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Win 1,000,000 Avios with Head for Points and Monese!

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Monese, the online bank, is giving away 1 million Avios to SIX people.

And we GUARANTEE that one of them will be a Head for Points reader!

Since February Monese, the online banking app, has been able to link with your British Airways Executive Club account and display your Avios balance.  It looks like this and is quite cool (click to enlarge):

Monese Avios

It was the beginning of an interesting new partnership between Monese and Avios, which has invested in a shareholding in the fintech company.

To celebrate this partnership, Monese is giving away 1 million Avios to six lucky winners.  One is guaranteed to be a Head for Points reader – and it could be you.  This is one of the most valuable competitions we have ever run.

Win one million Avios with Monese and Head for Points

If you are reading Head for Points we probably don’t need to tell you the value of 1 million Avios.  If you want to go somewhere, and a oneworld airline flies there, you will be able to go, and go in style – and you can take quite a few friends with you!  (Taxes and charges are almost certain to apply although there may be some obscure oneworld route somewhere that doesn’t add them!)

Couple your 1 million Avios with a British Airways American Express 2 for 1 voucher and you would really be laughing – earn a 2-4-1 voucher each year and your 1 million Avios would get you and your partner a decent annual holiday in Club World for the next 5-10 years!

What is Monese?

Monese, founded in 2013, aims to simplify the process of getting a bank account in Europe.  It’s a ‘mobile app only’ bank that gives users a £ and a € account allowing them to bank like a local across the UK and Europe.

Accounts can be opened within two minutes with a photo ID and a video selfie.  (This does work, I set up an account for myself in record time without leaving my desk.)  You can read a full analysis of Monese on our recent article about the banking service here.

Win one million Avios with Monese and Head for Points

How can I win 1 million Avios?

The good news is that this competition is open to new AND existing Monese customers based in the UK, excluding NI. 

No purchase is required.

If you’re a new Monese customer:

If you are new to Monese, you must download the app and register for an account with the invite code ‘H4PTAMIL’ before Friday 30th September.  You can download the Monese app here or visit your local friendly app store.  You need to add the code during the sign-up process when prompted.

Monese offers three different account tiers. All are equally eligible for the competition – so it is OK to sign up for the free tier.

If you’re an existing Monese customer:

All you have to do is add the promotional code ‘H4PTAMIL’ in the ‘Promotions’ tab of the Monese app, which you will find by clicking the ‘head’ icon.

Finalising your entry

To finalise your entry into the competition you must add some money to your Monese account via a debit card.  £10 is fine.  You can withdraw this back to your existing bank account at any point or withdraw it via an ATM.

(If you are an EXISTING Monese account, you need to add some new money to your account or have some other activity on your account, such as making an ATM withdrawal or making a purchase with your Monese debit card.)

Once you’ve done this, you need to link your British Airways Executive Club account number to Monese.  This can be done inside the app by logging into your British Airways account – go to ‘Add Account’ via the ‘head’ icon in the top left corner.  You can now use the Monese app to keep an eye on your Avios balance and your recent transactions.

So, a reminder, this is what you need to do:

download the Monese app …. then

add the invite code H4PTAMIL during the registration process …. then

add a nominal sum to your account which you can easily withdraw again later …. then

link your Monese account to your Avios account

The last day to download the Monese app and complete the entry criteria is 30th September.   One winner will be chosen from all entrants who use the Head for Points code of H4PTAMIL.  The winner will be notified on 15th October.

The full terms and conditions of the competition are here.  Note that entry is restricted to residents of the UK excluding Northern Ireland.  (Don’t blame Monese for this – Northern Ireland has its own competition laws.)  You must be over 18 and you are limited to one entry per person.

Good luck!  One lucky Head for Points reader is going to have a pretty cool Autumn I think 🙂

Comments (154)

  • Andrew Morgan says:

    After providing all the details and ID copies as requested, my application details are being “manually checked” and 5 days later I’m still waiting to hear anything back from these clowns. I can’t even delete my own application (which I am now anxious to do). I have emailed them now to delete my application as they’re not an organisation I feel confident doing business with.

    • Ian says:

      Well according to Rob, they raised $60m 12 months ago so he thinks you need to assume they know what they are doing. Based on my experience (and yours by the sound of it), I think I’ll disagree with him.

  • Rish says:

    Isn’t there somewhere that I can see that my BA account is linked to Monese? I setup everything as per Rob’s article, but cannot see in the Monese account that it is linked to BA for sure.

    • Rob says:

      Go into the app. On your balance page, it says ‘UK’ at the top and under it you will see a big ‘£10’ or whatever your balance.

      If you touch ‘UK’ it legs you toggle to your Avios page. You can also link your PayPal account so you can also see all your recent PayPal activity.

      On my Monese account I can toggle between all three.

  • STUART says:

    Ive set-up and linked BAEC – all good & fingers crossed ! Cheers.

  • Lady London says:

    Hey Rob

    When does the offer expire?

    For caution I would want to allow a bit of time for teething problems signing up.

    • Rhys says:

      30th September. The promotion has been running almost a week now so you should be ok.

  • Andy says:

    Hard work! Let’s just say they aren’t Revolut. Everything seems to take at least 24hrs to start working, that is apart from there customers services whom I have heard nothing from in 36hrs.
    Day 1: Insert your security code to get your pin- “wrong security code” (3x locked out for 24hrs)
    Day 2: at cash point- insert pin to get to pin services ok. Insert pin to change pin- “pin incorrect”
    Day 3: £15 promotional offer still not posted
    Day 4: clear card, wait till Avios draw winners are announced then cancel!