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I am not a big fan of earning Avios or indeed any loyalty points via e-Rewards.  That said, when I wrote this article six years ago about the ‘points for questionnaires’ company, I got a mini-backlash from people who were doing quite nicely out it.

We haven’t mentioned it on HFP for over 18 months so I thought it was worth another plug.


e-Rewards is an online market research company.  You receive 750 Avios when you sign up and complete your first survey.

After your general ‘750 Avios for completing one survey’ sign up bonus, you earn e-Rewards points for each future survey.  When you reach certain point levels, you can redeem your points for miles.  What could be wrong with that?

Well, as any seasoned e-Rewards member (or ex-member) can tell you, quite a lot can be wrong!

  • Just because you are sent a survey, it does not mean you are ‘qualified’ to complete it.  Often you are thrown out after the first couple of questions, with no points earned.
  • Sometimes, you can go a L-O-N-G way into a survey before you are thrown out.  You can waste over 15 minutes at times before they decide you are not the sort of person they want.   In these circumstances, you receive a nominal drip of points which is a tiny fraction of what you would have got had you completed the last couple of questions.
  • Customer service is reportedly minimal, should you ever need to contact them
  • The ‘time spent to Avios earned’ ratio is pathetic
  • It will, without a doubt, take you longer than you think to reach the level where you can cash out

That said …. e-Rewards does have a lot of loyal members.  If you find yourself with chunks of dead time, such as sitting on the train in the morning, it is the sort of thing you might do.

How to join e-Rewards

With most loyalty partners, you cannot join e-Rewards at will. You have to wait to be invited by a sponsoring hotel or airline.

The avios.com version, on the other hand, is available for anyone to sign up.

The avios.com sign-up page is here – this is still available despite the imminent closure of Avios Travel Rewards Programme.  Any 3081XXXXXXX account should be good enough to sign up with, whether it be an AerClub, Vueling Club or Flybe Avios number or even your old Avios Travel Rewards Programme number.

The company is also an Iberia Plus and a British Airways Executive Club partner, but these versions seem to now be ‘invitation only’.

Long-term, I am not a fan of e-Rewards. I think that it requires more effort than it is worth. However, 750 Avios for completing one survey is not a bad way to spend a few minutes.

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  1. No offence Rob, but you consider this website is a “Business traveler” targeted website. You post lots of Business class deals and ignore many economy deals.

    Yet you’re advertising a thing that would take people’s time in exchange of just £7 worth of points.

    Sorry but I think you’re losing your objectivity and giving unnecessary coverage to Avios.

    • ScienceTeacher says:

      I thought Rob considered this a “point earning” targeted website where people can learn ways to maximise their miles (which can offer great value on Business class redemptions)! Could be wrong but I was going by the name (headforpoints) and the slogan (“ways to maximise their miles”) 😛

      I have to say, I found it very useful. I’ll definitely get roughly £28.00 out of these points with the multi carrier award booking I’ll make with them!

      • Genghis says:

        What’s important is “replacement cost”. 750 avios can easily be bought for prob £8.

      • Exactly, I wouldn’t say HfP is only a “Business Traveller” website. In fact, I’m sure there’s a totally separate site that is more targeted at the “Business Traveller” – I think it also has a magazine, equally targeted at the “Business Traveller”.

        Somehow its name escapes me right now……

        • No-one who travels for business reads Business Traveller, at least online. Do any of the regular travellers in your office read their website every day? Thought not. Do you know any heavy travellers – who work for a non-travel related company – who subscribe to it? HFP is the only site which is actually read by real business travellers (ie people in business who happen to travel).

        • RussellH says:

          ‘Business Traveller’ could mean one of two very different things.
          a) Business people who have to travel
          b) People in the Business Travel market – mainly, but not exclusively travel agents who specialise in that sector.
          I believe that the magazine in question is aimed at the latter, HFP is aimed, in part, at the former; also though at those who travel for leisure / VFR

    • I’m glad it’s mentioned. One piece every 18 months is hardly changing the entire direction of the site and whilst I won’t be spending 20 minutes of my life for the purpose of earning 20 points for the points’ sake , I may well spend 20 minutes getting 20 points which keep my account & points balance active whereas my lack of activity in that programme would otherwise see them forfeit 🙂

      Before you consider a return on your investment you must first consider the return OF your investment !!

      If 20 minutes on a survey allows me to keep the points I’ve earnt rather than losing them then I’m in !!!!!!!!

      • Exactly. I think, as we are primarily Avios focused, one article every 18 months – or, to put it in perspective, one article out of every 1,600 – on e-rewards is not exactly a massive diversion.

    • I think it’s targeted at premium travel rather than business travel – people on here are a lot more interested in their leisure trips than their work ones!

  2. Signed up ages ago when there was a big signing up bonus and also did some of the surveys (maybe 50 in total over several months just when I had spare time) but basically it’s b*ll*cks !

    If you value your time there are far more productive things you can be doing with it for the small amounts you get drip-fed.

    Get the sign up bonus and move on 🙂

  3. Let me disagree re customer service: I am managing e-rewards accounts both for myself and for my partner and recently had to contact them on behalf of him and the support I received (via email) was prompt and efficient. They even went for an extra mile and reinstated 1800 expired points for him! If only airline and hotel programmes were as generous as e-rewards is!

    • RussellH says:

      I have not had as good an experience as that, but their CS does usually work, though it can take a long time.
      I transfered points to Accor at the end of June, but they never arrived – Accor stopped recognising my silver membership no. after I went back to the ground level, but only some months after,. It had worked earlier in the year.. And the Silver number still works to log in to their site.
      It did take e-Rewards around a month to tell me that that was the problem, but once I gave them the other number I quickly got the points.

  4. PS It’s so funny to read the old article where everyone call Rob “Raffles” 🙂 what a weird world of avatars and nicknames it was back then…

    • Indeed. I needed the connection with FT when I started but it didn’t make sense when Anika came onboard, and I doubt I’d have won ‘Editor of the Year’ at the Business Travel Journalism Awards if I’d still been posting that way.

    • Roger1* says:

      … and some of us remember Rob’s pre-Raffles identity. 🙂

      In my case, I’ve used my given name (Roger) for many years with FT. When HfP started, I used my name to post here. All well and good.

      Except there’s another person posting as Roger. No great harm and little risk of confusion as the other one seems to have different interests. Anyway, I followed Harry’s example and adopted a different identity, protected by my dear elephant friend. 🙂

  5. Mark Bates says:

    I do these (and other surveys) when I can usually at the weekend. As others have said you did get a small reward if you don’t qualify for survey criteria, which is more than can be said for other surveys.

  6. Lost Antipod says:

    Holy merciless toads, Batman ! Its got even worse !
    I gave up e-rewards years ago for the reasons Rob cited. But the lure of 750 avios was too strong so I tried this time. Jesus wept. Every second question is a nonsense question (“which of the following is NOT a continent? Answer: Elephant). If they are doing this to stop people ploughing through with any old answer to get to the end a claim a reward, they’ve lost me anyway. After answering about 10 questions on a survey, suddenly I am at the start page of an entirely new survey – no message about leaving the one I was in, no thank you for trying, etc etc. It’s worse than I remember.

  7. In fact, the best of these services I’ve seen so far is called Opinion Check-in. Similar surveys but you earn IHG points straight away without the need to wait for a certain amount to accumulate etc. And eligibility level is high – I just took 3 surveys and was rejected only for one.


  8. neuromancer says:

    Well, they are really quick.
    The sign-up page has disappeared and not valid any more 🙁

  9. Charles Rodgers says:

    I recently relocated to the UK and from what I can tell, E-rewards, Boswell insurance and Flybe (any others??) require an avios membership number to collect avios, that one can no longer get. These organisations don’t recognize BA exec club membership numbers.
    Stuck in limbo until they sort all this out I guess!

    • You can get a 3081xxxxx Avios number by going to Flybe, Aer Lingus or Vueling sites and signing up.

      • Charles Rodgers says:

        Ok Thanks!
        Got my 3801 avios on number now. However, the e-rewards pages is gone!

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