Virgin Flying Club launches redemption seat sale on selected US economy routes

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Virgin Atlantic has launched a reward seat sale on selected routes.

Full details are on their website here.

You can book until 31st October for flights before 12th December.

Virgin Atlantic reward seat sale

These deals run until 31st October.  All dates during this period are priced at the lower standard level under the Virgin Flying Club redemption chart so you really are getting the lowest possible mileage price.

Economy redemptions are booked as ‘Economy Classic’ tickets.  You can pre-select seats and checked baggage is free.  You can see the difference between Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight in this HFP article.

Check the cash price before you book a mileage ticket because, even with 25% off the miles required, these may still not be good deals on cheaper days.  Taxes and charges are still payable although they are a notch lower than what British Airways asks for World Traveller Avios redemptions.

These are the routes which are reduced by 25%:

  • London Heathrow to New York (Newark and JFK)
  • London Heathrow to Miami
  • London Gatwick to Orlando
  • Manchester to Orlando
  • Manchester to New York JFK
  • Glasgow to Orlando

Here are some example return prices in Economy:

Miami (from Heathrow) – 18,600 miles + £267

Orlando (from Gatwick) – 18,600 miles + £236

New York (from Manchester) – 15,000 + £241

Remember that you must complete your travel by 12th December.

How can you top up your Virgin Flying Club balance quickly?

If you are short of miles, remember that Virgin Flying Club miles transfer INSTANTLY at 1:1 from American Express Membership Rewards as long as your accounts are already linked.  It may take a couple of days if you have not previously linked your accounts.

Transfers from Tesco Clubcard are also very fast, usually overnight – the ‘Clubcard to Virgin’ page is here.  250 Clubcard points are worth 625 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Whilst they won’t arrive in time to book this deal on this occasion, remember that you can get between 5,000 and 15,000 Virgin Flying Club miles as a sign-up bonus on the new Virgin Atlantic credit cards.  I review the two cards here and here.

You cannot do a ‘miles plus money’ redemption for these deals.  It has to be a 100% miles booking.

Full details of the reward flight sale are here.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. Just had a tempter from Virgin to sign up at a significantly increased bonus:-
    Reward+ Credit Card
    Up to 33,000 bonus miles available in the first 3 months:

    15,000 miles when you make your first card purchase (within the first 90 days)
    6,000 miles a month in your first 3 months, when you spend a minimum of £1,000 each month.
    1.5 miles for every £1 you spend
    Double miles when you spend direct with Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Holidays‡
    Free Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard cardholders at 1 million worldwide hotspots†.
    Spend £10,000 in a year to unlock companion flights, upgrades and more***

    • This has been kicking about for months. Exactly the same basis I signed up with towards the end of July. The 15,000 miles posted very quickly but the 6,000 per month bonus appear to post a month in arrears.

      • Sandgrounder says:

        As the first earning period was the first two months combined, can I expect 6k on statement 3, 4 & 5? Just about to receive statement 2 in the next few days.

  2. Frenzie says:

    Can I use my reward upgrade voucher on the top of these?

  3. Any idea how you got offered the increased bonus, were you a flying club member, have a virgin bank account?

    That offer would probably sway me.

    • I was a flying club member and heavy spender on the old MBNA black Virgin card, they offered me 15k signup bonus and 15k per month on £1.5k spend, so 60k in total. 45k posted so far, hopefully final 15k will post on the next statement date.

      make sure you have your flying club marketing preferences switched on.

      • I took the VA plus card and got the 15,000 sign but no monthly bonuses despite 4 figure spend each month. Is there anything I can do to trigger this?

      • RakishDriver says:

        That is a very good bonus.
        Wondering what criteria virgin are applying as it doesn’t seem to be on 4-figure monthly spend. I’ve never managed to go higher than red…are you silver or above?

        • My wife had the old MBNA and got the same offer despite never spending on it, apart from triggering the initial bonus. She does have a 7 figure Flying Club balance though

      • Has anyone got a link for this offer? I’m about to sign up for the plus card so the bonus would be lovely.

        • Makes no difference. VA manually adds the bonus and checks you off against their list of invited members.

      • Mariusz says:

        Hoping that one day the higher singup offer comes in. I am not paying £160 for 33000 miles.

        • I don’t think there’ll be a better offer than that which is widely available – I’d take it while you can and be a bit realistic. £160 for 33k miles isn’t a bad deal when 1p/mile of value is pretty achievable.

    • The 33k offer is all over Facebook

      • I’m seeing a 60k offer on Facebook, which I’ve already signed up for.

      • No it’s not. Virgin has given FB your details so YOU see it all over FB.

        That’s how FB works. For example, GDPR issues aside, I could upload a file to FB to people who unsubscribed for the HFP email list and then have FB bombard them with our content that way. I don’t, but it would be 15 minutes work if I wanted to.

    • Ex MBNA VS cardholders.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Existing VM customers can get £25, which isn’t quite as good but better than nothing

    • I had actually cancelled my black card but got the 15k a month offer, if it want for the offer I wouldn’t have bothered so it worked for them

  4. OT – I’m starting a trip to Vegas in AMS on BA on Saturday, so naturally I have a positioning flight to take over there.
    As I will be flying back to London and have a long overnight layover (in which I will just go home in between flights) is it ok for my to check my main hold luggage in at Gatwick for the second part of the flight rather than having to take it to AMS and back again?

    • Yes that would be fine.

      A tip though when doing OLCI for your AMS-LGW flight is to answer ‘don’t know’ when it comes to how many bags you have to check in rather than with a number.

      Are you doing. Straight back to back at AMS?

      • That’s great, thanks.

        I will be arriving in AMS on Saturday at 13:30 then flying back at 22:30.

    • PointsChaser says:

      What happens if you just stay at home and miss the LGW – AMS flight?
      I am assuming you are doing AMS – LAS – AMS for the cost savings over LHR – LAS – LHR?

      • Miss the AMS-LGW flight and the rest of the ticket is cancelled,

        • PointsChaser says:

          Yes, but what happens if you miss the last leg of the ticket which is LGW – AMS?

        • Nothing happens if you book direct with BA and don’t do it too often.

          If you book with a travel agent BA may bill the travel agent who will pass it on to you.

        • Sorry misread your post.

          Unless you make a habit of it nothing except you won’t earn any tier points or avios if that is important to you

          Also depending on how you time the last leg if there are irrops the airline can reroute you direct to AMS as your final ticketed destination. And yes that has happened to people who have been rerouted in that way and then had to buy an expensive walk up ticket to get back home because they were always going to drop the last leg and never booked a final positioning flight.

      • In this case my return is LAS-LHR then change of airport to Luton back to Amsterdam on Vueling, which I certainly will not be taking.

        Normally you would be obliged to take it because you can’t get your bags back until the end, however with a change of airport they will have to.

  5. OT. Has anyone had any joy with the Amex Selfridges offer buying multiple gift cards? Will be near the store for a meeting today and wondering about popping in.

  6. FlyUpTop says:

    Just noticed Tesco have credited my VA account with 2k points for signing up to auto convert. I thought it was only 1k?

  7. jeremy i says:

    hello all. o/t but curious for some credit card advice. I have an amex platinum and have just been charged the £450 fee (having already held the card for a year – was happy to pay). my other half has a gold and has just been charged the £150 fee. assuming I can find somewhere to transfer the MR points, what is the ‘best’ strategy for us as a couple now? I was thinking:

    1. other half upgrades gold charge card to platinum using the link. but then what?
    2. what do I do with my platinum assuming I don’t want to pay for it for another year?

    i’m sorry if i’m being dumb. I guess it’s whether we can refer one another to another amex card and, if so, which one.

    kind of want an easy life so assume we wont be doing lots and lots of new cards. happy to stick with whatever we go for for the next year or so. thanks in advance!

    • 1. Cancel the plat, keep the gold (don’t upgrade) for a max of 6 months so you only pay the gold fee for that period.

      2. Upgrade the gold to plat.

      3. Refer the other person to gold, now eligible for signup bonus as not held an MR account for 6 months. Cancel plat.

      4. Repeat step 3 every 6 months. Not possible to upgrade gold CREDIT to plat.

      Alternatively keep gold for a full year before referring the other person, spending £15k to get 10k extra MR.

      • jeremy i says:

        thank you john – that’s incredibly kind of you. just i quick follow up which is whether i should look into one of us referring the other to another non-MR card eg BAPP or SPG?

        • Pretty much what me and the other half do. Referrals from platinum card generate a higher referral bonus than from gold so you probably want to do that before you cancel.

        • Peter K says:

          I would do differently if after Avios.
          1) refer from the Plat to BA premium Amex (assuming you can put £10k through in a year) to gain 18k MR points +26k avios
          2) cancel gold and plat
          3) in 6 months time go for one person gold, one person platinum, both referred in from BA Premium to gain 9k avios for each plus new bonuses
          4) cancel the plat after getting the bonus (assuming you wont use the benefits much) or the gold (of you want the plat benefits)
          5) 6 months later (so 12 months from the start) refer each other so that the person who had the BA premium then gets a Gold/Plat and the person who had a gold/plat gets a new BA premium.

        • jeremy i says:

          thank you peter and gill.

          i think im gonna:

          1. refer the other half for a bapp or spg card;
          2. get the other half to upgrade his gold to a plat [which is also helpful for him to get marriot gold for 50pc off at JWM phu quoc where we’re going on an old travel pacakage
          3. then once he is plat get him to refer me to bapp or spg
          4 . cancel both plats asap
          5. keep situation under review – lol i dont want to get into the churning business (too much) as its too stressful.


        • Genghis says:

          @jeremy it’s a bit of admin but v lucrative

        • Jeremy – have I missed something, how will you get 50% off at JWM Phu Quoc?

        • jeremy i says:

          hi crafty. i think i read on flyer talk that gold members get 50pc discount on **breakfast** at the JWM Phu Quoc. Sorry if i got you excited that the whole stay would be half price!

  8. Just an OT – Are others finding chat on the SPG card is disabled?

  9. O/T as no bits today, can I use my Lloyds voucher to book return flights for 2 people upgrading the outbound leg to pe from economy using the voucher and pay for the return in pe as one booking or will this have to be done as 2 seperate bookings. The return is not available as an upgrade, only economy redemptions left, hence why I would like to pay for pe for the return but i am assuming a one way paid booking would be super expensive….

    • Check before you assume it will be expensive

      No you can’t have a redemption and revenue in one booking

    • Do you have enough points to book either leg in Club (if available)? You will get so much more value for the amount of taxes and fees you will have to pay. Also, you may be able to book the inbound leg in economy then enquire about the price of a cash upgrade afterwards AFAIK.

      Booking 2 x one way is false economy, you will pay proportionally more tax on the outbound leg plus get stung for a very expensive inbound leg – unless you can find an airline which sells one-way tickets at normal prices. Where are you going?

      • Anna, I do have the avios but no club available either way, just pe out and econ return. I refuse to use avios to book economy on the return though….

    • I can think of 3 other options. Assuming you want to fly PE both ways:

      1. Book one person on a paid return. Separately book the other person as a redemption (there may be availability for 1 seat). You might have to pay to sit together, unless you both have status.

      2. Book 2 seats as a one way redemption for the outbound leg. For the return journey, book 2 seats with cash. It may be cheaper to book this as a return rather than a one way. I.e. PE first leg and the second leg is a “throwaway” economy ticket which you won’t actually use.

      3. Book 2 return cash tickets, economy out, PE back. Upgrade the outbound leg using Avios. Can’t use the Lloyd’s voucher, but should require the same number of Avios I think. Can’t upgrade the cheapest economy tickets, though. Might have to be booked over the phone.

      • Thanks Alex W, I liked option 1 but there is no reward availability for the return even for one person other than economy. Option 2, booking a paid one way or a return is too expensive to justify just for the return leg. Option 3, this is an option but obviously can’t use the lloyds voucher plus if I was booking cash I would probably look at Amex Travel as I have 2 of the spend £600 get a credit of £200 to use. Not sure I can do a mixed cabin booking through Amex Travel either and the economy out will probably not be upgradeable….funny enough this isn’t even for me to travel, its for my kids to travel with me. I’m already booked club on a 2-4-1 lol.

        • Kids? Stick em in economy!

        • Yup, thats what OH says too 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          How old are the kids? I think once the eldest one travelling in Economy on their own is at least 10, you can stick younger ones there, too, alongside the 10YO – probably not younger than 6YO I guess.

          I stopped travelling next to my kids when they were around about that age, so that I could go in the exit row for a bit more legroom.

    • Or, what I’ve done in the past is book an economy return and pay for exit seats. It’s not a cheap option (around £65 pp) but you get miles more legroom than in PE for a fraction of the price. I have only ever travelled once in BA PE and thought it simply wasn’t worth it.

      • The premium economy is just to salve my conscience as I will be on the flight too but in club and these seats are for the kids (age 16 & 17) due to a change in plan lol

      • Anna – I luckily received extra legroom seats on my last flight from Heathrow – Argentina. I slept better in those seats than I did in the middle of the premium economy cabin… On a long haul flight like that i’d happily pay for the extra legroom seats if flying economy.

  10. OT is anyone else having trouble accessing the Red by Dufry app for discounts at airports. I downloaded, signed up and used it back in June when at LHR but now only get a blank white screen. I have rebooted my phone, deleted the app and reloaded it but still the same. I can access it at home on my iPad but not my iPhone 5s which I use when travelling.I have emailed their customer service but the email address has bounced back as not valid. .

    • Just found another email address to use so will see how that goes.

    • Prins Polo says:

      Are there any useful discounts through that app? I tried search for Red by Dufry on Flyertalk and elsewhere but haven’t found too much useful info.

      • You get 5% off your purchases at silver level which is the level you get for signing up. I bought 2 bottles of whisky and perfume and got a £9 off. We had time to kill and the guy in the whisky shop told us about it and helped me get signed up and we got an immediate discount on the purchases we were already making so worth it I thought.

    • Roger1* says:

      Hi, Liz.

      They have an updated app. I found mine for my mobile at Playstore. It contains much more info e.g. on airports. I will probably be trying in a couple of weeks.

  11. OT. Does anyone have basic info about maximising value/rewards on cruises? My parents are now retired and planning at least one cruise a year… So this would be very helpful.

  12. OT – my wife has 25k in her BA EC account, we are linked in a household account. But the avios don’t show when I log into my BAEC account even though I am head of the household account? We’d like them in one place, is there something I need to do? (Have looked through the BA web site and even the household account info on here but to no avail)


    • Peter K says:

      If you are in a household account it should show your personal avios and separately, just below, the household avios. When redeeming, avios get taken pro rata from each account without any extra work from you.

    • As Peter K says, also you could have the BA app signed into your wife’s account so you can easily check her points balance if you need to.

      • Cheers both – the problem I have is the household account doesn’t reflect her avios, despite showing in her account, and having her linked in the household account. Which is why I was wondering if I needed to do anything to get them showing?

        • You won’t be able to see her balance (or that of anyone else in your HHA) unless you are signed into her account.

        • Genghis says:

          Are you saying her avios are not adding to yours (and others?) in the HHA balance? Perhaps too simple a question but is she actually in the HHA and not just in the friends and family listing?

        • She is in the account Genghis, hence my question I guess. I expected to see her avios in her BA app, but also an increase in the household account balance, but the latter hasn’t happened?

      • Thanks Anna. I guess as long as I know they are there.

  13. OT. Sorry for a very basic question.
    I just got a BAPP card. How often do they transfer Avios to a BA account? How long does it normally take?

    • Peter K says:

      Every month, just before your statement date, Amex sweep across the Avios earned automatically to your BAEC account.

      • Yes, on the front page of your online account under your number of avios, there is a button saying “avios earned”. This takes you to a list of all your avios transactions, so after your first statement you will see which date they move across to your BA account and can work out from there roughly when you will get them each month (there can be a slight difference if, say, the that date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday).

    • 6 days before your statement cut-off date, they sweep across everything due to you for the previous 30 days.

  14. On a completely different topic.. has any one received amex spg points since the merger ?

    My Sept and Oct points have both been posted by Amex but none arrive. I have updated my loyalty number with amex and was told that this will be sorted end of Sept.

  15. O / T – what’s BA silver worth to people now? I’m 75 tier points out with a year end expiry in November?

    Seat selection I’m not fussed about as short haul flights are usually only booked a few days in advance when Bronze gets it free as well. Lounge access would be nice as I don’t go CE on short-haul, although I could just save the £150 it would take to get silver and buy priority pass…

    • You’re getting 15 months of Silver – because your card will run until February 2020 – and £10 per month seems a pretty decent deal on that basis. You should also get better seating options than are shown to you as a Bronze.

      That also assumes you put no value on the trip you get to earn it. Barcelona is £160 return at the moment which will get you 80 tier points in Club Europe.

    • Don’t forget the extra Avios you’ll earn, the business class check in (ie shorter queue, mostly), the extra luggage allowance if that’s needed….

      I’ve been silver since finding this site, would definitely go for it IF you’re going to fly a reasonable amount next year.

    • Kevin C says:

      Silver is really useful if flying economy. Having access to the priority lane in security and being able to board the plane early can be very helpful.

      I often find oneworld lounges to be better than the Priority Pass ones. Of course the advantage of Priority Pass is that you can use it even when not flying BA.

      • Graham Walsh says:

        Agree with this. Liking the fast track abs boarding group 2. Don’t care about the lounges as PP with Amex Plat.

  16. Post from Curve on twitter confirming Amex return…

  17. Graham Walsh says:

    OT Meant to be flying LHR > DBX this evening with Virgin in PE. At check in they said flight cancelled so they were going to book us in the 2115 Emirates flight. Moved over to the ticketing desk, one more to go and they come over and say flight is running. Back to check in. A quick trip to aspire for free glass of bubbles and over to No.1. Eating some food and a text arrived saying VS flight cancelled. Collect your bags. Head down to baggage reclaim and VS staff say they don’t have hotels so either go home or get your own hotel. So booked CP at T4. Smells so new!!

    So now on the EK at 0905 tomorrow in Economy. So not the PE we booked. Also means we lose 11hrs in DXB due to late arrival.

    Am guessing EU261 will kick in? Can I claim back the difference from PE and economy?

  18. I know which side my bread is buttered says:

    Possibly: involuntary downgrade PE —> E = 75% compo vs fare for that leg. Some airlines try to claim you accepted it so no compo – wrong.

    Cancellation, flight more than 3500 km, compo EUR 600 (provided no extraordinary circs).

    Duty of care – hotel, comms, drinks (not booze).

    • Graham Walsh says:


      What was really odd was that we grabbed something to eat in the restaurant (they close at 1030) and the waitress mentioned that the meal would be free due to the cancelled flight via the manager.

  19. have virgin every run first class ticket sales as above?
    or is 25% off 115,000 miles too much for virgin to bear??

  20. Are there actually ANY comments on this thread about the actual topic?? Virgin redemption sale if anyone has forgotten???

    I looked for flights Glasgow to Orlando in the time period but couldn’t see any availability whatsoever. HAs anyone had any luck??

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