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Get up to 8,000 bonus Nectar points – and possibly a lot more – with Sainsbury’s Energy

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Sainsbury’s Energy is currently offering a strong Nectar points bonus if you move both your gas and electricity supply over to them. How does up to 8,000 Nectar points sound?

If you are a regular Sainsbury’s shopper, there is also an additional bonus which could be worth another 7,000 points per year on top!

Collecting Nectar points with Sainsbury’s Energy

If you move both your gas and electricity over to Sainsbury’s Energy at the moment, you’ll get 8,000 bonus Nectar points for joining on their 2-Year Fix & Reward tariff. That’s £40 worth of Nectar points just for switching.

Whilst the bonus is attractive on its own, there is an interesting extra benefit too for Sainsbury’s shoppers.

As a thank you for choosing them to power your home, you’ll get triple Nectar points on your Sainsbury’s shopping for the life of your tariff.  Nectar members usually receive 1 point per £1 spent in-store at Sainsburys, but as a Sainsbury’s Energy customer, you’ll get an additional two points on top of that, which is not to be sniffed at.

(Triple points is for dual fuel customers.  If you only move electricity across, not both, you receive double Nectar points at Sainsbury’s.)

Sainsbury's Energy

Anything to note?

There is a limit on the bonus Nectar points you can receive in-store from Sainsbury’s Energy. You can collect a maximum of 3,500 points on Sainsbury’s shopping per fuel each year. So dual fuel customers are capped at 7,000 bonus points per year – that’s £35 worth of Nectar points.

Until you hit the cap, however, dual fuel customers get 3 Nectar points per £1 spent in-store, meaning more points to treat yourself with. You’ll be spoilt for choice on what to splurge your Nectar points on – have a look here for some inspiration..

nectar card

Which tariffs qualify for bonus Nectar points?

The 8,000 bonus is only available when you sign up to the Sainsbury’s Energy 2-Year Fix & Reward tariff for both gas and electricity.

The other combinations are:

4,000 bonus points if you sign up for just one fuel for the 2-Year Fix & Reward tariff, or

4,000 bonus points if you sign up for both gas and electricity for the 1-Year Fix & Reward tariff, or

2,000 bonus points if you sign up for just one fuel for one 1-Year Fix & Reward tariff

Remember that if you sign up to just one fuel for either the 1- or 2-Year Fix & Reward tariffs, you’ll get double Nectar points on your Sainsbury’s shopping instead of triple points.

How to sign up

Use this link to visit the correct Sainsbury’s Energy page. All you need to do is provide a few details about yourself and your current energy supplier and Sainsbury’s Energy will take it from there.

Or if you’d prefer to have a chat about switching, you can call them on 0808 196 1705^ and they’ll be happy to help.

Oh and if you’re not a Nectar member already, it’s quick and easy to sign up. Just click here to register.

Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Dual fuel customers receive 2 additional points for each pound spent in Sainsbury’s stores (triple points), 1 additional point if you are a single fuel customer (double points), up to a maximum of 3,500 points per fuel per annum
  • 2,000 bonus Nectar points per fuel when you sign up for Sainsbury’s Energy 1 year Fix & Reward or 4,000 bonus Nectar points per fuel when you sign up for Sainsbury’s 2 year Fix & Reward.
  • Offer requires a residential energy contract for gas and / or electricity on Sainsbury’s Energy Fix & Reward.
  • You will be eligible to receive your Nectar points once you are on supply on Sainsbury’s Energy Fix & Reward.
  • You need to tell Sainsbury’s Energy your Nectar card number when you apply. It can take up to 30 days from your Supply Start Date to receive your points.
  • Nectar Loyalty Ltd award the points from this offer. You will need to link your Nectar card number before the 9th month of the tariff or you may lose the right to claim your additional Nectar points while being on Sainsbury’s Energy Fix & Reward.
  • No cash alternative is available. Sainsbury’s Energy reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw this offer and/or tariff without notice.

Full T&Cs apply, check the Sainsbury’s Energy website for more information.


If you are currently looking to change your energy provider, this offer is worth adding to your short list as long as the quote you get is attractive. The link to the Sainsbury’s Energy offer page is here, or you can give them a ring on 0808 196 1705^.

Plus – if you are a Sainsbury’s shopper or Nectar member, you’ll get bags of added value through thousands of Nectar points.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll get excellent customer service from a trusted brand (it is rated as ‘Great’ on Trustpilot and has 5 star reviews to back this up).

^Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers should be free from all mobiles and generally free from all landlines. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security, quality or training purposes. Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Sainsbury’s Energy is a trading name used under licence by PS Energy UK Limited, (Registered No. 09850654) registered in England & Wales. Registered Office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehall Way, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 6PB. PS Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Npower Limited (Registered No. 3653277) Registered Office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehall Way, Wiltshire, Swindon, SN5 6PB.

Comments (21)

  • Steve says:

    Just a word of caution in this – when I had a similar double points for taking out insurance via Sainsbury’s Bank there was a real disconnect to getting the extra points added.

    Nectar seemed to think the Bank should be letting them know my Sainsburys spend though how they would know that, I couldn’t fathom.

    Anyway had to take a small ex-gratia points credit in the end as it was never going to work correctly

  • The Original David says:

    “How does up to 8,000 Nectar points sound?”

    Pretty dull to be honest, I can get £40 off my groceries, whoop de dooh.

    Is anyone at Nectar planning to find some more interesting redemption options? Revenue-based redemptions are never going to get the heart racing, but at least with Accor I can spend them on staying somewhere nice. I think I have about 20,000 Nectar points, but getting a bit of cash off my groceries isn’t worth the drive to Sainsbury’s…

    • Nick_C says:

      I redeem Nectar points once a year when Sainsbury’s run their “double up” promotion. Wine and household goods.

      • MattB says:

        Same here, between the 2 of us we have racked up 20k in nectar points in the past 7 months which will hopefully be £200 of free booze come the next double up. We aren’t even heavy shoppers but get crazy offers through the app, things like 100 points when you buy a 20p tin of tomatoes. I always donate to the food bank each shop and just buy whatever tins/jars/pasta I have in my offers each week for this purpose. I think they have also had a double up on eBay in the past too.

    • Andrew says:

      Indeed – I redeemed £40 of Nectar points for Eurostar vouchers. You get a code which you have to put into the Eurostar website to… get another code which you can put into another part of the Eurostar website.

      The second code should arrive in 24 hours. It didn’t. Eurostar said talk to Nectar. Nectar said talk to Eurostar. Multiple chasing and escalations with no response – took 3 weeks to get the £40 voucher. By then I’d booked the 4 seats anyway as – were the price to increase – they’d go up by 4x£10=£40 at least so the voucher would be pointless.

      I now have £40 of Eurostar vouchers I’ve no longer have a need for. Pretty annoying really.

    • Alex W says:

      Yawn. 3 nectars per £ is 3p per £ of Xmas double up. That is at least as good if not better than what you would get by shopping at Tesco and converting to Avios.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Considering the price difference is , imo, more than 3p per £ more shopping in Sainsburys compared to Tesco it’s not worth it. TBO for most items Aldi/Lidl are a further 20% cheaper too

        • Alex W says:

          I don’t disagree, shop wherever is cheapest and works for you. I am just bored of reading comments that nectar is so much worse than clubcard.

          With the nectar personalised offers I find I am getting way more back than clubcard (who seem to have stopped all bonus points offers). Stuff like buy a loaf of bread for £1.10 and get 70p worth of nectar points. It’s a no brainer for me.

  • Dezbez says:

    Completely ignorant when it comes to Nectar – any other options or is shopping at Sainsbury’s the only thing you can redeem them against?

    • Scott says:

      Not much. eBay, Argos, Eurostar, Caffe Nero, LNER trains and a few random other things.

  • Jonathan says:

    Expensive tariff easy to find something far more competitive on any comparison site .

  • Nick says:

    Where’s the bit about how much the tariff costs? Whether it’s a good deal? Whether it’s actually good enough for Rob or Sinead to jump in? Whether £40 of Nectar points is better or worse than the alternative switch bonus available elsewhere?

    IMO it should be illegal to promote utility switching without mentioning the price, even at a normalised ‘standard’ usage rate. Some people won’t see past a sign-on and energy tariffs are designed by the providers to be deliberately vague so the regulator should step in to force some level of pricing to be shown.

    Either way it’s morally questionable for HfP not to put at least some mention of tariff pricing in the post.

    • james says:

      +1 this is a blatant advertorial on a travel blog, with no details of tariffs to allow readers to make an informed judgement, more than likely any nectar bonus would be lost in higher utility costs and hassle. I’d expect to see a couple of worked examples as a minimum.
      If the writer hasn’t switched then they shouldn’t advise readers to.

    • Nick_C says:

      As James says, this is an advertorial, and it is clearly headed as a sponsored article.

      The article also says “If you are currently looking to change your energy provider, this offer is worth adding to your short list as long as the quote you get is attractive.”

      I repeat, “as long as the quote you get is attractive”.

      How do you expect Rob to provide this site, pay three staff, and generate an income. Its not from your subscriptions!


      • Andrew says:

        If only Rob owned a site dedicated to nectar offers… I go there occasionally but if an article specifically about nectar isn’t going to be posted on ShopperPoints then what’s the point in the site?

        What can we expect next? An ‘article’ about which washing powder will give us the whitest whites? Which online betting site has the best odds? Rob loves boasting about the number of high flying city type subscribers he has. I doubt them waking up to an email about 40 quids worth of nectar points is doing HFP’s reputation any favours.

        I get that Rob has to pay the bills and it wouldn’t be in any of our interests if he couldn’t but there’s a line after which a certain level of advertising will actually lose you subscribers and therefore income. Personally I’d draw that line at the offer being at least vaguely related to travel.

    • David Lawton says:

      The price will vary depending on what part of the country you are in. So you will need to look at price per Kwh and standing charge on their website, thats all you need. I’m concerned you would even want a normalised standard rate shown as an example, they are made up and plucked out of thin air.

      Personally over the last 10 years most the time Sainsbury’s have been the cheapest per Kwh for me.

    • Andrew says:

      This is the one thing that really annoys me.

      I’ve got no interest whatsoever in the “average user for a 3 bedroom house”, just give me the unit rate and the standing charge for gas and electricity.

      I’m with Co-op, which is now a white label brand of Octopus, and pay monthly by Amex for the exact amount of energy used and recorded by smart meter.

  • Lashious says:

    vueling sent me a thing for a transfer for an energy company in Spain or the Balearics for 26k avios incentive if anyone has a property in Spain etc. Endesa energy up to 31st July. You’re welcome 🙂

  • James says:

    I need to switch my energy provider! Currently with some ridiculous PAYG programme for both in our property purchased just before lock down. Off topic, but any suggestions on the best way to compare and switch? ‘assuming we are allowed to’

    • Genghis says:

      Have a look on MSE energy club for best tariff then switch through them or find an alternative