How to maximise your Avios when flying British Airways Executive Club partner airlines – by crediting flights to Iberia Plus!

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It seems strange, but British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus do not have the same earning rates for oneworld partner flights.  This means that, in some cases, it is preferable to credit a cash flight on a some airlines, in some classes, to Iberia Plus rather than to British Airways.

This article provides a full list of these cases, and it is worth referring back to it when you find yourself booked on a oneworld airline partner.

You need to be clear about two caveats, however:

If you credit a flight to Iberia Plus and not British Airways Executive Club, you obviously will not earn BA tier points.  If tier points are important, credit to BA irrespective of miles earned.

If you have British Airways status, the status bonus you receive when flying American Airlines or Japan Airlines closes the gap between the earning rates.  You do not get a status bonus on the other carriers listed below.

Remember that it is easy to transfer Avios from Iberia Plus to British Airways, using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on either website.  An Iberia account must be 90 days old before you can transfer in or out.

If ‘Combine My Avios’ is not working properly from Iberia to BA, it WILL work if you use as an intermediary.  Open yourself an Aer Lingus AerClub account here, log in at with those details and use ‘Combine My Avios’ to pull from Iberia and then push to British Airways.

The % figure in the list below refers to the proportion of the miles flown which will be earned for that particular flight.  So, in the first example, a 1000 mile flight in Economy (sub-class L) on Air Italy earns 1000 Avios in Iberia Plus but only 250 Avios in British Airways Executive Club.

You can find full details of all the British Airways partner airlines on this page of

Ticket classes not listed are treated equally by BAEC and Iberia Plus.

Air Italy:

Economy – L earns 100% in IB (25% BA); S earns 100% in BA (25% IB); X, H, K, V, W earn 50% in IB (25% BA)

Business – C, I earn 150% in IB (125% BA), D earns 125% in BA (0% IB)


Economy – S, N earn 50% in IB (25% BA), H earns 100% IB (70% BA)

Japan Airlines:

Economy – K earns 70% in IB (50% BA)

Business – I earns 125% in BA (70% IB)

Malaysia Airlines:

Economy – M earns 50% in BA (25% in IB)


Economy – K, L, M, S, V earns 50% in IB (25% in BA)

Qatar Airways:

Economy – T earns 50% in IB (25% in BA)

Royal Jordanian:

Economy – K, M, V earn 50% in IB (25% in BA), P, R earn 50% in IB (0% in BA), H earns 100% in IB (25% in BA)


Economy – M, R, T, L, V, S earn 50% in IB (25% in BA), K earns 100% in BA (50% in IB)

Sri Lankan:

Economy – Y, B, P, H earn 100% in BA (80% IB), K earns 100% in BA (70% IB), W, M, E earn 70% in IB (50% BA), R, S earn 50% in IB (25% BA)

Business – J earns 150% in IB (125% BA)

In addition, remember that you earn Avios in British Airways Executive Club with:

Aer Lingus

Alaska Airlines

and you can earn Avios in Iberia Plus with:

Interjet (Mexico)

Royal Air Maroc

Binter (Canaries)

Avianca (restrictions apply)

LEVEL (the new IAG long-haul low cost airline)


Air Nostrum

and you can earn Avios in Aer Lingus Aer Club with:

United Airlines

If you want to learn how to redeem Avios points via Iberia Plus, to save a fortune on taxes and charges, take a look at this article in our ‘Avios Redemption University’ series.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. There are other tricks related to the ticketing rather than which card you show. I recently flew FRA-DFW on AA but it was much cheaper to book the flight with a BA flight number instead of AA flight number. The booking classes available and their availability is not the same for the two airlines even though the plane itself is the same.

  2. TokyoFan says:

    Loving the retro tails on the oneworld picture 🙂

    • guesswho2000 says:

      AB, LA & JJ!

      • Shoestring says:

        we don’t need Av-Geeks 🙂

        I suggest you go and spend a happy 10 hours on the Heathrow rim road

        • Shoestring says:

          Had a beautiful big Emirates plane fly over, landing, if that helps anybody obsessed – must have been about 4pm European, huge thing, noisy as hell

          could read the ‘Emirates’ bit same as if it was a double decker bus saying save £350m a week for the NHS

          not remotely concerned about the noise as it’s only a few in the popular hours – & I use them!

  3. Typical! My Safari trip with Qatar is W class!

    • That W fare code still earns you 813 Avios and 20TP on LHR to DOH.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      List above is only those which earn differently in BA/IB…if it’s not listed, it doesn’t mean it earns nothing.

      • Yes I got that – we should earn a total of 5484 Avios for the 4 flights for the 2 of us which is great because when i originally booked it last year the flights were with Kenyan Airways so even though we are going in economy it should be a better flight and I get some Avios for the cash booking! We will be knackered though when we get there with the change of flights in the middle of the night! Not looking forward to that bit!

        • Mikeact says:

          Probably misread it, but KenyaAirways are a member of SkyTeam…..earning Avios ?

          • The tour was originally booked with Kenyan Airways but it was switched to Qatar earlier this year. Had to change my domestic connections too which cost me more money!

  4. @Rob

    This article reminds me of a very good tool, that is free, and quite quickly informs you which FFP scheme to credit airline miles to for a given airline and fare booking class.

    It might be worth reviewing for the wider good of the community – can’t say that I recall you mentioning it over the past few years.

    • Genghis says:
      • And it is also in Rob’s list of “l also recommend …..” links on the right hand side of the web-site.

        • Lady London says:

          So other than that it’s pretty invisible then :-). #summerholidays

          • I must admit, I don’t fully understand how it works… I am flying LHR-HKG with LH in booking class P. Do i put in LHR-HKG as P? OR is it LHR-FRA-HKG return? Might seem stupid but i’ve never had to use it before and trying just now has confused me massively… Doh moment :/

          • Lady London says:

            Hi Alex, you check each leg separately as that’s normally how it credits.

            However where sites like wheretocredit dot com are incredibly useful is checking how a particular fare type on a particularairline you are flying will credit to different other airlines’ programs. For example fare type P used to be be problematic on some Lufthansa Group Airlines as it would crédit 0. There used to be a way of getting points credited for a P fare on Star Alliance by crediting to Aegean but that might have stopped happening. Our example here is Oneworld, on the other hand, which is a différent set if Airlines with différent rules. But Oneworld too has some fare classes that work that way too.

          • The Original David says:

            I think LH P class is best credited to Miles & More. Assuming you booked through LH Group, the earning will be revenue-based anyway. The M&M app has an exceedingly complex calculator if you want to work it out in advance.

  5. Concerto says:

    Nothing on LATAM Airlines? I credited a X-class business flight last night to Iberia.

  6. Lady London says:

    Brilliant article Rob.

    Seeing it all there comparatively in black and white looks like British Airways is royally screwing over Economy passengers just like Lufthansa.

  7. O/T but is anyone else experiencing persistent issues with “Combine my Avios” on the website? Can’t seem to get this to work (i.e. log-in) using my BA/Iberia details (and are saying it’s a BA log-in issue rather than with their own site – it looks to me like it’s the latter). Thanks!

    • RussellH says:

      I have to use Iberia as an intermediary to transfer between and BA. and BA. used to work while I still had a valid avios travel awards a/c, but since it bacame AerClub, even though the a/c number and log-in details never changed, it no longer talks to BA

    • Peter K says:

      I couldn’t do it for love nor money using Chrome but it worked fine going via to pull from Iberia and push to BA using the Edge browser.

  8. If you have a Qantas ticket for many destinations like we have booked going from LHR – JHB – SYD – drive to Brisbane – BNE – ADL – PER – LDN does the whole lot have to be credited to BA for example, or can you split it up if necessary between IB and BA for different routes? We’ve credited this to BA. All our long haul are Business class and the internal ones are economy.

    • flyforfun says:

      I have changed where I’ve credited mid trip. Flew out on Cathay and was just dutifully crediting to BA when I came across where to credit. Changed the return to Iberia and doubled my pitiful 25% allowance to 50%

      If your trip is on one booking, then before each flight you want to change you will need to go in and make the swap.

    • It depends. You can always change it but sometimes if a flight is very soon before or after another one, it will not credit to the program you wanted.

      In star alliance, once you attach a Lufthansa group flight to miles and more (perhaps by booking it while logged in to your LH profile, it will always credit to m&m no matter how you try and change it to another program

      • RussellH says:

        I booked LH flights GLA-FRA-HKG this time last year through my M+M a/c. When we realised just how few M+M miles we would be getting, compared to UA (thanks for the tip, whoever made it!, and checking on wheretocredit), we opened UA a/cs too.
        IIRC, I had to remove our M+M numbers first, only then could I get the system to accept UA FF numbers.

        • Concerto says:

          Be careful. Apparently those systems are quite aggressive about putting the M&M number back into the booking. You might need to insist a bit at the gate.

          • Lady London says:

            +1 Concerto. I got st*ffed on that by Miles & More as in my other post.

            On miles crediting isnt there also some refinement that for Star Alliance milies crediting the operating airline is the determinant, whereas for Oneworld flights it’s the marketing airline for the flight segment, that détermines mileage credit?

          • RussellH says:

            No problems. I did preriodically check, and the UA number stayed there. We went end of January. We got 28K+ UA miles, cf. 6K that we would have got with M+M.

          • Lady London says:

            Good one, RussellH.

        • RussellH says:

          Or, on further reflection, perhaps the system was that I was able to add the UA number **as well as** the M+M number, without any difficulty, then a day or so later remove the M+M number. I would have been doing this in November last year, I would guess, so that is why my memory is rusty.

      • Lady London says:

        I can confirm this is messy particularly if there is a Miles & More credit anywhere in the booking. By trying something similar I ended up with no miles whatsoever credited to a return booking in Business. Ouch.

        A tip is that theoretically you can add/replace tour miles crediting account number by doing it at booking, then at checkin then in the lounge (esp hub lounge), and possibly at the gate. In theory the last account entered before the flight prevails but there are lots of ways this can go wrong. Where you do find staff who can amend tickets in a lounge often you get really good help.

    • Lady London says:

      Depends if your ticket has married segments. Most of the time you should be able to credit the whole outward and the whole return to separate airline programs and you may be able to do better than this.

      • Lady London says:

        “Above was for Dawn on her Australizn itinerary.

        • thank you 🙂

        • Dawn, BA tier points, status, lounge access and ability to choose seats are possible considerations also.

          As Rob says, if tier points are important to you for gaining or retaining BA status, then choosing to credit to BA to earn tier points may be more important than the number of Avios earned.

          If you do have status on BA but not IB it could make a difference to both lounge access and seat choice if you have your BA or your IB number in your booking. Qantas may be willing to put both numbers in but then you run the risk of the wrong one being credited,

          You will obviously get business lounge access for the Qantas business class flights regardless of whether you use a BA or IB frequent flyer number in your booking. However, if you have BA silver, but not the IB equivalent, you may have a problem getting into the Qantas Club domestic lounge for the economy flights if your IB number is in the booking. Also if you have BA Gold you would normally have access to Qantas First class lounges but this could be problematic with an IB number.

          Unlike BA. Qantas should let you choose seats on both international business class and domestic economy regardless of status. However, like BA, they keep the best seats for those with status until shortly before the flight.

  9. What about Cathay Pacific?

  10. Marion Lowry says:

    I flew with Aer Lingus in May and used my ba executive club number and never recieved any points
    Can anyone explain why ?

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