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What British Airways long-haul flights are scheduled for September?

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Where is British Airways flying in September?

In the last few weeks British Airways has been ramping up to welcome Joe Public back on board.  It is now displaying a ‘welcome back’ message on its homepage, together with the measures it is taking to make flying as safe as possible.

BA now appears to be looking slightly further ahead into September and making adjustments, including the cancellation of its Portland flight and the launch of the new Gatwick route to Montego Bay in OctoberThere are now 62 destinations, up from 29 in July.

You can see where British Airways is flying to in Europe (short haul) in this article.

The list below was published by Routes Online on Thursday afternoon. This list is clearly subject to change as countries implement or roll back travel restrictions.

British Airways flights for September

British Airways long-haul services from Gatwick for September:

All British Airways flights currently depart from the North Terminal at Gatwick as the South Terminal remains closed.  You can find out about the current British Airways catering service in this article.

Bermuda – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Bridgetown – 6 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Cancun – 4 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Grenada (via St Lucia) – 2 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Kingston – 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Las Vegas – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Mauritius – 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Orlando – 11 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Port of Spain (via St Lucia) – 5 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Providenciales (via Antigua) – 1 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Punta Cana – 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
St. Kitts (via Antigua)- 2 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Tobago (via Antigua) – 2 weekly Boeing 777-200ER

British Airways long-haul services from Heathrow for September:

All British Airways flights currently depart from Terminal 5.

Abuja – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Accra – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Atlanta – 1 daily Boeing 787-9
Bahrain – 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Baltimore – 4 weekly Boeing 787-8
Bangalore – 3 weekly A350
Bangkok – 1 daily Boeing 787-8
Boston – 2 daily Boeing 777-200ER/A350
Buenos Aires – 4 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Cape Town – 3 weekly Boeing 777-300ER
Chennai – 3 weekly Boeing 787-8/9
Chicago O’Hare – 2 daily Boeing 787-9/A350
Dallas Fort Worth – 1 daily Boeing 787-10
Delhi – 10 weekly Boeing 777-200ER/Boeing 787-8
Denver – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Dubai – 1 daily A350
Hong Kong – 1 daily Boeing 777-300ER
Houston – 5 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Hyderabad – 3 weekly Boeing 787-8/9
Islamabad – 3 weekly Boeing 787-8
Johannesburg – 1 daily Boeing 777-300ER
Kuala Lumpur – 5 weekly Boeing 787-9
Kuwait City – 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Lagos – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Las Vegas – 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Los Angeles – 2 daily Boeing 787-9
Mahe (Seychelles) – 2 weekly  Boeing 787-9
Mexico City – 4 weekly Boeing 787-9
Miami – 1 daily Boeing 787-9
Montreal – 3 weekly Boeing 787-8
Mumbai – 10 weekly Boeing 777-200ER/Boeing 787-8
Nairobi – 4 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Grand Cayman (via Nassau) – 4 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Newark – 1 daily Boeing 787-9
New York JFK – 4 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Philadelphia – 1 daily Boeing 787-9
Riyadh – 4 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
San Francisco – 1 daily Boeing 777-300ER
Sao Paulo – 1 daily Boeing 787-9
Seattle – 1 daily Boeing 787-10
Seoul – 5 weekly Boeing 787-8
Shanghai –
2 weekly Boeing 777-300ER
Singapore –
1 daily Boeing 777-300ER
Tampa –
1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Tel Aviv –
2 daily Boeing 787/A350
Tokyo Haneda –
1 daily Boeing 787-9
1 daily Boeing 787-8
Vancouver –
1 daily Boeing 777-200ER
Washington Dulles –
1 daily A350

You can book on the British Airways website here.

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Comments (72)

  • RWJ says:

    Seems there’s little chance of us getting our first A380 trip to BOS in late October. A350 wouldn’t be too bad, but I wanted my upper deck experience dammit! Haha!

  • Mrs Cecilia M Woods says:

    When is the first flight out to port of spain and returning in october
    many thanks
    stay safe and keep up the good works

    • Lady London says:

      I suggest you look online on or regularly check momondo or skyscanner.

    • Eugene says:

      A better question might be when id TT getting in anybody at all !

  • Graham Jagger says:

    It appears that BA are confident that the current travel ban into the US from the UK will be lifted by September in order that they can fly to so many US destinations. Is their confidence justified?

    • Lady London says:

      I just saw a flying pig.

      • jeremy i says:

        Am fascinated by this too – currently spending 14 days in Turkey to enter the USA and join my partner there. Maddest decision I’ve taken in a while but am excited. Conrad Istanbul is lovely and then have a week on the beach next week

        • Dominic Barrington says:

          Jeremy, you presumably have a Green Card or US passport?

          • Jeremy i says:

            Hi Dominic , no I don’t have a US passport or green card. That’s why I’m spending fourteen days in Turkey ! (Lol I’m not doing it for the join of it ! ) Turkey is not in Schengen and so not subject to trump’s U.K./Ireland / Schengen travel ban. It was attractive as transit point because it’s also on U.K. green list and direct flights to the USA. Hope that makes sense and let me know if you disagree (yikes if I’ve messed up and still don’t get in to Usa after all this I’ll be ahem very upset !) Jeremy

          • Dominic Barrington says:

            Jeremy, I think you need to check what you are doing very carefully. I’m not sure anyone can currently cross the US border without a GC or passport. Most visas are currently not valid… I’m not sure coming from Turkey will make a difference…

          • Chris in CA says:

            If you’ve got a US passport or GC I believe they’ll let you in regardless of where you’ve come from. If you’ve got a visa on a foreign passport then you can’t enter they country if you’ve been anywhere on the “banned” list in the past 14 days, so if Turkey isn’t on that list Jeremy should be OK. If you don’t have a visa stamp yet, then that’s a whole extra layer of misery as they’ve stopped issuing quite a few types to people currently outside the US. Not sure where ESTAs fit in: I think it’s the same deal as foreign passport + visa when it comes to entry restrictions.
            There’s a “national interest” exemption though, so you just need someone somewhere in Government to agree you’re too useful to keep out!

    • Fred says:

      Won’t be happening before Presidential election (Nov 3rd)

    • RWJ says:

      Possible given that Trump wants to ignore the virus and rush to reopen everything.

  • Hugh Jardon says:

    At least half of these flights will no doubt be cancelled. Wait until next spring and have a staycation, go to lots of restaurants, cafes and pubs, enjoy the VAT cut, and help British business and the economy