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Amazon Prime Day – big discounts all day today and tomorrow

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Amazon Prime Day has returned for the fifth time, with big discounts all day today and tomorrow.

What started as a one off event for Amazon’s 20th birthday four years ago, is now an established annual event where Amazon makes certain items available at big discounts to anyone who is an Amazon Prime member or who is happy to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

This year it is a 48 hour event.  It kicked off at midnight last night and runs until midnight on Tuesday.

In the past we have had a preview list from Amazon of the best deals, but that has not happened this year.  If there are any interesting travel products on offer we’ll run through them tomorrow.  In general, the best deals are on Amazon’s own hardware products.

Here are the top deals which were showing on the main Amazon Prime deals page here at 00.05 this morning:

  • Echo Dot – reduced from £50 to £22
  • Echo – reduced from £90 to £55
  • Fire TV Stick – reduced from £40 to £20
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – reduced from £180 to £120
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet – reduced from £130 to £85
  • Echo Show – reduced from £220 to £160
  • Kindle – reduced from £70 to £50
  • Fire TV Stick 4K – reduced from £50 to £25
  • Kindle Paperwhite – reduced from £120 to £80

This is just a sample.  You can see the full list of discounts on Amazon’s own products here.

Bizarrely, Amazon claims that its best selling item in the UK last year was this Bosch cordless drill – I can only assume it was heavily reduced.

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  • BJ says:

    OT: Thanks @Shoestring for predicting, and @Rob for later confirming, July 2020 offpeak/peak dates. Got my return 241 flight added 1am this morning for the last offpeak dates, I’m very happy to get that locked down.

  • Matt says:

    OT I’m thinking about booking Oman Air to Muscat using Etihad Guest miles, as suggested in
    If I search on Oman Air’s website it shows 2 seats available for both flights on the days I’m looking at. If I search on Etihad’s website it doesn’t show any availability (it does show one Etihad flight, which costs significantly more). Am I doing something wrong? Can I only book over the phone with Etihad for this?

    • Matt says:

      And also in the article I linked to it says tax is £225 return – the taxes/charges/etc shown on Oman Air are much higher than that. Is the £225 definitely correct?

      • Rob says:

        This is based on what a reader sent me in an email, having booked one. It does seem low given APD, I admit. I have no personal experience of this.

        • Matt says:

          Any ideas on if it should be bookable online, or just over the phone?


  • Liz says:

    Just set off today for 2 wks in our caravan and arrived to a text from Amex about a potential fraud on my BAPP. The same BAPP i used for last years flights before the data breach. Someone was enjoying Amazon Prime Day in the USA on my card. Fortunately hubby’s card is a different number so we can still use it on our travels.

    • Peter K says:

      They can’t be right. There is no evidence that the BA breach resulted in any fraud or loss Álex Cruz has said, and he is the most hi-visable face of BA!

    • Anna says:

      Hope you don’t have to spend too much time sorting it all out Liz! And have a great fortnight.
      But yes, it was all down to those sophisticated criminal hackers which a tiny outfit like BA couldn’t hope to guard against!

      • Liz says:

        Just a phone call to sort it out. Don’t know how they work out which ones are fraud and which are genuine. There were 2 or 3 Amazon USA transactions but we only used it for fuel today. We could easily have ordered something from Amazon USA – they have their ways of filtering these out and fortunately for me flagged it up very quickly.

      • Lady London says:

        I think the regulator hoped that next time British Airways might find 183 million reasons to put some decent security in to respect the financial confidentiality of their customers.

        I am sure the 183 million will get negotiated down and less paid, but haven’t they learned yet?

        The regulatpr apparently also commented to the effect of that was just the fine, and private claims for loss could also still addtionally be made by individuals against British Airways ifor losses caused by the breach. Maybe someday soon the card companies will start approaching the companies who failed to safeguard customers’ personal data to recover or at least net off their financial loss due to being obliged (UK law) to support their customers? Currently the card companies seem to absorb these losses.

  • prune says:

    OT – can you book one leg at a time with the lloyds upgrade voucher like the ba 241?

  • Liz says:

    OT our daughter has a suppl card on our Tesco mastercard credit card. Is she covered for S75 as a suppl cardholder. A Scottish company has just gone in to liquidation and sells stuff we all like and she wants to buy 3 items – their website is still selling but i know their shop in Ayr has shut its doors. Would we be covered under S75 if the goods didnt arrive.

  • Crafty says:

    OT: My partner wants to move her Avios from Iberia to BA. The BA tool tells her, “Combine My Avios is not available at the moment, please try again later”. The Iberia tool tells her it only works one way (“You can only move Avios from British Airways to Iberia Plus – you cannot move your Avios back again”), which is news to me (and ridiculous). She doesn’t have an account to use as an intermediary.

    How does she do it?!

    • Rob says:

      She opens an account to use as an intermediary. AerClub or Vueling Club.

      • Crafty says:

        How ridiculous that this is necessary – but thank you.

        Sent a complaint to Iberia too.

      • Anna says:

        I can’t understand how this works now our accounts have been closed?!

        • Brian W says:

          If your Avios Travel Rewards Programme account was closed (and wasn’t kept open as a result of you having an AerClub, Vueling or Flybe account – the latter now also being closed) then it won’t work.

          If you have an Aerclub or or Vueling account, you can still use for this function just as you used to be able to.

        • Rob says:

 is alive and well – take a look. Your Avios Travel Rewards Programme account is closed, but AerClub and Vueling Club continue just fine and use the platform.

  • Bob says:

    My biggest dislike about the BA lounge in Amsterdam would be the lack of bathrooms. Other than that it’s comfortable enough for an hour or so, unlike Aspire next door which is usually messy and overcrowded and lacks a bathroom as well.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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