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Which long haul routes are British Airways operating in October?

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Where is British Airways flying to globally?

British Airways has just released its planned October schedules to the travel trade. Rather handily, they have also provided this map (click to enlarge, or see the original online here):

British Airways long haul destinations October 2020

Click here to see the complete list of British Airways short haul flights being offered in October.

British Airways long haul services for October

All British Airways long haul flights currently depart from London Heathrow Terminal 5, unless otherwise stated.

Abuja – 7 weekly
Accra – 7 weekly
Antigua – 5 weekly (Gatwick)
Atlanta – 7 weekly
Bahrain – 3 weekly
Bangalore – 4 weekly
Barbados – 7 weekly (Heathrow and Gatwick)
Bermuda – 4 weekly (Gatwick)
Boston – 7 weekly
Buenos Aires – 3 weekly
Cairo – 7 weekly
Cancun – 3 weekly (Gatwick)
Cape Town – 7 weekly
Cayman Islands – 1 fortnightly
Chennai – 3 weekly
Chicago – 12 weekly
Dallas – 7 weekly
Delhi – 7 weekly
Dubai – 7 weekly
Grenada – 2 weekly (Gatwick)
Hong Kong – 7 weekly
Houston – 3 weekly
Hyderabad – 4 weekly
Islamabad – 7 weekly
Johannesburg – 7 weekly
Kingston (Jamaica) – 3 weekly (Gatwick)
Kuala Lumpur – 4 weekly
Kuwait – 3 weekly
Lagos – 7 weekly
Lahore – 4 weekly
Los Angeles – 7 weekly
Male – 3 weekly
Mauritius – 3 weekly (Gatwick)
Mexico City – 4 weekly
Miami – 7 weekly
Montego Bay – 2 weekly (Gatwick)
Montreal – 3 weekly
Mumbai – 5 weekly
Nairobi – 5 weekly
New York – 14 weekly
Orlando – 7 weekly (Heathrow and Gatwick)
Philadelphia – 2 weekly
Riyadh – 3 weekly
San Francisco – 7 weekly
Sao Paulo – 7 weekly
Seattle – 3 weekly
Seychelles – 2 weekly
Shanghai – 2 weekly
Singapore – 4 weekly
St Lucia – 5 weekly (Gatwick)
Tel Aviv – 7 weekly
Tokyo – 3 weekly
Toronto – 7 weekly
Washington DC – 7 weekly

You can book on the British Airways website here.

Remember to check the quarantine and pre-registration measures in place at your destination before you book!  Click here for our article listing which countries UK residents can currently enter without restrictions.

Comments (45)

  • Tim Whitby says:

    Also worth checking transit rules – BA customers cannot transit in Singapore for example, but BA do not state this anywhere on their website or during booking – so you could find yourself unable to transit or enter Singapore.

  • Peter says:

    It’s notable that there are no flights to Beijing – the capital of the most populous country in the world. The only flights to China are to HK and Shanghai.

    • Tom says:

      There are no flights to Beijing, because their Gov has essentially blocked all international flights flying in to the capital to ensure there is no transmitted cases of COVID. All flights to Beijing are directed to other airports across China so that people can quarantine outside of the capital and minimise the chances of COVID spreading in the city. Yes the CCP are not the most friendly of bunch but they sure do no how to handle this blxxdy mess

  • Tracey says:

    Seychelles require a negative test within 48 hours of departure and have that sent to they tourist office for pre-approval for which you need to allow 6 hour turn around. Couple that with the 6pm flight departure, making it very difficult to guarantee you can do everything required within the timescale.

    • meta says:

      It’s a 3h turnaround as per their application website.

    • SB says:

      Is this for green list countries or all countries? I thought passengers from UK were not allowed entry at all, with or without a test (but could be wrong).

      • David Hargrave says:

        Yes I thought this too. Has anyone got different info? I am eagerly awaiting the BA cancellation and refund of Avios and taxes for Seychelles departing Oct 28th.

        • meta says:

          UK is going on a special list from 1 October. See posts in general chat from yesterday and a few days ago. Entry allowed, 48h negative covid test, have to stay on approved property for 5 days then free if second test is negative. Second test is free of charge.

  • WaynedP says:

    Less than full marks for BA’s World Geography.

    Any pilots following the routes on this map are likely to find themselves circling Heidelberg instead of Cape Town (200 miles too far to the East) and Vryburg instead of Johannesburg (250 miles too far West).

    I wonder if my BAEC membership will be cancelled for pointing that out publicly ?

    • ADS says:

      pretty graphic, shame about the geography !

      i also noticed Seattle seems to have moved far inland

      and Buenos Aires a bit less inland !!

  • SB says:

    It would be interesting if you could do an article on which flights actually flew in September (and hence are unlikely to be cancelled). Many of the flights listed above are unlikely to fly so this list is not so useful.

  • SammyJ says:

    Orlando x7 is confusing me. The majority of pax on that route normally wear Mickey ears & Skechers, with not much at all in the way of the ‘essential traveller’ category, nor Americans heading this way. Can’t see it being a significant cargo route either. 7 per week seems rather a lot since none of the standard Mickey mob are allowed into the country.

    What am I missing?

  • rj24 says:

    Hydrebad? Islamadad? Was this prepared by BA? I know they spelled it Chenai when I traveled there with them…

    • Alex Sm says:

      And style spell DME as DomodedEvo on all Avios statements. No spellcheckers anywhere near Waterside

  • Chaz says:

    I’d be more interested to see what happens in November. Timetable currently six BA plus one AA daily to JFK – seems ambitious.