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I wanted to give our luxury hotel booking service another mention today in case your mind has started drifting towards your next holiday!  Since I launched this service two years ago with Emyr Thomas of Bon Vivant, the feedback from Head for Points readers has been excellent.  Over £1m-worth of rooms have been booked so far.

Here is an email I received from a reader, for example:

“I just wanted to give some feedback on Emyr and Bon Vivant. I have just used him to book three nights at the Conrad NYC for my brother’s wedding and also a night at the Park Hyatt in DC. Fantastic service, emails answered promptly, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Certainly offers a lot better service than other similar agents I have used through Flyertalk contacts.”

This is one I am particularly pleased about:

“Initially [after an enquiry about a previous trip] we didn’t use Emyr and that was almost certainly the wrong decision.  I’ve just made a booking through Emyr today, which has likely saved me circa £150 for a two night stay.  Emyr came back to my first email within a couple of hours. He understood my request perfectly and sent me the exact information I wanted. Thank you for the heads up on this gent. It’s much appreciated.”

Here is another from late 2019:

“I have just returned from a trip to Asia where Emyr booked the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore and Shangri-La Kowloon in Hong Kong for us. I wanted to compliment him on his service. We were thrilled with the room upgrade we got at both properties through booking via Emyr. Also, the other benefits, such as late check out and resort credit, were confirmed by the hotel on arrival without any prompting. Finally, it was great to be able to earn loyalty points by booking through Bon Vivant.  I plan to book some more hotel stays in the US next year via Bon Vivant.”

What we can offer

The luxury hotel companies do not get a lot of coverage on Head for Points due to their lack of loyalty schemes. This is despite the fact that many HFP readers are regular visitors to high end hotels.

If you are staying at a major luxury hotel brand, there is one inescapable fact – you will not get the best deal by booking directly. The major hotel groups all offer additional benefits and special deals which can only be accessed when booking via a luxury travel agent. These agents are relatively difficult to locate in the UK.

Virtuoso travel agent London

To plug the gap, I have teamed up with Emyr Thomas who runs luxury agent Bon Vivant to offer a luxury hotel booking service for HFP readers.

Via our partnership with Emyr, you are able to book better luxury hotel deals than you could book yourself via a London-based travel agent who is committed to fast response times and excellent customer service.

Virtuoso travel agent UK

If you are considering booking a luxury hotel, I would strongly recommend contacting Bon Vivant to see what special offers are available for that particular property.

Bon Vivant is an affiliate of SmartFlyer, a Virtuoso agency, which means that booking through them can give you access to benefits including upgrades, free breakfast, early check-in / late check-out and $100 hotel credits (or similar) at every Virtuoso hotel.

Most of the top hotel groups (including Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Four Seasons etc) have hotels that are a part of Virtuoso and you can access these benefits by booking through Bon Vivant.

There are many hundreds of other luxury hotels globally – including many Fairmont, One & Only, Hyatt, Corinthia and InterContinental properties – where Bon Vivant can access similar deals via the Virtuoso network. At InterContinental Le Grand Paris and InterContinental London Park Lane, for example, you will receive free club lounge access (usually €150 / £120 per night) when you book any room at Best Flexible Rate.

Bon Vivant will make the reservation for you and send you a confirmation outlining your exclusive benefits. You pay the hotel as usual on departure. Some hotels may request a night’s refundable deposit, or similar, but this will be outlined at the time of booking.

Reservations booked under these deals are fully flexible and have the same cancellation rules as a standard booking at the same property. The price is usually the same as the flexible rate shown on the hotel website and, by negotiation, the hotel can often be persuaded to match any promotional rates.

When a hotel is part of a loyalty programme, you WILL receive points and any elite benefits as well. This is not usually the case when booking via a third party travel agent.

Virtuoso travel agent London

Contacting Bon Vivant

If you already have a hotel stay in mind and want to see what additional amenities may be available via Bon Vivant, please contact Emyr Thomas via the form below.

If you are reading this via our daily emails, the form may not work properly.  Either click here and fill in the form online, or email me your requests at rob [at] and I will forward it.

Please be as specific as possible about your requirements. For example ‘I am looking at booking a Deluxe Room at Mandarin Oriental Prague for 21st to 24th March. Can you please confirm the additional benefits you can offer at this property and the rate available?’.

Remember that, in most cases, you will need to book a refundable rate to unlock these additional benefits. This programme is NOT about getting you a cheaper rate than booking direct – it is about getting you valuable additional benefits for the same price.

If you have any comments about Bon Vivant and their service, please email me directly at rob [at]

IMPORTANT: If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please drop me a note. The form below is not foolproof and it occasionally fails to trigger at our end or goes into spam at your end. If you do not see the form because you are reading via Apple News, RSS etc, please email me at rob [at] with your requirements and I will pass it across to Emyr.

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GDPR data protection information:  The information you submit through this form is sent to Bon Vivant and Head for PointsBon Vivant will use it solely for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. You will not receive any unsolicited future marketing information.  Head for Points will keep a record of your enquiry for up to six weeks and may contact you once for service feedback, at which point your data will be deleted from our email system.

Comments (25)

  • Mike says:

    This is getting silly now.

    • KBuffett says:

      Is the something more worthwhile that you want for the subscription you pay?

    • ChrisBCN says:

      3 articles a day, one of which is occasionally an advertising-ish article for a service with genuine uses for some that you may choose to use?

      What’s the problem?

      • ChrisC says:

        I think the issue Mike may have is that this service also got a plug on the 23rd December in this post about IHG benefits

        I usually just skip posts that have no interest for me from the blurb on the home page or just stop reading once I’ve started.

        I contacted Emyr on Friday evening and got a response Saturday morning!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          There are new readers all the time and people who have skipped it in the past but may be thinking about a new year break.

          Tbh the other two articles show you it’s slow season so I wouldn’t get too upset about it.

    • GaryC says:

      I can see both sides to this – yes this is a free to visit site, but for regular visitors, the frequency at which this post gets repeated does get tedious. I’m not sure why it can’t be pinned into some separate “Useful resources” type section rather than occupy one of the 3 article slots on such a regular basis. Personally I would like to see more meaningful frequent flier content in its place.

      • Rob says:

        I think it ran 11 times this year of which 5 were as a fourth article, so it displaced 6 other articles. That is out of 1,100 articles …..

        • Peter K says:

          I was going to say I thought it was usually a 4th article.

          • Shoestring says:

            there are a few times where I reckon HFP could do better in the recent past, ie editorial choices pushing one story over another or completely ignoring something worth reporting

            I’m not the editor so who gives a monkey’s but I thought the rare chance of buying Avios under 1p was worth at least 2-3 stories (none); HFP were very slow off the mark with the 3 recent Monese freebies (worth £65 I think to all readers, how many missed out? I was slow as hell but I still got there before HFP and it’s not as if it’s a 1 man operation); plus very slow with the Hilton? offer in a week when Hilton were sponsoring the blog!

            not complaining as I don’t pay a bean but closer attention to the comments down below would help

            ask/ tell staff! there must be a way to get automatic feed of comments, monitor for something good and act faster with an extra article

          • Rob says:

            Stuff with zero relevance of miles and points is never going to be run on here and I suggest you spend more time reading Hot UK Deals if that is your focus. It is about as attractive as a prostate examination to the 90% of readers who are ‘proper’ business travellers and indeed the people who write the big advertising cheques.

          • Peter K says:

            Fair comment Harry. It does feel like the collective HfP team’s eye has been off the ball for a few months. I’ve been picking up much more from the comments than the articles for a while now.

          • Shoestring says:

            and HFP could have been the first to report on the HEL sale price – 160 tier points for £160 (with the 3000 Avios), I guess those fares have gone now but there was a massive window and nobody noticed on FT at first – reported first here-under by Savage Squirrel!

          • Harry T says:

            Hat tip to the squirrel for helping me get two of those Helsinki tickets for £160 each. Would have bought more if I was chasing Silver!

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            The LHR – HEL fare was even better booking at full price at BA £196 & claiming £40 price match guarantee voucher against Travel up fare £164. Saving the 3000 avios to knock £30 off and got your 160 TP’s & 3000 + avios back, win, win!

          • Rob says:

            When it is the 3rd it gets emailed. When it is the 4th it is not emailed.

            Our 15,000 email readers are a totally separate market – research shows that they virtually never visit the website – and we have to adjust what we publish to reflect that.

          • Shoestring says:

            ooh I feel really upset by the prostate put down (not)

            but HFP actually makes money from new Monese sign-ups – and you were slow despite the monetary attraction

            slower than a slow or slowest sloth, slower than a slow geriatric giant tortoise, slower than your wife getting a joke

            HFP cost all those people £65 by being slow

          • Shoestring says:

            and what the hell has HUKD got to do with?
            1. under 1p points on Iberia (which HFP missed)
            2. the 3 Monese freebies (which HFP was so slow on it’s the same as missing it and therefore users didn’t get £65)
            3. the Hilton offer – HFP about 2 days late to the party
            4. the HEL 160 tier points for £160 deal

            All of which – HFP failed miserably by not picking up the story earlier despite people talking about them in the comments.

          • Shoestring says:

            and you put down these stories by calling them HUKD stories – yet repeat publish the truly boring stuff like Emyr 11 times in a few months?

  • Phil W says:

    I have made a couple of enquiries with Bon Vivant over recent months and received prompt and polite responses but ultimately nothing over and above what was available direct. I wonder if it would be possible for HFP to be more definitive in terms of how and with which hotels it would be worthwhile to take this route because I don’t want to waste Emyr’s or my own time chasing something this isn’t actually possible.

    • TripRep says:

      Yes, Emyr is polite and helpful, but sometimes you just draw a blank with your location. Still surprised that there’s nothing in Lucerne…

    • Lyn says:

      I wonder if there is some rule against Rob asking Emyr to write a guest article giving guidance about this, even as a extra 4th (non e-mail) article?

      • Rob says:

        We are not allowed to directly identify which hotel chains have ‘preferred partner’ schemes. We have had complaints. That doesn’t mean we don’t do it, but not blatantly in this article.

        Basically … Four Seasons, Mandarin, Rosewood, half of the InterCons, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, St Regis, Luxury Collection …. no problem. The very top independent hotels globally which are not part of chains …. should be ok. Some random 4-5 star in Corfu …. probably not.

        You are looking at the top 2,000 hotels globally. If you doubt a property you’re looking at is one of the top 2,000 hotels in the world, the odds are against you. But Emyr tends to reply very quickly anyway so it’s not a massive problem to ask, and he doesn’t mind.

  • Darren says:

    O/T anyone been to W Singapore Sentosa? It’s for a one nighter before travelling back to the UK, the 2pm late check out would useful as Gold.

    Alternatively I’m looking at one of the Six Senses.