 10,000 points.   Two are now showing as 20,000 points whilst four remain at 10,000 points.

Some (many?) of the 5,000 point per night hotels globally have also been raised to 10,000 points.

Many of these hotels were, of course, disproportionately cheap at 5,000 or 10,000 points per night.  With the main Hilton in Sheffield costing 30,000 points, having the new Hampton at 10,000 points made little sense as the cash difference was certainly not 3x.  That said, keeping a few bargains in the portfolio does no harm in keeping people interested in the programme.  Giving no notice just continues to undermine trust in the programme.

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  1. Any idea if there was Hilton/iHG global sales would start any time soon as trying to book some stays in Bangkok.

    • Hilton has an Asia promo running next week, we will cover it and they’ve booked some ads.

      • Hilton promos in Asia are typically fake, if this one bucks the trend it will be the first.

      • InsideFlyerUK has run with it today, same old Hilton nonsale. Doubt the added dining discount willpersyade many regular Asia travelker to eat at their hotel.

        • Noticed the Bangkok properties recently hiked their prices perhaps in anticipation of the “sale”. Been checking fortnightly to see if my flexible rates for October, booked months ago, have dropped.

        • Chris Palmer says:

          Yes, I agree with John. I’ve been looking at Bangkok recently, and the prices jumped. Automatically assumed a “sale” was on the way!

      • It will have to be pretty fantastic to tempt me. Looking at a month in Thailand in December.

  2. OT but Hilton. Which hotel in London would you recommend for a birthday treat on points? Lounge not that important but central location (within 30 mins tube from Westminster) and a larger modern room are important. As the rooms in London tend to be so small :(. Gold member if it matters.

    • I would say the Conrad

      • I’d go Bankside. Much more interesting area, fewer points/pounds and a great restaurant and lounge.

        • +1 Bankside, great property. Conrad nice but not big rooms.

          Both locations quiet at weekends.

          The Trafalgar very nice too…

      • Doubletree Westminster.

      • Conrad St James is a nice hotel. It’s easily walkable from Victoria or Westminster but it depends what you want to be close to as other options might be better

        • Conrad is the nicest Hilton in London if you’re Diamond due to the lounge. Bit of a building site for 2-3 years as Scotland Yard was literally next door which has just been demolished and will be replaced with flats. Location OK but feels odd. Bankside possibly better all-rounder and best trade-off between location and quality, but never seen the rooms there.

    • Thank you for the insights!

  3. Totally OT, any asked before many times.
    Just want to confirm if you can cancel the BA Amex, the vouchers stay with BA not with Amex right? So I don’t lose the voucher right.

    • In 99.9% of cases once the voucher is in your BAEC account you don’t lose it.

    • Yes. They say otherwise but the should be no issue as long as you have a Amex to pay the taxes/fees.

  4. Now I understand why there was a heavily pushed points promotion recently.

    I got suckered into that a couple of days ago, specifically to use it on the kind of properties mentioned above (and good value properties I knew in Poland, Turkey, etc.).

    That’s the last time I ever purchase points from Hilton.

  5. O/T……You will save 15% off the cash portion for any Points & Cash getaway you book on the IHG website or app before 25th September for your stays until 28th October 2018.

  6. In many cases I am now finding that Hotels.come are outperforming Hilton in the rewards department, provided you choose carefully. I used to be a Hilton slave, but got fed up with stealthy devaluations of Hilton Reward points.

  7. 100% bonus sale of Hilton points has dried up – all packages now sold – not seen that happen before. No doubt there will be another sale along soon.

  8. I believe Hilton points are on a devaluation spiral. No more categories (so each hotel can charge as many points as they wish) and teh CONSTANT double promo. If something is a constant, it shouldn’t been called proo.

  9. Henry Larsen says:

    There is a thread about this in the Hilton forum on FT. One ‘Johnny Rocket’ has stolen Rob’s post (above) verbatim, without attribution. I clicked the ‘Alert’ flag but no action has been taken; it seems blatant plagiarism is OK on FT. 🙁

  10. Should there be some legislation put in place which specifies a minimum period of notice an organisation must give when devaluing rewards, points, miles etc…. ?
    I think there should be.
    Is there an organisation out there trying to push for such a thing which I can throw my support behind ?

  11. John Pagani says:

    An update from my situation about the Waldorf in Beverly Hills tripling their redemption values. Low and behold, the 95k, (previously 225k) rooms are now available. Whoever is whispering into their ear, I’m glad we have this voice to express how we feel.

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