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‘My Favourite Hotel’ review – Four Seasons Orlando

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Today, our ‘My Favourite Hotel’ review is the Four Seasons Orlando in Florida.

We are currently running this reader-written feature to provide some positivity and inspiration to Head for PointsYou can find all of the ‘My Favourite Hotel’ reviews so far by clicking here.  This was scheduled to be a series of about 25 hotels, but a good response from readers means that we have commissioned another batch and are continuing the series.

Today’s hotel is the Four Seasons Orlando – a great place to stay when visiting Disney.  It is reader Lisa and Ian’s favourite hotel and here is their review:


If you know you know: nothing compares to Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort – where dreams really do come true.

four seasons orlando hotel review

The only true five-star hotel located on Disney property brings luxury to Disney in a way that no other hotel can manage. We have visited twice now and on both occasions have had the best time ever. As a family of four we are Disney lovers, however we found ourselves not actually wanting to leave this absolutely unbelievable hotel to visit the parks.

The rooms

The suite we stayed in was simply beautiful.  The spaciousness and sleek interiors are like no other hotel room Disney has to offer. The room cleaning service was done to perfection – and my standards are higher than high.

four seasons orlando hotel review

…. and our view:

four seasons orlando hotel review

Service and facilities

From the moment we drove through the golden oak gates the service was seamless. The ability from every single staff member to meet our needs was exceptional in that we barely needed to ask for anything and just like magic it appeared!


The character breakfast was done like no other in Disney. You do not get the hustle and bustle of people at Four Seasons like you do at other Disney hotels. The Goofy and Friends breakfast was far more personal. My kids got to actually spend a great amount of time with the characters which was a huge deal and made their day even more special.

The normal breakfast offered everything you could possibly want. They kept the buffet to the standards you would expect and will get you absolutely anything you ask for. We asked for grapes at breakfast one day that I cut up for my little one once they got to our table. The next day we found grapes already cut up on the table waiting for us.

Also, the mini doughnuts are to die for ….


Four Seasons Orlando has a number of restaurants as well as an extensive in-room dining menu.

In addition to the breakfast place we tried these restaurants:

Lickety Split

This is the most delicious lobby cafe you will find anywhere. The ice cream counter was just the best! The sandwiches and salads to go were a great little thing to take to the parks or just an easy grab for a quick breakfast or lunch alternative. We could not keep the kids out of here.

four seasons orlando hotel review


Ravello is the Italian option where we found ourselves most nights – great for kids and again easy option with delicious food and fantastic service. Anything not offered could be made if requested. The one thing that the kids absolutely loved was the kids buffet option that was offered on two nights of the week. The cookies were sensational.

four seasons orlando hotel review


This is the restaurant bar by the pool. So many options and great food for both kids and adults. The setting by the lake is gorgeous and our kids ate very well here. There was nothing they couldn’t do for us here. The staff were so friendly and made this a great lunch option.


The famous Capa restaurant offers the best views of Disney. A great spot that we all loved watching the fireworks from without being in the busy parks on some evenings.


The swimming pool complex (or water park as my kids called it) was immense. The splash zone was a great area for the kids and the two water slides were great fun.

four seasons orlando hotel review

As we were walking up to the pool area the staff were immediately setting up our chosen area. The pool area was vast and there was always space.

The lazy river offered a relaxing float around the beautiful settings and made you feel like you were in paradise.

The main pool was also amazing and even more so when they had a movie night with popcorn on the large outdoor pool screen. The adult pool which we used a lot when our kids were at the kids club was so relaxing and service just perfection. The cocktails and drinks topped this off.

four seasons orlando hotel review

Kids Club

My kids will never, ever, go to a kids club at any other hotel we have been to, but they did not want to leave this one. The timetable of activities and facilities including a climbing wall, playground, arts and crafts, toys, games and swimming were fantastic and so much fun. They also had a separate games room for slightly older kids.

four seasons orlando hotel review

Golf club

There was the most fantastic golf and sports club that now has 16.5 acre practice facility. Within the club there was also a club restaurant offering delicious menu options.

The gym was great and free fitness classes were available daily. The spa was absolutely beautiful and they even offered princess makeovers!

Disney planning centre

Four Seasons Orlando also had a Disney planning centre in the lobby which was great for any help booking park tickets and fast passes.

A huge bonus was the most luxurious private Four Seasons shuttle coach which took guests to and from the parks – and these never got full!


Although they say Disney World is the most magical place on earth I actually think they mean Four Seasons Orlando is most definitely “the most magical place on earth”!

If you want to find out more, the hotel’s website is here.


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Comments (35)

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  • MKB says:

    To save others looking, based on a few random dates, the cheapest room seems to go for around US$ 840 + US$ 105 taxes per night.

    Suites appear to start around US$ 2,785 + 12.5%.

    • Mike says:

      Which coincidentally is the same amount of money you would have to give to me attend “The Goofy and Friends breakfast”…..

      • pauldb says:

        We didn’t stay on at the FS but did do the breakfast. In fact it was really good: excellent food and lots of time with the characters. By contrast the character meal with did in one of the parks was awful and cost just as much.

        Nice as the hotel is, I just couldn’t imagine spending enough time on property to justify the cost. Orlando is not an attractive landscape, and the parks have so much else to fill your time. If you want some downtime, go to the coast or the Caribbean.

      • AJA says:

        @Mike +1 That actually made me laugh out loud 🙂

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      When you can get a high-end villa about 4 times the size of the average UK house with both a personal pool and a large gated-resort pool and lesure complex all fully included for under $400/night, there are very few Orlando hotels (where lets not forget in comparison you’re sharing a bedroom with your kids) that make any sense if paying in cash.

  • Gareth Oakley says:

    If you’d like a beautiful and relaxing place to stay at Disney but aren’t *quite* made of Four Seasons money I can highly recommend the Waldorf Astoria at Bonnet Creek. I think we paid around $300 per night in September 2017 for a two room suite – we booked through Emyr and got an upgrade at time of booking. It’s now a Disney good neighbour hotel so qualifies for 60 day out FastPass bookings (or hopefully will once they return).

    • Jessiefan says:

      +1 stayed at Bonnet Creek a couple of times, WA is joined to a decent Hilton, fantastic golf course attached. Thoroughly recommend.

    • Sunguy says:

      That WA is very much not your typical WA experience……

      Its a *NICE* hotel – a bit like staying at say, a top of the range “Hilton” branded hotel….but absolutely does not feel like a WA…..

      From the outside, the WA and the Hilton look exactly the same…..and have access to all the same facilities……

      Dont get me wrong, it was a nice experience to stay in the WA hotel – and only half the rooms have balconies too…..(which is a total shame) – its just not one I will be repeating anytime soon….

  • jack bloggo says:

    so around a grand a night by the time you add in those tips, for the cheapest room on random dates….at those prices, it makes the disney park entry tickets look a steal.

    hardly surprising pool never full, bus never full etc…

  • Grant says:

    Interesting to see something a bit different in this section, but the hyperbole made it difficult to get to the end. .

    • Sean says:

      Indeed, I only got to Goofy and friends at Breakfast and that was that……

    • Novice says:

      I agree. I’m personally a big fan of FS but the way this review was written makes me cringe.

      FS is a good brand but not for the masses.

      • Rob says:

        FS got a lot of criticism when they announced this hotel. I’m pleased to see what seem to have got it right.

        • Novice says:

          @Rob thanks for correcting my comment, if you did. I can be a bit of a grammar nazi.

    • cinereus says:

      +1. Completely unreadable.

    • Qwertyknowsbest says:

      ‘Hyperbole’ the exact word I was looking for.

  • Claire-Louise says:

    Awww I volunteered to write about this hotel…gutted I wasn’t chosen!
    The hotel is perfect because it manages to get a good hint of Disney (watching the Disney fireworks from our balcony was a big highlight), but also makes you feel like you are in a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.
    Totally agree on the Kids Club- it was absolutely fantastic- clean, airy, excellent toys and brilliant activities such as a golf putting lesson on the course! My boys still talk about the club and it’s one of the main reasons they would like to go back.
    The Capa bar at Happy Hour time was brilliant. We had an absolute bargain of a meal from the delicious tapas.
    I still think about the fish tacos and parmesan fries we ate by the pool each lunchtime- scrummy and I enjoyed the poolside snacks like pretzels that the pool guys would bring around. I did laugh about the time they polished my pair of Primark sunglasses!
    I really enjoyed my facial at the spa, which I booked with the spa credit from using the preferred partner scheme.
    If we were planning a trip back to Orlando, I would book this hotel before I even thought about park tickets!

  • Magic Mike says:

    I was here to comment on FIVE DOLLARS (plus tax, plus tip) for a cinnamon roll, but having now seen the room rates in the comments, I’m surprised its not more…

    • Novice says:

      I’ll be honest I’m against the forced tipping culture.

      I would honestly prefer just tipping if someone has actually given some good service like over their requirements. I tip big on private tours and to private guides etc. if I think they actually gave me good info about culture, history, local traditions but I absolutely hate this whole culture of paying employees/staff awful wages and expecting tips to cover it.

      I make it a point if I’m travelling solo which usually I am now for a few years then I don’t tip if I think someone has been a surly person because why should I tip for bad service. A lot of times when this happened the staff would just stand and start dropping hints about tips but I guess you have to be a person who doesn’t care about opinions of others so I just ignored 😂

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Id rather the prices just reflected the true cost of labour / service and I choose to either pay it or leave.

        America is just one massive bait and switch.

        • MKB says:


          In the absence of the full British class system, some Americans seem to use tipping as a means of flaunting their wealth. I have read comments looking down on anyone who “only” tips 15%, or, god forbid, 10%.

          I find the practice excruciatingly embarrassing. As a tipper, it feels like trying to establish superiority in the transactional relationship, or declaring the recipient a charity case; expecting a tip feels like being disingenuous about the true cost of the transaction.

          I go out of my way to avoid tipping in the USA: clinging on to bags in hotel lobbies, rejecting an escort to the room, etc.

          • The Savage Squirrel says:

            Creeping more into the UK sadly – or at least in London which is the only place in UK I’ve encountered it but seems to be endemic there in my experience: insisting on showing you to your room despite saying you’re fine by yourself, then showing you how to use everything then hovering expectantly for tip. Er, no – I said I was fine and I’m capable of working a kettle, tap and TV all without your demonstrations – you have in fact just annoyed me for the last 5 minutes so no tip for you; now just sod off!

          • Sandra says:

            Totally agree and the wait staff I have come across in some places (mainly NY) actually writing on the receipt 20% = X, 18% = X, 15% = X in a column, as if I can’t work it out for myself, infuriate me! Tipping and Trump now totally put me off returning to the US for a long time much as I love Boston and Washington.

  • cinereus says:

    This is one of the worst reviews yet. Uncritical puff.

    Though obviously sensible people will draw their own conclusions as there’s no accounting for taste.

    • ian says:

      My wife wrote the review. Had we needed to critique anything we certainly would have done. This hotel was perfect for us in every way and the review is a fair reflection of our 2 stays here.

      Traveling with a 5yo and 8yo can often feel like we get no break. This was certainly not the case here. We came away from Disney feeling like we had a true break which some may feel is not possible.

      We have been to Orlando 3 times over the last 5 years and have stayed here twice with the Waldorf Astoria sandwiched in the middle. In Orlando this is like comparing a 5 star plus with a 4 star at best.

      On the subject of cost, if one is sensible you can bring the hotel Rack rate down considerably and we did not pay near the prices quoted, however a FS is always going to be expensive with F &B costs to match.

      I am sorry you did not find the review helpful and hope you find other contributions more to your liking

      • MKB says:

        I enjoyed the review and it made me want to go, even without kids! Sadly, it’s outside what I can afford.

        The rates I found were current best selling rates on the hotel website, rather than rack rates. What did you pay and where did you find the best price?

  • Greenpen says:

    Pay by card in a London black cab and the machine provides options for the tip. Think it’s 10, 20 and 30%. There in no need to tip a cab driver in the UK unless they provide some exceptional service.

    • Blenz101 says:

      What, a black cab in London who’s card machine isn’t currently broken and wanting cash only?!

      Maybe 10% tip just for being honest and not a loafer wearing tax dodger.

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