STILL LIVE: BA Business Class to South Africa from £1250 in the sale – when you book it with a car

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Via Flyertalk, there is a very interesting ‘flight and car’ deal currently available to Johannesburg in the BA sale.

You can get a Club World business class flight, plus a car, for £1250.  It is a little bit cheaper if two people travel.

(EDIT: comments below suggest you can get it down to £934 for one person travelling in early January!)

You need to book this via BA Holidays – click here for their business class holidays page.

Here is a screen shot for a one week holiday in January, which is peak season in South Africa..  Click to enlarge:

BA sale deal to Johannesburg

The best pricing is Johannesburg from £1250.  Cape Town is more expensive at £1691, based on a solo traveller.  Durban is £1610.  These prices are available well into 2019, and drop further if two travel together.  Availability is slim for more than two people.

You can also book this deal with an inclusive hotel.  The cheapest option for Jo’burg when I checked was the Holiday Inn Express Sandton which comes out at £1341 per person, based on two sharing, for seven nights with Club World flights.

For comparison, buying the Jo’burg flight as ‘flight only’ in the BA sale would cost £2274 for the dates in my example.

Another benefit of using BA Holidays is that you only need to pay a deposit now, with the balance due five weeks before departure.

Have a play around on the BA Holidays site here.

PS.  If you are reading this on Sunday via the HFP daily emails, apologies if the deal has disappeared by the time you read this!

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  1. Frances Butler says:

    5th to 9th January is coming out at £934 for 1 person… London to Johannesburg, it’s the day flight back.

  2. Tough decision, I have reward flights and hire car booked Jan/Feb. Cancelling and rebooking in the sale will cost me £1200 more but save a lot of Avios. How many will I earn on a LHR-JNB flight?

  3. This could not have come at a better time. Was about to book LHR-JNB-LHR WT+ outbound and UUA to CW on the inbound for £1,800 + 60,000(!) Avios. Instead got this deal for just shy of £2,000 return in CW and earning nearly 50,000 Avios and a retention of Silver status for another year too! Thanks Rob. Any idea what would happen if we returned the car after say 3 days instead of keeping for the full 2 weeks? Would we be charged or penalised in any way? Plan to do more than just Johannesburg 🙂

    • …For two px I should have said 🙂

      • I wouldn’t suggest returning the car early as they can reprice and void the voucher (making you pay rack for the 3 days). Can you price it with a car booking for part of the trip? Otherwise it seems that not using the car at all would be better

        • The site was being buggy and didn’t want to lose out so just booked the flights and car for the entire time. So you think that just not showing up for the car would be fine? I thought I’d read somewhere of no show penalties

        • I once heard of someone getting a €50 fine from Avis, but only once.

        • Lady London says:

          I have noticed that both Hertz and Avis seem to have changed their t’s and c’s in the past year or so, possibly quite recently. The conditions for prepaid are both very different from what they were, for both. The conditions for Pay at Location also appear to have worsened for both of these, with swingeing new fines for no-shows that weren’t there before. Prepay on the other hand seems to have actually become refundable (which it never was before) provided a certain amount of notice have been given.

          Rather remiss of me not to have noticed since I have hired quite a few cars in the past year and not taken a reqlly good squizz at the t’s and c’s again till recently. But I’d advise anyone hiring a car at least from these, and probably from others, that’s used to a certain set of t’s and c’s to take a look and make themselves aware of what’s changed. Sad to say but I find hiring a car a stressful business due to the rampant levels of fraud and unfair conditions that seem to be reported on the part of the providers. Plus one or two of my own experiences would always urge caution if you’re the one carrying the cost if there’s any issues.

    • Use the custom holiday option, add flight then car. You’ll get similar prices but the car hire will match what you actually want. I’ve got Comair flights to CPT and back from PLZ to tie in and it worked for me.

    • Just priced up 13 days in June, £2554 for 2 inc car hire for entire period, £4224 for same but only 1 day car hire!

  4. Thanks for this! Had used the 241 voucher on this route for May. Paid the extra £1200 and got the same flights in CW without using any miles at all. Great bargain. I’ll gladly pay the £70 and use the voucher some other time!

  5. That’s a total bargain, thanks Rob (and Frances Butler) – just booked 11-20 January 2019 for £937.50 each. Couldn’t readily find any availability to CPT.

  6. Decided to go with the change, 125000 refunded, £1200 extra, 34000 Avios earned and we will be 5 tier points away from Bronze. Thanks Rob.

  7. Hm. Current direct LHR3-CPT 62AB booked with a 2-4-1 vs cash LHR5-JNB-CPT on a b788…

    Stop making things complicated for me, Rob.

  8. Henry Young says:

    So you are seriously suggesting (a) to go to South Africa during open season on whites and (b) driving a car in the world capital of car-jacking 😉

    • Henry, you’re absolutely correct. Far better to stay at home, nice and safe from the world, not using up availability that those foolish enough to venture out into the world might wish to use. I quite literally cannot count the number of friends and acquaintances who have vanished off to foreign climes never to be seen again.

    • You don’t need to actually collect the car …

    • We are lucky enough to go regularly, and have never encountered any problems…but then, we don’t go looking for problems. Even the townships have many decent people more than welcoming…..just ‘ be aware’ , like any part of the world….and I’ve been to many ‘dangerous spots’.

      • Quite sure nobody looks to get robbed in their homes in the middle of the night, crime is high there and you need to be more than just careful.

    • Henry, have you been to London recently ? 😳

    • Absolute coddswallop, I went into shabeens in townships with no bother whatsoever!

  9. I looked for flights plus car from LHR to JNB at the start of February and found a great deal, aound £2500 in cw for the 2 of us. But as soon as I add flights from ABZ into the equation it jumps to over £4000. Is there anyway around this other than to book on seperate tickets, ie. economy ABZ to LHR and then cw LHR to JNB? We don’t need “business seats” for the short hop from ABZ to LHR. But I do understand that by doing seperate tickets there is a risk with connections etc.

    • Same from Glasgow and Edinburgh on all all of these “London offers”. Only suggestion I can make is, as you suggest, is to book separate tickets or use avios as you have your CW luggage allowance to consider on the domestic leg if it’s economy. There’s always the train of course re the luggage allowance but then again, that’s not a cheap option either.

      • I priced the train and even with a “two together” railcard its £550 rtn for the 2 of us. Flights are £257, no wonder so many folk choose to fly rather than take a train! I suppose we could just pay excess baggage which would work out much cheaper than paying for business tickets all the way?

        • That’s probably the price for an Off Peak or Anytime fare. Advance tickets aren’t usually released 6-8 weeks prior to the date

    • Not sure if it’s worth trying calling BA Holidays instead? Their website is pretty poor for non-London options but agree it wouldn’t be ideal at all to have separate tickets from a protected connection perspective, esp now they won’t through-check bags.

    • A missconnect is much less problematic on the return. You can always get yourself home from LHR – at a price.

  10. Very important: the same ’24 hour cooling off period’ for flights DOES NOT apply to package deals. I just found this out the hard way, and thankfully, had only paid the minimum deposit rather than the full amount.

    Package deals are only refundable within 24 hours if you book over the phone. Completely nonsensical, but it is what it is.

  11. Thanks very much. Just booked for August at £4995 for 4 seats. Take it from reading the other comments that the car does not need to be collected.

  12. This is a great deal, JNB looks the cheapest as Rob says.

    What sort of holiday are you guys using for, safari? Keen to get some ideas!!!

    • I think tbd at the moment – just wanted to secure the seats. Will definitely do a safari and fly to Cape Town. Already used 50k for 2 seats (me and my wife) to upgrade to 1st 😎

    • We usually stay with friends and then go to various places, game reserves, the coast etc. I have booked seats for February 2019 along with a car which will allow us to do our own thing. Probably go to Kruger Park for a week. We will be away for 4 weeks in total. A trip to one of the game reserves is a must do. We lived in RSA and Botswana for 6 years and it’s got a hold on us for sure. We were back earlier this year for 3 weeks with friends who had never been to Africa before, we covered some 2000+ miles and had a ball. We already have a 5 week trip to Namibia and Botswana booked on a 2-4-1 in May/June 2019 so that we can celebrate our 40th anniversary. We have managed 4 trips to JNB in CW or F using 2-4-1’s. Thanks to HFP and Flyertalk for all the tips and advice, it’s allowed us to have wonderful adventures.
      This latest offer was too good to resist, thanks Rob!

  13. I’ve already got 2-4-1 flights booked for Feb/March/April so will stick with it.
    However, we often go multi city from London – Joburg – Australia – London
    We like to stay in S Africa for longer than the 2 weeks.
    What would happen if we got the ‘2 week’ holiday price to Joburg for £1200 per person CW but just didn’t get on the return flight home?

  14. Down to Port Elizabeth and I’ve found flights for £915 beginning of Jan (with care hire)!

  15. Firstly, a big thank you for this. Was toying this morning between a trip to Asia (Qatar ex Europe) or Cape Town and decided to go with the latter. Given that we are a family of four (infant and child in tow), a more direct route appeals. Could not find any availability to CPT, so decided to fly in to JNB and then book the internal leg separately. Rather than not pick up the car, I wanted the car hire, but for CPT which I could not get to work online (through the custom holiday option as suggested by Craig above), so called BA holidays who managed to work it. There is no surcharge for booking over the phone and you also get the 24 hour cancellation policy applied. Now just too book some decent hotels.

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