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  • Hte 1 post

    A slightly unusual situation I’m hoping someone can help with. My wife and I have a joint account with Barclays premier and we each have the Barclays avios plus (I applied when it first came out and she applied a couple of weeks later). I have avios rewards activated on the current account but she does not as you can’t have two people active on it on a joint account.

    She has got an email saying she is eligible for the 100k bonus if she activated avios rewards. If I opt out on avios rewards on the current account and she opts in will she then receive the bonus?

    Apologies for the complex question and any help welcomed!

    RCHammer 65 posts

    I’m in a similar situation. A few months ago, before the 100k bonus was announced, I registered for the Avios rewards on our joint Premier account. When the 100k bonus was announced I could not apply for the Avios BarclayCard because I have a Barclaycard Hilton so my wife applied instead. I, perhaps naively, thought that the joint account was registered for Avios and therefore she would be entitled because the joint account was registered for the Avios not one individual in the joint account. It’s a joint account after all and I thought it would register both account names….?

    Gary 299 posts

    @RCHammer, Avios Rewards is registered to one individual out of the two joint account holders (ie whoever receives the 1500 Avios monthly). If you are the one registered for Avios rewards & wife is the main Avios+ CC holder, just cancel your Avios rewards in the app and ask her to join Avios rewards via her app. There will be immediate emails confirming you cancelling and her joining. The 100k Avios email will follow few days later. The yearly voucher award date resets upon cancelling & rejoining.

    If your wife is the main cardholder & also the person who receives the 1500 Avios into her BAEC normally, then I think you are out of luck unfortunately.

    RCHammer 65 posts

    Thanks Gary! I’ve switched the Avios rewards registration from me to my wife so will see if I get the 100k confirmation email

    RCHammer 65 posts

    In case it helps someone else I can confirm that cancelling the Avios registration for me and my wife registering has had the desired effect and we have an email now confirming eligibilty for the 100k Avios

    FatherOfFour 282 posts

    What were the conditions for getting a Barclays Premier joint account? 1 to earn 75k? Combined of something higher? Personally, my net is above their minimum, but my gross is below 75k, so I can’t honestly “tick the box” on the form. As our salaries are both currently paid into a joint account, I expect my wife would want to keep that arrangement, so if we were to ever switch, joint Premier might be an option?

    NeilP57 11 posts

    Not sure if it will directly help your initial query but my situation is as follows:

    Have a joint account that is deemed a premier account by Barclays based upon my income.
    We each have a solo account with Barclays.

    When the Barclaycard Avios Plus was launched, I cancelled the Blue Rewards and turned on the Avios rewards on my solo account and received the various bonuses that were given at the launch for existing Barclays Premier Customers.

    My wife has recently applied for and been approved to receive the Barclaycard Avios Plus card and she has also turned on Avios Rewards on the joint account. Yesterday she received confirmation that she will be receiving the additional 100,000 Avios as long as she keeps card and Avios rewards turned on for the 4 months qualifying period.

    Happy days!!

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