Get a 100% bonus buying Hilton Honors points – is it a good deal?

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If you are currently planning your post-corona travel, Hilton Honors is currently running another promotion offering a 100% bonus when you purchase 10,000+ points.

The Hilton ‘buy points’ page is here.  You have until 27th May to buy.

Regular readers of Head for Points will know that I tend to value Hilton points at 0.33p each.  You are paying 0.40p (0.5 cents) here so the maths in general doesn’t work.

HOWEVER ….. there ARE real bargains to be had at peak periods.  Conrad Maldives at 95,000 points per night, the new Waldorf Astoria Maldives at 120,000 points, the ‘all suite’ Conrad New York Downtown or Conrad New York Midtown at 95,000 points etc are places where you will usually save a lot of money by buying points instead of paying cash.

This is especially true if you have Hilton status and can get ‘5 nights for the points of 4’ on a longer stay.  If you don’t have status, this article shows you how to get a Hilton Honors status match.

If you are just buying a handful of points to top off your account, the price per point doesn’t matter anyway.  If you are a few thousand short of a redemption then this is a decent opportunity to buy them.

Rooms booked on points are also fully refundable, except on some rare occasions such as New Years Eve in key cities.  This gives you extra certainty if you want to book but are worried about, for example, future quarantine restrictions at your destination which mean you can’t travel.

You can buy points via this link.  The offer ends on 27th May.

How to earn Hilton Honors points via UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Hilton Honors points from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Do you know that holders of The Platinum Card from American Express receive FREE Hilton Honors Gold status for as long as they hold the card?  It also comes with Marriott Bonvoy Gold, Radisson Rewards Gold, Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade and Melia Rewards Gold status.  We reviewed American Express Platinum in detail here.

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Hilton Honors points.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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Qatar Airways offering 10% discount on one-way rescue flights

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  1. Surely we should expect to see huge devaluations of our Hilton (and all other) points later this year ?

    • The Original David says:


    • Genghis says:

      There are a number of different lenses to view this, mv = pq, cash inflation, supply and demand etc. In short though, it’s a certainty that reward schemes devalue over time. Whether now is the time, only the scheme providers know. All you can do is to try to mitigate your risk through earn and burn.
      @Rob This might make a good article for HfP?

      • roberto says:

        I agree ,total income will still equal total expenditure so I cant see much changing net net . But t inflation/deflation will affect the value of your holdings and unlike many assets the long term value of an avios will always be on the downward slope albeit slowly as the airlines seek ways to eak profit from every avenue

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Anywhere that charges room rates in USD just because a better deal via Hilton points (If you already have them not buying in deal mentioned)

      • I ve been thinking about this, lots of cancellations etc mean more points back in circulation, alone i have had 450000 Avios returned and 720000 Hilton points returned.

        So I wander what the strategy of the big chains going forward will be. Keep the charts the same in the short term so there are people flying and staying generating some revenue through fees and F&B spend etc, or see it as to much of a negative on their balance sheets and so devalue acutely

        • Rooms will be empty, award nights will be easy to come by. Hotels will want reward guests due to incidental spending.

        • I don’t really care what their medium to long term strategy is, we have to play and live with that whatever it may be so there is no point worrying about it. We should be much more focussed on our own individual strategies and mine is to sink avios and a 241 into First to TYO and back from HKG, and Hilton points into hotels come July for the Olympics next year. More avios will go on TYO-BKK-HKG in J with JAL and hopefully Sri Lankan. Bonvoy points on Courtyard Inverness, and IHG points someplace in HKG. Hopefully all at current rates, and hopefully the self-limiying nature of viruses means the whole thing will be trouble-free by then.

          • Doogie says:

            I take it you’re redeeming the TYO First on JAL as well since BA have dropped First from Summer 20 (and KIX completely from mid March 21)

            How do you find the value and availability of that redemption?

            We’re in the process of rebooking our missed Tokyo 2-4-1 for 2021 but are having to book CW as First no longer available on the route.

          • Personally, I’ve rebooked in J to Haneda next year which will probably be Club Suite, so really doesn’t matter it is not F, although I’d prefer it.

          • Thanks Doogie /Meta, I had not heard about F so J will have to do, a bonus if it means we get to try Club Suite. Using a 241 so has to be BA not JAL. I had not heard about KIX either. If I can snag seats in time for Olympics then valud is certain to be good. Usually we depart INV these days so that helps on value.

          • Availabilith to TYO has generally been good, better than thd othef big Asian destinations. I think that might change though as I can now see BA dropping to a single daily flight to Haneda, at least in tbd short to medium term.

      • The other important aspect of using points in USA is that you will not have to pay taxes and other charges, this could easily save you 15% on paying cash

    • the_real_a says:

      They already devalued massively at the lower end last year with many of the hotels i use doubled and even trebled in reward points required.

      • Agreed, I don’t think they have much room to move unless all, the chains jump on a devaluation bandwagon. Seems unlikely though given tbe difficulty of collecting points in recent times. Furthermore, Hilton’s response to Covid-19 will likely generate a lot of goodwill, it would be a bit silly to blow the benefits that will probably bring with a huge devaluation.

  2. Aren’t all Hilton bookings now refundable? If so, then that makes the cancellation option for points bookings less of a factor right now.

  3. Big Ernie McCracken says:

    Can you explain mv=pq please. Never heard those terms.

    • My view = toilet paper. PQ is the French abbreviation for toilet paper

    • TGLoyalty says:

      MV = PQ

      M= money supply, V= the velocity of money, P=prices, Q=quantity of production or activity. PQ = nominal GDP

  4. The £/$ exchange rate is making paying anything in US dollars an ordeal just now. I’ve had to reserve my timeshare week for next Easter as there’s going to be a stampede for units when the travel ban is lifted but this year it’s the equivalent £1021, ouch!!

    • I’ve used sky auctions (nothing to do with sky tv) to buy certificates that are redeemable worldwide . On offer regulary for $199 Have had some great value stays.. I gave away my timeshare for the cost of the name transfer 5 years ago due to maintenance fees.

      Here is an example for GC

      • I should have mentioned. certs are sold at skyauctionsdotcom

      • BrianDT says:

        Can’t work out how to join ?

        • Click on register in top righthand corner of skyauctiondotcom opt to give card details later. You don’t need to register to browse.

          • Whats the catch with these auctions, lots of Disney area villa rooms for $1?

          • @ jamie the $1 for a week stays will have a $200 fee (no timeshare tour required). Still great value. I and my sons have used them many times for their families in Orlando. Mexico,Caribbean,Miami, Tenerife etc

      • I will have a look, thanks. But £1000 is still a bargain for a week in a 2 bed, 3 bathroom apartment in Grand Cayman and we get other perks as owners so will stick with it for now.

      • the_real_a says:

        Did i read it correctly that $199 cert is good for a 7 day stay?

        • You usually have to agree to do a timeshare tour, some people are terrified by these but I think a typical HFP reader would be capable of saying no and walking away at the end.

          • No Anna, that is not the case with these certs. I have been using them for 18 years. There is no catch whatsoever. The main thing to look for is to avoid the all inclusive resorts in favour of the room only resorts as the AI fee can be huge.

        • @ the real a $199 will have a $20 booking fee You have to watch for extras added like date fees but its easy to find many resorts for the $219 outlay year round.

    • mike turnbull says:

      Another Curve payment.

  5. Re making a travel insurance claim

    Do you still need to have the card (Amex plat) to make the claim?

    Or find if paid with card and still held it at cancellation.?

    • Nick
      I’m in the same boat and would like to know as well. I’ve submitted my claim but when I submitted it I got “internal server error”, so don’t know if it’s worked properly. I’ve tried emailing (as no phone option) but no reply. It’s hopeless. Anyone any advice please as AXA Insurance appear to be incommunicado!

    • Reeferman says:

      I used a Santander CC for 2 bookings (early/mid-2019), but cancelled the card end-2019. Nevertheless, I made 2 x S75 claims a few weeks ago which was not a problem – I imagine this is the case for all cards.

    • Charlieface says:

      No once you put in a claim you can cancel the policy (or card). Technically if the claim arose earlier but you hadn’t informed them before cancelling you can still claim but you may get pushback. Expiration on an annual is the same

      • Thanks Charlieface. Just wondering as well if all claim items have to be purchased on Amex Plat or just holding the card during the holiday is ok? Any experience? I called them in advance of my “eventful” holiday and asked if the hire car had to be with Amex for it to cover excess insurance – at that point they were quite relaxed. Might have changed now. No issues with the hire car excess BTW which is more than can be said for the rest of the holiday. TIA.

  6. coldrdgd says:

    And GDP = Toilet Paper

  7. Mikeact says:

    So, here we are, Easter Monday locked up.
    We’ve just booked Easter next year, one way at the moment, to Tenerife. I will book the return when flights are loaded after T355.
    For what it’s worth there is lots of availability to many popular resorts around Europe so now could be a good time to book, or anywhere else for that matter.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Trying to buy Hilton points I’m using safari . Hilton site won’t allow me without disabling preferences.Can someone please tell me how to do this ?

  9. OT – Anyone had the bonus points from Morrison’s shop away posted to flying club accounts?

    • Jonathan says:

      No they keep pushing the time out . It started at 84 days then three weeks later it’s now showing over 90 days

    • Yes in the last few days I have received points up to 21 Feb purchases.

    • POUGer says:

      Generally my Morrisons points have a pattern of arriving in my VA account 51 days after the purchase was made.

      7 days email showing pending points
      50 days email advising points approved
      Day 51 Points hit my account.

    • Yes, they are now dropping in, a couple for me already. I don’t recall the dated of the first transaction but I can check it for you and report back if you need that much detail.

      • I have been receiving the base points but nothing from the bonus points. I have had emails saying my purchases have been approved.

      • Ours all dropped in yesterday from x 3 made on the 8th, last day. Glad they went through. Got their new M cards, as quite versatile being able to use them for other card purchases if ness, like JL for Waitrose. Like to support both stores in our town.

  10. @mkcol says:

    I looked for Conrad Maldives the other day, just out of nosiness than anything else – despite searching several dates could not find it, even being unavailable. It did show availability at the 2 other Hilton (brand) properties which got me wondering whether to try either of them for a change.

  11. Richard M says:

    BA have already started whacking up so-called “taxes, fees and charges”. An inbound from Jeddah to London was Avios + £100 at the start of the year, this has increased to £139.

    More broadly, the worry for anybody accepting a voucher, is that on many routes with limited competition the fares will be higher when flights are operating and the time comes to rebook.

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