30% bonus on buying Avios points extended  – but Groupon Spain is a better deal

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Avios has extended the current 30% bonus when you buy points until 1st October.  However, a new Groupon Spain deal offers better value if you can take the risk that the admin process will run smoothly.

For the 30% bonus, you need to visit ba.com via this page in order to buy.

This is a poor deal, given that we regularly see bonuses of 40% or 50% these days.  The only positive aspect is that there is no minimum purchase.  The bonus kicks in with the smallest 1,000 Avios transaction.

Buy Avios bonus

Over at Groupon Spain …..

The Groupon ‘cheap Avios’ promotion in Spain, with Iberia Plus, is also back again.  Click here for details.

The Avios are not a steal at these prices either, but you will in most cases find them cheaper than the offical BA offer.

Here are the prices:

  • 1,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €19 (1.68p)
  • 2,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €29 (1.28p)
  • 4,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €59 (1.30p)
  • 8,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €109 (1.20p)
  • 15,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €199 (1.17p)
  • 20,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €259 (1.15p)
  • 34,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €429 (1.11p)

You will need an Iberia Plus account to redeem your Groupon voucher, and you can then use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them across to British Airways Executive Club.  Please remember that Iberia Plus accounts must be 90 days old before you can use ‘Combine My Avios’, so don’t open a new one specifically to take advantage of this deal.

Some people have had trouble getting their Avios recently due to IT issues with Groupon and Iberia.  I can only hope that, in the four months since this offer last ran, they have sorted themselves out.

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  1. Anyone ever had their Amex offers dry up? I haven’t had a new one in months, and I use the cards all the time.

    • I get loads of them on BAPP and Platinum. Don’t use Platinum much but all spend goes through BAPP.

    • Happens often. Need to open new online accounts for each of your cards. I’d keep all cards separate, but some people suggested that’s not necessary. You could always complain to Amex, the more people complain the better as it will give them an incentive to fix this IT issue.

    • I have the same issue on 6 cards of mine and 4 of my wifes! I have complained and its been 2 weeks with no update from amex! its been like that since April!

  2. I think I read before that Morrison’s sell John Lewis vouchers, is that right? I have 10% off so it’s become worthwhile if they do

    • aDifferentSimon says:

      they do indeed. seem to get quickly cleared out of the Wimbledon branch when the amex offers are on though 🙁

    • Spending them at Waitrose?

      • Yes they do but it’s a bit of a pain because you can’t simply pick up say £1000 worth (20 x £50 gift cards). They have to do them all separately or at least that’s what happened to me. It’s a computer says no thing to prevent scamming.

        • My experience at Morrisons is that if you go to a staff operated till they can do them without issue. If you go to the Kiosk till bit they can only do one at a time, but supervisor if not busy chatting to friends can over-ride. If you go to the self check-out you can do them but they don’t weigh enough and the old place item basket loop kicks off, staff intervention only works for that one and the next one, so if you have a handful you’ll waste a lot of time if it’s busy.
          The vouchers they have the values varies a lot, this morning I could only get £25 JLP, £20 Amazon and £50 M&S ones which means a lot of scanning and associated receipts, which you should keep until you know they activated properly.

          • My experience was varied.
            First time – spoke to someone in a suit looking important to ask if there was a limit (floor manager or something) he said no, but he needed to approve it at the till. Picked up 30 John Lewis 50 pound vouchers, and he put them through 15 at a time. I think he just got cold feet after 15.

            Ever since then they have insisted on doing it one or two at a time.
            Still got them – but Christmas coming up.

  3. O/T anyone else having trouble with the Accor Places app today?

  4. Struggling to get a Marriott bonvoy number to call to transfer points, any pointers?

    • just the uk call centre will be fine
      00800 1927 1927

      • surely that is the US call centre.
        UK is 020 7012 7312

        • I tried the 0207 earlier today and it wasn’t connecting

          • Agree. The UK number doesn’t seem to work any more.

            If you need to call the US, I recommend downloading the Ringo app. You can call the US as a local call on your mobile phone.

            Used it to call AA recently for seat reservations on a JAL domestic redemption (booked the flights on line but couldn’t request seats).

  5. OT: PRG 3000 points on supplimentary card still ON?

    • Advertised openly on their website, but I didn’t get it automatically this month, for the first time. (The supp card had been activated and used for a couple of weeks before I contacted them, but in the past the bonus has gone on as soon as the card is activated). On line chat couldn’t sort it. Had to phone the call centre. They initially said the offer wasn’t in my account. I pointed out the offer is on their website and they don’t say its targeted. They applied the bonus while I was on the phone to them.


  6. Are you South African? You remind me of one, whose name is Cat.

  7. OT: HSBC Premier Cc, does everyone else have a rubbish credit limit, I have £5k

    • I had £3k on the ordinary Premier CC, which sat in my safe for years and pre-dated my point collecting. When I upgraded it to the WE, I told them the limit must be reviewed. They asked how much I wanted; I asked for £10k, and they said yes straight away. They might have given more, but I’ll never know as I’ve no reason to ask.

      Have you tried just talking to them about it? I find them quite approachable.

      • I asked them back when I wasn’t premier, and they asked a hundred questions before they upgraded my limits, it was a bit long winded. I have the free Premier CC.

    • I applied for the HSCB world elite CC – and was assigned a 30k limit, way more than I wanted.

  8. Shoestring says:


    looks like you can sign up without an invitation these days – 250 Accorpoints to give your IB a/c another 3 years’ life

  9. Just listened to Rob’s interview on You and Yours. Immediately after the interview (10.36), the presenter says;

    “Airbus have sent us a statement which says that they are working with airlines on this, and that next year they’ll be updating the software on these planes and that will solve the problem.”

    So that’s all right then. We’ve seen how well software fixes can rectify load imbalances. 😨

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