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Is Iceland’s low cost carrier WOW Air going bust?

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(EDIT: overnight on Thursday, a US venture capital group announced – subject to due diligence – that it would invest in WOW.  Whilst not guaranteed, if this goes through it should take the pressure off for a few months.)

If you have a booking with WOW Air, you need to keep a very close eye on it.

The airline appears to be on the cusp of going bankrupt.  Icelandair has walked away from its agreed deal to buy the airline (we wrote about that here) and on Wednesday the airline handed back two A330 and two A320 aircraft to their lessors.

Whilst the airline is still flying as of today, you should start to research a back-up plan if you have tickets.  This may include, for example, booking Avios redemptions on the same routes which can be cancelled for £35 if WOW does survive.

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  • Sam G says:

    WOW Air has reach an agreement with Indigo partners, the group behind Frontier, Wizz Air among others. So looks like it could live on!

    • Simon says:

      I had assumed Icelandair must have read Rob’s previous article – “you can’t help thinking that Icelandair could have waited for the airline to go bankrupt and picked up the assets”

  • Nigel the pensioner says:

    You can download your Shangri La Golden Circle card to your phone and use it. But…..dont be disappointed by Rob’s factual report. You will get your credit, yes, but dont expect even $31 to buy you a fat lot at the Shard branch!! It is a wonderful hotel to stay in though and champagne in Gong at £100+ a bottle is a special but regular treat!

  • Rich says:

    IHG points bookings: can anyone tell me if these include relevant taxes and charges or are these still payable at the hotel? If I try the cash rate it says city and government taxes are not included (I’m assuming I pay these at check out)

    I haven’t got enough points in my account so it won’t let me select the points rate to test book this. I’m trying to work out if it will be cheaper to buy the points with the 100% bonus that book it directly in cash.

    • Genghis says:

      It depends on the hotel it seems. Sometimes I’m charged city tax (IC Opera) but most of the time not.

      • Genghis says:

        But you pay that on cash and reward bookings so shouldn’t make much of a muchness in your calcs.

        % based gov taxes are always included.

        • John says:

          Not at the Holiday Inn Berlin West which somehow decides that points bookings are worth €60 and makes you pay the 5% tax of €3 unless you have proof of being on business. Yet the other Berlin IHGs don’t collect any extra tax on points bookings.

    • Peter K says:

      I’ve had to pay taxes on top in Rome for the hotel indigo.

    • Rich says:

      Thank you all. Much appreciated

      IHG live chat suggests taxes are included on reward bookings. I suspect this includes all % based charges as Genghis described above but perhaps not the city tax or resort fee which may explain some discrepancies?

      Thanks again for the advice

      • Lady London says:

        Yes. that should be the case, at least in EU

        • Roger says:

          Similar issue in Intercontinental KL.
          The check in lady said the tax will be collected 10 MYR on departure.
          Went for check out next morning and the agent who was well versed confirmed, no tax was due since the reward bookings include all the taxes.

  • Shoestring says:

    Today is also the last day to:
    1. Use up your Iberia 90K promo points
    2. Get the Amex/ Amazon £25 off £40 Black Friday discount

    • G says:

      Thanks for the reminder the other day Shoestring. I managed to get this to work for 4 family accounts last night so it’s still working. 2 of those accounts have used the £15 off voucher previously

      • xcalx says:

        Thanks Harry. Just got the deal to work on Tassimo pods.

      • AndyGWP says:

        Is that on 4 accounts using the same MR / card details?

      • Lady London says:

        Amazon has just started a week, till December 5th, of free shipping for all items fulfilled (i.e. despatched/sent) by Amazon. the t;s and c;s this time don’t say it has to be sold by Amazon as well.

    • Paul S says:

      Thanks for the reminder. Got a Bosch Planer for my brother and got £25 with AMEX25OFFSWP and then got an email saying I had redeemed my spend £20 get £5 back (which I had forgotten about). All for the sake of 2 points. Good deal 🙂

  • MDA says:

    Apart from Gett and Uber , is there a reliable and cheap airport transfer website out there? (not minicabit as they have bad reviews

    OT: Amex Travel /Tourico — have anyone used them? Do they cancel last minute? The reason I am asking is because a hotel booking I want is “provided by tourico” eekk.. (can they cancel last minute and leave me stranded? not worried about hotel points its not even a chain hotel)

    • tartan says:

      Can’t comment on Amex travel, but the Platinum concierge were able to arrange a meet and greet transfer from Newark airport to Lower Manhattan for £54 on Christmas day, which was a bargain compared to some of the prices I had managed to find. Might be worth setting them a challenge if you have the right Amex card to use them

      • Clive says:

        Or Dial7 which I have used on many occasions

      • MDA says:

        Correct its platinum. I am kind of upset I wont earn 3 MR per £1 like the old Gold card.
        Not sure if a transfer is required as I can just take a taxi (prefer the flexibility of hailing) but good shout! I should presume anything booked is no cancellation unless otherwise specified

        • Tartan says:

          My booking is cancellable up to 24 hours before hand but I think that depends on the company that they are able to use. If it’s one that Amex have a relationship with then they can book it on your behalf otherwise they will give you the pricing that they found and the contact details so that you can book it direct

    • BLT says:

      Used amex travel hotel provided by Tourico on a few occasions and never had a problem. I would have faith in amex to sort out any issues if they did occur.

    • Simon says:

      I find Addison lee is cheaper than uber to the airport (LHR) for me (in Richmond) but eye wateringly more from LHR to home. (they do see to employ frustrated racing drivers tho – once I had one leap out of the car when we got to my home, punching the air, proclaiming he had broken his record!)

      • Brian says:

        Broken his record for getting to your home? How many times do you use him??

        • Simon says:

          yeah, it was a bit random- it was actually City – Putney that one. Middle of night – racing lines, wrong side of the road down the Kings road it was borderline fun/horrifying.

    • sunguy says:

      I have to say that at least up until 2 years ago, MiniCabIt was pretty good – you just had to keep an eye on the cab company you got booked with and confirm with them they have your booking and know about you.

      There were a couple of times where the company that was booked I was not happy with and to their credit, minicabit changed suppliers and kept the price…..

      The last time I took an AL car – the guy wasnt Simons driver – it took over 3 hours to get from LHR to Ilford! (He kept turning INTO traffic rather than away from!!)….

      I quite like to find myself a decent company and exclusively use them – with a preferred driver – thats the best of both worlds….however, being able to do that is getting harder and harder!

    • AndyGWP says:

      Booked a San Antonio hotel via. Amex Tourico last year (one that was in the Marriott chain – can’t remember which though!)

      It didn’t go well – partly my fault (for not making it clear to staff it was a tourico booking – I just referred to it as an Amex Travel booking) and they couldn’t find a reservation for me as the tourico bookings wenre on a ‘different system’

      Was all resolved the next day, but staff indicated tourico were a massive / well heard of company, so you’ll probably be fine.

    • Alex G says:

      For London, Mile5

  • Roger says:

    Have you tried Travel Republic?

  • Roger says:

    OT- Amex Offers
    GAP UK – £10 off £30 Spend – Instore and Online
    Offer on my Platinum cards

    • Andy says:

      Sign up to their app (Gap+ I think) for a further 5% off, or their constantly sending 30/40/50% off vouchers via e-mail if you sign up for them.

    • Anna says:

      Brilliant, thanks! Got it on 2 cards. My OH desperately needs his jumper collection updating lol. There’s also a sale on at the moment and free P & P over £50.

  • Amit says:

    Any idea how long the points take to post?