How will the 14-day UK travel quarantine work?

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The Government has announced details of its travel quarantine arrangements this afternoon.

As had been trailed, virtually all arrivals into the UK will need to enter into quarantine for 14 days on arrival.  For non-UK citizens / residents, Border Force will be allowed to refuse entry if they believe that the visitor will not abide by these arrangements.

The exact details will not be known until full written Government guidance is published.  This is what was announced:

When does the new quarantine system begin?

8th June

Who is covered by the quarantine ruling?

Everyone entering the United Kingdom from anywhere except Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland, except for freight drivers, doctors and scientists entering for coronavirus-related work and fruit pickers.

How does it work?

Arrivals will need to have filled in an ‘online contact locator’ form before arriving in the country.  It will not be a Government requirement to have completed the form but airlines may at their discretion refuse to carry passengers who have not done so.  This will be used for quarantine enforcement and for contacting travellers if any fellow passengers on their flight, boat or train falls ill.

Arrivals must leave the port or airport by car, wherever possible, and head to a location where they will quarantine for 14 days.  Travellers should not receive visitors and should not leave their quarantine to buy food or other supplies if possible.

Hotel accommodation will be provided for arrivals who do not have accommodation arranged.

Other people who are staying in the same house as someone who is quarantining do not have to enter quarantine.

What is the fine for breaking quarantine?

The police will not be directly involved in enforcing quarantine.

Public health officials and ‘private contractors’ will be responsible for visiting arriving travellers.  (It is unclear how this will work as I doubt either of these groups has the legal right to enter your property.)  In theory, these contractors will supply the police with details of those who were not at their stated address so that the police can issue a fixed penalty of £1,000.  Other parts of the UK can set their own arrangements.

When will these measure be reviewed?

The measures will be reviewed every three weeks.

The official guidance should be available on this page of the Government website very soon.

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  1. Brian says:

    You say that the online form doesn’t HAVE to be filled out – according to the BBC, there is a £100 fine for failing to do so!

    • More importantly the government release makes it clear that there is a GBP100 fine for not providing the form.
      Though there is a long list of exemptions from self isolation, there are very few for filling in details of where you will be staying.

  2. From what we know so far, this looks a right bloody mess. You should leave the airport if possible by car and if possible not go out to buy food etc. I imagine many people will not have a car available at the airport and, as for not going out to buy food, you’ll starve to death instead of dying of Covid? And how do you fill in an online form if you have no internet access? I would expect all these half-baked ideas to be “reviewed” before the implementation date.

    • In countries with a strict quarantine someone else has to buy food for you – you literally cannot leave your apartment/hotel etc unless it’s a medical emergency or the building is on fire. I don’t think a strict quarantine in the UK is realistic – the police don’t have the resources or will to enforce it and since govt cronies can freely break the rules without any consequence (the govt now openly admitting Dominic Cummings is above the law) why should anyone else follow the rules?

      • probably just a coincidence, but Dominic’s mum, Morag, had her birthday in April.

        • Lady London says:

          Ahaaaaaaaaha !!! doubtless “just a coincidence”

        • Crafty says:

          It was on the date of the first trip.

          The second trip was his wife’s birthday.

  3. 2 eurostar trains per day also still arriving into St Pancras. France has just said they will ask UK arrivals to quarantine, the Telegraph describes it as ‘retaliation’.

    Wonder if there will be some sort of rush to get into the UK before the quarantine rules come in. In other countries they give little notice to prevent a rush occurring, which gives a different set of problems for people. Will be interesting to see if flights and Eurostar getting busier in advance.

    • Who wants to go to the UK that badly right now? I would think it will mostly be UK residents or relatives of people with close ties to the UK who’d contemplate travelling there any time soon.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Right now it’s 1 in 1000 that have it. Your risk of catching it is tiny and the risk of dying depends on your personal health / age. The level of fear is disproportionate to the actual risk.

        There have obviously been lots of people still coming to the UK over the past two months when it had higher prevalence. That didn’t stop people entering for whatever reason they had.

      • Well regardless of the reasons for coming into the UK I hope that all the passengers arriving on the SU2582 from Moscow at 1600 hrs are wearing a face mask (but only if they want to), and get a car home (if they can).

  4. Harry T says:

    Looks like NHS workers would be covered by the exemption list under point four:
    “ a registered health or care professional travelling to the UK to provide essential healthcare, including where this is not related to coronavirus”

    • There’s loads – police, telecoms engineers, most of the professions already classed as “key workers”, in fact.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Good to know all of these exempt professions can’t bring Covid-19 in with them to spread the virus like those in other professions.

      • To be fair, a lot of them are going to pose far less risk from having been on holiday than they do in their day to day jobs!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          But that’s not the point with all these exempt people it’s a farce.

          • The whole thing is a farce, TG, as I have pointed out several times on this thread!

        • Its nothing to do with holiday, they are allowed in without quarantine if they are doing their day jobs!

          • Reason for travel isn’t mentioned, just reason for returning. There’s no way they could prove who’s been on holiday and who hasn’t.

      • Harry T says:

        It’s a good point, @TGLoyalty. I think the quarantine is a political move.

        @Anna is right – I stand a much greater chance of acquiring covid at the hospital than I would in France etc

        • Well quite – though I am not having much success pointing out to my OH that he takes more of a risk at work every day than he would in a villa in the Med!

          • This is my personal favourite (last on the list):

            “a person who resides in the UK and who pursues an activity as an employed or self-employed person in another country to which they usually go at least once a week.”

  5. Mike P says:

    The quarantine rules will stop the vast bulk of people even considering flying until it’s rescinded. The knowledge of the general public and desire to get round the rules in order to be able to travel is nothing like the average level of knowledge of posters on here or Flyertalk.

    • Andrew says:

      Absolutely agree – they are the same people that use a debit card for their day to day expenses rather than earn any miles. 99% of the population will not fly until quarantine and the FCO advice changes.

      • 99%? Where do you find that stat?

        • Probably made up like most stats 😉 I’m sure some Tory MPs and advisors will travel anyway to their place in the south of France and ignore the quarantine on their return.

          • Yes, 33.46% of stats are made up.

          • They will be able to observe quarantine in their constituency homes as parliament will be in recess for the summer. I have no doubt whatsoever that we will see MPs going off on their planned summer jaunts while the rest of us spend the next 2 months on the phone trying to get refunds or vouchers!

          • Very true Anna 😂

          • If you fly UK-Dublin-Nice you don’t need to quarantine anyway. Ireland lets you transit despite having quarantine rules if you want to leave the airport.

          • Optimus Prime says:

            Will Hancock go on a lavish holiday?

          • Lady London says:

            Thats why MP’s are on the list of key workers.

            Is there a reason the Houses of Parliament are located right on the Thames with that lovely high bridge over it? Shall we re-use the 8pm Thursday slot for chucking these MP’s in,?

  6. Riccatti says:

    People arriving in France from the UK will have to self-isolate for 14 days from 8 June, the French government has announced. It comes after Home Secretary Priti Patel revealed quarantine plans for visitors to the UK from the same date. France said it would impose reciprocal measures for any European country enforcing a quarantine.

    What is this but a contest..

    • Also, I thought Brussels had declared that member states have to be non-discriminatory and proportionate in the way they apply entry rules? Tit for tat decisions would seem to comply with neither of these. Or is that just for us?!

      • It’s for Spain as well. I think UK media as usual are interpreting this incorrectly. From what I’ve been reading in French media, it will be valid until 15 June when EU wide measures for relaxation kick in.

      • I fact it starts for Spanish travellers to France on Monday since they already have a quarantine rule.

    • Lady London says:

      Hold on… Boris DID start off wsnting to quarantine all arrivals except from Ireland and FRANCE.

      Given quarantine at this stage is going to make very little difference to health, it was a nice gesture to exempt the 300,000 old British people in France from it as well as the 300,000 young French people in the UK. Oh, and given all the British soldiers who left their bones in French soil in two world wars in the past century.

      Then the EU told Boris we were not allowed to distinguish between arrivals from any EU country, the UK could not just accept travellers from France.

      So Boris has announced everyone’s quarantined except arrivals from Ireland.

      Whereupon France has miraculously announced quarantine for people arriving in France from Britain, starting from the exact same date in 16 days:time.

      We can’t really win, can we ?

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