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Get 43,000 Avios and an upgrade voucher with Barclays Avios Rewards

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I want to spend some time today looking again at the new Barclays Premier and Barclays Avios Rewards partnership, so you can see if it is worth signing up.

When we first covered this in March, it was being slowly rolled out. Barclays Avios Rewards is now fully up and running and Barclays is now allowing you to open a Barclays Premier account online – click here.

There is a 25,000 Avios bonus for signing up.

Barclays Avios Rewards

Barclays Premier is the only way to earn Avios from a UK current account.

What is important to remember about Barclays Avios Rewards is that – unlike a credit card reward – there is no spend requirement. As long as you move your current account to Barclays Premier, pay in your salary and opt in to Barclays Avios Rewards you will receive a monthly bonus and an annual BA upgrade voucher.

You will earn 43,000 Avios in your first year including the 25,000 Avios bonus for joining Barclays Premier.

What is Barclays Avios Rewards?

Barclays Avios Rewards is a new rewards scheme for Barclays Premier Banking and Barclays Wealth current account holders.

Here are the headline details:

  • There is a £12 monthly fee for Barclays Avios Rewards
  • You receive 1,500 Avios per month
  • You receive a ‘cabin upgrade voucher’ after 12 months (more details below)

There are bonus points if you have other products, including:

  • Mortgage – 700 Avios per month, with a one-off bonus of 2,000 Avios when taking out a mortgage
  • Life cover – 150 Avios per month for the first 12 months (500 Avios if critical illness cover is included)
  • Home cover – 75 Avios per month for contents insurance, 75 Avios per month for buildings insurance, 150 per month for combined cover, all payable for the first year of cover only

How does the upgrade voucher work?

The upgrade voucher will be triggered after you have been a Barclays Avios Rewards member for 12 months, and every 12 months thereafter.

It will appear in your Executive Club account within five days of your 12th monthly membership fee being paid.

The voucher will be valid for travel taken within two years of the date of issue.

You can use the voucher to upgrade, by one cabin class, a return Avios Reward Flight for one person, or a one-way Avios Reward Flight for two people.

Upgrades can only be processed if there is Avios reward availability in the higher cabin. Additional taxes and charges may be due. Bookings cannot be upgraded to First class.

The terms and conditions of the voucher are here.

We will do a full article looking at the upgrade voucher in a day or so.

Are you eligible for Barclays Avios Rewards?

Barclays Avios Rewards is only open to Barclays Premier Banking and Wealth customers.

To open a Barclays Premier Banking account, you will need an income of £75,000+ OR at least £100,000 saved or invested with Barclays.

You can also apply by opening a current account with Barclays Wealth, which is open to people with over £500,000 of investable assets.

Get 25,000 Avios as a sign-up bonus

New Barclays Premier Banking or personal Barclays Wealth customers will receive a 25,000 Avios joining bonus. To receive this, you’ll need to move your existing current account to Barclays via the Current Account Switching Service, within 3 months of joining Barclays Avios Rewards.

The sign-up page is here.

Existing Barclays customers will receive a one-off bonus of 2,500 Avios when they join Barclays Avios Rewards.


Barclays Avios Rewards is worth a serious look if you meet the £75,000 income criteria or are willing to move £100,000 of savings to Barclays.

You will receive, in your first 12 months:

  • 25,000 Avios as a sign-up bonus
  • 18,000 Avios via your 12 x 1,500 Avios monthly bonuses
  • A potentially very valuable upgrade voucher

….. for a total cost of just 12 x £12 monthly fees. After the first year, it remains a good deal in my view – you will be paying £144 for 18,000 Avios and an annual upgrade voucher.

You can find out more, and apply, on the Barclays Premier website here. Online applications are now possible.

Comments (83)

  • Paul Benscher says:

    What can be done for a retired person who travels a lot but does not meet the financial requirements of Barclays They are a AmEx BA card holder and are going to loose out when the Lloyds Avios card stops soon. And it was used when AmEx was not taking at that establishment

    • Rhys says:

      Sit tight – you’ll be catered for soon 🙂

      • TJ says:

        Interesting! Will be keen to learn more about what’s on the horizon for retirees. The problem for me with the Barclays offer is where to invest £100k and earn more than 0.01% with them. I can earn an exponentially better RoI just through passive trading.

        • Dace says:

          Use their Smart Investor platform. Their fees aren’t too bad. 0.2% plus dealing charges of £3 for funds and £6 for shares.

          If you do it by the 17th you can get a £500 for a switch over £100k or £1k over £200k. They also pay all charges to leave up to £500.

    • Bill says:

      I have cancelled Lloyds credit card and opened free BA Amex card which gives twice the Avios for each pound spent

  • Chris says:

    Premier account managers have complete flexibility to open an account regardless of stated requirements. I earn £1k a month and opened an account in March.

    • Callum says:

      I guess that needs to be in branch then? Did you have a long history with them?

  • Sarah says:

    How long is the switching bonus of 25,000 valid for? Will I be able to switch in July and qualify for the bonus?

  • Colin says:

    Now have both HSBC and Barclays premier .. any thoughts on where my salary should go, and where I send a regular credit. Happy to share transactions and leave some residual income floating around.

    • James says:


    • Anon says:

      I have both as well and what people have said on HfP before is that Barclays is very touchy around moving large amounts of money in and out. Their fraud systems will lock your account for minor things and then unlocking is a massive hassle. They also question people who don’t put through the kind of money they expect. So salary should probably go there.

      HSBC on the other hand doesn’t technically require any money to be put through to keep Premier and they don’t really check once the account is open. I’ve never really put anything through the account that would look like a salary (same amount each month) and it’s never been an issue.

  • James says:

    I already have a Barclays Premier account and I feel cheated that I would only receive 2,500 for opting for into Avios rewards.
    If I down grade my account so I am no longer Premier, waited a few months & then went back to Premier (plus switching in a “non main account” from another back) would I then receive the 25k switch bonus? Or is there a time delay rule?

    • Rob says:

      Probably not, because anyone upgrading from a standard Barclays current account only gets 2,500 Avios. You’d need to walk away from Barclays entirely for at least four months.

      • Oliver says:

        Is that based on Andrew’s comment on Page 2? My reading of what Barclays said is that you are ineligible for the 25k if you have ever held an account for longer than 4 months.

        I’m interested in this, because I currently have an old Barclays current account that has been sitting dormant with about £20 in it since I switched my main account away from them around 10 years ago (pre the current account switch service).

        If I could close everything at Barclays and then come back as a ‘new’ customer (with the 25k Avios) in e.g. 12 months, I might be seriously interested in moving my banking to Barclays. Without the 25k, I probably wouldn’t bother.

        I understand the need to stop people churning accounts, but a lifetime ineligibility on the sign-up bonus goes too far the other way and will cost them genuine business!

        It looks like others have got the 25k despite having existing accounts, but the 4 month policy makes it seem like they have ‘slipped through the cracks’. I wouldn’t risk the hassle of switching bank unless the 25k was guaranteed.

        • Rob says:

          No, you misunderstand the wording. The four months is based on you joining HSBC – ie if you got Premier or a current account less than 4 months ago, they will still treat you as ‘new’ if you add Avios Rewards. It is a ways of not stuffing people who moved over just before the offer launched.

          If you leave Barclays completely and return in a few months you will get the 25k.

    • Patrick Cold says:

      I switched out from Barclays Premier and switched back again three weeks later. My account is treated as a new Premier account and the 25,000 avios show as pending in my app.

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