You can now earn Virgin Atlantic miles on KLM and Air France codeshares as it waits for JV approval

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A few weeks ago the European Union gave its blessing to the transatlantic joint venture being planned by Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM and Delta.  This involves the four airlines acting as one, jointly co-ordinating pricing and scheduling and pooling all revenue.  As part of the process, Air France KLM will take a 31% shareholding in Virgin Atlantic.

US regulatory approval is taking longer to secure.  I have seen some commentary that low cost carrier JetBlue is trying to use the process as a way of getting access to Heathrow to launch its own transatlantic services.

With EU approval done, however, the four airlines have decided that it is safe to move to the first stage of integration:

Virgin Atlantic is now codesharing with Air France and KLM on transatlantic routes

You can earn Virgin Flying Club miles and tier points when flying Air France and KLM transatlantic, as long as the flights carry a Virgin Atlantic flight number

You can now book Air France and KLM transatlantic flights through the Virgin Atlantic website 

This means that you can now book Virgin Atlantic-coded flights from 18 UK airports – Aberdeen, Belfast, Belfast City, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds-Bradford, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle and Norwich.

Here is an example – you can now fly to Montreal on a VS-coded flight, albeit one operated by KLM with an aircraft change in Amsterdam.  The screenshot is from (click to enlarge):

Virgin Atlantic KLM codeshare launched

What routes are included in the Virgin codeshare?

Here are the routes included (click to enlarge):

Air France routes which now have a Virgin codeshare:

Virgin Air France codeshares

KLM routes which now have a Virgin codeshare:

Virgin KLM codeshares

Delta routes from France and NL which now have a Virgin codeshare:

Virgin Delta codeshares from France and Netherlands

How many Virgin miles and tier points will I earn on KLM and Air France?

Virgin Atlantic has launched two new pages on its website:

this page shows what you will earn flying KLM 

this page shows what you will earn flying Air France 

As a reminder, until US regulatory approval comes through, you can ONLY earn on VS-coded flights operated by Air France and KLM.  There is also no mileage redemption possible at this time.  It will be coming, however …….

PS.  This also works in reverse.  You can now book Virgin Atlantic flights with Air France or KLM flight numbers and credit them to Flying Blue.

How to earn Virgin Atlantic miles from UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Virgin Flying Club miles from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Virgin Flying Club miles.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. Frank de Jongh Swemer says:

    I am still confused by the Virgin T&Cs.

    “To earn miles on KLM:
    Book your KLM flights directly online and remember to add your Flying Club membership number.”

    So implying you can earn miles on a KLM and I checked, you can indeed enter a FC number on a booking and also an AVIOS FlyBe Ltd number ?!?!

    Are they either getting the websites ready, or are the Virgin terms not clear?

    • Terms are unclear. Only codeshare for now.

    • RussellH says:

      KLM website accepted my Flying Club no. yesterday for intra-EU flights.

      • But then is your KLM flight (with a KL code) going to be credited to your Flying Club number?

        I may think no.

        I could also add a Flying Blue (KL/AF frequent flyer programm) number to my Flybe flight, coded BE but AF operated.
        It shows the number on the boarding pass.
        Unfortunately, even if Flybe is working on codeshares with AF (that was before Flybe being bought by Virgin), there are no agreement with Flying Blue.
        So I did not have any flight/miles credited.
        And it even did not show a zero line on my Flying Blue account.

        I guess you may have the same case for you RussellH.
        You can add your Flying Club no. for your intra-EU flights.
        You may see it on your boarding pass.
        And that it: no miles credited.

        Let us know if your miles are credited.

  2. No analysis on the earning rates? Feels like the key point if the article is missing.

  3. Alex W says:

    This is a bit disappointing as the Virgin website initially states “As a Flying Club member you can earn on ALL KLM operated and marketed services” however it appears earning is actually
    far more limited? I hope eventually they will cover all AF/KLM flights.

    • Alex W says:

      Bristol airport not even bookable on their website yet, so something is clearly not working. Own goal or what!

  4. OT: looking to close amex down but dont know where to transfer the MR points. Is there a partner I can use without losing too much value?

    • Genghis says:

      This question can’t really be answered as it depends on which points you collect / what you want to achieve / a bit on how many you’re transferring etc. Have a search for some articles or give us some more info.

      • Jonathan says:

        @genghis – to be more specific in my case, I’ve got 135k MR points to move. I have 1.4m VS miles 600k Avios, 800k IHG and about 500k Marriot. I’m thinking I should transfer to Marriot. I don’t have any specific plans for any of these points but like to keep my options open. I get devaluation is a risk but for example if I want to fly upper to LAX on VS I’d pay the current points price regardless. TIA

        • In that case I personally would choose Hilton. You already have a good diversified portfolio, no harm in diversifying it further. Singapore Airlines if you prefer an airline partner? Open the $/€ account, a deal on that at the moment, 30k bonus.

        • I agree with BJ. The overnight increase in Marriot as well means I would only transfer to Marriot as a last resort now. But of course if you have status with Marriot then that’s different. I prefer to earn and burn miles myself

        • The Savage Squirrel says:

          No way I’d choose Hilton unless I had a specific redemption in mind. Burns 1/3 of the value immediately and then burns more if you take advantage of flexibility and move them out again. Radisson is the best value hotel redemption by a distance. If you want to maintain flexibility but still have a chance of achieving 1p/mile or more then Avios/Virgin is still the answer.

        • You’ve got a fridge full of yoghurts.

          I would burn 25% – 30% over next 9 months and enjoy the experiences.

      • I have both Flying Blue and Aeroflot accounts but I would prefer to accumulate everything in my VS FC as it simply makes more sense and more chance to accrue reasonable mileage through a combination of flights, card spend and special offers which is simply unavailable with AF or SU for a UK resident. Am I not right? Challenge me!

    • Simon says:

      It depends on your definition of value. eg can you combine them with an existing balances somewhere to get enough for a particular redemption?
      I value a day out at the Emirates in the box so I put a slug there for redemption at some point in the next three years. Clearly I run the risk of that offer disappearing.
      The rest went to BA as I know they’ll never expire there (given my activity) and it lets me share them with my household account members.

    • MDA could you be a little more vague?

      What do you intend to spend them on, hotels, flights…???

      • I would still like a bit of flexibility, so I was thinking SPG or Heathrow rewards.

        It would most likely be hotels but not Hilton as im still using the barclaycard visa for non amex purchases and not IHG (although partner is ambassador member)

        • Genghis says:

          Marriott is a reasonable partner for flexibility, c.0.75p / MR. HR is not a partner. Have you looked into Radisson (c.1p/MR, but not as wide a footprint and no pluripotency)?

      • Am I right that the Amex $/€ account, to gain extra krisflyer, has a yearly fee and income requirement?

        • Yes, so you need to be transferring a decent chunk of Amex (50k+) to make it worthwhile I think at the current FX rate.

    • newbee says:

      what does OT mean?

  5. Simon says:

    What’s the footnote on Salt Lake City in the KLM route chart please?

  6. So still no clue as to exactly when you can

    A) redeem VS miles on AF/KLM
    B) book a Virgin redemption with FlyBE connection from a regional airport?

    Would have been nice if Virgin PR anticipated questions like these…

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Maybe they did but maybe they are unable to answer them at this time. Better to get accurate information in due course than shifting sands now.

    • a) ask the US Government
      b) we need to see what happens on 1st May

      The transition to Virgin Group Loyalty Company also happens 1st April which may have some impact.

      • William says:

        I’m intrigued by this Rob, and forgive me if this answered elsewhere, by transition to VGLC do you mean behind the scenes or a public launch?

  7. Guadeloophole says:

    Do flights to the Caribbean not count as Transatlantic, or does it depend on the airline? All the destinations listed are US/CA/MX.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      If the definition is flying over the Altlantic then South and Central America should be listed too. Looks like it’s just North America if CA/US/MX.

  8. Andy S says:

    Is it only TATL or will you also get some miles and points on EU flights? And more importantly will status count? My silver FB has lapsed but still silver VS so that would be useful for next KLM EU hop!

    • Codeshare to AMS/CDG is only bookable if it connects to s transatlantic.

      Same way that Loganair / BA codeshares are only bookable if they connect to a BA service.

  9. Guadeloophole says:

    If you’ve already booked AF flights and linked your AF/KLM (can’t even remember what their scheme is – SkyTeam?) membership number to the booking, but not flown yet, presume you can change it at check-in to get the miles credited your VS account?

    • If you have already booked it won’t be on the codeshares (booking only opened yesterday) and so won’t credit – unless the full partnership launches first.

      • Guadeloophole says:

        cheers Rob. The booking is 5 pax on AF to/from PTP/FDF so I’ll wait to see i) if they launch the full partnership first or ii) their definition of Transatlantic includes the Caribbean. If not will just credit it to AF. Salut a tous!

      • One takes it therefore that this means:

        “You can earn Virgin Flying Club miles and tier points when flying Air France and KLM transatlantic, as long as the flights carry a Virgin Atlantic flight number”

        you have to book on to the VS flight number on AF/KLM metal rather than their own.

  10. Ron Harris says:

    AN example from the regions might have been more appropriate as you can already fly Virgin direct to USA from LHR so I’m not sure why you would want to add 6 hours to your journey by using a crappier airline.

  11. Frenske says:

    I flew twice on SAS with Virgin account number added to the booking. I never received the points and to claim it retrospective one needs to have ticket number which is of course I no longer have.

    • Lady London says:

      you may still be able to find it on amadeus website. I forget the name. that always used to show the ticket number. Plus you could also phone the airline – if the flight was recent-ish I expect they would still be able to see it?

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