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Teesside International Airport drops its £6 facility fee

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Teesside International Airport, which is currently in the middle of a major redevelopment programme, has dropped its unpopular £6 ‘facility fee’.

This was, effectively, an additional charge made to depart from the airport. All passengers had to buy a £6 pass and would not be allowed past security without one.

Introduced in 2010, it was to “help support the continued operation of the airport and secure its sustainable future.”

Teesside Airport drops hated £6 facility fee

Such charges are not rare but are usually hidden. Heathrow currently charges £26.67 per passenger on a flight to Berlin for example – imagine what would happen if all passengers were forced to buy a £26.67 pass from a vending machine to get through security. Instead, it is baked into the cost of your ticket.

Low cost carriers won’t stand for this. They want to have a reputation for low fares which means that they are unwilling to collect a £6 ‘facility fee’ on behalf of the airport. The only way for small airports like Teesside to get this money is by charging it separately.

Luckily, anyone flying from Teesside International from June 2021 will not have to pay the £6 fee. This is not yet reflected on the airport website.

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  • Stu says:

    I’m no expert but I’d say any flight departing LHR which isn’t above 2,500ft by Windsor (i.e. approximately 5.5m from the far end of 27R) is in trouble?

  • Charlie says:

    I’m afraid you’re wrong about Windsor. To start with, it’s the 09R runway, but nevertheless, there are prescribed exemptions to restricted areas which would apply here to any aircraft which has been authorised to enter the London control zone – which is the situation on the temporary restricted airspace that is often put up around Windsor.

    • Will_ says:

      I live in Windsor and Thames Valley Police have said this request is more about stopping drones flying over the castle than anything else. Nothing has been mentioned about commercial aircraft at all.

  • Voltron says:

    Does anybody else just save all amex offers as soon as they appear rather than un-saving them? Makes it alot easier to know when a new one pop ups?

    • cinereus says:

      No, and it’s odd that anyone wouldn’t.

      • JohnT says:

        I don’t save unless likely to use it (doesn’t feel fair to those who may want it). Wish there was a way to decline an offer instead to simplify the list.

      • Simon Fisher says:

        Then I am odd as I save every single offer. This makes it easy to spot the ones I want when they appear and a couple of times I have accidently used an offer! We odd people should stick together.

    • Andrew says:

      When you save an offer you agree to your information being sold to that company – I’m not overly bothered by companies I plan to use the offer for but would rather not needlessly do it. It’s also better to leave the offers you aren’t interested in for other people as most have a signup limit.

      • meta says:

        If you don’t save an offer you are less likely to be shown another different offer. I had this in writing when I complained to Amex about lack of offers a few years ago. I now save all offers and I am not bothered about information being passed on. It happens all the time.

        • Rob says:

          Makes no sense, because the BIGGEST complaint from companies who run these offers is that people save them unnecessarily but then don’t use them, and the offer then disappears for other people who may have been able to use it.

    • John says:

      I used to but I can’t be bothered any more because they made the interface clunky and also there are very few of interest

  • Tim says:

    Shame. As a young lad, those early morning flights usually ensured that I at least got to Bekynton for a soggy croissant and a watery black coffee.

    • Charlie says:

      Better to eat in house.

      • JDB says:

        Glad to here others here were at school; usually see rather dodgy jibes. Bekynton was far better than our house cook.

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          It’s hear.

          This post is brought to you by state education.

          • WaynedP says:

            This one made my day, thx – just didn’t have enough wifi strength in the garden to reply at the time.

            I wish I could be so sharp so early in the morning 🤣

          • Aston100 says:

            Brilliant from Mr(s) Entitled.

      • HV says:

        Ah – but if you had to leave the house for Tardy Book, you might as well swing back via Bekynton – the hash browns were much better!

    • Magic Mike says:

      Back in the Concorde days, divs paused while the old bird passed overhead…

  • bafan says:

    I live in between Kew and Richmond. Does this mean we’ll get the traffic ALL the time? That won’t go down well.

    • Dominic Barrington says:

      Surely, this is really about arriving flights. In which case the decision about coming in over the Windsor area as compared to the Kew/Richmond area is down to the prevailing wind direction. How the flight path heading east will be affected is the question, but if the wind makes landing in that direction necessary, they won’t be sending the planes over Richmond – at least, so I assume (not being a pilot or ATC).

      That being said, a couple of years ago I was flying DUB/LCY and we were routed to the west and south of LHR on a cloudless day, and having a LH window seat I had a fabulous view of LHR, watching a couple of planes land in an easterly direction. We flew on east towards LCY, only to go well past it, turn around and land heading west. I can only assume that the wind over east London was doing something very different to the wind over Berkshire and west London.

    • Charlie says:

      Most landings are on 09L when on easterlies anyway due to the Cranford Agreement which essentially prohibits takeoffs on 09L. So in reality not much would change even if there was no exemption (which there will be – see the restricted area notice during Harry’s wedding, for example).

    • John says:

      I live there too, not bothered by the flights. It’s quite reassuring to hear planes at 4.30am as it means the world is still turning.

    • Lady London says:

      I lived exactly where you live @bafan and wanted more than anything for the up to 6 or so flights that were allowed overnight after curfew to stop. The daily one around 4.30am ways had such a rattly engine and noisy ‘gear change’ right over the house.

      I don’t think there is any more room in the regular flight schedule for them to send any more flights diverted from Windsor over your/my house instead.

      • bafan says:

        @LL interesting. Agreed, in the day I don’t notice but particularly pre COVID, that bank of 4-5am flights from HKG and SIN and the likes drove me up the wall!

  • Will says:

    74 Amex offers for me – none of which are of any interest.

  • AY says:

    82 offers on my platinum card

  • mr_jetlag says:

    70 offers here. Have Brook and Wilde ever sold a mattress via Amex, I wonder.

    • John says:

      If they have ever sold anything some people will have paid by amex surely

      • Sandra says:

        I bought one last year paying by Amex but at a significant discount on Brand Alley with a further discount in the last couple of days they were on there – paid less than half price. They are often discounted on Brand Alley by much more than you get with Amex. Have to say it’s comfortable!

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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