BACK AGAIN: Get 3,000 Avios or other miles with the Heathrow Rewards sign-up bonus

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Heathrow Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Heathrow’s duty free shops – has brought back its generous sign-up bonus worth 3,000 points for 2019.

3,000 points is a very generous sign-up bonus for Heathrow Rewards.  It is especially generous given the recent 50% and 100% transfer bonuses offered to airline partners or into shopping vouchers.

If you sign up now, the minimum spend to trigger the bonus is £150 in a single day before 31st December 2019.

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only). Once you’ve earned 250 points you can exchange them for miles or shopping vouchers.

What is my bonus worth?

You can redeem your 3,000 points for 3,000 Avios or miles in Virgin Flying Club, Aegean Miles+Bonus, Miles & More, Emirates Skywards, Royalskies (Royal Brunei) or Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines).

Alternatively, you could take £30 of Heathrow shopping vouchers or Heathrow Express vouchers, or £60 of vouchers towards the official Heathrow car parks.

As Heathrow Rewards has been offering transfer bonuses recently (in December they offered a 50% – 100% bonus on Virgin Atlantic transfers) the sign up bonus could be worth 4,500 Avios or other miles if you sit on the points until a transfer bonus turns up.

Full details of the Heathrow Rewards scheme are here.  To get the bonus you need to make sure you add the promotion code BA2019 at the bottom of ‘contact information’.  Whilst the code is from the BA website, it doesn’t stop you moving the points to a different airline if you wish once you have triggered the bonus.

(The original source of this code is this page of the BA website.)

Check the small print before you make your purchases at Heathrow as some items such as tobacco or foreign currency transactions do not count.  Gift card purchases do not count if they are for the store where you buy the card – eg M&S gift cards bought in M&S do not count (and a friend recently tried this as a test) but third party gift cards bought in WH Smith seem to be OK (but don’t blame me if it fails).

Heathrow Rewards

You may well already have a Heathrow Rewards account.  If so, consider persuading someone who shares a BA or Avios household account with you to open one too.

If you are flying this weekend, don’t worry about not receiving your plastic card in time.   You can use the Heathrow Airport app to add your Heathrow Rewards card to your smartphone wallet.  Alternatively, save your receipts and scan or post them to Heathrow Rewards and they will add the points manually.

PS.  If £150 spend is too much, Lufthansa has a lower value offer.  Sign up with code LH2019 and you get 1,000 points for spending £80 in a single day.  You need to do your spending before 31st January, however, which makes it a lot less flexible than the BA offer.  The Lufthansa small print is here.

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  1. Benylin says:

    OT: Using my priority pass for the first time in LHR T3, do you recommend Aspire or No1 lounge? Flying Emirates if it makes any difference / closer to their gate.

  2. Benylin says:

    Anyone know if any gift vouchers can be purchased to trigger this Heathrow Rewards offer? Does Smith’s or Dixon’s sell these, thinking Netflix (or Tesco but don’t think I’ve seen these vouchers).

    • Yes I’ve used vouchers from smiths to trigger this offer before although can’t remember the selection that they had – I got H&M ones

    • I bought gift vouchers in WH Smith, I think for M&S, and it worked fine. One thing to note. First Smith’s claimed they didn’t sell gift cards, and manager so determined she was right she actually became quite rude, I think possibly my view on her attitude and competence contributed. Went to a 2nd branch, and all fine. It was T3 I think, the one that worked was right at one end of the terminal next to a Pret.

    • memesweeper says:

      I bought a ‘visa’ gift card in W H Smith and this did *not* track.

    • Smiths has fairly good selection in the bigger one in T5 departures (before security). I’ve bought John Lewis vouchers for the Waitrose shopping.

  3. OT, trying to use my Amazon 50GBP off 100GBP code today. Terms say the code expires at 11.59pm on January 12th but Amazon website will not accept code. Items in shopping cart are definitely sold and dispatched directly by Amazon. It seems like they may have expired this coupon prematurely. Anyone else having this experience?

    • Annabelle says:

      Yes me too! Exactly the same. Code was issued before account was verified ( which was verified later that day ). Contacted their cx service and they said apologies it was only for first 10,000 users. I tried the next day again ( since amazon gave me a small gift voucher goodwill ) and magically when I went to check out the discount was there. Try it again tomorrow? Hopefully it’ll work.

      • Mine does not work either. Tried this morning and no joy. Items definitely sold and dispatched by Amazon

    • Do all items have IDENTICAL delivery terms? This will also cause the code to fail if not.

  4. Rob, ever feel you’re talking to yourself?

  5. Anyone know when Heathrow Rewards will have transfer bonuses to Avios again? I have a few Heathrow Rewards which I want to convert to BA and waiting for a transfer bonus!

  6. OT – Sorry another Marriott Travel Package

    I had an old MTP Category 5, which was upgraded via good will gesture etc. to new Category 5 hotel. This is shown on my certificate:

    Reward code: QP99
    Total points redeemed: 165,000

    If I was to cancel this reservation/certificate, would I receive all of 165000 MR points, even if it was extra bonus + good will gesture?
    As per my original MTP the refund value would only be 45000 points
    I was then given 70000 points and another 90000 MR points to match my booking to new Category 5 hotel, 210000 MR point equivalent.

    I can use my current booking but as the hotel rates are low plus it charges resort fees, just thinking if I can cancel my certificate and get back 210000 MR point, which will bring me much closer to getting another new MTP and some cushy airmiles.

    Going through FlyerTalk forum but not much finding yet on cancellation of old – now new certificate.

    Any thoughts?

    • OK, just an update cancellation of MTP would return 205K MR points to my account.
      Is that a good deal?
      Original 270 MR points were used for MTP, getting 205K MR points plus 120K Avios is a good deal it would seem.

      Should I go ahead with MTP Cancellation?

      • They’ve confirmed that amount? Sounds surprisingly generous. Generally just 45k for cancelling on offer for base with more for higher. So I had OC6, it matched to NC4. I could then get 30k for difference (as OC5 also mapped to NC4) but only 45k for the TP, despite what the partial package was showing as. I managed to find a rep that for 30k extra gave me an NC5. Given a week in NC5 is 210k, getting 205k points instead seems a very good deal, but if a rep is willing to offer you it I’d take it personally.

        • Although I see your cert is showing as NC6 which might explain the difference? Impressive they moved you from OC5 to NC4 to NC6!

        • Yes, I complained to Mr. Sorenson (CEO) and was upgraded with certificate with generous 160K extra points. So this 160K extra plus original 45K is giving me new 205K point refund.
          Seems like a no brainer to reject this offer!
          I was originally quoted 235K point refund and asked them to check three times and it finally got confirmed as 205K point refund which is still a very good deal in my eye.
          At least even with devaluation, it gives me another chance to get another Category 1-4 MTP.

          • Yeah good deal. I complained to Sorenson too – took about 3 months to get anywhere even after doing that. Got upgrade and 90k compensation so 132k United miles and a week in NC5 hotel for 210k Marriott.

        • Alan, was your OC attached to a reservation? I have an OC8 attached to a reservation. I would like to receive a 30k refund and keep the reservation, but I am a bit worried it might get messy with all IT problems at Marriott. Was it easy to convert?

          • No, mine was unattached. I got OC6 wanting to book NC5 property but then they only matched it to NC4 hence all the hassles! Eventually sorted, will see what the Marriott Melbourne is like in a few weeks!

          • BTW seems to be very rep-dependent as to whether you can upgrade it.

    • As a data point, I used my MTP in Hawaii and was NOT charged resort fees. YMMV, I suspect the hotel may have made a mistake.

      • Thanks, this resort shows up with fees even on all other OTAs, so indeed looks like there will be fees.

        • Please DO NOT cancel MTP
          They have messed up again.

          Cancel booking but no MTP.

        • Roger, do you suggest I cancel the booking, then ask for a refund and then attach the certifcate to again?

        • In your scenario, you want to just detach the certificate, keep booking live, cancel the MTP to get the difference and then try again.

          Personally though, I have lost all the confidence in MTP, they say onething and something else happens.
          I thought in your scenario, you should have got the point difference anyway.

          • Yeah they’ve handled them pretty appallingly. Looks like we both got good final results by escalating but gives me little faith in them as a group going forward.

        • Thanks both. I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated…

  7. OT – reg IHG card, do cash advance fees show up immediately if incurred or do they show only on monthly statement?

    • Brighton Belle says:

      On your statement. IHG do charge for anything that looks like a cash transaction… foreign currency is charged. I have to feed a foreign bank account regularly and not found a Curve > Credit Card > TransferWise route that doesn’t now generate an interest fee. Anyway, my using Curve has slowed as the £50k annual limit stops me using them for the next 6 months.

      • johnny_c-l says:

        Do you know how they manage the timing of the £50k p.a. limit?

        I hit mine back in August and thought it would allow spending again when it cycled a chunk of November 2017 spend but it still says I’m at the limit now so doesn’t seem to be based on calendar year either.

        • On the app it says ‘last 365 day window’.
          I am assuming that I shall be able to spend again 365 days after the first use, but may be disappointed.

      • Lady London says:

        @Brighton Belle didn’t someone say that Revolution was good for fx transfers?

        • Lady London says:


          Getting tired of WordPress placing reply comments as standalone and overwriting perfectly well-known names and words with its pathetic dictionary.

          • I’ve never seen WordPress replace any of my words – I always assumed it was a phone autocorrect issue when I saw these sort of typos in posts?!

  8. OT_ Airline Status

    Currently do not have any status, except I can get SQ Silver via Shangri-la via Amex Platinum.
    I want to get a Delta status, can I play any clever trick to get a delta (or other SKYTEAM) status fairly easily?

  9. OT but a big heads up for those who are avid e-rewards users.

    Following a system update yesterday morning, the vast majority of surveys are now offering a partial reward of “0.0 Opinion Points if you do not qualify for the study”. I thought that this might just be a display bug but I can confirm (along with others on Flyertalk) that I have not receive a partial reward on these surveys if you are screened out. If this is a permanent move then this will be a real shame, but as a CEO of a major corporate, most of my points come from the 500 point business surveys anyway so it will only slow me down a little bit…..

    • Haha love it, Mr/Ms Major CEO 😛

      Partial surveys were a pittance normally anyway (and I found them a bit flaky at crediting).

      • The annoying thing for both myself and my CEO wife (how did you guess?), is that they seem to have removed the partial credit from the ones that are really easy to screen yourself out of. The 300 points for expressing my feelings about a bar of soap via 400 mulitple choice questions ones still do have a credit, but seem impossible to get chucked out of!!! Still managed to get 1500 points for a survey about Big data this morning so should have bagged my monthly 2000 avios by the end of the weekend. It’s then up to my wife to earn the other 2000 avios for the month……..

        • Ahh OK, I was lucky if I would get 25 or so for being screened out and they wouldn’t always post!

        • @Alan I think the key to e-rewards is to filling in your profile so it is biased towards business which should be fairly easy for most on HfP. Just answer no to any of the regular filtering questions that ask you if you have children, or have bought anything like toys, furniture, clothes etc as these will trigger the really boring shopping ones. Do say yes to the ones asking about travel as these are usually quite interesting and worthwhile.
          I find that the partial points usually do credit but it’s important to use incognito mode with all adblockers etc disabled so that the cookies will work

          • Agree although I’ve also done more of the eRewards medical ones and they just pay cold hard cash 😛 (well Amazon vouchers, so pretty much the same!)

    • Are you actually a CEO of a major company? Is it really worth your while to answer invasive questions about your business (presuming you answer truthfully) for peanuts? 500 e-rewards points gets you 188 Avios / 437 Hilton worth so around £6 per hour

      • I suspect myself any many other e-rewards users treat it more as a hobby than income generation. We earn 4000 Avios a month between myself and my wife’s account, so 48k worth of points is a major input into our avios balance. I fill in the surveys during dead time, e.g. waiting for a train so it’s no real inconvenience. I am relatively senior in a global organisation and find the business survey actually quite interesting. I do answer the survey pretty truthfully as you will soon be screened out of these business ones if you don’t know what you are talking about. I just don’t bother with the social or retail ones as the time/reward ratio is too low

        • The standard joke is that everyone earning miles from e-rewards is a CEO. This comes down to the granularity of the job types offered in the profiling tool, i.e anyone relatively senior is counted in the same band as a CEO. Once you get into the actual surveys they are much more granular, just saying you are CEO won’t get you very far as you won’t really have any of the input that they are looking for

      • I was assuming he/she wasn’t 😛

      • Agree, do an hours overtime and but the Avios would make more sense.

    • E rewards is really a waste of time, not worth bothering for the reward unless you have a lot of time available

  10. O/T – 5 Nights in HongKong ((2 Adults + 1 Child), I got 150K IHG and 150K Marriott
    The only options coming up is IHG HIX SOHO or Renaissance that is near central, Advice please.

    • How old is the kid. It might be possible to search for 2 adults and add the kid on later?

    • The problem might be that if you search for 3 people you need availability in a room big enough for 3 people.

      You can try booking a room for 2 people instead, then I think there are a few options.
      – Ring them up to add the child, they might charge you a fee.
      – You could ask for an upgrade to a bigger room, may be easier if you have status.
      – Risk it for a biscuit, turn up with the child at check in and ask for a rollaway bed…

    • Mark Lyon says:

      You may well have the answer here, but i went to Hong Kong last year and im going to Japan this year, with my wife and two daughters (5 years and 2 years old)

      To fiond reward rooms, I search for a room for 2 adults and 0 children and then book the hotel via points. I then email the hotel directly (finding an email address for some hotels is hard, if you cant find one, message them via Facebook) and state the following:

      “Hi, i’m very much looking forward to staying at XXXXx on the XXXXX. I’ve booked the room via reward points and my platinum number is xxxxxxxx. I will be travelling with my wife and two young daughters, the eldest is 5 and the youngest is 2. The eldest is fine to share my bed, but please can you set a cot bed or pull out bed for my youngest”

      The hotels normally reply with a message saying this will be fine and they will sort the extras. There was one hotel in Hong Kong that said the max room size was 3, so i cancelled the booking and made another booking with a different hotel (I Booked the Courtyard Hong Kong Sha Tin in the end, a bit out of the way but it has free transport to the centre and an uber is only £10)

      Hope this helps

  11. If you or your family/friends take Heathrow Express a lot, one way to trigger this from the comfort of your chair is buying a 12-ticket carnet online. If you also have a 15% off Heathrow Express (it’s on my BAPP), overall you can get comparatively cheap fully flexible tickets valid for a year.

    • Obviously, don’t forget to add your Heathrow Rewards number to your Heathrow Express account beforehand!

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