Bits: 50% Amex bonus on Hilton transfers, ‘proper’ Business seats on BA at London City!, Charles Tyrwhitt deal

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News in brief:

50% bonus on American Express transfers to Hilton Honors

American Express emailed a lot of HFP readers yesterday with an attractive transfer bonus.

Between 21st November and 21st December, they will receive a 50% bonus on Membership Rewards transfers to Hilton Honors.  The rate increases from 1:2 to 1:3.

This is very good.  I value a Hilton Honors point at 0.33p.  Because you can use Hilton points to part-pay cash bookings at roughly this level, even if you can’t get a standard redemption room, there is a floor beyond which the value won’t fall.

With the transfer bonus, you are getting around 1p per Amex Membership Rewards point.  This is as good as it gets, and puts Hilton Honors transfers on a par with Radisson Rewards (usually 1:3 with a similar 0.33p per point value) and frequent flyer mile transfers (assuming 1p per mile of value).

The bad news is that the offer appears to be targeted.  I didn’t get it (I have transferred to Hilton Honors before) and neither did my wife (no previous Hilton transfers).  I have done a speculative 200 point transfer and will report back, but if you didn’t get the email you should assume that you are not getting the bonus.

If you DID get the email then it is well worth considering.  It isn’t a knockout deal – as I said, it simply moves Hilton onto equal footing with Radisson and the airlines – but it is also as good as you’ll see for an Amex redemption.

American Express Membership Rewards to Hilton Honors transfer bonus

Is London City getting ‘proper’ Business Class seating on BA?

British Airways has recently leased two Embraer 190 aircraft from Stobart Air to use at London City Airport.  It seems that BA’s brand new E190 aircraft have been delayed and that Stobart Air will be picking up the slack for a few months.

Seat plans show that these planes have 98 seats with a FIXED Club Europe cabin of six seats.  Six is not a multiple of four, of course (Embraer E190 business class on BA is 2×2, as is the whole cabin.)

One rumour is that Stobart Air is using part of the old Virgin Australia E190 fleet which was retired earlier this year.  As you can see below, there are six business class seats – and they look pretty good by British Airways standards!  As the first aircraft is meant to be operational now we should get confirmation very soon.

20% off everything at Charles Tyrwhitt

Avios partner (you earn 4 Avios per £1) Charles Tyrwhitt is offering 20% off everything you buy from today until 26th November.  This covers shirts, suits, ties …. the lot.

The code you need online is FRIDAY.

The website is here but the deal is also valid in-store.  You can earn Avios online and in their shops – just tell the staff your British Airways Executive Club number at the till.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

BA Black Friday deal: two Club World tickets for £2018 over Christmas and New Year, including Asia!
CONFIRMED: TWO new Priority Pass lounges opening soon at Gatwick South
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  1. OT: Found out than an Iberia rewards booking made for my wife has incorrect last name – it should be “Jones” but in Iberia it appears as “Jones Jones” and in BA it appears as “JONESJONES”

    Flight is on BA

    Flying from UK to America so correct surname is, I imagine, essential

    Is there a realistic chance of fixing this, either through Iberia or BA, or should I resign myself to cancelling and rebooking?

    • Shoestring says:

      I think you need to establish if you definitely made an error or not. Ie did you fill in Jones twice on the Iberia booking page? Easily done if you put Jones in for 1st surname then again for 2nd surname.

      If that’s the case, you probably need to get it corrected.

      If you didn’t – and this is quite frequent – and it’s a system error out of your control, then general advice is to ignore it. Eg system error sometimes gives you JONESMASTER, which could look worrying, but people just fly without correcting it and it’s not an issue.

      • Shoestring says:

        Did you already change the frequent flyer details to BAEC? You can do this on the Finnair site in manage my booking. Try that & see if one of the JONES disappears.

    • Is this perhaps not an error and actually deliberately coded into Iberia systems due to the Spanish habit of having two surnames?

      • Shoestring says:

        No, funnily enough I’ve got 20 Iberia bookings coming up and they only have one surname in them 🙂

        • It’d be interesting to get reports from ppl who did actually fly the last flight of the day from Santander to Madrid say to see how busy these planes actually are

    • Jonathan says:

      Sounds like an auto-complete repeater word.

      I’ve misspelt my surname before when booking a flight early one morning when really hungover. Ask the airline to reissue the ticket with corrected name and ask that as this is a mistake rather than passenger change to please waive the charge as a gesture of goodwill.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Bit late to the Curve\Amex but i think top-ups are a bit old school noughties tech. Surely back to back transations are much more modern, dynamic and flexible.

    Whilst i could afford to stick £20k on the Curve just in case i want to splash out 1) Given the tardiness of thier support, i dont trust Curve with £20k of my money and 2) there will be times you are over\under your limit so reconciling your actual purchase receipts with your Amex bill becomes hard work.

    I like the Amex thing as it brings real choice to everyday spending…… but it seems cumbersome and inconvenient from what i read on the blog.

    • RakishDriver says:

      Not to mention expensive.

    • The idea is not to leave large amounts of money on there but rather to do the ‘back to back’ mandraulically as required. The blog says ‘With our optional auto top-up feature to come in the open Beta version, the payment experience with Amex on Curve will be seamless for our customers’ so this is a temporary inconvenience.
      I am more interested in Rob’s suggestion that the limits would be greatly increased, but no mention of that yet,

  3. BluehorizonUK says:

    Amex £25 off £40 spend is back on (you need to use at least 5p in points for this to work). Sold and Dispatched by Amazon ONLY


  4. iamfugly says:

    Off O/T: sorry to go on a tangent here but I am new to the Revolut card and just wanted to ask a simple question. Am I correct in understanding I can use it similar to Curve. Except instead of linking a reward Mastercard/Visa, I simply use said reward card to load up the Revolut prepay first? Although a faff of having to preload, I assume this will avoid the constant issues I encounter with Curve’s daily/monthly/annual spending limits.
    Many thanks

    • Almost didn’t reply due to your username but, curve and revolut work differently.
      Like you said, you need to prepay money into revolut. Then you have two options:
      1) use the card abroad like a normal card and revolut sets the fx rate on the day to convert from your balance (much worse at the weekend)
      2) change the money to the currency you want in advance to ‘lock in’ the rate on that day (again, don’t convert on a weekend). Then use the card like normal.

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Revolut has more bank account type features too- you set up individual accounts in supported currencies, and can swap between them at 0% commission (during the week), can send /receive transfers in that currency, and for euro and sterling you have a proper account number you can use for free SEPA/faster payments transfers in and out. You can also pay euro direct debits.

      • iamfugly says:

        Hi Peter K, thanks for your reply. I was actually planning on using the Revolut card on Sterling transactions in the UK as I am close to maxing out my 2nd Curve card and am finding the whole reapply and building up a spend history with Curve rather tedious. The whole point of using the card was for the debit card functionality which I guess Revolut will provide without the pain of a spend limit.

        • Although Revolut does have a topup limit and will ask for bank statements, payslips etc…

  5. OT but Hilton related. Transferred Virgin to Hilton almost 2 weeks ago but they haven’t hit my Hilton account yet. Previously it’s taken about a week. Are others experiencing the same? Miles left Virgin account pretty much same day.

  6. OT: Marriott/SPG redemptions. Trying to do a multi night redemption at a Sheraton. No matter the combination of nights it tells me “Sorry, this hotel is not accepting redemptions”. Yet same dates work when booking single nights. So I have booked all 5 nights as singles, and intend to contact Marriott to get the bookings linked up and get the points back for my 5th night free! All very odd and hopefully not cynical… can anyone shed any light?

    • I have seen this with Marriott/SPG properties when trying to book a 5 night stay as well several times, there must be some sort of extra space requirement to allow the free night (in their system anyway)

  7. Rob – Regarding 50% Hilton Honors transfers, the fine print on my offer email says “Minimum transfer is 1,000 Membership Rewards points”
    Not sure 200 points would work then…
    I only had the email but the transfer page still says 1:2

    • I think we’ve agreed it is now targeted.

      • Ruben Pritchard says:

        I called Amex about the 3:1 conversion offer and they said that it was actually an offer that you had to save to your card to get it, with a limited number of slots.
        There is no information within the targeted email to imply that it was an offer you had to save to your card.
        Did anyone actually see this offer on their card?

  8. I transferred 200 MRs and only got 400 honors 😞

    • I thought it was min 1k transfer and up to 90 days for bonus though, even if eligible? (I didn’t receive email so haven’t tried)

  9. Hi all, slightly off topic but I’m new to points collecting, and wondering about the referral bonus for the Amex gold rewards card. I got my card in the summer and have just referred my wife for the card – she’s been approved and now has hers. Can she add me as her supplementary cardholder to help her reach the spending bonus, or would that invalidate it as I already hold an Amex? Thanks!

  10. What's the Point says:

    Has anyone that was targeted with the Hilton offer had their bonus points appear yet?

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