London City Airport to close until the end of April

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London City Airport announced last night that it was to close immediately.  There will be no flights until at least the end of April.

British Airways had planned a two week hiatus from today.  The airport clearly felt that there was not enough traffic remaining and that the two week British Airways suspension would have been extended.  All private jet flights have also been cancelled.

The airport said that:

“we have offered the use of London’s most central airport to the Government in case it can be used to support the emergency services, military or other government agencies.”

You can find out more on the airport website here.

London City Airport to close until the end of April

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Finally, a big thanks to everyone who is responding to queries from other readers in the comments section.  They are a great resource if you are looking for advice regarding your existing flight and hotel bookings, the refund process and more.

Many of you have been offering first hand advice informed by your own experiences to create a crowd-sourced database of knowledge that is vastly more than any one person could ever give.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to keep posting in the comments threads. Someone, somewhere will have dealt with the issue you are facing!

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  1. Michael C says:

    Thanks a million to everyone at HFP and all the readers/contributors, both for the help and the entertainment, which is no small thing these days!

  2. Shoestring says:

    No more pets on AA! 🙂

    [American has temporarily changed a number of policies in response to COVID-19. These changes include a relaxed seating policy, reduced food and beverage service, and suspension of checked pets. We’ve relaxed our seating policy to enable customers to practice social distancing on board whenever possible.

    For the safety of our customers and flight attendants, we’re temporarily suspending food and beverage service on flights under 2,200 miles (typically less than 4½ hours). Limited beverages will be available upon request. On flights over 2,200 miles (typically longer than 4½ hours), we will continue to offer a streamlined food and beverage service.

    Because schedule changes increase the risk of leaving a pet stranded, all checked pet service will be suspended beginning March 25. Carry-on pets and emotional service animals are still allowed.]

  3. The army have been doing pilot training for flying into and out of LCY. The plan is to fly people in from other parts of the country to LCY then drive them over the dock to Excel.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      surely NEC and BHX would’ve been better placed for a facility like this for anyone outside London to be flown/taken to.

      • We were saying that, much easier for patients to get home once discharged etc if they are nearer their families.

      • Rumour has it in healthcare circles that a second facility is going to be established at the NEC.

      • essjay2009 says:

        There’s going to be another 10 ish similar facilities set up around the country. They just haven’t decided where yet.

      • “People outside London”? You’re havin’ a larf, arncha?
        Not sure the 4000 beds at Excel are going to cope with what’s coming in London, let alone the rest of England.

        • NEC is getting the 2nd one.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          These flights they are talking about won’t be patients from inside London then will they.

          I was sticking with the points in the article that was posted.

        • People inside London appear hell bent on reaching the peak first so Excel makes sense from a geography perspective

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      If the peak passes earier in London than elsewhere (seems likely) it may have spare capacity at that point while other areas are still overstretched. Definitely sensible to use it in that scenario.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Exactly different areas will have different peaks at different times.

        No one has any idea how many people have already had it and have the anti bodies either.

        If you think only the c10k confirmed have it or have had then you haven’t actually been listening to the expert in the daily press conference.

  4. Paul W says:

    I have to be honest, when it comes to Instagram, I am somewhat of a laggard!! I do try and use it, but I am lame at engaging/contributing – meaning I am just a mere observer on instagram.
    #oldman 🙂

    • I sometimes look at friends’ posts if they link to twitter, but I honestly can’t see the point of having numerous social media accounts, which either lie dormant or have to be maintained. I still use my Livejournal account!

    • Same with me, which is why Rhys is doing it!

  5. John Dodd says:

    BA up to their tricks. I have an e mail cancelling my outward leg on a booking but not the return. I don’t want a return if they cannot get me there so they are being stupid. Do not want a voucher but when you ring their recorded message plays and then you are cut off.

    • You can now cancel the whole ticket for a full refund. Use the workaround published a few days ago to do it online yourself.

      • Brighton Belle says:

        Is there any evidence yet that Shoestring’s workaround generates the actual cash refund? I can see BA saying customers have violated the refund process by hacking the software logic they implemented and you’re getting a voucher whether you like it or not.

        • It worked for me yesterday, I got one cash refund and the other was my Avios refunded. It’s till working and I managed to this this on my iPhone. I was having problems at first. Just remember to disable Java Script when you press continue (to refund option page) then you have to allow Java Script again to actually request it. I have the processing page appear and after about 20 seconds confirmation. Refunded to card and Avios back in the bank. Good luck

        • Spursdebs says:

          It’s not SS but Antonio’s work around. Harry has helped explain it to lots of people but he didn’t come up with it.

          • And the Avios work around is thanks to Willmatt on FlyerTalk. I merely copied it and posted here for those who don’t use FlyerTalk.

          • Shoestring says:

            yep & I have made that clear right from the start: Antonio’s insight but he has far better things to do than reply to new people asking the same questions, because for many of us the instructions are initially a bit oo-er worrying

            though when they get a bit of help, most people seem to manage

            I blame people using their mobiles (or people new to HFP reading the Daily Mail article) and not reading the threads/ scrolling up a bit

            it was people new to HFP from DM that I was mainly trying to assist

          • Shoestring says:

            as it is the best quality newspaper in the UK & I love their readers 🙂

        • Erico1875 says:

          Not for me
          I tried it both ways as suggested. Got a screenshot of the “thanks for requesting a refund We will get back to you etc etc.
          No email. Flights are showing as still waiting my action. 3 out of 4 have cancelled by BA. (All on the same booking ref).
          I am just going to have to phone them

    • They might just be doing it by date – is it 2 separate bookings? I have a return leg I am unable to cancel online at the moment and got an email yesterday saying I will not be flying into MAN T1, even though I now have no outbound flight and wouldn’t be allowed into the destination anyway!!

      • Now be flying*

        • I helped a friend cancel their booking for a full refund in the above scenario yesterday with the workaround. But yes, it was on one ticket.

    • Charlieface says:

      S.75 claim is the way forward, methinks

  6. Helen F says:

    I need to cancel or rearrange a hotel booking – made using my avios.(Just a hotel no associated flights) It’s a non refundable booking in normal times. Does anyone have any idea how I go about getting this amended or the points refunded?

    • Ordinarily you won’t get a refund but you might try contacting the hotel directly to get them to confirm in writing that they are refunding non-refundable bookings.

      Then use that evidence to contact BA and try to get them to refund your Avios. You could also say to BA you’d be happy with a voucher instead.

      Alternatively if it helps ask the hotel if they would directly give you a voucher for future use or move the booking to a future date.

      Good luck. Let us know if you do succeed.

  7. Pangolin says:

    “First, a big thanks to everyone who is responding to queries from other readers in the comments section. They are a great resource if you are looking for advice regarding your existing flight and hotel bookings, the refund process and more.”

    In the comments section of yesterday’s story about Hilton status extension, I posted a reply to someone who mentioned they had gone from Titanium Elite to Gold and they would now obviously be switching all their stays to Hilton, as their expected downgrade from Diamond to Gold was being waived.

    I simply posted that I was in exactly the same situation and would be doing the same – it was a one-liner.

    The post was removed.

    • Shouldn’t have been. However …. the comments system cannot compress comment threads. If a comment is deleted, all of the comments below it are orphaned – ie if C replies to B who replies to A, but B is deleted, then the comment by C does NOT automatically go under A. It just falls away. In general (and I’m not saying this happened to you, necessarily) if we cut a comment then everything under it needs to be cut as well.

  8. Colin MacKinnon says:

    HIAL have closed all their airports – Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd

    So that’s Inverness closed now.

    (Emergency flights excepted)

  9. Colin MacKinnon says:

    London City re-opening as RAF Nightingale, to serve Excel Nightingale Hospital

  10. Unhappy Hub says:

    Really concerned as my gf (cabin crew) is still having to fly to Spanish and German routes. BA continue to flaunt staff safety by flying NEO’s where social distancing is impossible.

    • Hi Unhappy Hub.
      That’s unacceptable by BA – and to be honest I was stunned to be moved from a cancelled Barcelona flight this weekend to a new one – they are still flying twice a day to a Barcelona Warzone where everything is closed?

      I think you have a fever right now – wheich means she has to self-isolate for 7 days…

  11. My (elderly) dad was meant to fly from KUL-DXB-LHR on Emirates at the end of April. He just received an email telling him that his KUL-DXB flight is cancelled and to contact them closer to the date of travel. Is there any way for him to get a refund on his entire trip?

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