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LAST DAY to get a 100% bonus buying IHG Rewards Club hotel points

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IHG Rewards Club has been running a 100% ‘buy points’ bonus for the last few weeks, which is as generous as you ever see.  It ends TODAY, Monday 15th.

There are two extra tweaks which make this better than similar deals:

IHG has increased the maximum number of points you can buy to a whopping 500,000 points (ie 250,000 plus the 250,000 bonus).

There is no taper – as long as buy at least 3,000 points, you receive the full 100% bonus.  In the past we have seen high minimum thresholds to receive a 100% bonus.

The page to buy points is here.

bonus buying ihg points

With a 100% bonus, you would be able to buy up to 500,000 IHG points for (at current exchange rates for $2,500) £1,951.

I usually value IHG Rewards Club points at 0.4p.  This is exactly what you are paying for them here, so from that point of view you shouldn’t lose money.

The skill is to use them at hotels where you can get substantially more than 0.4p per point of value.  The new InterContinental Maldives, for example, is 100,000 points for an Overwater Pool Villa or – looking at next February – $1,100 inc taxes for cash, per night.  This is a 50%+ saving given that 100,000 points will cost you $500.  Availability is tricky to find here in peak season, however.

More importantly, IHG’s recent move to variable points pricing in many countries has created some great bargains.  You can read more about IHG Rewards Club variable points pricing in our articles here for Europe and here, for London

It is VERY easy to get more than 0.4p per point at the moment – I found UK and European hotels where you could get double that, so buying points would effectively halve the cost of your stay.

You can buy points via this link.  The 100% bonus ends tonight, Monday.

IHG One Rewards update – December 2022:

Get bonus points: You will earn bonus IHG One Rewards points on stays between 13th October 2022 and 31st December 2022. You can choose between 2,000 points for every two nights or 10,000 points for every four nights (not cumulative). Read this article for full details. You can register here.

New to IHG One Rewards?  Read our overview of IHG One Rewards here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our article on ‘What are IHG One Rewards points worth?’ is here.

Buy points: If you need additional IHG One Rewards points, you can buy them here.

You will receive a 100% bonus if you buy IHG One Rewards points by 29th December 2022.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from IHG and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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  • Baji Nahid says:

    Looks like IHG are starting the cull too!

    Hundreds of jobs are under threat at five Scottish hotels run by the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) amid the coronavirus crisis.

    IHG has started a redundancy consultation process with staff at its hotels in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    They are the Kimpton Charlotte Square, InterContinental The George and Crown Plaza in Edinburgh, and Grand Central and Kimpton Blythswood Square, Glasgow.

    The hotels have been closed since the lockdown went into effect in March. Most of the staff have been furloughed.

    IHG has not confirmed how many redundancies it will be seeking. The five hotels employ well over 500 staff between them.

    • Anna says:

      Yet The George is showing certain room categories sold out for autumn/winter and isn’t taking Ambassador free night bookings from September.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        I believe they were refurbishing some rooms could also be lack of admin while staff are on furlough.

        These hotels were all part of a recent £750m take over deal from principal and IHG locked in for a number of years to run them. I hope they aren’t going anywhere.

  • @mkcol says:

    I’m unconvinced by the hand baggage guidance.

    I don’t see how not having it will reduce the risk when you are then forcing people to queue unnecessarily to check it in at one end and collect it from the belt at the other, against a “board & stow” then “grab & go” approach for those who can travel HBO.

    • David says:

      I agree, plus I cant see social distancing being that successful at the baggage belt either!

      • The Original David says:

        Back in March, the “advice” was to avoid checking in bags at all, because that would reduce the contact with airport ground staff. Now it’s the complete opposite.

        To me the message is clear: the government doesn’t have a clue, so do what you like and hope for the best. And wash your hands…

      • @mkcol says:


    • ChrisC says:

      Where will I put my spare masks, gloves, sanitising gel and disinfecting wipes if I can’t take hand luggage?

      Add in the sandwich and crisps I’ll need because of less on board catering.

      • memesweeper says:

        Unless you are going to get on the plane with no bag whatsoever (who does that?) then by my judgement you’ll minimise contacts by not checking in anything unless unavoidable. If you have to check *something* in it might make sense to check in as much as possible…. maybe.

        Overall, I suspect airports and plane travel are going to be far riskier activities than just about anything else that’s legal right now apart from working in health/social care/services with people who have covid-19.

        • Ian says:

          The whole thing is bonkers. Why all these silly measures over a virus with only a marginally worse infection fatality rate than a bad seasonal flu outbreak?! Why have whole nations turned into utter scaredy cats? People and governments need to get a grip

          • Joseph Moskovits says:

            Because people have some immunity to seasonal flus and those that get flu vaccines also my have some protection.

            After speaking to a nurse who worked in an ICU unit where only half the people came out alive, that’s not a “marginally worse flu”. After speaking to a Covid-19 survivor, found unconscious in her home by police after neighbours raised the alarm, who doesn’t remember most of her stay in hospital for 2 weeks, that not a “marginally worse flu”. After knowing more people who have had this flu in 3 months than I’ve known to have a real flu in the past 3 decades, that’s not a “marginally worse flu” .

            BoJo’s circus of clowns are being berated for failing to take action sooner. If the UK had lockdown sooner so many more lives would have been spared and the economy could be up and running again. If you don’t believe it, then I hope you and all your family and friends get it and don’t rely on the NHS to help you recover from your actions.

          • Spursdebs says:

            @ Joseph Moskovits

            “ If you don’t believe it, then I hope you and all your family and friends get it and don’t rely on the NHS to help you recover from your actions.”

            Wow what a charmer you are, have a different viewpoint and you wish harm on someone.

          • jamie says:


          • TripRep says:

            Ian – got any Scientific evidence to back up your assertions/opinions?

            IFR for CV19 is currently vastly being restricted due to NPIs (physical distancing, etc)

            CFR for flu in UK is approx 2% with an R0 of 1.3

            CFR for CV19 in UK is approx 14% with an R0 of >=3 (without NPIs)

            We won’t really know CV19’s IFR until this is over, even then it will be skewed due to the NPIs.

          • Lady London says:

            English, please, @Triprep?
            @SpursDebs I think @Joseph Moskovitz has a point.

            Just because it hasn’t personally touched the lives of people on here doesn’t mean it’s not deadly or dangerous.

            Whilst I am not a fan of the government and its broken promises and promises it is likely to break, and while I fully agree about the omnisbambles of slow lockdown and total-waste-of-time quarantine at this stage, it’s possible that so many people have saved from the horror of this disease due to the efforts the government has made.

          • Spursdebs says:

            @ladylondon not arguing wether he has a valid point I’m saying wishing a deadly disease on someone because they may have a different viewpoint to yourself is appalling and childish. You don’t think the same way I do so hope you die, what a way to further your point of view.

          • TripRep says:

            Simple version for folks not wanting to Google acronyms.

            Without controls on human behaviour/masks, Covid 19 is 3 times more transmissible than flu.

            If you catch it, it’s 7 times more deadly.

            Also we don’t know about the long term health impacts of having had the disease or if you acquire any ongoing immunity.

          • Lady London says:

            Tx @Triprep. The way you’ve explained it makes it clear what the lucky ones some of whom may have been saved from remorse pain and grief by some of our government’s efforts, may have been missing

          • Ian M says:

            @ Joseph Moskovits – wow that’s very nice! Despite the fact we have different opinions I wish no harm to come your way.

          • Ian says:

            @TripRep – Yeah the CDC has estimated an infection fatality rate of 0.26%.

            The Prof of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford University (Sunetra Gupta)estimates a rate of between 0.01 – 0.1%.

            John Loannidis, Prof of Medicine, of Epidemiology and Population Health at Stanford estimated the IFR by looking at 12 seroprevalence studies: “in the same ballpark as seasonal flu” between 0.1% and 0.2%.

        • flyforfun says:

          “Unless you are going to get on the plane with no bag whatsoever (who does that?) ”

          I did that once! I had a weekend in Amsterdam and I came back into LCY early on Monday morning. I only had a small roll-on bag (within the 155cm dimensions), but I knew that wouldn’t fit in the bins on the E190. I also took a punt that the 7am flight would be full of business people not checking in bags.

          I was right. Being non-status and on a cheap ticket I was in the last group to board. All the lockers were rammed. I strolled down to my seat and sat down without the need to find space for anything. At the other end by the time I’d got off the plane and cleared immigration, my bag was one of only 3 that were on the luggage belt. Yes, I had to spend 10mis queuing in AMS to check my bag in, but no probs.

          I sort of also recall in the weeks just after the 11/9/2001 WTC attacks I flew BA to Syd and they told us no hand luggage or very restricted as to what you could bring on board. Maybe it was handbag/laptop size only? I can’t imagine I checked my lap top in my suitcase knowing how rough the automated baggage systems can be.

        • Andrew says:

          “Unless you are going to get on the plane with no bag whatsoever (who does that?)”

          I flew to Portugal shortly after the shoe bomber attempt. No handbaggage was allowed and it was really rather lovely. Boarding took all of 5 minutes as everyone just filed onto the plane and sat down. It was similarly efficient upon landing. Despite the complaints of some frequent fliers about how much checked baggage slows down their journey I swear it would be faster if literally nothing was allowed in the cabin.

          • Harry T says:

            Every time I get on a BA plane, there’s always a couple who bring multiple giant bags they should have checked and spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to generate enough cognitive force to figure out where to put them. They usually arrive last too. I don’t fly as much as some people on HFP but I’m constantly amazed by how some people act as if they’ve never boarded a plane before. Which is another reason I think premium cabins should be boarded last, SQ style.

          • Anna says:

            Harry T, that will be the couple who also forget to put their toiletries in zip lock bags before security…

    • BJ says:

      Agreed, it’s at least a decade since I last checked a bag so I’$ find this difficult. Even if we have to check bags people will still carry something on board that will inevitably end up in the bins in all but the shortest flights. It’s not like all pax are jumping up and down to the bins all the time anyway, for the most part people just shove their bags and stuff away and leave them undisturbed for most of the flight.

    • marcw says:

      The idea is to minimise movements on-board while accessing your carry on bag in the overhead bins. Also, in the airport you can, more or less enforce social distancing. Plus, many airports have already self bag drop desks.

    • Andrew says:

      It should stop all the faffing and queuing as you wait to board though.

      Get on, sit down, put mini bag under seat in front of you.

      • Lady London says:

        I sit in front or exit row so I must access the bins anyway even for my coat/scarf/handbag. A quick heave of my pullalong alongside at the front of the plane as I get on (I am very strong so I dont pfaff around doing this) adds 5 seconds.

    • lcylocal says:

      If the government were serious about this they would have forced the airlines to let everyone check a bag inclusive of the ticket cost.

      FWIW I wonder if the change in guidance relates to the relative risk of spread from touching things versus being in proximity for a short period (at a baggage belt).

      • Lady London says:

        No it’s people perspiring, breathing in and out heavily while their face is over 2 seats potentially with people sat there, while they pfaff about heaving and positioning their luggagw in the lockers, that the govt is probably considering.

        I’m quick with luggage but most people ( especially older and family groups) usually aren’t.

        • Charlieface says:

          I like that! When I travel with my family I get on first, and just ram all the stuff into the lockers in about 20sec. I find it’s usually Americans and/or backpackers with enormous bags that tak ages.
          Personally when offered a free hand-baggage check-in to hold, I take that and then bring another bag. Obvs have to know beforehand.

  • Doug says:

    I’ve purchased my 760 usd worth of ihg points on Saturday 11am and it is still not posted in my account. Need to stay in a ihg hotel tonight… I rang them Saturday and they said it is 72h. I might have been unlucky, but I feel it should be in the article. Hopefully it turns up later today otherwise I will have to pay full price cash for first nights…

    • DT says:

      I bought 1000 USD of IHG points around 11pm last night and it arrived instantly in my account.

    • @mkcol says:

      What were you going to do before this offer came along?

    • ChrisC says:

      This may be telling you how to suck eggs but have you logged off and back in again?

      That usually updates the account.

    • BJ says:

      There appeared to be multiple technical jssued with the site at the weekend so I suggest you get back on the phone. I don’t believe purchased points have ever taken 72h to post.

      • Amit says:

        Website never confirmed a purchase, but then had email confirmation for purchase of points around 24hours ago. Still no points have appeared. Is there a phone number to ring to chase? Thanks

  • Anna says:

    Just booked 2 nights at the Indigo Stratford Upon Avon for the late May bank holiday next year for 27,500 points. I think IHG has done the most to cheer me up recently after having to cancel so many special trips this year! We’ve now got 5 fabulous mini break planned with our stash of 200k IHG points, and still have 2 free night certificates to come this year!

    • Harry T says:

      It was a lovely surprise, wasn’t it? I’ve used the opportunity to book a couple of weekends at the Amstel for next year in February and April, including Valentines, for 40-50k a night instead of the usual 60k. Sure beats paying £500+ a night too!

      Glad you’ve found a way to book some cheap holidays to look forward to.

    • BJ says:

      Just check the cancellation rules before booking, and keep them in a diary if any departure from the usual as I have found them more variable.

      • Anna says:

        Yes – all the ones I’ve booked can be cancelled until the day before. I keep all the confirmation emails in a folder in case anything happens to the website or app in the meantime!

  • Nick says:

    I never check a bag unless I absolutely have to – too many lost/delayed bags over the years have taught me that lesson. Hopefully the advice to check everything in will be followed by most people leaving acres of overhead space for those like me who prefer to travel with minimal luggage but all of it with me. Especially as I need to take medication as well as laptops with lithium batteries etc – these cannot go into the hold so as long as you have them you can safely ignore the advice.

    • bsuije says:

      Whereas I actively hope that my bag gets delayed when travelling somewhere. 8h+ delay (I think, or was it 24h) = £400 shopping trip, courtesy of Amex! =)

      Sadly doesn’t apply when travelling back home, though (understandable, of course)…

      • Genghis says:

        I think I’d rather not spend what’s the equivalent of perhaps a day of my life a year waiting at baggage reclaim (and I’m not on the road every week) than hope my bag gets lost / delayed in order to get compo.

      • ChrisC says:

        I’ve only had checked bags delayed once.

        Meant I had to spend 1/2 a day shopping for clothes etc that I would really have rather spent visiting a museum which was the purpose of my trip.

  • Anna says:

    The airport/plane experience aren’t really the issue for me this summer. My main concern is that if there was a second wave at our destination we might find ourselves confined to a hotel or apartment for the duration as was happening back in February. Just the thought of being in this situation with 2 teenagers gives me palpitations!

    • Peter K says:

      Good excuse to leave them at home then 😉

      • Anna says:

        Just a few more years, Peter, the end is in sight 🤣

        • Keely says:

          Don’t bank on it being easier lol. The anxiety of leaving them at home is worse 🤣. We had a phone call at 12-30am whilst in Tenerife from our 18yo son burst his tyre and wanted to know what to do 🙄. I nearly had a heart attack seeing the phone ring at that time !

          • Anna says:

            Keely, I have to admit the signs aren’t good. My 14 year old rang me from the bathroom the other day to say he couldn’t have a shower because there was a spider in there!

          • Lady London says:

            yes sometimes teenagers also act out if parents go away leaving them. Particularly intelligent sensitive kids who are treated , funnily enough, in a very intelligent grown up wsy by parents where the child is listened to and interacted with. Just my observation on a few occasions over the years with OPC

    • Lady London says:

      That’s a good point. Sounds like checking travel insurance also.covers stays in home country is a good idea in case of enforced longer hotel stays. IIRC most cover up to 2 nights if pre-booked? some exclude home country breaks.

  • Amar Dattani says:

    I bought 275k Melia points in the Black Friday promo (at £170/55k) and am looking for good redemption options in South America. Have searched for most destinations near the end of this year but don’t see any decent redemption options.

    Anyone spotted any decent ones? Looking to topup my Melia balance if there are

    • marcw says:

      NEVER buy points if you don’t have an use for them.

      • BJ says:

        +1, one of the golden rules.

      • Doug M says:

        I’d say ‘immediate’ use for them.
        For what it’s worth I think this is more so for a scheme with a smaller range of hotels like Melia than with say IHG or Hilton. But my own thought now is never buy points for unknown future use because they seem a good deal.

    • Spursdebs says:

      I’m hoping to buy and use at Iguza Falls in January 2022, so this promotion is of no use to me unfortunately. Need Hilton to hurry up with a sale for next years trip.

      • marcw says:

        there’s a new hilton buy promo points live.

      • marcw says:

        Melia have a hotel there (it used to be a Sheraton AFAIK) – Gran Melia Iguazu

        • Spursdebs says:

          Yes that’s the one I would like to book.
          I meant Hilton room sale not points, hopefully once the world gets going again so will the hotel promotions.

  • Phillip says:

    “reduce the food and drink service and use pre-packaged and sealed food and drink products”

    BA still has no excuse not to serve special meals! It should make it easier and reduce contamination having it all pre-packaged! BA’s actions once again have nothing to do with following regulations!

    • Lady London says:

      Nothing wrong with putting a decent Do&Co meal on a tray in all classes with wine, water bread and sealing it then handing it out. Instead of worse-than-Greggs-and-definitely-worse-than-Pret in a plastic carrier bag on BA and no a cardboard box still does not change the contents.

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