Get £45 for free if you have a Monese account (only 4 minutes needed!)

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EDIT 10am – both codes seem to be (temporarily?) exhausted.  We’ll update this comment if we hear they are back in stock.

Monese is the online banking app which has a partnership with Avios – albeit that the partnership has not gone much further, so far, than letting you view your Avios balance alongside your financial balance.

I know that 2,000 HFP readers have a Monese account following our recent competition.  If you didn’t win, here is £45 as compensation!

(We are announcing the winner of the 1 million Avios over the weekend.  Sorry for the delay. Not our fault!)

If you don’t already have a Monese account, you can use my refer-a-friend code of ROBE820.  You will receive a £5 credit plus a further £15 when you’ve spent £500 on your card.  (I think that is how it works – it doesn’t actually tell me anywhere what you get!)

If you are reading this on your phone, the download link is here.

How to get your free £45

As a Black Friday offer, Monese has two offers running:

  • Buy a £50 shopping gift card for £35
  • Buy a £100 shopping gift card for £70

By far the easiest option is to buy an Amazon gift card and add it to your Amazon account for future use (it is valid for 10 years!).

Here is a step by step guide to how to do it.  This is based on the £100 gift card but the process is the same for the £50 card.  You can buy one of each per Monese account.

As you can see from the time stamps on the screenshots, it only took me four minutes to buy and redeem each gift card – and it would have been quicker if I wasn’t taking and uploading screenshots!

If the offer comes up as ‘expired’, it isn’t.  It is just overload on the system.  I got ‘expired’ early on Friday but was then able to purchase successfully at lunchtime.  If GIFT100 fails for the £100 gift card, you may find that GIFT50 still works, according to readers.

Step 1:  Make sure you have £70 in your Monese account

I withdrew £70 from my linked HSBC account and it arrived instantly:

Monese gift card promotion

Step 2:  Go to ‘Promotions’, which is under the menu in the top left corner (the ‘head’ icon)

Step 3:  Add the code ‘GIFT100’ (or ‘GIFT50’ for the £50 card):

…. which will lead you to this screen:

Monese gift card promotion

Step 4:  Click on your messages (the ‘bell’ in the top right corner)

You can then activate your gift card:

Monese gift card promotion

Step 5:  Choose the gift card you want

You can choose from Amazon, Argos, Asda, Caffe Nero, Cineworld, Costa, Currys ….. and that is just A-C!  For an easy life, take an Amazon gift card (valid for 10 years!):

Monese gift card promotion

Step 6:  Click here to go to the page of the where you redeem electronic gift cards

Enter your code:

Monese gift card promotion

And that’s it!  £30 saved.

If you bought the £100 gift card, you can repeat the process with code GIFT50 and pay £35 for a £50 gift card.

I hope the free £45 makes up for not winning our Monese competition!

If you’re not already a Monese account holder, you can download the app here.

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Black Friday lunch round-up: Glasgow and Aberdeen lounges, Vueling, Lufthansa, Etihad, Cathay, Air France and Amazon!

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  1. OT, No bits:
    For my Qantas flights from the sale, I need to fly down from Newcastle to London Heathrow to depart from T3. I’m thinking that it might be best to fly the day before to minimise our chances of missing the Qantas flight (assuming the worst and BA somehow aren’t flying or are delayed on that Tuesday etc).

    Can anyone recommend a hotel in T3?

    • There’s a HGI attached to the car park of T2, easy walk from T3.

    • Top Masseur says:

      I’m confused – what’s this question got to do with the Monese article?

      • Nothing, which is why the OP (original poster) marked it as OT (off topic) as there isn’t a “Bits” article today.

    • Aerotel now open in T3 but windowless – Hilton T2 walkable if arriving early in the day.

      • Thanks, Rob – I’ll be staying the night before and my flight is in the evening of the next day – plenty of time for a walk! Will check out Aerotel too.

        • Just in case you’d also like an IHG option, or the HGI is fully booked, there is also the newish HI Express / Crowne Plaza at T4. It is obviously less convenient than actually staying at T3, but it sounds as if you’ll have plenty of time. Rob has done reviews.

          We stayed there recently in between T5 and T3. We arrived at T5, took the free bus to T4 that evening and then the next morning took the TfL train from T4 to T3 (thanks to advice from HfP commenters). With a fairly late arrival, and another brand needed for an accelerate target, we chose the less expensive HI Express option and were very pleasantly surprised. Good customer service and we were lucky enough to be given a quiet top floor room with very interesting airport views to wake up to in the morning.

          • Thank you! Will check it out.

            Looks like it’s fairly easy to get between all the terminals anyway, and we have time.

        • In that case I’d look for somewhere with a pool etc where you can have a relaxing morning.

  2. Signed up but still not able to redeem those 2 codes. Shame

    • Nick Newgale says:

      Same here! Signed up and been trying to Promo codes ever since with no success! 🙁

      • Same here! I wasted time and effort yesterday am signing up (and had to pay 4.95 to get Monese card posted to me (so it’s not really free?) then to find both offers have “expired” just tried again just now but same situation….

  3. Shoestring says:

    people are going on Twitter and getting both £50 & £100 giftcards, as recently as 14:45

    • Still not working for me for the £100 (got the £50 yesterday), unless they’ve changed the codes…

      • Shoestring says:

        Twitter team

        • Shoestring says:

          ie the Monese Twitter team are sorting people out with both codes

          • twitter team are just responding back saying they’ve ran out. is there a way to approach them.

          • Shoestring says:

            I don’t do Twitter! so just saw it online – I guess they just OK’d the first few then shut up shop

            a new sign up wouldn’t have any arguments but a longer standing Monese customer could play on that, I suppose

          • Shoestring says:

            16:35 [Yeah, just managed to get sorted with my 2nd voucher. As you say, Twitter team finally sorted]

            gotta switch on the old charm, I guess 🙂

  4. OT – no bits.

    I’ve had reward saver flights cancelled 9 months in advance and outbound and inbound legs moved to 1 day earlier (looks like ba are changing their flying days).

    I have a set week I need to be in country.

    Possibilities (in order of preference)

    1. Force rebooking on non ba carrier for same date.
    2. Change dates to slightly longer to cover the week I need
    3. Fly non ba (one world) indirect (extra 2hrs on 4 hr trip)

    Any duty of care for the extra time? Any other options I schools consider? What is ba likely to agree to?

    As always thanks in advance.

    • Shoestring says:

      quite tough to force (1) if BA have reasonable alternatives – but I don’t call 1 day earlier ‘reasonable’. So you should in theory be able to force BA to get you alternative flights with a competitor airline

      changing dates with BA should be easy enough if they have availability & BA are indeed pretty helpful in this regard, they’ll let you move cancelled flights pretty much to whichever new dates you choose

      (3) could be easier to get BA to agree to than (1) – usually best to do the homework youself and tell them the new route/s you want

      duty of care should potentially be OK if you stay with BA, ie option (2) – where would you see yourself needing hotel/ food costs that you wouldn’t have incurred if BA had kept to the original timings?

  5. OT:
    Kaligo are doing double points for hotel bookings until Monday. Please use Rob’s affiliate link to get to their website.

    You will need to register here for the promotion to get the double points:

    It’s not amazing, by any means, but I needed to book a hotel for my Mum for one night and it worked out as £2 cheaper than the hotel’s site. Plus I get 1000 Avios.

  6. Says both codes have expired, I’ve lost ten minutes of my life…

  7. OT, no bits:
    Trying to get back from Melbourne to Sydney on the grand prix day (15th March 2020). No Avios seats with Qantas past 18.30 at night (grand prix finishes at that time). Cash very expensive, understandably. Any more air miles loopholes here for a cheap trip back?

  8. Nigel Walsh says:

    Signed up. Both codes expired.

  9. Nick Newgale says:

    Signed up with the promise of £45 and failed to get anything! Very disappointed! How much has HFP made on ‘friend referrals’ I wonder?

    • It does say very clearly at the top of the article that the codes seem to be exhausted. That line was put there at 10am yesterday.

      You will have got £5 free off the referral and you’ll get another £15 if you spend £500 via your Monese account.

      We make peanuts vs our £2,000 per week salary and office bill (which is before I earn a penny), I promise you. Most readers (2,000 of them) signed up during the 1 million Avios competition which paid us NO referral commission.

      (Put another way, we lost £40,000 by running that competition vs what we would have got if we left readers to sign up organically. Not exactly the sign of someone desperate for cash at any price!)

      • Bob Bingle says:

        Presumably though, overall, you do make a profit after paying your £2k office and staff bills – i.e. you are running this as a business and not out of the goodness of your heart?

        PS This is in no way meant as criticism or should be construed as supporting any if the previous complaints.

    • Not sure what’s the point of your comment.. The article is clear and has been updated when the code got exhausted.

      I have picked up numerous tips for cahsback and savings from this website and it has cost me nothing.. so every time I have the opportunity to return the favour, I do it. I want this blog to continue running for many years to come, as I am sure it it will bring numerous other tips and opportunities

      Also, Rob is running this as a business and not a charity, so why are you surprised if can leverage off on small opportunity to make extra income

    • Neither did I but don’t blame Rob! Should have signed up for the Avios comp then wouldn’t have missed the promo b4 it expired. Totally my fault. I normally react quicker to HFP articles but Monese seemed a bit more effort on a busy day. Will pay more attention next time

  10. Shoestring says:

    got my sign up bonus from Monese 🙂

    • Didn’t the family all open doubts too. Surprised you didn’t open it when the Avios comp was in play.

      • Shoestring says:

        couldn’t be bothered for the competition as odds seemed low though the prize obvs great

        tbh I should have signed up to Monese for the sign up bonuses a long time ago but was too lazy

        not saying no to £60 free though lol

        others? my son wasn’t around to do the selfie and my wife said no, see my:
        [Shoestring says:
        29 November 2019 at 18:13
        have run into dearly beloved sez no problem
        so my wife won’t do the selfie bit to open a Monese a/c, ‘I don’t want the £45’
        good job I am used to this (the Amex years) – so I experience but momentary frustration & move on]

  11. LIke many, I missed the boat, but now have £100 in a Monese account. Any idea how I can get it out? I don’t really want to spend £4.95 to buy a debit card. Can I add to Apple pay without a card?

    All suggestions welcome.

    (Oh and ref the referral fee…..Rob your site is great value for money, so keep doing what you do so well. Hope my £5 helps buy you a nice cup of Xmas cheer!!!)

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