Earn at least 1,500 Avios with a new Avis car rental promotion – and a summary of the BA / Avis benefits

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The British Airways Executive Club and Avis have launched a new offer for any car rentals worldwide you may need between now and end of May (there is a blackout period for Easter though).

If you book an Avis car for three days or more, you will receive 800 bonus Avios.  This is on top of the minimum 700 base Avios you will earn, meaning that you are guaranteed to receive at least 1,500 Avios.

Here is a summary of the small print:

You must rent a Group C or above car for a minimum of 3 days

You must book before 15th April 2019

You must pick up the car between 1st March and 11th April or between 28th April and 31st May

You must use a British Airways/Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number, which we list below, when booking

Valid for all participating rental locations worldwide (list of participating venues is here)

This Avios bonus is not valid on Prestige, Van or Chauffeur Drive rentals

You can check out the full details on the Avis / BA website here.

(Note: We are writing this in advance of the offer going live. Hopefully it will be live by the time you read this. If not, check back later on Friday.)

BA Avis

How many Avios will I earn?

You will earn 800 bonus Avios under this promotion, on top of your base Avios.

For a 3+ day rental, which is what is required here, your base earnings will be 3 Avios per £1 with a minimum of 700 Avios.  This gives you a minimum of 1,500 Avios per rental.

You will also earn an additional 250 Avios if you pay for your rental with a British Airways American Express Credit Card (that also includes the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card). Assuming you do pay with a BA Amex Card, you will earn a minimum of 1,750 Avios and potentially more depending on how much you spend.

There is cap of 10,000 Avios per rental – although you’d need to spend over £3,000 before that becomes a problem!

Are there any other bonuses available?

Avis also has two other Avios bonuses you can collect on top of this offer:

If you join Avis Preferred for free you will collect an additional 1,000 bonus Avios on your first Preferred rental

If you rent with Avis four times in a calendar year, you will earn 1,000 bonus Avios

If you book via the British Airways discount codes below, you will also receive a free additional driver.  This can represent a decent saving and is one of key perks of the Avis / BA partnership.

How do I book?

Avis and BA have a dedicated booking site carhire-ba.com which you can find here and which automatically adds the correct discount code.

If you use avis.co.uk, you will need to manually add the British Airways discount codes (AWD) which are, based on your British Airways Executive Club status:

Gold members – N744400

Silver members – N744300

Bronze members – N284300

Blue members – N744100

Full details of this offer and all of the partnership benefits are on the Avis / BA website here.

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  1. Angela says:

    Haven’t forgiven Avis. We booked, via BA on the phone, a convertible to drive from SAN Francisco to LA in February. A bucket list dream to take 8 days. When we went to collect all they could give us was a suv or pick up truck. Spent the day trying to get a convertible elsewhere and Thrifty came up trumps. Lost all our avios we would have collected and cost us £160 more. Avis response is ‘we do not guarantee a particular vehicle’. All I asked for was the car grade we booked!

    • Peter K says:

      I had the same problem prebooking a convertible from LAX with Dollar. A real pain to say the least! I complained to head office and for $200 back so that was something but it was a bag start to the holiday.

    • Hertz tried to enhance our customer experience by offering us a Volvo in leui of the Mustang wed booked

      They were firmly told that was not how the day was going to go, and a bright blue Mustang was the result.

      Don’t know whether they tried the magic bean routine on everyone but that parking lot (LAX) as not short on Mustangs so I wasn’t backing down.

    • Nate1309 says:

      Sorry to hear that. We booked a convertible mustang for the same trip and didn’t have any problems other than California having unseasonably bad weather the year we went and keeping the roof up a lot of the time.

    • Doug M says:

      To be fair that’s not an Avis issue, that’s an industry wide one. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve had to argue and whinge to get treated fairly, or what I perceive to be fair. For me the issue is not just not having the car, but having a similar that just isn’t. If you don’t have what the person rented then you need to give them something at least as good, that always seems to an argument to achieve. One of my big annoyances is the Standard Elite SUV class, what Avis really mean by this is a 7 seat SUV, but the Elite part suggests something a little nicer, just call it a 7 seat SUV so people understand.

  2. I’ve always wondered why there are four different codes “depending on status” which can all be used by everyone and all seem to offer the same % discount?

    Also, I’ve done lots of rentals and have never received the promised vouchers:
    – €15 money off voucher*
    – Vehicle upgrade voucher***
    – Voucher for a free weekend rental**

    • SammyJ says:

      We’ve had the free weekend rental voucher twice. Used it in Iceland and saved about £200 on the rental! Worth contacting them to ask about it.

    • Allycat says:

      For Avis preferred, I received the free weekend rental voucher but not the €15 money off voucher nor the vehicle upgrade voucher. I contacted them through the website and stated my problem. They emailed me to say they had been issued but I told them they had not been received. They replied almost immediately to say they would be issued within 5 days and they were true to their word. Looking forward to using the upgrade voucher in California in July.

    • Charlieface says:

      To be honest, the 15euro off and upgrade voucher are next to useless. Neither can be used with AWD codes, which usually save much more, and the upgrade can be had with any Amex card anyway (plus a number of other memberships).

  3. Thought I could enjoy this by rebooking a three day rental I’m picking up today but looking at the prices it’s 120 quid over my current booking. Ah well, next time perhaps.

  4. David S says:

    You need to be really careful booking a combined Flight / Car deal with BA as there are now separate prices for Avis and Budget cars even though they are the same set of vehicles from the same depot and the same employees. My view is that Avis prices have gone up as a result of this but the headline Budget brand prices are a lot lower. But you get zero benefits from having a Budget car even if you are Avis Preferred

    • Doug M says:

      Agreed. The main loss of Budget over Avis, with preferred, is that you can’t just go straight to the garage and get the car. I’m happy to pay a bit more for that service.

      • Phil T says:

        Yes I recently booked flight + car and discovered after I had paid that it was a Budget car whereas previously was Avis.
        Tried to cancel and rebook within 24hrs but there was a £150 cancellation charge so I’m stuck with Budget and probably a great queue to pick up the car.

        • We rented an SUV from Budget at IAD last year, we were the only customers when we arrived, got taken straight out to the parking lot (as they say) and given our pick of all the SUVs they had. Also no charge for returning it to a different airport.

        • SammyJ says:

          Also Budget sometimes don’t come with the fully inclusive insurance you get with with Avis, I noticed this for some US rentals.

        • There will probably still be a big excess (usually about £1000) – I always arrange separate cover (unless we have a Platinum Amex at the time) as I only realised this about BA holiday bookings when I checked the (very) small print some years ago. I think it’s very misleading of them to advertise their insurance as “full cover” or similar. Other rental companies can be as bad, though the last couple of rentals I’ve done through Europcar did seem to have it stated much more clearly on the paperwork.

    • Allycat says:

      Related … I booked a car for July through BA/Avis. Good price and 7 days for the price of 5. I chose the Avis car which was ~£50 more than the exact same Budget car as I am an Avis Preferred member and could use the Avis Preferred upgrade voucher I have and also go fast track to pick it up after an 11 hour flight LHR-SJC (241 in F thanks to HfP). I duly put my Avis Preferred number in the field on the BA form and it then completed the booking but it told me it couldn’t add my Avis Preferred number to the booking as the credit card on my Avis account had expired (which was true). No warning or option to sort that out before completing the booking, nor to add it again after. I contacted Avis who said only BA can add it to the booking and I know if I ring BA they will say they can’t do it and /or it will cost since it is an amendment. Very annoying that BA lets you complete the booking without warning; it helps sales completion I guess but at the cost of customer satisfaction. I should still be able to use the preferred desk at SJC but probably not just walk straight to a vehicle. Since I want to use an upgrade voucher then I would probably have to go to the desk anyway.

    • Do your get recognition as avis preferred if it’s a BA holidays booking? I assumed not…

  5. Danksy says:

    Sorry guys very off topic.

    I need to cancel a reward flight which was booked prior to me making significant changes to my BA HH account.

    Do you know where the avios will get credited back to? Is it back to the lead of the HH account, or pro-rata to the respective accounts that contributed the original avios?

    • Grant says:

      In my experience it is the latter – pro rata credit to the respective accounts.

      • Yes, they normally go back whence they came, but I don’t know what happens if you’ve removed someone from your account whose avios were used for part of the booking, if that’s what you mean.

  6. Matthew says:

    OT – I have four one-way avios flights booked on a peak European flight in summer under one PNR. I need to change the name of two of the people on the tickets. Will I have to cancel all four and rebook or has anyone any experience of doing this via the call centre?

    I’m concerned that the avios seats won’t return back to inventory to allow for rebooking if I cancel.


    • I have read on here that you can remove people from a booking for multiple passengers – I think you would have to cancel their tickets and rebook though. There’s no guarantee that the avios seats would return to the inventory, though I have seen seats return within 24 hours of cancelling – it probably depends on what BA thinks their chances of selling the seats for cash is.

      • Matthew says:

        Ok thanks for the info. Cash tickets are about £500 so it worries me they won’t go back into inventory.

    • Craig says:

      Not sure about BA but I’ve had airlines split PNRs in the past. This would help if they can.

      • Doug M says:

        Yes BA can, or they could about 18 months ago when a friend needed to return early from Berlin. Agent on phone said first he’d have to split the booking, then he could rebook the other ticket. No problem just the usual £35.

  7. SammyJ says:

    Another tip for BA/Avis… you can book multiple car hires on one booking and have it treated as a package, often comes in cheaper than individual bookings (tho not always so check) so you only need to pay the minimal deposit, even if they’re not related. I’ve got Texas at Easter on the same booking as Washington in June. Was about 10% cheaper than booking the two separately, and only had to pay £150 ahead, the remaining £500 5 weeks before.

  8. mutley says:

    Book them all separately if you want the 1500 avios, The free weekend I got it once I hit presidents club, and got from Thursday at 12.00 until Monday at 12.00, however to get the car you want I would give at least two weeks notice, and also call them 2/3 days before to confirm. Depends on the location as well, Heathrow terminal 5 has always been great, Watford Intu centre the worlds worst… so far!

  9. simon says:


    Trying to get BA to show rewards flights on JAL in Japan for Sept. (Osaka – Tokyo)

    Annoyingly it showed up last week when i was toying with the dates but now nothing.

    Any tips folks?


  10. @mkcol says:

    If you’re not needing the “free” additional driver then don’t always use the BAEC codes as they’re not consistently cheaper/the same price as the normal public rate, which I’ve often found to save me money.

    • Charlieface says:

      Iberia AWD plus other memberships also offer additional driver. Also booking via a European Avis site avis.ie or avis.es also often saves money

      • Polly says:

        I often wondered about that. Would it make our insurance null and void if the booking doesn’t originate in your home country?

        • No. If you said somewhere you lived in that country it might, but Hertz at least does not.

          If you just happened to be abroad when booking you’d be on a foreign site anyway.

        • Charlieface says:

          Do be careful, Hertz Aus often puts your address as Australia EVEN when logged in. This is on the final payment page.

  11. Charlie says:

    I’m just about to book European flights with BA direct and was hovering over the flight+car option when I looked at the fare conditions. Previously the ‘change flight on day of return for no additional cost’ or equivalent was showing. Adding the car seemed to remove this text. Does booking them together actually mean that in practice you can’t change the time of your return flight? It also seemed to make the change cost increase but I might have imagined that.

  12. Iberia site is offering 1700 free Avios with an Avis booking so worth checking there too.

  13. OT – bit complicated but here goes. I have a 241 one way trip booked LHR-PVG in May, I’m using Iberia points to come back. I’d quite like to not “waste” the return 241 so was thinking of booking an open jaw return for say next Jan for a return from HKG (low taxes and good base for other asia trips) – I’m pretty sure I can do this via the call centre. Question is – if I decide to cancel the return after I’ve taken the outbound trip, will the points be refunded? Thanks

  14. I just compared the rates on the BA link and compared it to the avis.co.uk website using the same AWB discount code. The Avis website for my requirements was 40% cheaper than the BA option, though I am not sure I will receive the same number of Avios points but that is money saved, rather than Avios points to be used!!

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