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Here is the NEW British Airways partner airlines Avios flight redemption pricing

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Here is the new Avios redemption pricing chart for flight bookings on British Airways partner airlines.

Our original plan for Thursday was to run a ‘last call’ post about the impending changes for Avios reward flight pricing with British Airways partners. You may even have had an email from us with the now-defunct article, followed swiftly by an apology.

Despite British Airways claiming that “Our new Avios prices will apply to any changes or new bookings you make after 30 May 2019” (which we thought very clearly meant 23:59 on Thursday!) the changes occurred at midnight on Thursday morning – catching us off guard.

The new Avios redemption pricing chart for British Airways partners

Now that the new pricing scheme is out we have more clarity on Avios partner redemptions. Annoyingly, British Airways has not released a full chart with the new pricing, leaving it up to users to uncover it flight-by-flight.

As a reminder, this chart applies only to flights booked with British Airways partners Alaska Airlines, Air Italy, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, S7, Sri Lankan and Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Flyertalk managed to compile most of the chart (thanks!) and we filled in the gaps.  Remember that:

  • this is one-way pricing
  • BA charges by leg, so for connecting flights you need to price each leg separately and
  • ‘taxes and charges’ are due on top

BA reward flight avios redemption prices on partner airlines table

These changes are roughly (though not exactly) what we predicted from the leaked economy numbers we published earlier this month.

Shorter routes have a higher percentage increase than longer journeys.  An Economy flight on the shortest sector (0-650 miles) is now 30% more expensive.  A First Class ticket on the longest routes (7,001+ miles) has only increased by 3%.

If you want to find out the cost of a new segment we recommend you use the British Airways reward flight calculator. Make sure to scroll past the British Airways fares to its partner pricing.

Bizarrely, British Airways appears to have moved away from a multiplication system for Premium Economy, Business and First Class Avios redemptions. Previously, First Class was always four times the Economy fare, and Business Class 2-3 times depending on the mileage.

Now, however, the multipliers vary and often run to multiple decimal places. On average, it has become fractionally cheaper (as a multiple of economy pricing) in premium cabins.

There has been no change to short domestic flights under 650 miles in the United States. These remain at 7,500 Avios in Economy, 15,000 in Business and 18,000 in First. You can read more about why short domestic USA flights are priced separately here.

We will update our ‘Avios Redemption University’ articles (click here) over the next few days.

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Comments (82)

  • Russ says:

    I’m still confused or perhaps I’m over thinking this; why the secrecy over such a small rise in partner awards and why such a small rise? Not complaining just don’t understand it. I suppose BA and associated airlines are now cheaper than partner redemptions but the difference is hardly enough to make people switch airline.

  • ian says:

    certain domestic US routes like LGA-DCA are untouched at 7,500 avios each way…

  • KB says:

    I recently tried to book qatar airways via BA so I can make use of my avios for an upgrade. The root was SOF-SEZ (Bulgaria – Seychelles). When I phoned up BA, they refused to do it as there is no BA leg in the trip… Is that genuine, is it not possible to book a partner airline if BA is not part of the itinerary?
    Thanks in advance

    • Lady London says:

      I would have done a HUACA. I don’t believe they impose any such rule.
      Had you found availability first before calling them?

      • Lady London says:

        Or, were you trying to do a cash booking?

        In the case of cash booking there might be a rule that to ticket it on BA ‘ticket stock’, first sector has to have a BA flight code – either BA flight operated by BA, or codeshare flight (operated by someone else but with a BA flight number).

        • KB says:

          Yes, it was a cash booking… So it needs to be booked entirely with avios, in order to do it?

          P.s. whats is a HUACA?

          • Peter K says:

            Hang up and call again.
            Basically, to get a different agent who might achieve what you want.

  • ALlan says:

    Does Iberia let you book partner redemptions? I can’t get it to price up an AA flight that shows on BA.

    • meta says:

      Yes, but all partner redemptions are non-refundable except BA flights. It might not show up as they have a different award inventory to BA.

      • IP says:

        Don’t you also need to buy return only for partner via IB?

      • ian says:

        i dont really understand why iberia is so strict with partner awards. roundtrip only AND nonrefundable? imo they need to lighten up on this