Get a 50% ‘buy Avios’ bonus, to go with the reward sale!

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British Airways has launched another ‘buy Avios’ bonus promotion.

This is in conjunction with the ‘10% to 50% discount on Avios reward flights’ offer which launched yesterday.  BA is hoping that, if you don’t have enough Avios, you will be willing to buy them!

Until 21st November you will receive 50% bonus Avios when you buy or gift points.

This is as high a bonus as we see these days and there is no minimum purchase.  Even better, the bonus kicks in with the smallest 1,000 Avios transaction.  You need to visit via this page in order to buy.

British Airways has increased the number of Avios you can buy under this deal – the cap is now 200,000 points per year!  This means that, with the bonus, you will receive 300,000 Avios for a whopping £3,215.

50% buy Avios bonus

What does it cost to buy Avios?

In general, you will pay around 1.1p per Avios under this offer.  Based on my spreadsheet of the last 7 million Avios I redeemed, I got 1.15p of value.  This is using very conservative valuations for the flights booked, eg I value a Business Class flight to Dubai at £1,500 because even if BA isn’t charging that there is usually a deal with a secondary airline.

I am not a buyer at 1.1p.  However, as my core article on ‘What is an Avios worth?’ shows, it is easy to get a lot more than 1.1p.  My valuation is low because I do a lot of Gold Priority Rewards (using double Avios to force open a seat, mainly due to school holiday restrictions) and don’t always have a BA Amex 2-4-1 voucher to use.  I also tend to use Avios irrespective of the value, because I am sitting on a lot of them.

If you are strategic you will do far better than me, especially during the current Avios redemption sale.

This HFP article from our ‘Avios Redemption University’ series shows you which is the cheapest way to buy Avios points from all of the options available.

The link to buy is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. A generous generic amex spend £X get Y aboos/MR/£ offer would be welcome at this time.

  2. Do you get points/miles for the spend on the miles? I’m sure I read somewhere that they aren’t qualifying spend..

  3. Just a reminder you can also spend avios or, avios and cash on hotel rooms. May not always make sense but when cash prices are high they can be very useful.

  4. Very nice but why suddenly such generosity from BA? Is there Avios devaluation coming soon? Makes me wonder. When was the last time the avios award list was “enhanced”?

  5. OT: if i fly on the last day of my annual collecting period(BA) will i loose that flight for tier point purposes?

    Ie. 10/12/2019, flying on 10/12. Is it included or excluded?

    • BA tier collection year usually ends on the 8th of the month, doesn’t it?

      • Yes, 8th usually. If you call them up they’ll often credit flights shortly after the reset to the old year, though

  6. Do you have any idea why this offer is only giving me 150k Avios for $2775?

    that is a lot more per Avios than the 300k Avios for 3215 pounds that you suggested.

    Are Avios cheaper when buying in pounds?



  7. Hello all, could I seek some advice on this please?
    My wife and I generally earn 2 x 2-4-1 vouchers with BA cards per year based on our spend rate.
    So is it worth us buying the maximum amount of avios 300,000 for the price of £3215 so we can use them as part of our redemption of the 2-4-1 vouchers?
    It seems a very good deal when using the, with 2-4-1 vouchers, but I wanted to check
    Thank you

    • Erico1875 says:

      If you are buying at 1,1p per Avios and then using a 2 4 1 voucher, it equates to 0.55p per Avios. so for me- thats a good deal.


    • Erico1875 says:

      Sorry.OT question
      . How long from buying do the Economist Canada 0.8p Avios deal take to arrive from buying, and is it really that simple

      • Annabel says:

        Yes it is that simple! I subscribed using Canadian address digital only on 24/9/19 and 12,500 plus 2,500 Avios posted on 25/10/19. Brilliant value for money

        • Harry T says:

          The Economist seem to have forgotten to charge me for my Canadian digital membership.

    • Hi so for example I want some LON to NYC BC flights which are showing £3,245 each for cash. For using avios they are 90,000 avios plus £633 so buying at this rate makes them £1,533 I think, which would be half price. And even less if I use the 2-4-1 of course. I also need flights later in the year to Bangkok where the avios required is 150,000 plus fees of £1,183 making these cost £2,683 and the cash price is showing around £2,690… so it looks like it’s flight dependent

    • Hi so for example I want some LON to NYC BC flights which are showing £3,245 each for cash. For using avios they are 90,000 avios plus £633 so buying at this rate makes them £1,533 I think, which would be half price. And even less if I use the 2-4-1 of course. I also need flights later in the year to Bangkok where the avios required is 150,000 plus fees of £567 making these cost £2,100 and the cash price is showing around £2,690

  8. Harry T says:

    @Shoestring are you a buyer at the current deal prices? I’ve never paid for Avios, so I’m reluctant.

    • Shoestring says:

      I’d theoretically be a buyer if I were low on Avios, yes. You can’t do anything without a big chunk of Avios in the bank & Avios are quite tough to accumulate in quantity right now.

      We’ve not seen 1p/ point in that sort of quantity for a while.

      I’m still comfortable with my own ‘float’, which I can replenish @ 0.8p with my European RFS Avios + Money ticket purchases. Obvs that’s not possible with LH Business etc (much more than 0.8p).

      • Out of curiosity, how many Avios are you sitting on? How are you managing to accumulate enough in these post amex churning days?

  9. Is the current 50% Avios sale only worth a top up if you don’t have enough for a redemption. Looking at various posts it seems like you need to carry out a lot of research to weigh up the Avios redemption vs cash purchase. I’ve always booked flights 11 months early On cash purchase.
    Example- BA LHR to JFK 20/1219 Return 05/01/2020 Booked end January sale this year in WT £500.its not C/W but still ok in my book.

  10. Andrew James says:

    BA rip off?
    Using the 2-4-1 voucher, a return trip was booked for September 2020 to the USA in Club World.
    Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled. BA returned all the Avios and all the taxes, less the administration fee. This is fair.
    However, seats had also been booked which cost £500 (yes you read that right, £500 for two reserved seats each way). BA have confirmed there is no refund for the cost of the seat bookings. The reason is that I ‘voluntarily’ cancelled the booking. Yes I have now got the rules but it is not clear when you book the flights what the rules are.
    So, BA have taken £500 for a service that are not having to provide. If the flights can be refunded, less the administration charge, then why not the seats? Or is this simply a money-making exercise based or sharp business practice?

    • Shoestring says:

      I was aware of this policy but you’re right, it’s sharp practice and not just a couple of £££s either. Not sure you have any recourse, for £500 worth trying something.

      BT used to have similar sharp practice – you can save 1 month in 12 line rental by paying up front, ie you only pay 11 months’ rental but get 12 – but if you switched provider you lost the pre-payment – they were either shamed into changing the policy or else got told to change it by Ofcom (or did it by themselves, I suppose).

      • I would be trying Small Claims Court / MCOL claiming ‘unfair contract terms’. This is crying out for a test case.

    • Andrew James says:

      Thank you to Rob’s for the article on the issue, posted on 13 November 2019
      “Why won’t BA refund your seat reservation fees when you cancel a flight?”

  11. Wow seems harsh to me.MCOL is a good call, I’ve used the service before and was happy with the result. You can also put into the equation the cost of the service you pay and if your successful this is payable by the third party.

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