Lufthansa launches a very decent Premium Economy deal to Asia

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Both Lufthansa and SWISS have launched Premium Economy and Economy sales from the UK to Asia.

I am not focusing on the Economy deals although if you follow the links you will see the pricing.  Here are the Premium Economy deals on Lufthansa (SWISS does not have PE).

Lufthansa premium economy sale

On Lufthansa, which you can book via this special page:

  • London – Shanghai from £579
  • London – Qingdao from £579
  • London – Hong Kong from £649
  • London – Bangkok from £599
  • London – Singapore from £579
  • Manchester – Beijing from £599
  • Manchester – Shanghai from £599
  • Manchester – Qingdao from £599
  • Birmingham – Beijing from £599
  • Birmingham – Shanghai from £599
  • Birmingham – Qingdao from £599
  • Edinburgh – Beijing from £599
  • Edinburgh – Shanghai from £599
  • Edinburgh – Qingdao from £599
  • Glasgow – Beijing from £599
  • Glasgow – Shanghai from £599
  • Glasgow – Qingdao from £599
  • London – Almaty from £549

You can check the SWISS economy deals, from any of its UK departure points, here.

All deals must be booked by 1st October except China, where the deadline is 8th October.

Travel periods are from 23rd October to 8th December 2018, from 24th December 2018 to 22nd March 2019 and from 22nd April to 18th June 2019.  A six day minimum stay applies.

The Lufthansa booking site seems easier to use as you can focus just on Premium Economy sale deals via this page.

Your best option to maximise your miles when paying is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold.  This offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.  Our review of Amex Gold is here.

Buy Avios points from 0.85p via Groupon Spain (again)
Great Virgin Flying Club redemption: fly Amsterdam to Toronto on Jet Airways

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  1. swhostring says:

    Amex Domino’s £5 off £20 still going strong – just tucking into 2x Large Half & Half pizzas and a Tandoori wrap, not too bad for £15 🙂

  2. Why don’t we have these Groupon offers on Avios in the UK?

    • swhostring says:

      That’s down to Avios loyalty prog mgt in each respective country. I guess the team that run Spain are doing it to increase usage of Avios & adoption of the loyalty scheme by more people in Spain. Maybe there is also some kind of deal with Iberia?

      Probably the UK Avios team see no particular need for that. Although you can imagine them magicking up new Avios out of thin air ie printing money, in reality it won’t work like that. There will be an internal cost associated with supplying new Avios for the Groupon deal. In effect, the Groupon Spain Avios will be being supplied below ‘cost’ as a marketing investment.

      The UK team sees no need to bear that cost, as the Avios scheme is already pretty widely adopted here.

  3. OT: When do LATAM release their seats for Avios redemption? Today is 16/9/18, I can see availability till 30/6/19. T-287 sounds weird – so do they release in batches?

  4. BrotherBear says:


    I recall seeing someone a year or two ago post the website they use for cheap cruises. Can anyone recall or recommend?

    Looking to book a cruise on the Fjords for my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary.

    Thanks in advance

    • swhostring says:

      Take a few risks in life 🙂


    • will sort you out, they have the best deals and you also get assigned one named consultant who becomes your account manager and handles the whole thing end to end. You won’t get passed off to a second line support team after booking like with the other OTAs.

  5. OT: Current Amex MR 40% bonus Avios. Is this account/country related? I’ve just tried to convert points over but offered 1:1 rather than 1:14 conversion.

  6. There is a comment on another Blog that Amex will allow you to take a new Platinum if you have a Gold CC and get the full sign up Bonus. Not verified but worth monitoring

    • Nonsense. The odd one might slip through, no doubt about that, but the rules strictly block that.

      I know some people who get a bonus on the Business cards despite having a Personal card. I know many many people who did not, which is as per the rules.

      My consumer credit licence wouldn’t last 10 minutes if I publicly recommended that sort of behaviour.

      • Are you sure you haven’t misread this? Clive seems to say taking out a Plat if you hold a Gold CC, rather than upgrading from the Gold CC to Plat.

        • swhostring says:

          I doubt if there’s a misread. Same currency – MR points. Not allowed 2 cards if you want to get second sign-up bonus. Must cancel & wait 6 months.

        • Just saying read it on a UK Blog. Don’t shoot the messenger

  7. My wife has 90k Iberia avios we wish to use with BA 241 on my account.
    How do i get the points from her IB to my BAEC?
    ‘combine my avios’ from her IB to BAEC, Then use household account to book the flights using my 241? Or can BA draw from her BAEC account when I make the 241 booking?

    (risking putting her ib account in to negative on 1st Dec but I’m happy with that)

    • swhostring says:

      Not sure if you have already set up the BAEC HHA? If not, transfer direct from IB to her BAEC a/c, then set up HHA. BA will draw from both a/cs, perhaps unequally (equally until it can’t, then it just takes from whoever has points left). Or if you can’t transfer direct to her BAEC a/c, send to first then across to BAEC. You can still set up new a/cs.

      Not quite sure why direct IB—>BAEC only works sporadically – my wife is in our HHA a/c and could get IB—>BAEC direct, whereas I couldn’t.

      • great thanks. (off to read the article about HHA…)

        • Next question..

          I don’t have the 241 voucher yet, but the outbound flights are available and I don’t want to lose them. (I have the necessary Avios to buy 2 x one way outbound flights)

          Can I call BA, book 2x one-way flights using Avios and pay the relevant tax, then call BA once I do have the 241 to add the return and pay the extra tax/avios ?

        • swhostring says:

          I think the answer is yes, can anybody help confirm?

          Pretty sure I saw people say they did this.

        • Officially no. Unofficially perhaps. You buy the 2 x outbound. Then when you have the 241 call to cancel, pay the £35 x 2 (ie not get that bit back) and hope the flights go back into reward inventory.

        • Don’t think so. BA will let you book the inbound at full price at 12am GMT, then call up in the morning and had it backed into the voucher (50% refund), but this is a special case to let you grab flights which would otherwise be difficult on a 241.
          I doubt they will more broadly allow you to retrospectively voucher a booking.

        • For info they let me do it. He had to check but said I could call up to add the return leg once the voucher was in my account, subject to the £35pp change fee, which was worth it to safeguard the outbound tickets. Didn’t mention anything about cancelling the outbound or losing the availability, so let’s see when we get to that point.

          Thanks for all the suggestions – this is our first business class redemption from points.
          Only slightly disappointed when I realised even in J you need to pay £79 for seats if don’t have status, but won’t let it spoil the excitement.

  8. Hi Rob,

    Are you running Curve article tomorrow or on Tuesday following your interview with Curve boss?

    • Tue – but actually the main reason we are speaking is embargoed for a while.

      • Amex coming back into the fold?

      • Looking forward to hearing some good news hopefully!

      • Curve tweet in the last hour

        ‘Something is coming very soon. 0%’


        • My guess is they are dropping the 1% on forex. The image behind the 0% looks like someone having some travel fun.

          Good news, but not if the downside is being charged cash advance fees on financial transactions. All are still coming up as ‘Business Services’ still for me.

  9. Also do they charge you in Euros??? If so use your GOLD/PLATINUM amex for additional point for spend in foreign currency!

  10. Topgunner says:

    OT, but related to use of Avios. Anyone here notice that availability JNB-HRE-JNB on Comair, the BA franchisee in South Africa, has dried up considerably. You used to be able to get 4 seats in Economy just about any day as long as you were 3-4 days out. But now weeks in advance you can hardly find Y seats at all for days at a time.

    Maybe the realized the revenue management setting was incorrect??

  11. Just bought 2000 Avios on Groupon, it seems a lot more straight forward than before and it works first time.

    • I also bought 2000 avios which are now in my Iberia account however I cannot transfer them to my BAEC account. When I go to make the transfer it only says I can transfers BA>IB and not the other way round?

      • Mine hasn’t arrived yet, when did you purchase yours? Is that the only option? Or can you do IB to Avios?

        • This is a long running IT error. Open an Aer Club or Vueling Club (if you don’t have an Avios TRP account) and use as an intermediary. Go from IB to and then to BA.

      • This is probably NOT an IT error. I had the same problem. I could not login to the BA account on IBERIA when combining the points. The reason is: you cannot transfer the points into a Household account. The answer is easy, but a faff. Remove your BA account from the household account, transfer the points, and re-connect to the household account. Be careful though as (at least it used to be) you cannot do this more than once every 6 months. If you do you will have to wait for 6 months to reconnect into the Household account. Hope it works for you.

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