Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

Earn up to 8 Avios per £1 with a special promotion

Links on Head for Points may pay us an affiliate commission. A list of partners is here. and British Airways Executive Club now have a direct earning relationship, allowing you to earn Avios with every hotel booking.

This deal allows you to earn Avios on virtually every hotel you book – covers several hundreds of thousands of properties globally, more than 5x the combined total of the top five chains – irrespective of whether they are part of a major brand or not.

In order to earn Avios, you need to book via this special link –  You will ONLY see the box to add your British Airways Executive Club number if you book via this link. Avios partnership

There are two earning options.

Option 1 – earn 8 Avios per £1 if you book without earning Rewards credit

Until 7th June, you will earn 8 Avios for every £1 spent at as long as you choose not to collect Rewards credits.

The standard rate, from 8th June, is 6 Avios per £1.

The only way to do this is is complete your booking as a ‘guest’ on the site.  Do NOT log in to your existing account or create a new account.

Option 2 – earn 4 Avios per £1 PLUS earn Rewards credit

Until 7th June, you earn a lower rate of 4 Avios for every £1 spent at if you book whilst logged in, or if you create an account during the booking process.

The standard rate, from 8th June, is 3 Avios per £1.

However, you will earn Rewards credit as well. Avios offer

Which option should I choose?

Before I answer that, let’s look at how Rewards works. Rewards (the rewards page on their site is here) is an idiot-proof loyalty scheme:

You earn 1 credit for every night you stay, whatever the chain

When you have got 10 credits, you get a free night

The value of the free night is the average price you paid for those 10 nights

Your credits don’t expire as long as you collect or redeem at least one night every 12 months

There aren’t any catches when you redeem. There are no blackout dates and you can pick any property on that takes part in Rewards (ie most of them). You can pay the difference if you want to book a hotel which is more expensive than the value of your free night voucher. You do have to pay taxes and fees.

There is a lot of upside here:

ALL of your stays (assuming the hotels or vacation rentals you book are in Rewards and most are) will count towards free nights. No more ‘wasted’ stays.

Your free night can be used to book any room on Most reward schemes restrict the ability to book club rooms, suites, family room etc. That is not a problem with Rewards.

When travelling, you are free to stay at the hotel which is most convenient for where you need to be – no need to mess around with badly reviewed properties or out of the way hotels purely to find one in your favourite chain.

If you book multiple rooms, you get credit for all of them. Most hotel loyalty schemes restrict you to earning points on one (IHG), two (Hilton) or at most three (Marriott) rooms per night.

So …..

Because I am a fan of Rewards, I would personally book via Option 2.  I would prefer to earn 4 Avios per £1 plus get 10% of my stay value back as Rewards credit.   This is better – for me – than earning 8 Avios per £1 but giving up my Rewards credit.  I find that I can generate one free night per year this way, mainly from family holiday bookings at unbranded properties.

However, if you are only likely to make occasional bookings via, you may prefer Option 1 and the higher upfront reward of 8 Avios per £1.   After all, your Rewards credit have no value at all until you manage to book 10 nights.

One other thing to remember bookings do not count for points or stay credit in the loyalty scheme of the chain where you are staying. You may get your status benefits but it is down to the goodwill of the hotel.

If you are booking independent hotels, or hotels chains where you do not collect their points, clearly makes sense.  If you are giving up hotel loyalty points or status benefits, you need to do the maths to see which option works best for you.


Whilst this is a long-term partnership between and Avios, the special rate of 8 Avios per £1 (for Rewards bookings) is only valid for bookings until 7th June.

You can find more information on the British Airways / partnership on this special page of although it does not mention the current special offer.

You need to book via this special Avios page of the website.

PS.  You may find this April 2020 article on proposed changes to Rewards worth a read

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Comments (101)

  • Doug M says:

    I’m a fan of and the reward scheme, but the 10% back in room credit is a little misleading. Once you have the free night you get that much value off a future night, if you find one cheaper you lose the difference, if you find a more expensive one you lose the 10% you would have earnt on the difference. So to get most value you have to book a night that costs as close to the value of your free night as possible. This may seem petty but over time makes a difference. You can end up with too man free nights you struggle to use without wasting some of their value.

  • Cassandra says:

    I’m not impressed. I thought “Oh Boy!” since I must be on business in utterly unimpressive Guaymas, Mexico which has only one big chain hotel. The site tells me that no, few, nearly no rooms are available because it is such a busy time in Guaymas. It is just NOT a busy time, especially mid-week. I hate being manipulated by websites. Short span offers are even more tiresome. Disappointing.

  • Bill says:

    Speaking of hotels….is there any plan by Accor to upgrade their website manage reservations function?

  • Alexey says:

    “Until 7th June, you earn a lower rate of 4 Avios for every £1” maybe meant higher rate ?

  • gift cards are frequently available for 15-20% off face value at various US merchants; unfortunately since the BA page redirects to they can’t be stacked with this offer.

  • Andrea says:

    I use to book on behalf of my clients and its great!!!
    For this offer, I was checking T&C and I couldn’t find if the name of the person on the booking needs to match the member’s name??

    • Rob says:

      No it doesn’t. That is one of their selling points. Person who checks in should match the name on the booking of course.

  • Cwyfan says:

    i do not appear to have the option to enter my BA number.

    Any others having this problem?C

    • Rob says:

      One reader has this issue last week, even sent me a screen shot. It’s odd – works fine for me, there is a very big box during the booking process asking for it.

      I would go through the booking process again using in-private browsing or a different browser. Existing cookies are probably stopping it showing.