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@BWS lol!! I’m partial to a cute mini but I’m never convinced that hotels do actually refill the big bottles with expensive stuff!

Boots and Asda usually have 3 for 2 offers on travel sized things which refill well, like Head & Shoulders, mouth wash and that Aussie deep conditioning stuff.

What’s also really useful is all the tiny toothpastes from J and F amenity kits.

What continues to confound me is milk. Never enough of it provided by hotels for a brew. I don’t mind powdered but don’t have room for a tin of Marvel in my hand luggage and emptying some into a generic container would probably get MAN security staff overexcited. Someone needs to invent “travel milk”!

They do, search for Milk Stick. You can cram quite a few of those in your ziplock. 10ml each. Available online or most supermarkets.

Yes exactly, Milk in a stick by Lakeland Dairies. I don’t even declare them in my ziploc bag; just put them in a pocket of my backpack and never been stopped. Usually I just take 2 for the first day/night and then buy a small milk locally for the room fridge. The other problem, very common in Europe, is to be provided only with teeny Nespresso cups. No good for a satisfying mug of tea. I either take my own insulated metal Costa one or buy a white Starbucks reusable one at destination for £2ish. And obvs being a serial over-packer I bring a squeezy mini bottle of Fairy liquid and designate one of the hotel face cloths for dishwashing duty. I also take my own elasticated washing line and sink stopper for longer holidays when washing my smalls in the hotel bathroom sink requires said sink to not drain out on me.

I am on definitely on team bring keep cup. Has come in very handy, on a number of occassions… most recently with clandestine outdoor drinking in Australia to cheers in the New Year. Coffee also sometimes tastes better than some takeaway cups.

Admire the elasticated washing line!!

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