Get Accor Gold status, 10% off ibis stays and 800 bonus Accor hotel points with ibis Business

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Accor is currently offering an extra bonus of 800 Le Club AccorHotels points (worth €16 of Accor hotel vouchers or 800 Avios in Iberia Plus) when you sign up for ibis Business.

You are probably thinking that “I don’t stay much in ibis hotels” and “I don’t stay much on ‘Business'”.  However, some people will get value from applying as I will explain.

Ibis Business review

ibis Business is not free.  There is a fee of £65.  However, there is one key benefit – you receive Le Club AccorHotels Gold status.

For some people, Accor Gold may in itself be worth £65 even if you rarely stay at ibis Hotels.

Gold is mid-tier status with Accor and usually requires 30 nights per year.  The benefits include:

free internet (although all UK Accor hotels offer this to everyone)

an upgrade on arrival if available

a free welcome drink

late check-out on request

50% base points bonus (3.7 per €1 instead of 2.5 at most brands)

Here are the other benefits which you get as part of your ibis Business package.  Remember that these benefits are ONLY valid at ibis and ibis Styles:

10% discount on your room on flexible rates, and 5% on all other rates

10% discount on a room for a colleague

10% discount on restaurant and bar bills

early check-in or late check-out

guaranteed room availability up to 48 hours in advance

Even if you only stay at the smarter Accor brands like Novotel, you might find £65 to be a fair price to pay for Accor Gold status and its benefits.

ibis Business sign up offer

The current extra bonus gets you 800 Le Club AccorHotels points if you sign up and complete one ibis stay within 60 days.  This is a good extra perk if you can fit it into your schedule.  To qualify for the 800 bonus points:

you must sign up for an ibis Business Card by 31st May

complete a stay by 31st July 

your stay must be at an ibis or ibis Styles hotel

you must pay the ‘ibis Business’ rate

The standard sign-up page for the ibis Business Card is here.  However, until 31st May, you must click here and use this special link if you want the additional 800 Accor points.  Looking at the small print, it seems that existing ibis Business can also claim the 800 points if they renew via this link.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. a9504477 says:

    I’m disappointed by the headline here, Rob (“free Gold status”) as this type of clickbait is more the thing of other blogs rather than yours…

    • Agree….

    • Mr. AC says:

      Yeah, Rob, I gotta say, usually I’m the one to laugh at the wingers, but here the headline is a bit jarring. Can’t “Get x free…” be applied to all of your blog? But I don’t think you go calling your BAPP articles “Get free business class” since it’s omitting “…when you take out this £195/year credit card.”
      BTW, I understand that you need to make the bits titles snappy. For me, even putting air quotes around the “free” would have gone a long way!

      • Mr. AC says:

        * whingers
        Also, for some reason thought this was part of a bits post when it obviously isn’t. Sorry.

    • Agreed. It’s clearly not free – it’s part of the package that you pay for with business.

    • Andrew M says:


    • Clive Morris says:

      Agree not free as first appears

  2. I agree. I also don’t think Novetel is the greatest example of a ‘smarter Accor brand’, with the likes of Fairmont and Sofitel etc. also in the group!

    • It’s smarter than Ibis, just not the smartest. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished my coffee I’ll have quelled the pedant within.

    • Boobaholic says:

      The statement is clear that the Novotel is smarter than an Ibis, not one of the smartest brands in the group.

  3. Chilangoflyer says:

    I do not think, Accor Gold is woth the 65.00. The Upgrade is worth anything, no Lounge access if you get an Upgrade to a Club room and the other rooms differ much. 10% discount get the LeClub members for free.

    • Simonbr says:

      I bought the ibis business card after reading a previous HFP article and booked a couple of rooms for 2 nights at Sofitel Legend Hanoi through trailfinders; some consider it the best hotel in vietnam. On arrival I flashed the card and instead of upgrading one room (no availability) they gave all of us lounge access, worth nearly $600usd, plus some free drinks at their amazing bar. No Accor points, fair enough. Thanks Rob, £65 well spent 😀

  4. Come on guys..
    Since the recent Amex changes his site visitors will have been dropping like a bomb!

    He may have a high percentage of ABC1s in London receiving the emails but the majority of visitors will just be your bargain hunters..

  5. Come on guys, it’s clearly a slow news day / Rob’s day off….
    where we get three pre-prepared articles on the best credit card sign ups, a clarification on avios rules and the re-promotion of the Ibis business article that first ran a few months ago! Not every day can be gold.

  6. ‘Get free Accor Gold status, 10% off ibis stays and 800 Accor points with ibis Business’

    Main body of article: ‘ibis Business is not free. There is a fee of £65.’

    Deceptive clickbait headline.

    • Fair point, although the Gold benefit isn’t really anything to do with the core ibis Business benefits.

      • Lady London says:

        You’re absolutely right Rob Accor will remove your Gold at the end of whichever calendar year you signed up in. No matter how many further months the Ibis Business membership you purchased still runs for. So not part of the core benefits despite being promoted by Accor as such, apparently.

        Done a post with some more info below.

  7. Patrick says:

    How exactly do you find the ‘ibis business’ rates when booking? I am looking for Antwerp, where there are Ibis and Novotel hotels, so surely one of them should offer it right?

    • Lady London says:

      You have to sign in to see the Ibis Business rates after you have signed up for thé Ibis Business card.

      Beware if you join in say, November, your Gold status will be taken away from you in January. Even though you would have paid for the advertised benefits for a further 10 months. This happened to me. IBIS customer service agreed it did not correspond to what was offered but done nothing about it. That’s lost them every single night I will be able to move away from Accor this year. (Just finishing a work project in France and Accor is hard to avoid there.). I’ll probably end up staying 6-8 nights with Accor this year instead if 28-30 because of this ripoff by Accor.

      Also in one whole year of many searches the discount was 10% about twice. Every other search or booking it was only 5% just like the basic level of member gets.

      The one thing the IBIS Business program does deliver is the Business rate is cancelable on the day usually till 5pm or 6pm but costs the same as rates you wouldn’t usually be able to cancel except with 2 or 3 days notice.

      Accor also ran a promotion around last Dec-Jan which worked out to up to 2 years for the price if 1. This while they’d removed the Gold I’d paid for for the life of the membership of IBIS I still had running. (This little practice doesn’t appear anywhere in the it’s and c’s).

      There is a higher level if purchase able membership available. It costs more but applies to Accor higher level hotels as well, IIRC this was offered to me at about £185 and had 10% off. So if you stay in Accor at higher levels than IBIS I think that one could be worth considering. If you trust Accor, that is. Any hotel manager should be able to sell you it.

      • I had the complete opposite. Joined in January 2017, kept gold until end of December 2018 so got 23 months.
        Accor are consistently inconsistent.

        • Lady London says:

          That was the promotion I referred to. When I got no free months other than the 12 I’d paid for but had just phoned them to say why has my gold status that I’d also paid for with Ibis Business, just disappeared when I had more of my paid 12 months still to run. They’ve never given a fix or any compensation just said that was how IBIS Business was working.

          Do you understand why I’m p*ssed off? Whilst asking them to resolve this at the same time I was hearing about people that got what you did.

  8. Concerto says:

    Is this only for UK residents, or can those of us resident in other countries participate too? My residency address is in Germany.

  9. Richard Ford says:

    I don’t really understand the comments about expiry. The terms and conditions state the good membership will be whilst the business card is valid.
    I can’t see how they can cut it off if the Ibis Business membership year doesn’t run to the calendar year for the Accor status.
    I’m assuming this is a standard benefit and if yuh continue the membership after the first year the status stays?

    • Lady London says:


      When my gold status that came with the package suddenly disappeared in January I phoned them and they said Yes that is how it is working and No it does not seem fair but that is definitely how it is working. No fix or followup despite saying they would “look into it”. Well I’ve looked elsewhere. Not by any stretch the first customer service fail for Accor.

  10. FlightDoctor says:

    I’ve got some stays at Accor hotels coming up this summer with the family whilst on holiday in the Far East. I have Silver Le Club status (was originally Platinum when you could do a status match with Hilton Platinum obtained via AMEX Platinum). I think £65 is not a bad price to pay, even if we only get a room upgrade at one of the hotels. So, I’ve bitten the bullet – the application was easy and my Accor App now shows Gold status! Fingers crossed it will be worth it 👌

  11. Waddle says:

    Apologies for the OT (no bits)
    I asked this a few days ago but couldn’t get a definitive answer. I’m trying to book a stay abroad but the Marriott website is only showing in the local currency. I can’t for the life of me find how to change it to £. Does this mean I have no choice but to be hit with the 2.99% FX fee if I put this on the SPG card?

    • I think most hotel websites for direct booking are the same – changing currency only shows indicative prices but they still then bill in the local currency (or in some cases USD).

      So would either be a case of using a fee-free card or booking via a different route (eg Expedia) that will let you pay in GBP, but then you won’t get enhanced earning rates or any status benefits.

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