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Denmark added to the quarantine list overnight, with no grace period

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With just three hours notice, the Government announced at 1am this morning that anyone returning to England from Denmark will have to self isolate for fourteen days.

The quarantine period kicked in at 4am today.

The swift action is due to the discovery of a mutated strain of coronavirus amongst mink in Denmark, which is being passed back into humans. It is believed that this strain will be immune from the vaccines currently under development.

Travel corridors update

The Government has not yet amended the list of countries exempt from the Foreign Office ‘do not travel’ list (click here, but the standalone list has been temporarily removed for the November lockdown). This is usually the trigger for being able to abandon your holiday plans and make a successful travel insurance claim. We expect this to be updated shortly.

The official ‘travel corridor’ list is on this page of the Government website.

Comments (20)

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  • M says:

    There is sizeable conjecture about the nature of the ‘mink’ covid link in this article. There are currently no peer reviewed studies on the topic and certainly no evidence that the ChAdOx vaccine would be ineffective.

    The most likely reason is the significant rise in cases of human community transmission. Whilst I recognise you’re not a science based site, you do have something of a duty to ensure accurate reporting.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I think the line is badly worded. But there is a fear this sort of strain mutation could make a vaccine less effective.

      The cull is very much “just in case be very cautious” rather than based on any real detailed research.

    • Josh says:

      “No peer reviewed studies on the topic”

      You know how long it normally takes to publish one of those? If this action hadn’t been taken, a few weeks down the line you’d be asking why they didn’t do it …

      • M says:

        This isn’t the first time covid has been found in mink. Similar culls due to covid have occurred in Spain and The Netherlands at least 4-6 months ago. There is no suggestion these outbreaks have affected the prevailing strains in those regions.

        I made no comment on the value of conducting a cull. What I do question is the assertion that this has lead to a change in government policy. That’s quite a leap with no evidence to back it up.

        • Josh says:

          But I thought the one of the strains of Covid currently dominant in Europe originated on Spanish farms?

        • callum says:

          Which is exactly why this case is different. In Spain, mink caught the virus from humans. In Denmark, it has now been found that humans have caught it from mink. Combine that with the specific strain in the mink being particularly effective at blocking the production of antibodies this has the potential to be a much bigger problem than before.

          Rob is absolutely making an assumption, but it’s not much of a “leap”. It’s a perfectly logical explanation and I assume you have no alternative (which I agree does not make it true, it’s just not really a leap)? I’d also agree that saying it is “immune” is a huge oversimplification if you have a genuine interest in the topic, but for a layman its an adequate description.

        • ken says:

          “What I do question is the assertion that this has lead to a change in government policy”

          The risk of any mutated virus is clearly theoretical at this stage. But the mink outbreak is exactly why Debmark added to quarantine list.

          • M says:

            Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for and helps clarify. Maybe the article could link to this.

  • Barry cutters says:

    I thought being a white British Middle Aged male was difficult in 2020 …………………..But at least I’m not a grey European Mink .

    • Lady London says:

      Worse if you’re straight as well 🙂

      • Barry cutters says:

        Yes I’ve heard there’s some serious injustices linked to homophobia within the Danish mink community ?

  • Tariq says:

    Ironic that they’re now concerned about evolution, when the bedwetting measures that we’re currently living through are an affront to Darwinism.

    • Ziggy says:

      Congratulations, you win the dumbest comment of the day (Trump aside). Based on your truly idiotic assertion, any sort of “interference”, medical or otherwise, would have to be classified as an “affront to Darwinism”. How would that work for you?

      • Nick_C says:

        Sorry Ziggy, but you get my vote for “dumbest comment of the day”.

        Covid-19 kills the old and sick. The strong and healthy survive, and produce a stronger, healthier human race.

        Was iy really right to savagely damage an economy of 60 million people to protect half a million weak and vulnerable, most of whom are economically inactive and will die soon anyway?

        History will be the judge.

        • Ken says:

          Yeah , all those weak pensioners dying won’t be passing their genes on now.

          Do you actually know anything about evolution other than trite ‘survival of the fittest’ cliches ?

        • C_runt says:

          Nick_C hopefully you’ll be old and weak fairly soon and then we can just callously dispose of you too!

  • Amy says:

    When will countries be added back onto the corridor list?

    • Anna says:

      Presumably when the government is happy with their infection rates, but who knows?!

  • Callum says:

    I hardly think you (or Tariq) have any right to call anything “dumb” with those horrific arguments…

    Understanding evolution doesn’t mean you have to be a “Darwinist”, nor does “Darwinism” mean “fend for yourself” (humans are social animals – societal assistance has in fact been critical in “guiding” our evolution, the exact opposite to your claim). You’d have to be insanely ignorant to look at the path of human evolution and conclude that “you’re on your own – survival of the fittest” has strengthened the race.

    I hardly see how history will be a judge given there’s nothing objective to compare it to. The selfish like yourselves will continue to insist that it’s better to let “the weak” die off (which, by the way, includes significant non-Covid deaths from people who can’t get treatment anymore – or are you saying we shouldn’t even let those apparently useless and expendable people in the hospitals at all?) because money, money, money. Tariq is either a joke or just flat out evil and probably revels in death, I’m not sure what you could look back on and make you change your mind?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Sorry but I really don’t think everyone who has an opposite view to being “protectionist” is evil or callus.

      What is going on right now in many countries isn’t democratic. There’s no real debates going on in parliament (unamendable bills/acts), in fact there was no questioning for a long time.

      Theres no right to protest peacefully against rights being taken away without threats of £10k fines.

      This isn’t as black and white as deaths vs lockdown as lockdowns aren’t the only option. They’re the sledgehammer like “easy” option because you are fucking up everything else.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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