EXCLUSIVE HFP OFFER: Earn up to 10,000 bonus Avios with hotel bookings!

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Head for Points and hotel booking site, which awards Avios with every hotel you book, are running an EXCLUSIVE promotion for the next month.

It is a simple, straightforward and potentially lucrative one.

If you spend over £700 on hotels at before midnight on Wednesday 14th November, across one or numerous bookings, you will receive 8,000 bonus Avios.

These points are in addition to the everyday benefit of 5 – 20 Avios per £1 spent you will receive for every booking all year round.

Even better, if you are a new customer and have never before booked a hotel on before, you will earn an additional 2,000 Avios with your first booking of any value.

That makes a possible total of 10,000 Avios for new customers and 8,000 Avios for existing customers in addition to the everyday Avios earned if you manage to spend £700.

The stays only need to be completed by 30th June 2019.

You MUST book via this special HFP promotional website in order to receive the bonus.

Kaligo Head for Points offer

As usual with such promotions, you need to check your pricing before you book. is not always the cheapest place to book – it depends on the property. However, when you factor in the value of the 8,000 bonus Avios for just £700 of spending – plus the base Avios you earn from your stay – they should be looking pretty good indeed.

Here is an example from the site showing what you could earn:


kaligo price avios example

Remember that you will usually not earn points for your room spend in any hotel loyalty programme linked to the property you book if you use (or indeed any third-party hotel booking site). Depending on the hotel, you may receive status benefits or points for your food and drink spend.

This offer runs until midnight on Wednesday 14th November 2018 although your stays can be until 30th June 2019. I would start to think about your hotel plans for the next few months and see if you can find £700-worth which you can divert to! Remember that you do NOT need to spend the full £700 in one booking – it can be across numerous bookings.

Remember that you MUST book via this page on the website.

It is fair to say that’s customer service is excellent – their representatives even pop up on social media to answer queries – so you should have no concerns at all about your bonus posting properly. The company is also very punctual at posting your Avios once you have checked out and if you do have any issues we can speak to the right people on your behalf.

Thanks to the team at for making this exclusive deal available to Head for Points readers.

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  1. hi – do you need to make all the individual bookings in one go? Or can i order them over the space of a week?

  2. just costed-up 5 hotel stays i’ll be needing over the next 6 weeks. £730 spent, and 29,300 avios incl. the 8,000 bonus which breaks this down to over 5,800 avios per stay or 40 avios for every £1 spent. im in…..

  3. I’ve just discovered hotel overbookings and the consequences! Have others had problems and is Kaligo particularly susceptible?

    My experience is that I was emailed by Kaligo while on the way to a one night booking I’d made last July for a hotel in Malaga for 6 October (and which triggered the 10k of points) to be told that the hotel was overbooked and they would try to find another. I checked the original hotel myself and they did have availability but apparently “that was not available to the third party agent used by Kaligo”.

    I did find the Kaligo customer service to be very good, indeed excellent, and I was found an acceptable alternative, since my booking was just for a one night stop over, but I wouldn’t want to risk an extended family holiday hotel booking being overbooked.

    • This really annoys me, has happened to me only twice, and both times in Germany. On one occasion really annoying as the alternate was the other side of a railway station in Bonn, in what felt like the alcolism/heroin capital of Europe. Didn’t even apologise just treated it like it was annex or something, useless customer service.
      I’d have guessed that hotel no shows are far fewer than flights and this is deliberate over selling. Rob as a man in the know do you know how hotel no shows compare with flights?

    • I’m not sure I’d call that good customer service. It sounds like Kaligo are selling rooms they don’t have inventory for and are just hoping something will open up. The hotel wasn’t ‘overbooked’. Kaligo were selling rooms they didn’t have access to. Excellent customer service would have been to not get into that mess in the first place or to have stumped up the cash themselves to provide you with the room you’d paid for.

  4. Kaligo rates are good and bad.. one result gave me £1,000 more for the same room, and 46,000 avios which works out to be 2.17p

    At other times it provides a like for like rate but you miss out on hotel statuses

  5. Andrew is right of course. Kaligo did resolve the overbooking problem quickly but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Hotel room overbooking had never occurred to me and I’m wondering how widespread it is, and how best to minimise it happening. Hopefully Rob may do an article sometime as there doesn’t seem to be a lot about it on the web other than in the US.

    • RussellH says:

      I can assure everyone that turning up to a hotel with a confirmed booking and being told that the place does not have a room for you is, sadly, not that unusual.
      However, I do not think that what I have experienced personally is actually overbooking. What happens is that one books a room for one night well in advance, and then later someone wants to book a busload (if it is a largeish hotel), or a group of family/friends who want two or three rooms (in a place with eight or ten rooms) and the hotel is a room short of what they need to accept the later, far more lucrative booking. The hotel then re-books me somewhere else, which may or may not be that convenient.
      It is also not unknown for reservation systems to go wrong. Two years ago I made a booking for two nights half-board at a Logis de France in a large village in Champagne. When we arrived there was lot of humming and haring and sucking of teeth. Madame called monsieur and eventually they admitted that they did not have a reservation for me (the reservation had been made through a link on the hotel webiste) and they were fully booked that night.. They assured me that they would sort something suitable out, and while we waited they gave us each a large glass of champagne (it did not appear on the final bill). They booked us in at another hotel for that night, and in their own hotel the following night, and we had both dinners as booked. We were told that EU rules required hoteliers in this situation to sort out alternative accommodation of equal or better standard if a credit card guarantee had been given (it had).

      We had a much worse experience in Switzerland last May with a room booked through lastminute (I think, also 4 months in advance). It was obvious we had been bumped in favour of a busload of Chinese visitors. The hotel itself had little to recommend it, apart from a perfect location. Again we we given details of a different hotel, but that turned out to be incorrect and we got sent miles out of our way in a rain storm to a third poor quality hotel.

      I have never had this sort of experience in a chain hotel, but then they usually have plenty of rooms. But you do not find chain hotels in the heart of rural France, Switzerland or Germany.

      • If you search ‘walked’ in any of the branded chain forums on Flyertalk you’ll see that it is a massive problem. However, if you have status they pick on someone else.

        • It sure happens says:

          Happened to me in Philly on an Amex Travel booking. Sheraton off Logan Square. Arrived late evening off Amtrak from NY, lobby was heaving, overbooked with a Christian youth convention or similar. They clearly prayed more than me….and my pregnant wife & I lucked out. Hotel gave us a (free) slap up meal (anything we liked, and yes I selected the most expensive steak) plus alcohol (for one….but I drank for the two of us) during which time I had Amex Travel back in the UK checking out various other similar hotels and they were all booked up also (Sheraton paid for my calls). Rather than be shipped way outta town, we accepted a delightful (not) Days Inn nearby, last room scenario. I asked the guy on reception if it was the worst room in the hotel, he replied “Hell no!” and handed us a small paper bag with water/juice and snacks. That said, it was on the ground floor and had no windows. Maybe it was the janitor’s cupboard with a camp-bed thrown in? By this stage we were both ready to sleep so that was that. Marriott then gave me a free night stay, which we availed off in the Westin Place Madrid. Had a lovely suite overlooking Neptune fountain/Paseo del Prado which afforded a prime view of the Gay Pride spectacle beneath….and a spectacle it was.

          Meanwhile Amex refunded my original Sheraton booking. Alls well that ends well.

        • Lady London says:

          Er…. Not always. I’m currently giving Accor Business (Gold) a try and got well and truly walked by one of their hotels. Status didn’t protect me. Might have just pushed me down the queue yo be bumped. Been walked 3 times. RussellH identified the reason correctly.

  6. Graham WalshWalsh says:

    Thanks for this. 4 nights in my Oslo hotel booked that I needed anyway and don’t need status there as breakfast included. Just need another booking to push me over £700 mark. Don’t think it will be that difficult between now and 14th.

  7. Can you go for this offer, on the same account as you used last year?

  8. It says stay by June 2019, but offered me 10000 bonus on a booking I looked at for October 2019. Will I actually get the bonus I wonder?

    • Lady London says:

      I got badly bumped by an Accor Ibis Styles hotel on an Italian bank holiday weekend this year. Others turning up were bumped too and meekly went away, presumably to find their own hotel I guess. The hotel had left a junior receptionist in charge to bump at least 5 sets of guests with the hotel manager “on call” if any guest did not like being bumped. This Ibis Styles made no effort to arrange alternative accommodation for anyone only suggested those being bumped try the Ibis hotel at Malpensa airport ?15 miles away and IMV a dump. Worse, the hotel turned out to have cancelled my original guaranteed reservation about a week before my arrival. They’d realised this was a mistake and reinstated my reservation with an unguaranteed one. All this was found out in the two hours I spent in their reception dealing with this (as bank holiday weekend so no decent hotels had space) as the Ibis Styles hotel would not accept their responsibility to secure me suitable equivalent accommodation just expected me to go away meet into the night.

      To make it worse this was the third booking of a set of 3 bookings and as such this booking would have earned me 40 euros (2000 points). Errrr, no. Bookings for the promotion had to be made by a particular date. The required booking date had long passed. So the hotel’s cancellation of my booking cost me 40 euros as the replacement booking they’d put back had a later date.

      I did like this hotel on an earlier visit. So last weekend I gave them another try and went back. This time they told me on checking that breakfast was not included. I expressed surprise as unlike Ibis hotels, Ibis Styles include breakfast. The hotel then appeared to check my reservation and said oh sorry yes it’s included in your reservation.

      The following morning a different team on reception asked me if I had had breakfast when I checked out. They knew perfectly well I had ad I had strolled past the reception desk to and from breakfast. They then went to charge me. Once again I reminded them that as an Ibis Styles breakfast was included and that I had checked this with the reception staff the previous evening and they backed down immediately.

      Does anyone have a view on whether anyone at Accor would care that this hotel is apparently charging everyone systematically for a breakfast which is supposed to be included in accordance with the Accor standard?

      I’ve pretty much had it with this hotel now, think they deserve to be ratted out, and would quite like to see if Accor is prepared to credit the 2000 pts/40 euros this hotel’s earlier sneakery has cost me.

      • Peter K says:

        Accor customer service is awful but if you have the emails of the original booking to prove your point it’s worth a try getting the 2000 points.
        I would definitely tell Accor about the breakfast situation but don’t get your hopes up too high that much will happen.

    • Simon – I’m seeing the 8000 bonus Avios when I search for potential bookings for August 2019. I imagine that, if you make the booking with the bonus Avios showing (take screenshots), they would have to honour it wouldn’t they?

      Does anyone have any thoughts?

      • The Better Kevin says:

        I’m sure they will.
        On the last 10000 bonus promo, my 10000 showed up when I’d spent only 990 out of the required £1000. An email was responded to very quickly confirming the bonus was good.
        Customer service has always been excellent.

  9. Henry Larsen says:

    This is understood:
    > Remember that you will usually not earn points for your room spend
    > in any hotel loyalty programme linked to the property you book
    > if you use …
    However, I would like to ask, specifically as it pertains to Hilton: do bookings made through Kaligo count as nights/stays for elite re-qualification purposes? TIA.

  10. Simon j says:

    I was excited to see this promotion as I’ve just booked 4 nights at Vdara Las Vegas for next April. I can cancel however the same suite with Kaligo will cost me £160 more but will get me 17000 Avios.

    Is it worth doing?

    • Under 1p per Avios so a pretty decent deal.

    • Simon j says:

      Thanks Paul-I did that initially and booked the cheapest I could find (Agoda with a 10% discount code) but think I will cancel and re book for the 17000 Avios.

    • SCurram says:

      I did the exact same thing a couple of years back. Cancelled an existing booking and put it through Kaligo for the points. Whether my original booking would have got me a room on the 4th floor with direct views into the parking garage will forever remain unknown. Nice hotel though.

  11. Grateful for this. Four nights at the Palazzo in Vegas in January now yielding 23,000 Avios.

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