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NEW: British Airways Executive Club introduces Avios Subscription – buy for under 0.9p!

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Avios has launched an interesting new product today, Avios Subscription.

By signing up to Avios Subscription, Executive Club members have the opportunity to get a monthly Avios ‘boost’ when they opt for a monthly or annual subscription.

The value proposition is very strong – as low as 0.89p when you sign up to an annual commitment. To put this in context, we have never seen Avios sold for as little as this even during promotions.

EDIT: Our latest (December 2023) analysis of Avios Subscription, following a price rise, is here

Avios Subscription

The landing page for the offer can be found here.

How does Avios Subscription work?

There are four different plans to pick from, giving you a range of Avios earning opportunities.

You can select from a monthly payment or an annual payment. However, even if you select the annual, up-front payment, your Avios boost will still be posted to your account monthly.

The first two plans offer 20,000 Avios per year for £185 per year / £19 per month or you can collect 50,000 Avios per year for £455 per year / £45 per month. This image just shows the annual option:

British Airways Executive Club introduces Avios Subscription - buy for under 0.9p!

With the next two offering you can collect a chunky 100,000 Avios per year for £899 / £89 per month or 200,000 Avios per year for £1,789 per year / £179 per month. Again, we’ve just shown the annual pricing below:

British Airways Executive Club introduces Avios Subscription - buy for under 0.9p!

You can buy a maximum of 200,000 Avios with Avios Subscription.

Is the Avios Subscription good value?

In a nutshell, yes, but the real value comes from the annual payment plans rather than the monthly payment plans.

You will get approximately 20% more value for opting for the annual plan rather than the monthly.

You may remember IAG ran a hugely popular 75% bonus ‘Buy Avios’ promotion back in 2020, during the pandemic, which meant you could buy Avios at a rate of 0.92p per Avios. We’d never seen an offer this good at the time.

The new Avios Subscription offering is BETTER value than this. It allows you to buy Avios at a rate of rate of 0.92p for the Voyager plan, 0.91p for Traveller, 0.90p for Explorer and 0.89p for Adventurer, based on a yearly commitment.

On top of this, you can pay for the Subscription using a British Airways American Express card, meaning you will earn Avios from the Subscription offering and from your credit card spend.

What is an Avios worth?

Ah, the eternal Head for Points question. For a detailed description of what an Avios is worth, you can read Rob’s breakdown here.

As a quick summary, Rob keeps a spreadsheet of all the Avios he has redeemed for the last nine years, and he has got 1.2p of value per Avios based on his valuation of the flights he took. Rob’s valuation is arguably low as he bases it on how cheaply he thinks he could have got the same trip if he’d booked in a sale or taken an indirect flight on a different airline, and adds in no value for the flexibility offered by Avios tickets.

If you can buy Avios at a rate of 0.93p or less, you should be getting a good deal.

In the worse case scenario, you know that you can cash out your Avios via Nectar and get 0.8p. You would be taking a small loss but at least you know that your downside risk is modest.

Those pesky terms and conditions

If you commit to an annual payment plan, you commit to the whole year – you cannot cancel your subscription during the year and get a pro-rated refund

If you sign up to the monthly payment plan, you are committed to at least three months.

After a year, the subscription will auto-renew so you will need to proactively cancel the subscription if you don’t want to continue.

You can buy a maximum of 200,000 Avios in any one calendar year via Avios Subscription. This is in addition to the 200,000 Avios allowance through ‘Buy Avios’.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

In conclusion ….

The new Avios Subscription is pleasantly straightforward and, to be honest, surprisingly good value if you go for an annual plan.

I can imagine it being particularly popular with people who earn a British Airways Premium Plus American Express companion voucher each year but struggle to earn enough Avios to make full use of it.

You pay monthly or annually for the subscription plan of your choice and in return, every month you get a chunk of Avios added to your balance. Remember that the Avios arrive month by month, even if you pay upfront for an annual plan.

The annual payment plan is effectively ‘pay for 10 months, get two free’. If you have the cash available to pay up front, this is a more valuable option. That said, don’t feel compelled to push yourself – the ‘pence per point’ ratio is similar however many you buy.

You can sign up to Avios Subscription or find out more using this link here.

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  • Numpty says:

    If they really want this to work, and given we are swapping cash for points to then redeem then they could allow tier point collection on redemption flights, even if it was at a reduced rate. Rob, please action.

  • Jack says:

    Trying to figure out whether this is a good deal or not. It largely depends on your personal circumstances, where and how you intend to travel, whether you use a 241 companion voucher or not and how much you spend during the year collecting “free avios”.

    Our family usually collects around 130,000 avios through Amex spend. We usually get around 2 companion vouchers a year. But we only have 1 child. So when we book a family holiday, we need to use, say, 150,000 avios and the companion voucher fr ourselves. We then need to pay a cash seat in business for our child which is usually outrageously priced.

    So…if we bought the 200,000 subscription, it may be worth it for £1769 since we could then spend the additional avios purchased for our child instead of paying the cash price. That means for the 3 of us to travel, it would only be £1875 (in taxes for the 3 avios redemption seats) plus the £1769 subscription price. For 3 business tickets, that would be a good price.

    • Gordon says:

      You also need to factor in your card subscription fees and the avios you are selling to BA through your spend.

  • Prateek Jhunjhunwala says:

    I think BA is good only for travelling UK-US. For India-uk travel atleast, virgin atlantic is a no-brainer. For comparison, BA charges 65k avios for LHR-DEL route return ticket, while virgin requires only 35k points. Charges of course are similar in both. For business class, its 125k vs 75k points. This is for off peak dates on both airlines.

  • MrsT says:

    Is the 100k option as good as the 200k option? Unless you need double the amount I’m working both options to around 0.89 per point.

    • Rob says:

      Same price per point, but you get to buy more of them for that price!

      • MrsT says:

        Makes sense thanks Rob. I’m buying primarily so I can use my 2-4-1 voucher next year as all of my travel is avios reward next year therefore no avios for flights.
        As a data point I purchased the subscription and it said “Pending.” However within 2 minutes I had an email confirming the subscription and the first loads of points was already in my account.
        I clicked through via your link hoping you get some sort of kick back and thank you again for helping out a reader/follower with another great article.
        The transaction has gone through as “BA purchase avios GBP” so I’m hopeful for the 3 times avios using my BA Premium Card.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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