Another Scottish castle – Inverlochy Castle – you can now book with World of Hyatt hotel points!

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World of Hyatt partnered with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) last year.  This allows World of Hyatt members to book SLH properties via, and get exclusive benefits for doing so, and redeem their World of Hyatt points with SLH.

A further batch of SLH hotels was added last week.  It includes Inverlochy Castle near Glenfinnan (home of the ‘Harry Potter bridge’) in Scotland, pictured below.  We actually popped in to this hotel when we were in Scotland in May to see how it compared to the place we had booked down the road – I didn’t realise at the time it was SLH.

There is actually one other UK castle which can be booked with hotel loyalty points – Crossbasket Castle in High Blantyre, near Glasgow which is pictured below.  This is also part of the World of Hyatt / SLH tie-up.

Most people don’t realise what good UK hotels are now bookable with World of Hyatt points via the SLH tie-up.  They include:

  • Tylney Hall Hotel, Hook
  • The Fish Hotel, Broadway
  • Cromlix, Dunblane
  • Alexander House Hotel, West Sussex
  • Foxhill Manor, Broadway
  • Langshott Manor, Horley
  • The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne
  • Greywalls Hotel, Muirfield
  • The Arden Hotel, Stratford upon Avon
  • Nira Caledonia, Edinburgh
  • Luton Hoo, Luton
  • The Greenway Hotel, Cheltenham
  • Monkey Island, Bray
  • Dormy House Hotel, Broadway
  • Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex
  • The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey

Crossbasket Castle World of Hyatt Small Luxury Hotel

And in London:

  • The Franklin
  • Flemings Mayfair
  • St James’s Hotel & Club
  • Duke’s London
  • The Academy
  • The Capital Hotel

It’s just a shame that World of Hyatt points are so difficult to earn if you live in the UK.  There are only a modest number of Hyatt properties in major business cities in Europe, there is no UK credit card and they are not an American Express Membership Rewards partner.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Markpeterborough says:


    Loyalty Lobby reported yesterday that IHG credit card anniversary free nights were capped and could not be used on hotels that cost more than 40,000 points. My Creation free night is still showing as available to me to book at 70k properties. I assume that the restriction is for holders of the USA based card. This would be annoying if they introduced it over here.

    • Hum. things do tend to cross the Atlantic. So if I was thinking of using it to book anything over 40K, I’d do it now.

      • guesswho2000 says:

        Even if they do change it, it won’t apply to certificates already issued.

    • I think it’s been like that a little while over the pond. I would probably cancel if they made that change here.

    • The US card is totally different. The free night at 40,000 points if for simply holding the card for a year and paying both the initial annual fee and the annual fee at the first anniversary. There is no spend requirement like the UK Creation card.

    • Markpeterborough says:

      Thanks to everyone who replied regarding the IHG free night, I feel somewhat relieved now

  2. Sussex Bantam says:

    Heartening to read of various problems with Avios deposits – I haven’t had the Shell bonus on my second wave of Tesco conversions. I was starting to get a bit nervous but now I’m going to put it down to IT issues for a while..

    • We were due our 3rd Tesco bonus last week of 19200 Avios. I want to do another batch but waiting for them to post before I do anymore.

      • I never got my bonus points either. Sent BAEC a message but haven’t heard from them.

    • Had to chase the points on my first transfer, took three goes of getting them added, it was painful!

  3. HI all, 2nd time in F in a few days. Last time we were pushed for time, I’ve already booked Mrs S a 15 min Spa treatment. Beyond that what would be the advice for arrival 3 hours before departure at around 11am?

    • Whizz68 says:

      Hi Craig,

      Try to book a cabana If you can, it’s in the Concorde lounge

    • Personally, if only 3 hours, I would avoid the cabanas and hang out in the lounge if it’s your first proper time. If you are going to be in Concorde lounge at about 8 am then that’s where I would plan on having a (champagne) breakfast in the dining area as soon as I arrive. Later on you can then order a cheeky morning cocktail from the bar. In the lounge I would ask customer services what gate the flight will be taking off from (they will know), nearer departure time if flight is from a B gate I would move over to the business lounge in T5B as its usually quieter (including the spa). If flight is from a C gate I’d just stay on in the Concorde lounge and then get train direct to C. As I mentioned the other day, and most applicable when moving between T5A/B/C, use the lifts, it’s a lot quicker than the escalators.

    • I would recommend booking a cabana if you can. You don’t have to use it for the whole time you have booked it for, but it is nice to have a space to shower and lay down – even if just for half an hour or so. Would also recommend walking the tunnel rather than taking the train, probs 50/50 as to whether or not it saves you any time, but I loved the peace of the walk (nobody is down there) compared to the train. Have fun.

    • Book yourself a spa treatment as well?

      Sit in the “restaurant” part of the Concorde lounge to have a proper meal, such as breakfast, if the timing works. Then, after your spa, sit in the “outside” area for champagne or coffee and something from the menu.

      I can’t personally see the idea of the cabana unless you are connecting from long-haul and need to shower or rest before the next flight.

      Above all, enjoy the experience and your flight.

    • Thanks all.

  4. Apologies if covered elsewhere, but I’ve just seen a rebranding email from Curve, is there anyone here that can explain it. I really don’t follow badass tube adverts. Since I think this may mean London Underground rather than some 12 year olds version of Youtube we can also queue the why always London responses.

    • Shoestring says:

      sure – stick up a link, you’ve got a lot of Marketing people here

      O/T big sigh of relief my badass 4X4 just passed its MOT 3rd time of asking – we obvs only get a year’s MOT in the UK but our other 2 sadasses (about the same age, 20+ now) both got 2 more years’ MOT (much more civilised system) earlier this year out here in the place in the sun, 1 got lucky, the other also needed 3 attempts! 🙂

      • So is 3 attempts following repairs, or the MOT equiv of HUCA

        • Shoestring says:

          1, got a free Halfords MOT, 2, paid (at my friendly local garage) to fix the two problems, 3, Halfords still failed it again on one original problem, idiots – 4, free MOT had run out (you only get one retest) so 5, paid for 2nd MOT at friendly local garage, who passed it on the original fail problem (which I’d already paid them to get fixed!) but failed it on new exhaust needed, so got them to replace that today and it passed (finally!)

          Probs fair enough about the exhaust, it was oldish, but why did Halfrauds not spot that issue and still fail it on a fixed issue?

          • Shoestring says:

            and the badass 4X4 is home on the driveway! 🙂

            only £100 to fit the exhaust + MOT & retest!

            another year’s happy badassing it around in Cornwall lol

          • Lady London says:

            As one who’s run a few bangers in her time, I absolutely know how you feel @Shoestring!!

          • Shoestring says:

            still got a few free Halfords MOT vouchers if anybody wants one, they expire 31st Oct so you wouldn’t have much time

    • I have just read it. It seems that they have changed colour to red, but it takes several hundred words to say that.

      • Shoestring says:

        is it something along the lines? –

        This is your badass 100 Cards in One.
        Your gateway to money for nothing.
        Your personal firewall.
        Your kickass travel companion.
        And yeah, it’s a time machine.

      • Big Dave says:

        totally looks like they’ve been rebranded by Lenovo

    • Cue!

  5. OT. Booked BA LGW-JFK next month. Been changed to an evelop A330 to cover Dreamliner engine issues. Travelling Y. Anyone any idea on seat pitch etc? Is there entertainment screens?

    • Not sure if they are using the same aircraft every day but a random check on 1st December shows an ex-SQ aircraft. This is fine in Y – especially if you are a couple and get a pair of seats. So I wouldn’t be rushing to change unless Heathrow happens to be more convenient

      A warning for anyone in Business though, the seat isn’t terrible but it isn’t fully lie flat – its SQ old regional product. For a day flight I’d be quite happy but overnight I’d probably be looking for a swap to Heathrow (especially as there are some Club Suites in operation on most days)

  6. Curved is rebranding as a Financial Freedom Fighter.

    The end must be nigh, all that capital wasted.

    “We’re still the same Curve you know and love. Same king of all cards. Same financial freedom fighter. We’ve just revamped our look. That’s right, Curve is rebranding – and in a swamp of boring banker blues and putrid personal finance pastels – red is THE colour. You’d be hard pressed to miss it! And damn, are we proud of our new look?”

  7. neuromancer says:

    I did Combine My Avios several times back and forth 4 days ago. Did it from, usually more stable there.
    Had to use Windows, tried on my phone before and did not work.

  8. Welcome Sinead and Best wishes Anika.

  9. O/T

    I know you need to earn at least 1 avios into a 90-day-old Iberia Plus account before transferring Avios in or out of the account.

    But do you need to earn at least 1 avios before purchasing a batch of Avios from Groupon Spain?

    Thanks a ton!

    • Sorry to piggyback on your post, but does anyone have any suggestions for an easy way to get an Iberia Avios? It’s nearly three years since I last earned one….

      • Shoestring’s suggestion for 250 Iberia avios for joining Red by Dufry. You’d have to ask him for the special link. It took a few weeks to post, perhaps 4 – 6?

      • e-rewards transfer over in a couple of days , midweek.

    • neuromancer says:

      No personal experience, but earning Avios from a partner (Groupon) should be a qualifying activity by itself.

    • No

  10. Dont use them, why would you do that to yourself and to the honest rental firms they are in competition with?

  11. Graham Walsh says:

    Welcome Sinead and best of luck Anika

    Regarding Avios website, I can’t even login now, can’t reset my password. What is going on with their site??

    • Robstaaaar says:

      Same here; just sent an escalating email as no meaningful response yet.

    • I’ve just successfully transferred Avios from IberiaPlus to BA
      So hopefully problem is now fixed

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