Virgin Atlantic announces a codeshare flight deal with WestJet

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Virgin Atlantic has launched a codeshare deal with Canadian airline WestJet.

From today, you can book WestJet flights from London Gatwick via the Virgin Atlantic website.

WestJet flies year-round from Gatwick to Calgary and Toronto.  During the Summer it also flies to Halifax and Vancouver.  The Virgin Atlantic codeshare also covers 28 connecting destinations such as Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton and Deer Lake.

WestJet Virgin Atlantic codeshare

The press release I was sent made absolutely no mention of frequent flyer benefits.  I don’t know:

whether you earn Virgin Flying Club miles when flying WestJet under a Virgin Atlantic flight number

whether you earn Virgin Flying Club tier points when flying WestJet under a Virgin Atlantic flight number

whether it will be possible to redeem Virgin Flying Club miles for seats on WestJet

The latter would be a very welcome option, as WestJet is not in any major airline alliance.  However, you can credit flights to Delta SkyMiles, Flying Blue (Air France / KLM) and Qantas, as well as WestJet Rewards.  I have asked Flying Club for clarification and will let you know when they respond.

WestJet Boeing 787 flat bed business class London Gatwick Calgary

WestJet is surprisingly impressive to fly.  Earlier this year it launched a new fully flat Business Class service on its London Gatwick to Calgary and Toronto routes.  This uses new Boeing 787-9 aircraft which WestJet is currently receiving.

If the seat looks familiar, it is because it is the same one that Qatar Airways uses on its Boeing 787 and A380 fleets in Business Class.  It certainly isn’t the sort of seat you’d expect a budget airline to be using.  See the photos above.

The one thing that differentiates WestJet from a legacy airline is the size of the Business Class cabin.  There will be just 16 seats on each aircraft.

British Airways has stopped flying to Calgary in the Winter so this new WestJet deal offers a good incentive to try them instead of Air Canada on your next trip.

How to earn Virgin Atlantic miles from UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Virgin Flying Club miles from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Virgin Flying Club miles.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. I have a Preferred Rewards Gold and a BAPP card in the same online account. The Gold card is no longer used but I dont want to cancel it until next month after I have used the lounge passes. However, I will shortly receive a £1500 credit to the Gold card from a cancelled booking, potentially -1500 MR points. What will happen if it arrives before I cancel and there are no or few MR points on the card?

    • You can still get a refund on a cancelled card, you would have to contact Amex and ask them to transfer the funds to your bank. I don’t know what happens with minus MR points.

  2. Christian says:

    This “saving it to the card” malarky aggravates me.
    Why can’t it be automatic? And if they want to cap it to X thousand people, then fine – the first X thousand people making that transaction get the benefit.
    I invariably save this to card and forget all about it, or pay with another card anyway. Stupid way of doing it.

    • Because if it was limited to X thousand people, you would still have to check to make sure you are eligible before making every purchase!

  3. OT – Would the Amex ShopSmall offer appear separately on a supplementary card?

    I recently got a Supplementary Platinum Amex for a family member, but the ShopSmall offer doesn’t appear in their offers tab. IIRC, the ShopSmall offer isn’t limited to the first X number of cardholders. Does it usually appear separately for supp. cardholders?

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      It will appear on the supplementary card. They have to register seperately.

      If it’s new it might appear in a few days. If not there after a week or so get them to go in live chat or ring them to have it added?

    • Shoestring says:
      • I tried that on the first day by clicking the ‘Save to Card’ on that page. It redirects me to the Offers tab, and it says you don’t have any offers available.

        I’ll give it a couple of days, and then get onto Chat to see if they can push it to the card.

        • @MinR You generally need to have actually used the supplementary card for a real transaction to kick the offers into life. I had the exact same recently, my partner’s ARCC supplementary wasn’t showing any offers when I went looking for Shop Small. After a few days one offer did actually appear but not Shop Small. I then got her to use the card for a small transaction, and Shop Small plus a couple of other offers appeared the next day. Try that.

  4. I just saved the 1000 avios offer to my card today. I purchased flights on BA yesterday, my card hasn’t yet been charged (or at least the payment hasn’t appeared on my statement). Do you think it might count as eligible spend?

    • You’ll have to hope but chances are it won’t count.

    • Don’t think so – this happened to me missed by one day. Charge didn’t go through until after I saved it but still didn’t get the bonus.

  5. The Savage Squirrel says:

    Wildly OT for bits today.

    Can children earn Avios flying Biz on Qatar? The system doesn’t seem to accept their BAEC membership number, although it took the adults fine??

    • Charlieface says:

      Not sure but don’t see why not. Try adding the numbers via Finnair Manage Booking

  6. FYI for those interested – unlocked the additional offer on Marriot Bonvoy, Unlock More (stay twice, 2k points, then additional offer).

    I’m getting: stay once, get 20k points. Stay period is 29-Oct-19 to 14-Jan-20.

  7. Oh! Matron! says:

    I must be the only one excited about the west jet link up. Only the other day I resear5ched how to get my Mum over to Calgary with VS / Delta, and Via LAS with a Delta code share on west jet was the only way (From manchester, I have to add!). This is excellent news 🙂 It also opens up easier access to the Rockies too!

  8. OT and been covered before but whats are the best options for a 78 year old requiring travel insurance (medical) to UAE? No prior conditions.

    • Shoestring says:

      check out

      The Barclays Travel Plus Pack (an option if you open a free Barclays current account) goes up to 80 with its travel insurance (included in the pack, £18/ month)

    • Lady London says:

      Give them a supp on your Amex Platinum Business Card?

    • Thanks for tips, he has a lloyds account and I was able to add insurance up to 80 as part of their platinum account for £19 a month.

      Barclays cheaper but has 6 month min whereas the lloyds doesn’t appear to have a min term. It also covers a spouse or partner as long as they are under 80 which I think is outstanding.

      Interestingly revolut will cover up to 84 years of age on a pay per day basis. Was £9.25 a day for a 78 year old added to my free revolut account capped at something like max £240 a year premium.
      An option for over 80’s!

  9. Shoestring says:

    er…how exactly do I buy hotel rooms with Avios/ points on BAEC? Can’t seem to see the points route – did it with Avios from Iberia LY but there must be a way from BAEC, surely?

    I’m only seeing cash purchase

    • On the left hand panel of your account page select pay with avios and click hotels, or is that what you’ve already tried?

    • You can do it at

      There is an option at the top of the screen to switch between earn points and spend points.

    • Shoestring says:

      got it – thanks both

  10. OT:
    Can anyone confirm if the new 50p cancellation fees on short haul Avios bookings also apply to Australian domestic flights? I know they are changing this lower fee on cancellations of RFS, but wondered if it is applying to short haul internationally.

  11. Shoestring says:

    AIRBUS is imitating geese to cut airliners’ fuel consumption and reduce pollution by flying them in formations. The aerospace company has unveiled plans for jets to fly closely behind each other on long-haul flights – with the lead aircraft creating a wake in which followers can ride, slashing the amount of fuel they have to burn. The idea is copied from the “V” formations geese take on longer flights, with the birds behind riding the vortices from those ahead of them.
    Airbus said tests it conducted three years ago with aircraft flying about 1.8 miles apart found those following could use less power, cutting fuel con- sumption by between 5pc and 10pc per flight without passenger comfort being affected.
    However, technology at the time was not good enough to keep the aircraft flying precisely in formation safely. Airbus says developments such as real-time flight tracking mean that it can now start developing autopilot systems which keep aircraft in position under a programme it is calling “fello’fly”.

    • So flying about 15 seconds behind the leader… let’s hope the technology is properly tested!

      • Thank your lucky tears it isn’t Boring trying this.

        • Shoestring says:

          they could let off red blue & white flares as they go over London

        • I’d laugh in response to this, but I’m flying Ethiopian next Easter (back to the Seychelles again – I didn’t go there even once in 2018, and they had £500 fares in the school hols, seriously, anyone reading this that hasn’t been, you badly need to go, you just don’t know it yet…), but I’m worried all 4 flights may be on the by-then-ungrounded 737 Max.

    • Lady London says:

      Wondering what Air Traffic Control thanks about that?

    • 1.8 miles apart – Flying at those speeds, that’s nothing and a potential chain event waiting to happen ! 🙄

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