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Amazon Prime Day – big discounts all day today and tomorrow

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Amazon Prime Day has returned for the fifth time, with big discounts all day today and tomorrow.

What started as a one off event for Amazon’s 20th birthday four years ago, is now an established annual event where Amazon makes certain items available at big discounts to anyone who is an Amazon Prime member (or who is happy to sign up for a free 30 day trial).

This year it is a 48 hour event.  It kicked off at midnight last night and runs until midnight on Tuesday.

In the past we have had a preview list from Amazon of the best deals, but that has not happened this year.  If there are any interesting travel products on offer we’ll run through them tomorrow.  In general, the best deals are on Amazon’s own hardware products.

Amazon Prime Day

Here are the top deals which were showing on the main Amazon Prime deals page here at 00.05 this morning:

  • Echo Dot – reduced from £50 to £22
  • Echo – reduced from £90 to £55
  • Fire TV Stick – reduced from £40 to £20
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – reduced from £180 to £120
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet – reduced from £130 to £85
  • Echo Show – reduced from £220 to £160
  • Kindle – reduced from £70 to £50
  • Fire TV Stick 4K – reduced from £50 to £25
  • Kindle Paperwhite – reduced from £120 to £80

This is just a sample.  You can see the full list of discounts on Amazon’s own products here.

If you do decide to buy anything, and you visit Amazon via this link, HFP gets a small commission and you can consider your annual HFP subscription paid …..

Bizarrely, Amazon claims that its best selling item in the UK last year was this Bosch cordless drill – I can only assume it was heavily reduced!

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  1. Catman says:

    I am in the AMS lounge now and it’s definitely worse…. They used to have an amazing individually wrapped cake and chocolate cookies…. And real mint imperials in a jar on the way out. The new food offering is fine if you like boiled eggs and ham wraps. There is freshly squeezed orange juice now but it doesn’t compensate for the cake and cookies…

    There are still stroopwaffels

  2. Joe Green says:

    OT: If I book a return reward flight can I amend second leg after taking the first leg already?

    On this ocassion it’s a virgin reward flight and plan to utilise the companion voucher.

    • Andrew M says:

      Yes you can. I just did it. I flew ANA First from HND to LHR last month on a VFC redemption and changed the date of the return portion back to Tokyo after I arrived in the UK. They were even prepared to change the routing to FRA-HND which surprised me, though I didn’t go ahead with that. Not sure if Virgin metal or the voucher would make any difference.

  3. Simon says: has a prime day deal on melia rewards 80k points for 332€. It’s prime exclusive so maybe you would have to sign up for a trial (?). New york rooms start from 25k ish points a night which seem to be where the value is.

    • Too expensive considering they were selling 55k points for 170ish euros during Black Friday.

      • That’s not bad. My brother is in the White House this weekend for 48,000 points for 2 nights. This is off the 55k voucher I bought for €170 last Christmas. London prices are sky high at this time of year so the c £75 per night it has cost me is a steal.

        • What I meant is that for Black Friday you could get almost 110k points for the same price as it is now. That’s an 30k extra points or an extra night.

      • marcw says:

        There’s no guarantee that the BF prices will return for BF.

      • Simon says:

        Yes, it’s more than last prime day. But for 3 nights in New York in September it is significantly cheaper (less than half) than the cash price and probably cheaper than any comparable Manhattan hotel

        • Matt B says:

          We stayed at the melia nyc in May thanks to the BF points deal. Wanted to book again in April next year but no points deals at the time and we didn’t want to risk missing out on the availability so just bought the points direct from melia at €5 for 1k using curve.

          Obviously not as good a deal but I still had a chunk of BF points left to dilute overall cost. Ended up less than £500 outlay for 6 nights, still very happy with that for nice hotel in an excellent location. Probably be approx £100 a night after resort fees factored in

  4. Hi iam travelling with ba to Milan in economy on an executive club points booking in economy. Then I’m picking up a Qatar airways FLight from Milan to doha and on to Bangkok in Business .

    Could anyone tell me if I might be entitled to use the Ba business class lounge or not in Heathrow terminal 5 on my outbound to Milan?

    My Qatar airways flight is the same day.

    • Doug M says:

      Assuming these are separate tickets and you have no OW status I think no.

    • Be realistic says:

      No chance, sorry

      • The oneworld site says the following so I’m confused

        Connecting between oneworld marketed and operated flights:

        First and Business Class customers connecting on the same day of travel, or before 6am the following day, can access the lounge when travelling between an international long haul (a oneworld international long haul flight is defined as an international flight marketed and operated by any oneworld carrier with a scheduled flight time longer than 5 hours) and an international short haul or domestic flight (and vice-versa).
        Lounge access will be determined on the international long haul ticketed flight (either First of Business Class) regardless of the ticketed class of travel on the international short haul or domestic flight.
        You must be prepared to show your boarding pass or itinerary showing travel in First or Business class on the international long haul flight, in order to access the lounge before your international short haul or domestic flight.

        • You’d be fine, in my opinion.

          • I guess its down to how they interrupt a connecting flight if they have to be on the same ticket . But it doesn’t mention this in terms.

    • pauldb says:

      I’d certainly give it a try. Comes down to the agent giving you a generous interpretation of the OW rules and the meaning of “connecting”.

    • You can give it a try but at MAN their stance seems to be that (without status) you are not getting in the lounge unless your first leg is in CE. This has been since CE was added to flights from MAN-LHR, previously they would let you in the lounge if you were connecting onto a CW/F flight, because there was no CE on the domestic leg!

    • Lady London says:

      I would have thought so as your Business connection is the same day.
      However IMO only the Heathrow or Gatwick lounge dragons are likely to know this.

      I;ve been refused this OneWorld privilege before when I was fully entitiled. to it. But pretty sure reports are no problem at LHR.

    • Lady London says:

      I would have thought so as your Business connection is the same day.
      However IMO only the Heathrow or Gatwick lounge dragons are likely to know this.

      I;ve been refused this OneWorld privilege before when I was fully entitiled. to it. But pretty sure reports are no problem at LHR.

  5. OT:

    Wanting to book an Economy flight for the absolute lowest price going. Have found an option to the states via Amsterdam with Delta.

    Available direct as well as through expedia etc & Amex Travel.

    Are there any deals on at the moment that people know of, or could be on the horizon? I’m thinking the Amex Statement Credit, Cash Back, Voucher Codes? Have had a look round myself but just thought I’d ask in case there are any really good ones out there?

    • Alex M says:

      have you checked secretflying website? they have interesting deals sometimes (not themselves but they will direct you to the websites that do offer interesting deals).

    • marcw says:

      Flights to the states are dirty cheap in off-season.

    • Jen T says:

      Have you tried adding a hotel/hostel on for one night of the stay when booking with ebookers/Expedia/ I have been successful knocking off more pounds than the price of the accommodation (which I have not turned up to).

  6. fivebobbill says:

    O/T, some helpful advice please.
    Am off to Tel Aviv from T5 in September, 4 of us flying BA Business. I can’t be sure of the usual departure gate, but from a quick online search it looks like the Tel Aviv flight (BA 167) might depart from 5B.
    The other couple travelling with us have never flown business before, it’s a surprise, so I was going to take them to my usual BA Galleries North (we have 3-4 hrs). However if the flight really is departing from 5B I’m wondering if we might be better off heading straight to Galleries there instead? (No status, all Blue, but I assume flying Club gets us in?)
    Anyway, I’ve never been in the Galleries 5B lounge myself, and having just read Rob’s review from a couple of years ago I’m wondering had anyone had any updated info.
    We do like a drink by the way, and it is a surprise treat, so beer, spirits, and some fizz for the girls is a must. We will be in T5 from 12.15 (connecting) departure for Tel Aviv 16.45.
    Many thanks for any advice

    • Lounge at 5B is much, much better simply due to lower passenger numbers. Was there recently and it was wonderfully quiet. Not so at North and South where it was difficult to find a spot to sit!

      Food, drinks etc is identical across all three I believe.

      • Stu N says:

        I’d go to 5B lounge, as Rhys says same offering as the main lounges but it’s always been deserted when I have been there. BA167 looks like it’s a Boeing 777 so you’ve got >75% chance of going from either 5B or 5C anyway. BA staff will sometimes confirm a gate before it shows on the screens so worth asking at flight connections or the T5A lounges, otherwise gates usually only get confirmed about 60 mins before departure.

        Even if you do go to T5B, with a 3-4 hour connection you’d have loads of time to head back to T5A in the unlikely event your flight departs from there. Note that you can go 5A-5B-5C on the transit, but you MUST use the walkways in the tunnels to go 5C-5B-5A; there is a thread on the Flyertalk BAEC board with instructions on how to get back to T5A from the satellites.

      • Tilly71 says:

        Was in 5b a few days ago, go for this lounge above the others in A.
        Galleries A S was rammed so walked out & N the same, as bad as each other.
        5b was lovely & quiet, plenty of food & spirits, wines.
        You have to ask for champers.

      • Craig says:

        5B lounge is my first choice too, the walking route between A, B & C is fairly straightforward if you follow the guide above. Once you’ve done it once it becomes much easier, I actually like the walkway if only for just a few minutes peace and quiet.

    • Nick_C says:

      Even flying from 5C, its worth using the 5B lounge. It’s then about a 5 minute walk through the deserted underground walkway to get to 5C.

      Last time I tried Galleries South it was noisy, people lying on seats or putting bags on seats, and I had to interrupt a staff member who was watching TV to get a glass of champagne.

      5B was an oasis of tranquility with good service.

      • +1 for 5B, you might have to pin down a member of staff as sometimes they’re either not in evidence or not easy to make eye contact with (unlike the lovely young man serving LGPS in the CCR in May!) but they will bring you as much champagne as you want when asked. Enjoy!

    • fivebobbill says:

      Thanks once again to everyone, invaluable advice in here as always!

    • Doug M says:

      +1 for the 5B lounge, it’s more like a lounge than the often zoo like 5A North and South. Walk there for the novelty, and a pre-flight stretch. Use the lift between A14 and A15 in the middle of the A terminal, and go to floor -4. There a long passage that leads to the B and then the C satellites. This is the post that Stu N mentions on FT which is very detailed.
      It’s really important if you do need to get back to A from B, or to B from C to make sure you use these tunnels and not the transit. I often walk up and down a few times to pass the time, especially before a long haul flight, just for the pleasure of stretching legs in a nice quiet space.

      • Stu N says:

        Thanks for adding the link, Doug M.

        I always use the tunnels now I know about them, it’s much preferable to squeezing into the invariably hot, sticky transit with 200 other people. Even going out to C gates, it barely takes any longer and you get a bit of exercise.

      • We always use the transit from B to C – my OH seems to think that if we entered the tunnels we would somehow get trapped and be doomed to wander beneath LHR for all eternity. 🤣

        • Stu N says:

          It’s well signposted now. As long as you find the right entrance point, you can’t get lost.

  7. Nick_C says:

    OT, I see Ryanair have fixed the 737 Max.

    They are calling it the 737 8200 instead! Lol

  8. Shoestring says:

    Free £8 when you top up £80 (Amazon Prime)

    • Shoestring says:

      and £10 free Amazon credit with an Audible trial (Prime)

      • Ah, pleased that is live. I was told it was happening but it wasn’t there at 00.05 last night 🙂

      • Grant says:

        I keep getting an error when I try this saying my purchase could not be completed, although it did show up as a £1 pre-authorisation on my Amex.

        I can’t remember whether I’ve had a free trial of Audible before which is perhaps why I’m getting the error.

        • Shoestring says:

          yep I don’t want to diss my own deal (!) but I already get 10-15% off Amazon whenever I like (Tesco MOCs and Morrisons deals) – and you only get the Audible deal once from what I can gather, not on Prime at the mo so can’t be bothered with either

          AMEX25OFF working again – that *is* definitely worth a try – £25 off £40

    • Doug M says:

      Cheers Shoestring. You’re a bit of an Amazon master.

  9. The link to the Malaysia Airlines comp doesn’t work for me (just takes me to a generic Heathrow Rewards landing page), and I can’t find any sign of it on the Heathrow Rewards site. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • You need to login first – on desktop the login field is on the right hand side.

    • Try logging in and then clicking the link again. If not, it is on the Offers page of the HR site.

      • Thanks both Rob and Rhys. I was already logged in and it wasn’t showing. Have now clicked through from a separate link on an HR e-mail, and can now see it.

  10. Hi all, does anyone have any other method than chat or twitter to contact Revolut? I’m on a ‘approx. 48 hours to review your documents/account blocked’ and it’s been 12 days. I have had it before and it was reviewed and unlocked much quicker…

  11. Tracy says:

    OMG I have really stuffed up with BA 2-4-1 booking lol. Advice needed please….
    I had 2 companion vouchers and wanted to book 4 seats for me & family. I was on holiday so wanted to do it online at 1am when seats were released. Only seats available at time were two F & two J. Only way I could book online was to book for me & one traveller on each companion voucher so I ended up with 2 tickets in my name. I naively thought it would be a simple name change from me to my daughter. BA are saying the only way to sort it is to cancel all 4 seats and rebook, £35 cancellation fee each, £140 total. Seems unfair as 3 out of the 4 seats are correct….especially as I was quoted £70 on a previous call this morning, where I argued that even that was too much lol. They didn’t believe me just now and said they want to do a call request so they can get the recording from earlier. I am livid as I was being made out to be a liar 😡. Should I just suck up the £140 charge or wait 24-48 hours for the them to find the recording and still charge me £70??

    • Your bigger problem is that there is no guarantee that the seats you cancel become available again as reward seats. 355 days out, the odds are decent but not guaranteed.

      24-48 hours won’t change anything so you might as well sit it out, but even then – unless they change the name on the existing ticket – there is a chance you lose it.

      • Tracy says:

        The same seats are still available the next day too so not TOO concerned about availability just annoyed at £140 fee for what is in effect a name change….plus being called a liar didn’t help my mood lol.

      • Tracy says:

        Rob, what email address should I use to contact BA about this? Thanks

    • I might be missing something, this is presumably 2 separate bookings? (Unless you can put yourself on the same booking twice which would just be bonkers). Can you not cancel one of the bookings and pay £70, then re-book the seats you want in the right names. Obviously you won’t be able to use the returned 2 4 1 as you have to be one of the passengers.

      • Tracy says:

        Yes Anna, 2 separate bookings. According to BA I can’t keep one booking and cancel and rebook the second because then I would need to be a passenger on the rebooking too, they can’t use one voucher for 2 people who aren’t me….they need to use 2 vouchers for 4 people, one of whom needs to be me, sigh……

        • It sounds as though you’ll have to choose between losing £140 to cancel and re-book the entire thing (it’s not charged separately, just deducted from what they refund you for the cancellation), or cancelling one of the bookings (losing £70) and re-booking without the 2 4 1, if you have enough avios and use the 2 4 1 another time.

          One thing I would stress though – have you spoken to someone in the UK based CS department? IME they are on another planet when it comes to being helpful, reasonable and sympathetic and can sometimes apply their own discretion, compared with the overseas call centre staff who appear to be forbidden from exercising any of these skills. If not, I would strongly suggest calling them (by withholding your own number and dialling the UK contact number) and running the situation by them. Good luck!

          • Tracy says:

            I tried 2 different numbers 03444930787 and the 0800 number, definitely didn’t get through to the UK call centre, haven’t tried withholding my number though…

          • No – use the withheld function then call the UK landline number from the BAEC contacts page. This generally gets me through to someone in Warrington!

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