The best economy deals in the British Airways sale

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I’m splitting our coverage of the new British Airways sale into two articles.  This one looks at the best World Traveller (economy) offers whilst a second future article will look at the best deals in premium classes.

The best way to look at what is available is to play with the Low Fare Finder tool which you can find on here.  This is effective if you are flexible with your dates, as you can easily see the lowest price, month by month, for every British Airways route.

Here are a selection of prices I picked out.  I have also listed alongside the biggest ‘part pay with Avios’ option available.  Remember that it doesn’t always make sense to to maximise ‘part pay with Avios’ and you will find you get a bigger ‘pence per point’ ratio by using fewer points.

(The BA ‘part pay with Avios’ system is totally different to the Virgin Atlantic model.  Virgin offers you 0.6p per mile, with no maximum and no minimum.  British Airways is generally more generous if you use a small quantity of Avios but less generous – trending towards 0.5p per Avios – for larger quantities.  You also cannot pay for a flight entirely with Avios via the ‘part pay’ route.)

The full BA sale website is here.

British Airways World Traveller seat

Deals include:

North America

  • Chicago £295 / £179 + 20000 Avios
  • Fort Lauderdale £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Tampa £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Orlando £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Austin £364 / £180 + 36000 Avios
  • Nashville £376 / £180 + 38500 Avios
  • Pittsburgh £419 / £179 + 47000 Avios
  • Phoenix £599 / £249 + 69000 Avios
  • Las Vegas £689 / £339 + 69000 Avios

BA sale


  • Johannesburg £415 / £159 + 50000 Avios
  • Durban £435 / £159 + 54000 Avios
  • Cape Town £529 / £179 + 69000 Avios

BA sale

Asia and Australasia:

  • Singapore £419 / £159 + 51000 Avios
  • Hong Kong £520 / £170 + 69000 Avios
  • Sydney £609 / £259 + 69000 Avios

BA sale

South and Latin America:

  • Buenos Aires £529 / £199 + 65000 Avios
  • Rio de Janeiro £529 / £199 + 65000 Avios
  • Sao Paulo £599 / £249 + 69000 Avios
  • Santiago £749 / £399 + 69000 Avios

As usual, it is also worth pricing up a combined ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ package via BA Holidays – see here.  The pricing may be similar and you can get away with just paying a small deposit now, with the balance due five weeks before you fly.

New York, for example, starts at £379 per person in January or February for three nights in a 2.5 star hotel, plus World Traveller flights.  You still earn Avios and BAEC tier points when you book via BA Holidays, but you won’t earn BA On Business points in the ‘small business’ loyalty scheme.

In terms of travel dates, says:

Travel in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus from London Gatwick to Cancun, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Las Vegas, Antigua, Bermuda, Barbados, Grenada, Kingston, Lima, Male, Mauritius, Providenciales, Port of Spain, Punta Cana, San Jose (Costa Rica), St. Kitts, Tobago and St. Lucia is available for selected outbound travel dates between 8 January 2019 and 30 December 2019.

Travel in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus from London Heathrow to Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Seychelles, Muscat, Tokyo (Haneda and Narita), Osaka, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Nassau, Grand Cayman, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santiago is available for selected outbound travel dates between 15 January 2019 and 13 December 2019.

Some routes require a Saturday night stay.  There is a minimum advanced purchase requirement of 7-21 days depending on route.

Full details of all these offers, including the rest of the small print, are on the BA sale website here.  In a future article I’ll look at the premium cabin deals.

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  1. Trying to book LON-DXB for the £353 fare showing on both Google flights and ITA Matrix to no avail.*DXB./m/04jpl.2019-01-03.DXBLHR0BA106;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f;sp:2.GBP.35281*2.GBP.35281

    Have tried through BA and a few OTAs to no avail.

    Any pro tips on how to go about booking this? Or is this just an invalid/incorrect fare?

    • The Original Nick says:

      @Ali, do you have the £200 off £600 Alex offer? If so, look at Amex Travel and check WT+ flights LHR-DXB. I booked mine for £638. I’ll then UUA to CW.

  2. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    In the case of WT bookings, you also get a checked bag by going through BA Holidays, don’t you?

  3. OT_ but BA 241 Voucher

    If there is no J availability now for outbound, can I book Y outbound and J inbound and if in future more seats are released can I upgrade to J by calling BA? What are the fees in this scenario?
    Assume I will extra avios plus tax differences. Anything else I should be aware of?

    Well there are 2 J seats (plus 4 Y), for outbound and 6 J for return destination next year.
    I have two 241 vouchers to use.

    • Yes – plus £35 pp change fee I think.

    • I’d also be interested in how this works – can you upgrade an existing 2 4 1 booking (I thought you could only “upgrade” by one cabin class) or would you have to cancel and re-book?

      • Correct, you can only upgrade by 1 cabin class, so Roger would probably need to book PE for those legs he wants to upgrade. Interested to see if this is possible too.

        • I think that the UUA by one class limitation only applies to cash base fares.

          I’m 99% sure that you can book Y now and ugrade to J or F if availability opens up.

        • Roger – you have to ring them to add on the return. Very annoying flaw in the system!

      • You can book any class on a 241 avios now and if/when a higher class is available ring and change to it. Subject to availability taxes, extra avios and change fees.

        • Another bolt-on to this if I may:

          If I book Oneway only, is 241 voucher available (in part) available to book for return trip?
          OR is my only option is to call BA to book the return?

        • You can add a return later, if that’s your question, but it requires a call.

        • Yes, you could book one way only and then add on the return. A lot of people do this -355 days when flight availability is released. You have to call though.

        • sorry, just noticed Anna had answered this upthread

  4. Great lead in prices , but few people would go long hall without a checked bag . Personally I would prefer BA going back to their standard fare with checked bag as lead in fare ! In my mind it gives false indication of a cheap fare as can be £100 and much more extra each way when you had a bag !!

    • Brighton Belle says:

      I can do 6 nights on hand baggage and that is with boxes of tech to get UK Tv anywhere there is internet. But checked bag is best if there is any chance of a beach.

      • Shoestring says:

        More on the TV tech pls?

        • Brighton Belle says:

          You can buy a commercial VPN but they can be blocked. It will work for weeks, months or even years. The BBC or streaming site detects multiple concurrent streams to a single IP address and concludes you’re outside the UK. Some sites are requesting access to your physical location via your iPad GPS, they read you are in Bolivia and shut you off. Or you deny access and they shut you off.

          A solution that works is a private VPN plugged into your UK home router. It is easy to make from a £60 Raspberry Pi. Google “how to make a VPN with a raspberry Pi”. All the code is free, just flow the instructions, you don’t need to know very much about computers. Install the files on your Pi, choose a few options etc.

          To connect to this abroad you install OpenVPN on your IPad or even better an Amazon FireTv plugged into the HDMI of the hotel Tv. OpenVpn is free.

          When you start the VPN on your device (iPad or Hotel TV) it connects to the local WiFi, goes to your VPN Pi plugged into your UK router and starts the Tv stream from your device in Bolivia to the BBC. The BBC just sees this as Shoestring streaming from his home computer with his UK IP address. You look totally domestic and private to their system.

          There are several other methods that work, slingbox, proxy servers, chromecast. I have tried them all. The Pi solution needs a solid internet speed of about 2 Mb upload as it is in HD. I use a Slingbox on SD that gets a watchable picture on the most dreadful hotel Wi-Fi in Egypt of 400kb.

          Google is full of useful stuff… but the Raspberry Pi solution delivers the best picture for less than £100 and a few evenings with a keyboard. You really don’t need to be a programmer to get this to work as the instructions on the internet are designed for numpties like me.

        • You can always spoof your GPS

        • Lady London says:

          @John please explain spoof your GPS. I’ve noticed even keeping location services off is not always blocking enquiry access to the GPS

        • I use PiVPN too – partly from a being in the UK perspective, but also from a trust perspective… can’t fault it!

          I have it running on a Pi 1 too and it’s just great. I used this guide:

          Slightly out of date guide but close enough (be aware there was a VORACLE issue that came out a few months ago tho so you may have to configure slightly differently now)

        • Brighton Belle says:

          Haven’t got a method to spoof your GPS on an iPad. Tried that.

          The Amazon Firestick works well because it doesn’t have location awareness. The BBC or Tv Player streaming site detects your device type, reads you are using a GPS dumb device so doesn’t try to interrogate your location. Plus the Firestick has a set of screens to get you hooked onto the local Wi-Fi. As simple as searching for Wi-Fi and entering the hotel’s password.

        • I found Roku also good for dealing with hotel WiFi. Handy combining with Plex running on NAS at home 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          Thanks Brighton Belle – was in transit earlier

      • We find that using our Netflix account is normally more than enough for even a 2 or 3 week holiday!

    • I can do a 1 centre/climate on HBO no problem if in biz, you can take on 2 bags, size supposedly limited but up to 23kg each !

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Don’t forget you get two carry on bags with BA. The second one is billed as a handbag/laptop bag but you can comfortably fit a small messenger bag. Been using this a bit to bulk out luggage on European jaunts and best of all no baggage reclaim.

  5. Heinztein says:

    Am I right in thinking that for the past couple of years BA have launched sales on Boxing Day? And, if so, is this current sale instead of them doing that this year? Thanks 🙂

  6. I take it all these fares are in selling class “O” so cannot be upgraded?

  7. BA are so bad now on long haul that we’re bordering on never flying long haul ever again We can just about cope with short hops within Europe. Seriously.

  8. Just grabbed 4 CW seats LHR/MIA for £1,800 each. This is 747 service an aircraft I have always enjoyed the quiet upstairs cabin on. I cannot remember which are upstairs the best seats around the emergency exit, the row that does having the window seat avoid you stepping over the aisle seat. The BA seat map is not very clear as it shows both rows 62 and 63 having emergency exit access. Can anyone advise?


    • 62A and K. If you’re skinny, 63 too

    • Enjoy and fingers crossed no aircraft swaps for you! Lost my last three sectors where I had UD 64K selected due to BA switch to 777, was such a disappointment!

      • I lost my 2 x F seats to St.Lucia when BA changed plane from 4 class to 3 class.
        Only found out when I went to check my seats. and saw that they had put us into 2 naff J seats.

  9. Quick question, I need 40 tier points in January. Anyone have an idea of what would be the cheapest 40 point trip? (20 point per leg return) I am assuming if I booked a domestic economy trip in the sale it would be for 5 tier points or whatever the lowest is.

    • Cheapest option I imagine is a quick return to Amsterdam etc, flying out in Economy (to pay the lower rate of APD) and back in Club Europe. 45 TP.

  10. Another OT question (sorry) – are multicity flights covered under BA’s price promise guarantee?

    Booked 2x CW LHR-Buenos Aires & back Rio-LHR but found it cheaper elsewhere after booking. BA’s T&C’s state “a one-way or return point-to-point flight only booking departing from the UK and operated by British Airways”… But what I am not sure is if multicity flights are considered ‘point-to-point’…? Rang them for clarification but indian call centre really not helpful 🙁

    Not sale prices as same prices before sale, just happened to book today.

    Have 22 hrs to cancel & book cheaper flight (currently still available to book) so any expert knowledge/experience greatly appreciated!

  11. For the suggestion of booking a holiday to get better value than flight only – is it possible to book a 7 day holiday for example, but arrange to stay for 14??

    Also is there any way to get the low fare finder tool to work from Edinburgh rather than London?

  12. Merry Christmas Rob! Can I ask when you will publish the other article of the best deals in premium classes? Thanks. 😉

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