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Here is the (almost) full list of raffle prizes, worth £4000+, for the Head for Points Winter party

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Roll up, roll up, the full list of HfP Christmas / Winter / whatever party raffle prizes has now been finalised.  We have over £4,000-worth of goodies on offer.

Our headline prizes have kindly been donated by our party sponsor, Marriott Bonvoy, but we want to thank everyone who has donated a prize.  We’re really appreciative of your support.

For the first time, we are selling additional raffle tickets on the night.  Everyone who attends will receive one free ticket.  However, additional tickets can be purchased for £1 each.

The money raised will go to Orbis.  Orbis works to fight ‘avoidable’ blindness, and sends its flying eye hospital and volunteer surgeons into areas where procedures we would take for granted are not performed.  It trains local medical staff at each location so that it can help create a long-term solution rather than just a short burst of one-off activity.

There will be a couple of Orbis representatives at the party who can explain more about their work and take your money.  If every guest purchased just two additional tickets we would raise over £1,500 on the night, including the donation from party ticket sales.

Onto the raffle prizes.

Ritz Carlton Budapest

Our grand prize, generously donated by Marriott Bonvoy, is 2 nights in the five-star Ritz Carlton Budapest, including breakfast and access to the spa. Situated in the heart of the city, the Ritz Carlton Budapest offers an authentic experience of Hungary’s capital city with the luxury of five-star amenities.

Opened in 2016, the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Budapest is set within a protected historic building, located on Elizabeth Square, with views over St Stephens Basilica.  Whoever wins this is going to have a fantastic short break.

Next up, two nights bed and breakfast at the five-star Domes Miramare Corfu, part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection. This adults-only resort looks very impressive and has an illustrious past, having played host to many the film star and royal in it’s past.

With a private beach, three on-site restaurants and a stunning pool, this will make for a seriously chilled few days for the lucky winner.

If you’re lucky enough to win our next prize, you’ll get three nights bed and breakfast, plus access to the spa at the Prague Marriott. Close to iconic sights such as Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, a stay at the Prague Marriott will be the perfect spot for a weekend break.

Moxy Heathrow

Marriott Bonvoy has also donated a voucher for a two night stay at any Moxy hotel in the Belvar collection.

Moxy is one of Marriott’s youngest lifestyle brands and offers a concept developed around the preferences of modern travellers for efficiency, comfort and design.  They are surprisingly smart and well run, in our experience, and you will enjoy your stay.  You can pick your property from a list which includes many German cities, Milan, Glasgow, London x 3, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and York.

Here are the rest of the prizes as of Thursday evening:

2 sets of 20,000 Avios, donated by Avios Group 

A pair of Business Premier tickets, donated by Club Eurostar 

£100 John Lewis gift vouchers and a model aircraft, donated by ANA 

A limited-edition hardback coffee table version of ‘British Airways: 100 Years of Aviation Posters’, donated by British Airways 

10,000 Avios, donated by Avios partner Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers 

20,000 IHG Rewards Club points, donated by IHG Rewards Club 

5,000 Heathrow Rewards points (x 4 sets!), donated by Heathrow Rewards 

A Galaxy Tab A 10.1” tablet, donated by ShanCo IT Services 

2 passes for any Heathrow Plaza Premium lounge (x 2 sets), donated by Plaza Premium 

A weekend car rental, donated by Avis Budget 

4 passes for any Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (must be flying Virgin Atlantic), donated by Virgin Atlantic 

2 ‘limited edition’ Flybe model aircraft AND 2 x round trip tickets to any Flybe destination, donated by Flybe  

A Signature ELITE Class Experience at Luton Airport (be driven to your plane!), donated by Signature (click for review) 

£100 of British Airways credit and three elite memberships, donated by Reward Flight Finder 

Three annual premium memberships to SeatSpy, donated by SeatSpy 

A return Mercedes airport transport to Heathrow or Gatwick from anywhere inside the M25, donated by REAL Transfers 

A lifetime subscription to App in the Air, donated by App in the Air

£150 voucher from Aircraft Model Store 

A Dash Cam, donated by Enterprise Car Rental 

A Malaysia Airlines goody bag, donated by Malaysia Airlines 

A Vietnam Airlines model plane, donated by Vietnam Airlines 

An Aspinal of London passport cover, donated by Curve 

We are still talking to a couple of companies about expanding this list – we’ll let you know over the weekend about any additional prizes.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday night.  Ticket holders will receive an email from us during Friday with full details of how the night will unfold.

Comments (76)

  • Gary says:

    Word of the day;

    underwhelm (underwhelming)

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      I think I’ve been to Underwhelm. Isn’t it in Shropshire or somewhere? I know I’ve definitely been to Middlewhelming and Whelming St Stephen’s

      Thanks for the trip up memory lane!

  • John o boats says:

    Great prizes there. +1

    • Shoestring says:

      Indeed! – and I’m sure I’m not the only person to work out that buying (say) £100 of raffle tickets on the night will give you extraordinarily good odds of winning a valuable prize (provided everybody doesn’t do it, of course).

      I look forward to seeing the total raised and my prediction would be over £10,000.

      Probably tax deductible as well.

      • Rob says:

        Rhys has only bought a couple of books of tickets, so that won’t be happening 🙂

        Whilst arguably the maths works, in reality it doesn’t because I doubt any single individual would value the prizes at their overall value. I wouldn’t give you 99p for a Dash Cam 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          maybe not £10000 then but only 2 books of raffle tickets – if somebody else is doing the selling so no time involved for HFP crew – sounds a bit low

          invited guests typically want to buy £25-50 worth as well, I know I used to (and put any prize back in the hat)

          • Rob says:

            We have more than 2 books …. but fewer than 10. We will check out the nearest 24-hour Rymans ….

            There is no scope to throw prizes back in. To avoid disrupting the event too much we will rattle through them and not wait for winners to claim before moving on. Even at 30 seconds per prize we’re at 15 minutes already, and the hotel wants the bar spend!

        • xcalx says:

          “Even at 30 seconds per prize we’re at 15 minutes already, and the hotel wants the bar spend!”
          They could be in for a shock then, didn’t you mention last years bar spend was very low.

          @ shoestring +1 I am the same, it’s just a way of making a donation regardless of the prize.

          • Rhys says:

            It was low because the bartenders spent 5 minutes making everyone’s drinks!

          • Callum says:

            If you want to make a donation and not win a prize, why don’t you just make a donation?

      • D says:

        £1 for first ticket, £2 for second, £3 for third would make the maths more interesting.. assuming you couldn’t come back for more! Great prize list.

    • Fred says:

      Genuinely hope you ‘win’ the passport cover 😉

  • Dawn says:

    Wish I wasn’t in S Africa and could come along 🙁

  • vol says:

    Surprised there are no flights in the prize list (or maybe I missed it as I am bleary eyed 🙃) but it’s a nice prize list all the same. 😁

    • TGLoyalty says:

      There’s Avios add £1 and you have flights 🙂

    • Rob says:

      We blocked it. We were offered some but we have moved them into a separate HFP competition next month. It is unfair on Bonvoy to steal their thunder – as with Summer, they are doing far more than the contract asks, with food, flowers etc all being provided.

      • marcw says:

        Don’t worry, they’ll get it all back by charging more (for drinks) than the same in-house bar.

        • Rhys says:

          Not this time…

        • Rob says:

          We are subsidising the drinks this time. It will be cheaper than the nearest pub, albeit that will be a Mayfair pub, at least for beer and wine. The only issue is that the hotel is being a pain because – instead of simply reducing the cost of drinks and us paying the extra later – they want to charge full price and then spend 2 minutes splitting each bill into two, partly paid by you and the rest sent to a suspense account which we will cover …. Hopefully we can get them to see sense.

          • Chas says:

            If they do that the queues will be massive, so we will drink less and everyone loses out. This happened at the Summer party – I only had 2 beers because I didn’t want to spend most of evening queuing.

          • Rhys says:

            The problem in the summer party is that the barstaff spent 5 minutes making each drink….

  • Crafty says:

    Are you capping either the number of tickets bought, or the number of prizes won per person?

    Otherwise, I suspect foul play will be afoot…

    • Shoestring says:

      There can’t possibly be foul play by buying yourself a lot of tickets – there are over 500 people there & they could all do the same. Yes – it would be smart to buy (say) 2000 tickets if the total sold to others is only going to be another 1500 (+ the original 500).

      You’d (probably) scoop half the prizes & make a profit.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      It’s a raffle. Purely based on chance I’m not sure what foul play could occur unless the person picking is in on it.

      Someone could improve their chances by putting their hands in their pocket but that’s true with all raffles or auctions.

  • Mike says:

    Hey Rob – Can non attenders buy a ticket ? I would love to support the nominated charity and have a chance of winning a prize

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      If not, Mike, I’ll happily buy some on your behalf. Orbis is a wonderful charity to be supporting.

    • Craig says:

      +1 on this, as one of the non-London oiks I’ve never been able to combine a trip with a HFP event.

      • Rob says:

        Not this time. If it works well with Orbis we will consider it for next time. You know how we work …. slow and steady!

        Only snag is that selling tickets remotely requires us to confirm the prize list more than 72 hours in advance!

    • Grant says:

      Me too

  • Tom says:

    OT – why is the BA site dearer than third party sites?

    BA is about 5% dearer than some other sites including Amex?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I haven’t always found they are cheaper for the exact same package are you sure you aren’t comparing Basic HBO fares with standard eco for example?

      Agents do also sometimes sell tickets intended for groups/packages as flight only for 1/2 people (naughty)

      The one thing to consider is it’s a pain to upgrade 3rd party bought tickets with Avios and or with cash offers.

      • Tom says:

        Comparing business flights – £483.24 on Amex and others but £513.42 on BA

        I suspect BA will find a way to refuse the claim……..

        Not a massive difference, but every penny counts…..

        • Shoestring says:

          BA probably *won’t* try a wriggle out of the lowest price guarantee, provided it is the same fare class – far simpler here because a fare class is a fare class is a fare class – hotels etc have a lot of wiggle room but not BA

          somebody used it just the other day on LHR-HEL and got the voucher for double the difference no issues at all

  • Angel says:

    I want to contribute to the raffle but I think my emails are going to your spam folders. Is it too late to join?

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