LAST DAY (NOW EXTENDED TO 3rd JUNE): Get a 100% bonus buying Hilton Honors points – is it a good deal?

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If you are currently planning your post-corona travel, today (Wednesday) is the last day to jump on the Hilton Honors promotion offering a 100% bonus when you purchase 10,000+ points.

The Hilton ‘buy points’ page is here.

(EDIT: Hilton has extended the offer at the last minute and it now runs until 3rd June)

Regular readers of Head for Points will know that I tend to value Hilton points at 0.33p each.  You are paying 0.40p (0.5 cents) here so the maths in general doesn’t work.

Visit Conrad Maldives by buying points

HOWEVER ….. there ARE real bargains to be had at peak periods.  Conrad Maldives (above) at 95,000 points per night, the new Waldorf Astoria Maldives at 120,000 points, the ‘all suite’ Conrad New York Downtown or Conrad New York Midtown (below) at 95,000 points etc are places where you will usually save a lot of money by buying points instead of paying cash.

This is especially true if you have Hilton status and can get ‘5 nights for the points of 4’ on a longer stay.  If you don’t have status, this article shows you how to get a Hilton Honors status match.

Visit Conrad New York Midtown by buying points

If you are just buying a handful of points to top off your account, the price per point doesn’t matter anyway.  If you are a few thousand short of a redemption then this is a decent opportunity to buy them.

Rooms booked on points are also fully refundable, except on some rare occasions such as New Years Eve in key cities.  This gives you extra certainty if you want to book but are worried about, for example, future quarantine restrictions at your destination which mean you can’t travel.

You can buy points via this link.  The offer ends TONIGHT, 27th May.

How to earn Hilton Honors points via UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Hilton Honors points from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Do you know that holders of The Platinum Card from American Express receive FREE Hilton Honors Gold status for as long as they hold the card?  It also comes with Marriott Bonvoy Gold, Radisson Rewards Gold, Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade and Melia Rewards Gold status.  We reviewed American Express Platinum in detail here.

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Hilton Honors points.

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  1. It is worth pointing out with the Waldorf Maldives it is all but impossible to get the 5 nights for 4 points nights offer. If you book just as award availability opens you might get lucky or in the current situation they seem to have opened some availability for the next couple of months but thats it. Hilton seem to have no issue with hotels gaming the system by releasing different rooms for standard awards on different days to block the 5 for 4 offer.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      True, WA Maldives has become hard to find availability after they initially opened especially in peak months.

  2. Phil Howarth says:

    Offer now extended to 3 June.

  3. Hi, just clicked on the link and signed in, it has been extended to 3 June.

  4. Quick question. I am Hilton Gold so should qualify for the 5 nights for 4. I am considering using this in Seychelles, but given I have so few points in my account, I can’t seem to check availability? It says I need 5k points. Also when I try to book 5 nights, the price per night on points doesn’t change – is that normal?

    • Harry T says:

      You may be able to see availability if you search after logging out.

    • Compare cash price vs purchasing points. In my experience Hilton properties in Seychelles are cheaper if you book for cash even flexible rates.

      • Yeah I have, for Hilton Northolme in October, 460 EUR a night vs 95k points. Add in 5 night for 4 and it is a lot better. Assuming we can travel by then. Just want to make sure the 5 for 4 is working at this property. NB this is not during half term.

        • Secret Squirrel says:

          Hi Alex,
          We stayed at Northome last year, what room are you looking at?
          From what we saw, the base rooms are not so good as set into the side of a hill but with lots of high vegetation covering partial views of the sea. We upgraded to a suite with pool for an extra £90 a night.
          If you book on HH Points & are Diamond, you may be lucky and get a free upgrade to pool suite.
          It’s got little to no beach so a pool in the villa was important for us as only a small communal pool and limited number of Sun beds.
          Personally, I think Labriz looks better as good beaches there.

          • Thanks, we were looking at base room but hoping to upgrade maybe, or as gold maybe get a small upgrade. I will also take a look at Labriz as well. Thanks for your advice.

        • Oh wow this has gone up quite a bit since I looked. It used to be 70-80k points per night in December!

          • babyg says:

            I stayed at both Northholme and Labriz, personally i preferred Labriz – better service, more relaxed and easier to get to beaches, restaurants etc.

            Im going in October (hopefully) and have noted the price has gone up since Covid, previous i could book Labriz fro 300 euros a night, now its 400 euros, I think all the deals have dried up, so points for both properties buying points works out better than using cash if factor in the 5th free night.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Think all resorts using HH Points you get 1 night free per 5 x nights booked.

  5. dac1234 says:

    My wife and I bought points (both zero balances), combined them and got a 5 for 4 at the Conrad Maldives. Saves a fortune on both daily rate and all the extras the Maldives charge. Well worth it! (although wont go back, the Seychelles much nicer….for us with 2 kids that is!)

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Wow, we found Conrad Maldives amazing. Everything from start to finish luxury and staff very attentive.
      Beats Northolme even Villa with Pool hands down. Think you must of stayed at Labriz in a higher end villa then!

      • Dac1234 says:

        We did at labriz 🙂 Just found it more authentic and less polished. But both amazing!

  6. Secret Squirrel says:

    Not sure being Gold will get you an upgrade there, only heard of Diamonds being lucky.
    Base rooms are basic, a balcony at best with potentially not such a good view. I think some lower down rooms may only see the gardens / buildings.
    Not a lot to do there also, unless you book excursions everyday.
    Labriz is Definetly better IMO.
    If you do go with Northolme, they may send you an upgrade to pool offer via email like us. Negotiate the price down or wait until you arrive, check availability and negotiate at reception.

    • Roberto says:

      Due to have a day/night in Northolme on points in about five weeks. Booked it as the ferry times to La Digue have changed and wont make the same day connection off our BA flight to original hotel choice.

      Cant quite see the flights going tbh so its all academic currently. This will be the third time I have booked Seychelles and not gone. Dont think its meant to be.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Roberto: you were booked at Labriz then. The ferry can take a while we were told if the sea is a little bit rough, I think an hour.
        Thats one advantage of Northolme, 20 mins in a taxi from the airport. Is what’s needed after a 10 x hour plus flight.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        What flights are you booked on Roberto? We flew BA direct & landed at aim so got a full First day in the resort.

        • Thanks, I am considering the Labriz now was well. Actually cheaper on points (80k vs 95k) for a similar cash price. We are planning to go to la digue and praslin as well.

          I should add that we actually managed to get first class avios return flights for two! Almost – saw availability to fly in June in March this year (when everything else was being cancelled), so we booked as a long shot. Obviously June flights were cancelled so moved them to October, even though no avios availability. Question is whether they get moved again!

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            You done well with the BA flights in F. We only managed to get CW but on the newish 787-9, it was a lot better than the old 777.

        • roberto says:

          HI ,

          We are flying on the 4th of July supposedly and what with the slight change in departure time from BA and the temporary ferry time its just goning be too tight to make a same day connection I think. So have booked a room at Northolme on day one. Plan on grabbing a taxi and plotting up at the resort and upgrading to whatever room they have available at 9am leaving 24 hours later to La Digue for 6 nights there before 7 more nights elsewhere on Mahe before flying back to LHR.

          Its all complicated by the fact we are locked down in Spain currently and hoping that flights will resume a couple of days before so as we can get back. Problem 2 is that if we do come back on the 3rd as planned the hotels at the airport as well as restaurants (and bars) nearby could possibly still be closed. Other issues is the elastic state of emergenct we have here as well as Uk’s possible quarantine at that stage.

          And as its a holiday (have a car in Mahe) I have to pay the final payment of about £2000 in a couple of weeks whilst all this is still up in the air.

          And of course , I do have the option of a voucher still as it in July. , Or Ba could cancel , after I pay the final payment (securing a fat sign up bonus on a BA card ) and have the total payment refunded as avios @0.5p and use they to go to Australia next year.

          Its making my head hurt all the permutations.

          • Any other hotel recommendations in Seychelles?

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            Get Northolme to book the taxi to collect you at the airport. I’ve read stories of local taxi drivers taking the P**s with tourists & you need to barter to get a good fare. Not what we wanted to do after a long flight overnight.
            The resort taxi back to the airport was cheaper?
            Northolme – check your bill thoroughly, we had numerous pricing errors which had to ‘ve rectified.

  7. Hilton cash prices for December seem really high at the moment – for example the Hilton Vienna Plaza where I paid 180 euros per night last December is now nearer 400 euros per night. I don’t know if these prices will go down at all but at the moment points bookings may well make sense.

    • Its because hotels are having to offer free cancellation currently. As such to much risk of people booking, holding allocation then cancelling last minute. So once prepaid rates appear again a more even spread of rates will come back.

    • Harry T says:

      Conversely, a lot of Marriott properties are doing prepaid rates that are refundable up until the day before. If you have the cash now, you can lock in decent rates. I’ve also seen Welcome Back packages with 15-25% reduction in price – these are flexible rates.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        yup noticed this but also noticed they have disappeared from the usual CB sites

  8. Sunguy says:

    The main problem I have with the buying points thing at the moment is – they can devalue at anytime.

    Id *LOVE* to buy points and take them up on the offer for a few hotel stays I have coming up – but, 2 problems – the money spent on points, is “stuck” as points – Hilton have already devalued properties since December (well, it at least feels that way from the way the points nights are now structured) – and with the current situation, I don’t know if my stays will be going ahead….

    At the end of the day, its a gamble……do I potentially save a decent whack of money by using points and having no “resort fee” – by buying points, but if I have to cancel and rebook, will I get the same or similar standard of property for the same number of nights that I have had refunded – from past history, I would suspect not……but a HUGE win if the stays go ahead as planned!

  9. I’d love to read a compare and contrast of people’s redemption experiences in Mauritius/Maldives/Seychelles. Currently have nearly 600k HH points and hoping to get a week or 10 nights somewhere in the Indian Ocean region at some point. OH is a diver and was very impressed when we visited the Maldives previously, however I think I would prefer somewhere with the opportunity to do a bit of exploring by car next time.

    • For me, Maldives >> Mauritius. Level of luxury is a different league (st regis vs st regis). Didn’t find Port Louis very interesting and 7 coloured earth was ok – so overall wouldn’t return to Mauritius. + point was we got to swim with wild dolphins in Mauritius. Would be back in Maldives in a heart beat!

      Looking forward to Seychelles next year but in my head, I am thinking Seychelles is in between Maldives and Mauritius in terms of what to expect.

      If your after wildlife and diving – Galapagos has been the best so far! But huge trek and no points hotels!

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Think your right, Maldives is definite No.1 (Premier League).
        Mauritius was amazing beaches and a certain level of luxury.
        Seychelles – good but not as good as Maldives, dependant on where you stay though.

    • Not those places but Conrad Bora Bora looks amazing but very out of the way! I liked Conrad Koh Samui as the resort itself is remote and breathtaking ocean views etc but it’s accessible and easy to combine with other places in Thailand.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Conrad Bora Bora on my list, can get it for 89k a night.
        Long journeys though transferring through SIN or LAX, then 10 hr plus extra flight and sometimes another short flight or boat.

        • Neil Donoghue says:

          Can highly recommend Conrad Bora Bora having returned only in March! If you haven’t done the Maldives though, it really is the ultimate Conrad IMO.

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            Hi Neil,
            What room did you stay in at Bora Bora? I’m looking at Garden suite with lagoon view @ 89k a night.

    • Great stuff, thanks. Would love to go to Bora Bora but the distance is off-putting, think it would need to be tagged onto a very long trip down under!

  10. David S says:

    Never bought Hilton points before and since I was short of a few thousand points, decided to go for and bought some yesterday. Have redeemed it for a 5 for 4 night at Seychelles Labriz and definitely got more worth than the cost I paid for the points and it has also saved us a lot of money!!!
    Hopefully we will be able to go later in the year!!!

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      What month are you going?
      We stayed last July and the weather was hit or miss. Very cloudy and a few days rain on & off all day.

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