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TODAY ONLY: Get DOUBLE Rewards stamps on stays until 31st January 2022

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UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 2021:  This article is now out of date, but don’t worry.  We produce a monthly summary of the top hotel bonus point offers – please click HERE or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ menu above.  Thank you. Rewards has launched an attractive ‘Double Stamps’ promotion.  This means that you will be getting back 20% of what you spend, ex-VAT, as credit towards a reward night in the future.

You need to book today, Thursday, and you need to book via the app. Desktop bookings do not count. double free night credits stamps app offer

How do I earn double Rewards credit?

You need to make a booking through the UK app, and only the app, before midnight tonight (Thursday 29th) using coupon code APPRWD2X.

You can book for hotels globally and your stay must be completed by 31st January 2022.

Once your stay is over, you will receive two ‘stamps’ per night for your stay instead of the usual one stamp. Once you’ve collected ten stamps, you receive a voucher for a free night.  The value of the free night is average ex-taxes cost of the nights you stayed.

This promotion means you could earn a reward night after staying as few as five nights rather than the usual 10, which is pretty attractive.

There is no minimum stay, so you’ll even get double stamps on a one-night stay. 

The coupon code can be used multiple times although you can only earn the bonus once per hotel.

There are a few things to note:

  • The offer is only available on stays until 31st January 2022
  • You’ll only get the double stamps on pre-paid bookings rather than ‘pay at the property’ stays
  • The double stamps are only available on one room per booking. If you are travelling with friends or family and need multiple rooms, each guest could book separately to earn double credits in their own account rather than you earning a single credit in your account.
  • There is a maximum of five bonus nights per booking. A 5-night stay will earn you 10 stamps, but a 10-night stay will only earn you 15 stamps (5 x 2 stamps plus 5 x 1 stamp).
  • You can earn the bonus on multiple bookings but only once per hotel double free night credits stamps app offer

Why do we like Rewards?

This is a good opportunity to remind you why we are fans of Rewards.

A lot of people end up, by choice or by default, splitting their stays across a number of different hotel chains and holiday rentals. They do a lot of nights, but never enough to build up status or a decent number of points.

For these people, Rewards is a better way to go. will be familiar to most readers. It is a huge hotel and vacation rentals booking portal covering pretty much every corner of the planet.

You won’t find much cheaper than booking a hotel directly, although you can get special ‘member only’ deals at some hotels when you are logged in.  Silver and Gold members of Rewards receive VIP benefits at some hotels such as free breakfast, money off spa treatments and so on.

The majority of the properties on the site let you earn Rewards stamps.  There are 500,000 properties on the site, which is about 20 times more than all of the ‘big six’ hotel loyalty schemes combined. Rewards (their home page is here) is an idiot-proof loyalty scheme:

  • You earn one stamp for every night you stay (two stamps under this offer!)
  • When you’ve earned 10 stamps, you get a reward night
  • The value of the reward night is the average ex-tax price you paid for those 10 nights
  • Your stamps don’t expire as long as you collect or redeem at least one night every 12 months

There aren’t any big catches when you redeem. There are no blackout dates and you can pick any property on that takes part in Rewards (i.e. most of them). You can pay the difference if you want to book a hotel which is more expensive than the value of your reward night voucher.  Note that you do have to pay the taxes and fees element in cash and there is £4 booking fee unless you book via the mobile app.

There is a lot of upside here:

  • ALL of your stays (assuming the stay you are booking is in Rewards, and most are) will count towards reward nights. That means whether you book a small holiday rental on a Greek island or a motorway stopover on a work trip, you’ll earn stamps towards a reward night.
  • Your reward night can be used to book any room on Most reward schemes restrict the ability to book club rooms, suites, family room etc. That is not a problem with Rewards.
  • is convenient – their huge portfolio means there’s no need to mess around with badly reviewed properties or out of the way hotels purely to find one in your favourite chain which earns points.

It’s worth noting that bookings do not count for points or stay credit in the loyalty scheme of the chain where you are staying. You may get your status benefits, but it is down to the goodwill of the hotel.

If you are booking independent hotels, or hotels chains where you do not collect their points, will often make sense.

The last word ….

This is a very decent offer.

You are getting back 20% of the ex-tax price of your room in credit for a future free night.  You can’t complain about that.

You can view the promotion on the website here but you MUST book via the app.

Hotel offers update – September 2021:

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Want to buy hotel points? There are currently special offers running with Marriott Bonvoy (‘mystery’ 45% or 50% bonus to 25th September), Hilton Honors (100% bonus to 30th September) and World of Hyatt (30% bonus to 31st October).

Comments (34)

  • MarkS says:

    Thanks. I have 2 vouchers to use, assuming they wouldn’t count as nights where I would earn a reward. Need to book a place in ibiza for a family of 4 so might as well get that done today!

  • John says:

    They’ve sent me a few of these deals over the past 2 months but I’ve had to cancel everything I booked as my dates changed. If I was going somewhere next week I would be happy but I can’t be bothered to do speculative bookings now

  • Chris Heyes says:

    Like Rob I’m a big fan of, we use them a lot, ok your not saving any money on the booking, but as we are away for 3 weeks at at time 7 days at a time 2 rooms each place soon adds up into “Free Nights”
    You can normally find the Hotel you was going to book, on around same price point
    So there is no reason not to use them
    Only downside is sometimes if your after a suite it wont be on and I’ve found aren’t flexible to book one even though the Hotel has one
    Highly recommended though

  • Lee says:

    Your sums are way out. You; won’t be getting back 20% of your stay. You’ll still get getting back 10%, but you’ll be able to redeem your stamps sooner.
    Let’s say you have 5 nights booked and you pay £100 per night.
    Normally you’d get 5 stamps (each worth £10, so £50 in total) but have to wait until you’ve had another 5 stays before you could redeem them.
    Under the current promotion you’d get 10 stamps, instead, so you can redeem them immediately.
    This means you have 10 stamps on a total spend of £500.
    As the redemption is 10% of the value of the spend across the stamps, you still get the same £50 value from them.
    It’s a good deal (as you only need to stay half the number of nights before you can use the stamps’ value) but you’re not getting double the value as the article states.

    • Dubious says:

      Lee – I think your assumption is wrong and Rob’s calculation is correct…too late now anyway as the promotion is over, but these Rewards promotions generally apply the same value to the double stamps as the original.

      As per the T&Cs of this promotion: “.the value of these promotional stamps will not impact the average daily rate in determining the value of any reward night.”

      • Lee says:

        I can’t believe I got my dates wrong! I thought today was the 29th! I’m going to blame the pandemic, and not my age!
        I’m also unconvinced that the T&C you quoted makes a difference to the maths, but as you say, it’s now moot.

        • Barry cutters says:


          You are incorrect .
          Using your example (and ignoring tax on both purchase and redemption )

          Yesterday and tomorrow a 5 x £50 night stay would earn you 5 stamps and you would be halfway to a free night . Money in the pot towards the free night would be £25 .

          Today with this promo and the same 5 night x £50 stay you would receive 10 stamps .
          Meaning £50 in the pot

        • Dubious says:

          Actually on that front I got my dates wrong…it is still valid today.

    • Sammyj says:

      This is how I read the promo too – double stamps but the extras didn’t give any extra value.

  • roberto says:

    I like Hotels dot Com too but when I looked yesterday the hotels I wanted to book did not have the double stamp option unfortunately….

    Great if you can get it 👍

    • Terry says:

      Try applying the code while booking, don’t just go by the ones it shows as promotion applicable in search results. Most hotels are covered by the promotion, even if search results don’t reflect it.

  • Tom says:


    Your analysis makes no sense. You get a free night worth 100 quid after staying 5 nights paying a total of 500 quid. That is 20% any way you look at it.

    This offer has been going since the 27th so the news is is a bit last minute.

    • Lee says:

      No, it’s a free night worth 10% of the price you paid across the 10 stamps. It’s not 10% per stamp. It’s 10% across the total value of the stays. But the offer has closed and I got my dates wrong, so whether my analysis is right or wrong it makes no difference now, anyway.

      • Barry cutters says:

        The free night is an average of your stamps .
        You would receive 2x the stamps in this promotion .

        Robs analysis is correct .

  • ayearinmx says:

    awesome timing…. that’s 20+ work nights rebooked, giving me 4 days of holiday stays, thanks!

  • meta says:

    Not valid with a code and is pretty good at declining transactions where the code is used. It is also mentioned in T&C.

    • Paul says:

      Correct, the CB is only available on the website, and the double stamp only on the app, but I opted for the 10% CB, 10% effective ‘voucher’ back, not having to pay now and tie the money up, double stamps only available on ‘pay now’. Admittedly I am at the whim of the currency fluctuation, but that may go either way…

      • CarpalTravel says:

        Worth being careful with this. With one CB site I found that the cost of the hotels goes up almost exactly the same amount as the amount being offered. With the “other” site though, it was fine. It’s worth clearing cookies / changing IP address (e.g. router reboot) as you may be surprised by how clever the tracking can be.

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