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Get 25% off UK Accor hotels for NHS staff (Novotel, Ibis, Sofitel, Mercure, MGallery etc)

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Accor, which runs the Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Sofitel etc hotel brands, is offering a discount of up to 25% on many UK hotels to NHS staff.

The offers runs until 31st December.

There are very few conditions, except that NHS ID must be shown at check-in.  All rooms are cancellable.  I would assume that you also earn Accor Live Limitless points as usual.

The deals appear to be ‘genuine’ although not always at 25%.  For example, Novotel London Blackfriars (we reviewed Novotel London Blackfriars here) is £242 for a two-night stay from 11th-13th September under this offer.  You can also book higher room categories, such as a suite for £361 for two nights.

Switch off the NHS discount and the price jumps to £268 for a standard room and £420 for the suite.  This clearly isn’t 25% off, but it is a saving.

You MUST book via this special page of the Accor website to see the NHS rates.

Accor Live Limitless update – September 2021:

Earn bonus Accor points: Accor Live Limitless is not currently running a global promotion

New to Accor Live Limitless?  Read our overview of Accor Live Limitless here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our analysis of what Accor Live Limitless points are worth is here.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from Accor and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Comments (72)

  • Klaus-Peter Dudas says:

    Curve is a business debit card, or did that change recently?

    • The Original David says:

      I thought Curve was classed as “business” back in the day when it was launched as a credit card, but became open to consumers when it switched to a debit card a few years ago. Happy to be corrected though…

      • Dan says:

        Might be true, never launched as a credit card though – has always been a card aggregator.

      • Andrew L says:

        Curve do both types debit cards….business amd personal. We had changed to personal from corporate years ago but when our new red investor cards arrived they have Business printed on the back. Do Curve make more money per transaction from Business cards?

    • Alex W says:

      I think I am still on the business version of Cuvre. However, I think Curve now charges 1.5% on HMRC payments? That being the case I will switch to Tesco debit card.

      • Neil says:

        Isn’t HMRC and other financial institutions excluded from earning Clubcard points through the tesco debit card?

        • Rob says:

          No, I think HMRC still works fine with Tesco because HMRC is NOT a financial institution. Tesco is no longer offering current accounts though.

    • Paul Pogba says:

      Website is showing my curve (5375 91) as a commercial debit card, and my IHG (5299 32) as business credit card. Anyone know what the distinction between commercial and business is in this context?

  • Aviosnewbie says:

    Isn’t Curve a business debit card? Then it might be the end of the game from next quarter

    • Andrew says:

      Yes when we signed up to Curve at the beginning we had to declare that we had a business and the card was for use with that. Of course most of us didn’t but signed up anyway. Those were the days when Curve worked with Amex and actually had a point – those days long gone.

      • Genghis says:

        My wife was actually asked by Curve to provide evidence of “business”. From memory, we just sent the Companies House number.

        • Dan says:

          Me too – although they literally just asked for my Company Name. Nothing else!

        • Graeme says:

          Me too. They listed the things that would serve as proof – the bar wasn’t quite as low as “if you promise”, but it wasn’t far off.

        • Lumma says:

          I said I was a freelancer. They never asked for anything

          • Graeme says:

            I did when applying – I’ve only been asked for proof more recently. I then took a couple of days to reply so they closed the ticket.

  • Nick says:

    Bit of a rant….it would be nice if all these offers from airlines and hotel groups would show the odd bit of recognition occasionally to other emergency services key workers. Not decrying the fabolous NHS heroes it would be nice to get a small token of thanks in the form of a discounted break as I too am exhausted and my family would love a weekend off

    • Yawn says:


      • Jonathan says:

        I wouldn’t take it personally, I certainly never did when I noticed a retailer offered military discount. In my experience the offers are already drying up anyway. We’re certainly not getting free pizzas/coffees/cakes etc. delivered to my hospital anymore. Most of the other NHS Discounts in circulation can also be matched or bettered elsewhere eg. through the cash returning portals.

        • Andrew says:

          Indeed, the days of clapping in the street are a distant memory.

    • Anna says:

      You may already be aware, but Hilton has a permanent special offer for public sector workers, which is a special weekend rate with breakfast (though this may be less valuable if you are gold or diamond and get breakfast anyway). You need to enter code PR11PN (I think, it always looks like a local postcode to me!) to get the rate.

    • Harry T says:

      I think it’s a PR thing – looks good if they offer discounts to NHS workers. So far, as an NHS worker, I think I’ve availed myself of one free hot chocolate.

      The other marketing aspect is that some NHS workers earn relatively good wages, and encouraging them to book your hotels may lead to continued business/profit.

  • Daniel Evans says:

    Curve issue both business and personal debit cards. Mine is a business card but given that Curve have introduced an HMRC fee, this makes no difference.

  • Roger* says:

    I could never see the attraction of the tatty, scribbled-on, sticky mag in the seat pocket. As a potential interface with customers, High Life failed miserably, with less than sparkling content. At least in pre-HFP days, route news was interesting and the maps were not bad.

    I remember one edition had a mobile SIM card with some value (£1?) stuck on an inside page. I checked the 3 copies I could reach. The SIMs had all been ripped out. 😄 Failure of marketing campaign.

    PressReader was a far more interesting BA proposition allowing me to read more newspapers than I could buy, including the one I would never buy. 😏

    I continue to use PressReader, sponsored by my local library. Many UK and international papers and magazines are available. The Times is a major exception.

    • Genghis says:

      At least now my wife won’t be pressured to play the “Guess the miles from London” game.

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      I would love to scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply on a copy of High Life 🙂

    • AJA says:

      I agree when the magazine is tatty but if you flew early in the month the magazines were new I was happy to read them. Last year I snagged 3 pristine copies of the 100th anniversary editions (not the Concorde one unfortunately). They might accrue some value now that High Life is no more.

      I enjoyed reading Business Life too, it had interesting articles to while away some of the flight. A vicarious pleasure to deliberately not look at my mobile phone screen.

      I suppose it is inevitable given how few flights there are and the hygiene issues don’t help. I feel sorry for affected staff who’ve lost their jobs.

      • Rob says:

        Business Life is very good, I think a lot of poeple underrate it.

        • Michael C says:

          Yep, Business Life is always part of my laptops-away takeóff routine!

  • Lawrence Howard says:

    I never got over the loss of “SkyMall”

    Laughing at that while flying was the highlight of a trip to the states

  • Andrew says:

    Qatar Airways discontinued Oryx Magazine at the end of 2019 – which surprised me as they are known for not being penny-pinching. I would imagine like so many things airlines will use hygiene as a reason to stop producing the magazines and save a few quid. I guess it’s the end of First Life too – aesthetic but pointless magazine.

    • Heathrow Flyer says:

      My understanding was High Life was actually a profit centre for BA and has likely been pulled by Cedar. Doubt there any many advertisers out there willing to pay for a full page glossy in magazine seen by a few thousand people.

      • Rob says:

        My gut feeling is that BA never did the maths on the total cost of the magazine including the fuel burn it causes. 1 page of A4 weighs 5 grams so a 100 page magazine is 250g. Each copy is in the air for 12-15 hours per day. It adds up.

        • Rich says:

          From dealing with them as a supplier they use it as a negotiation point for contracts to secure marketing investment that they almost certainly otherwise wouldn’t get.

        • Will says:

          Clearly not even viable to talk about it in the current climate but….

          If carrying a 250g magazine per seat adds up, what’s the excess carbon generated from overweight passengers per year?

          • Paul Pogba says:

            There should be a fixed charge per seat and then a fee for body weight. Its always felt unfair that I’ll get charged for going 1kg over my luggage allowance only to be sat next to some lard ass that probably weighs 50kg more than I do.

        • Andrew says:

          Where are people going to find out about shoes that add 2″ to your height or be inspired to buy a moving map world clock to install behind a reception desk if in-flight magazines are withdrawn?

          What about the watches that aren’t just expensive, but are an investment for when your favourite grandson grows up?

          • Nick says:

            The watches at least are also advertised in the Times weekend magazines, so you can still see the poor kid (who’s probably about 25 now, given how long the ad has been running).

            These did used to be a profit making enterprise for BA. Rob, remember when they crowed about how they started making them on slimmer paper to save fuel cost? So yes, they have done the sums. Guessing it just doesn’t work the same with lower ‘captive audience’ stats at the moment.

  • Rich says:

    Does that link to High Life also help if I want a clock that shows which part of the world are dark and which are light? Or is that Business Life?

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