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Review: SCHLOSS Roxburghe, Hyatt’s new Scottish resort hotel

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This is my review of SCHLOSS Roxburghe, a new addition to the Hyatt portfolio located in the Scottish Borders near Kelso.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is a former residence of the Dukes of Roxburghe. In 2018, what was then a manor house hotel was bought by a German investment group (hence I guess “SCHLOSS” instead of “castle”) which already owned high end properties in Germany, Sardinia, Ibiza and New York.

The property was completely refurbished and a new modern wing (Estate House) added, tripling the available rooms. For clarity, despite the SCHLOSS name, there is nothing German about the food and drink, the rooms, the spa or the staff!

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

In January 2023 Hyatt officially announced the opening of SCHLOSS Roxburghe as the debut of the ‘Destination by Hyatt’ brand in the UK.

The hotel website is here.

We have split the review into two parts because there is a lot to cover and, because it is a Scottish hotel, it is more accessible to HfP readers than many of the overseas properties we cover.

The hotel provided my room and meals for two nights as well as a spa treatment but HfP paid for my travel.

Getting to SCHLOSS Roxburghe

I visited last time this part of Scotland nearly 30 years ago – I was still living in Germany then and Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford made a lasting impression on me – so I was particularly looking forward to this trip.

To get to SCHLOSS Roxburghe from London I took the train from London Kings Cross to Berwick-upon-Tweed followed by a 45 minute taxi ride costing £61. If you want to hire a car, Edinburgh and Newcastle are circa one hour drive away and may be a better place to start.

This is a country house resort with a wide range of outdoor activities on site such as golf, clay pigeon shooting, fly fishing and hiking. The surrounding countryside is undoubtedly lovely. Further afield – but really not that far – are Kelso Abbey, the famous Floors Castle and the already mentioned Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford. Even the beaches of Northumberland are not that much of a drive.

Above is a view of the old manor as you come up the drive, welcomed by a carpet of snowdrops (not in the pic).

There was no doorman to greet me or help with my luggage, which seemed a missed opportunity to make a grander first impression which the inside fully justifies. The reception area takes you back a century with a big fireplace (not in pic) and a welcoming feel (I loved the wallpaper):

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

To the left of the reception is the library, which contains one of the three bars in the property and is where whisky tastings take place. The whole room makes you feel as if you’ve gone back in time by 100 years – as long as you were part of the upper crust of course.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

Straight on from the reception is the old hallway with striking wallpaper, tartan carpet and a hugely ornate fireplace. As you have probably realised by now, this is absolutely not your typical ‘big brand’ hotel.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The other side leads up to the rooms and suites in the original manor house:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

From the hallway you can go to a number of public spaces. The picture below is of the Drawing Room (the old Conservatory is behind the milk glass doors). Unfortunately on my last day this area was closed off for a private event.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

Another option is the State Room Lounge which also has a bar. Most of the public rooms have fire places which were lit in the evening.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

Adjacent to the State Room Lounge is another snug:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

There are a lot of places to hang out at SCHLOSS Roxburghe, which is a particular benefit in the winter months if the weather is inclement. You could spend a happy few days getting through your unread pile of books in front of a roaring fire.

From the snug you continue to the modern wing, the Estate House. As well as two floors of rooms and suites this also houses the main restaurant and the spa. This is an outside view to the Estate House from the park:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The Courtyard, one of the historic buildings on the estate, is utterly charming. The Courtyard also houses rooms and one suite, and is only a few steps from the main hotel / restaurant.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

During my stay there were a lot of dogs in the hotel. I think I have never stayed in a hotel with so many dogs running around, but they were all very well behaved and no disturbance at all. If you’ve got a dog of your own, this is a place where they will be welcome.

My King Bed Estate Park View room

My room was in the modern wing with a view to the park. This is the preferable side – and slightly more expensive as a result – as the rooms across the hall overlook the staff and golf club car park, albeit with the golf course and countryside beyond.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The room is decorated in teal blue with matt brass on the poster bed and in the bathroom. This is a very contemporary combination and tastefully furnished.

The room was not very spacious, to be honest, but had a small desk and an armchair as well as a very stylish window seat. I was missing a bedside lamp but this was not a massive drawback as there is a reading spot light on the wall.

The blue paint may prove tricky to maintain. My wardrobe door couldn’t open fully without banging into the bedside table, and the suitcase bench in the same colour already had a few chips. The resort will need to be vigilant if the teal paint is to remain in good shape.

The coffee machine is in the wardrobe on a shelf which can be pulled out. It didn’t pull out far enough to give you access to the water tank, however, and it was quite fiddly to actually get it going.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The bathroom had a walk-in shower (no bath) and one sink. The amenities were in large bottles from Molton Brown. The glossy ocean green tiles went well with the sink top and brass furnishings.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

Manor House and The Courtyard rooms

If you don’t want to stay in the new wing, you can choose from the Manor House and The Courtyard.

The rooms and suites here are all individually decorated in a traditional style in keeping with the building. The hallways sport a tartan wallpaper:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

I asked to see a Junior Suite in the Manor House and was shown the suite called ‘Galalaw’. The suite has a wooden four-poster bed, heavy curtain hangings and a lovely cosy atmosphere. The thoughtful use of colour, both in the room and indeed throughout the resort, really catches the eye.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The suite is also very spacious and looks out to the front of the hotel:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

In contrast, the bathroom is modern with a shower but no bath. It all looked very fresh and had a high-end feel.

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

A King Suite in the Estate House

I was also shown a King Suite with a park view in the newly built wing. As well as being very spacious and elegant, this suite has a good sized balcony with table and chairs which will come into its own in summer.

This is the living room space:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The bedroom was similar to my King Bed room but considerably larger – however there were no bedside table lamps here either!

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

The real plus is a very generous bathroom with double sinks and ….

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

…. a free-standing bath in addition to a shower:

Review Schloss Roxburghe resort Scotland

This is the end of Part 1 of my SCHLOSS Roxburghe review. In Part 2, click here, I look at the restaurant, bars, the spa, the pool and the holiday cottages which are also part of the estate.

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  • Matthias says:

    Looks like a nice hotel but not sure I could stay in a place that insists on CAPITALISING its name, especially a German one in Scotland which I don’t think is even a castle in the first place 🙂

    • Save East Coast Rewards says:

      Obviously you don’t say it as a word ‘schloss’ you have to say the individual letters out S-C-H-L-O-S-S otherwise why would it be written in uppercase like that?

  • The Savage Squirrel says:

    Just a small website design point. I can understand why most of your in-article links open in a new tab as readers will likely cross-refer articles, but when it’s the link at the end of a Part 1 and the reader quite naturally wants to go to Part 2 of a 2-part article then surely it would be a cleaner/better user experience to open in the same tab so they can just continue reading.
    Yes, I’m (constructively) nitpicking :D.

    • Save East Coast Rewards says:

      Nitpicking is my job 😁

      My preference would be if no site would open in a new tab by default and then I’d use the appropriate style of mouse click (normal click to stay in the same tab, ctrl-click for new tab) but I know most people aren’t aware of this so most sites open in new tabs by default.

      I agree that in the case of two part articles most people would prefer to stay in the same tab but it would mean overriding the default just for these links and I could see that would be something easily forgotten when putting together articles so if they started doing this some would open in the same window and others wouldn’t.

      • Rob says:

        Fair point, can do it I remember when we next do a 2-parter.

        • RussellH says:

          Please do not do that!.
          But please DO make the links from the home page open in a new window.

      • RussellH says:

        90-95% of the time, my preference would always be for the linked page to open in a new tab. Sites that prgram themselves to prevent it – Nectar is a major culprit here – I find extremely annoying.
        Even worse are the Chrome-based browsers that let you open the page in a new tab, but do not seem to have a setting to switch automatically to the newly opened tab.

        [CTRL-Click? Is that something you have to do a a Mac? Middle mouse button/scroll wheel, which works under Windows + RISC OS, is MUCH simpler.]

        • John says:

          If you use a normal mouse clicking the wheel also works on a mac

  • planeconcorde says:

    The rooms and facilities look lovely. Thanks for the warning about the dog policy. That’s disappointing, as it is a big enough of a negative for me not to stay here.

    • tw33ty says:

      It’s a country estate hotel, its target market is within the shooting and country set community.

      Go to the car park and it’s mostly range rovers / defenders in the car park.

      Lots of hotels allow dogs, it’s just the nature of this hotel attracts a lot more.

      The policy in fact attracts me to it as I have a working cocker spaniel, but I understand such a hotel isn’t for everyone.

      • Andrew. says:

        Real country folk drive a Subaru don’t they?

        Wouldn’t highlight a remote hotel car park being full of LandRovers. It’d be like fish in a barrel for London set. Train to Berwick, taxi to the hotel, out with their angle grinders, access the light cluster, start the car then it would be like a scene from the Traitors as a snake of vehicles are stolen in the night.

    • George says:

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with their policy as it might be what customers want but I can’t stand smelly ball sniffing mutts and would stay elsewhere.

  • AJA says:

    Is it me or is this not just an upmarket version of what Warner Holidays does? They buy a country house and bolt a new wing onto it that houses bedrooms etc. You can also pay a supplement to stay in the original building.

  • alex says:

    Stayed here twice and despite a substantial amount spent on the building upgrades its still run as a 3 star hotel and unfortunately typical of hotels up and down the country.
    Breakfast was not 5 star but poorly cooked poor buffet items and all very low rent.
    The bar on both occasions had no barman since their duties consisted of 5/6 other duties around the hotel rather than being dedicated to that one job despite plenty guests needed drinks.
    Do not stay in the entry level courtyard rooms which are nice and appointed well but the walls are paper thin and you hear hear every conversation, snore, footstep and Flush of toilet.

    5 star it is not.

    • Stu_N says:

      Strongly disagree on breakfast, buffet was good quality and well cooked on our stays and a la carte items also available like the eggs royal that Connie had.

      Agree they could do with more staffing, both numbers and quality/ experience but 3 star is a Hampton by Hilton – that’s not a credible comparison.

  • NorthernLass says:

    Thanks for the review – we’re staying there over Easter weekend, used 2 x Amex offers from the last Hyatt promotion.

  • CJD says:

    I take it spa access is included but treatments come to extra?

  • TGLoyalty says:

    They built a brand new wing for their rooms and they’re still so small the wardrobes they specified still don’t open properly as they bang against the bedside tables they specified .. what a shambles

    • Bagoly says:

      Agree – this is a really useful review – identifies somewhere I definitely do not want to stay.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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