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241 (new style) companion voucher redeemed, but still showing as usable?

  • Scottpat78

    Hi. I recently used a new 241 earned in April for US flights in the 2023 summer holidays. I booked the outbound online, then called up last week to add the return. This was all done and the flights are ticketed and in my MMB. Both legs utilised the correct Avios for the voucher applying.

    The companion voucher is still showing in my account, and if I try to use it for a dummy booking it is letting me.

    Any else experience this? Did it come off your account eventually?
    I don’t really have another use for it right now, so don’t plan to use it. I’m thinking to call BA and let them know, as it seems the right thing to do.


    Also if you cancel a flight with the new style voucher you may not get it back 🙁

    This is BA IT. It’s a mess. By all means try and report the error but every time I’ve done this in the past I’ve been met with laughter and a shrug but the BA staffer I’ve spoken to. They are well aware the systems are shot-full of bugs and have zero interest or incentive in reporting them internally and then following up. I suspect they have been beaten into submission by an appalling IT operation.

    As an IT professional this drives me wild, and I can’t help myself but complain sometimes. But it is essentially utterly futile.


    And if you’ve not already flown them, check the flights associated with your “used” voucher have actually been ticketed. Otherwise you could be in a world of pain come check-in.


    Thanks Memesweeper – as a fellow IT professional, this also defies logic for me (anyone knows this can be tested prior to release and if reported post release, resolved), but I also get it will be on a backlog somewhere with far more pressing matters ahead of it.

    Both legs are fully ticketed now, and have the correct baggage allowances etc. Both have the 125- prefix. I’ve selected seats also for both legs.


    When you say ticketed, do you mean that 125- ticket numbers are showing or that the flights are showing in MMB?


    Both, I can select both flights in MMB and both display the 125- ticket reference.

    When you say ticketed, do you mean that 125- ticket numbers are showing or that the flights are showing in MMB?


    +1 Scottpat78. Exact same thing happened to me in the last few days, also with a return flight booked to US. I also did the same as you , booking outbound first, then adding th return a few weeks later when released. Tried to call BA as it confused me, but apparently the Customer services is so busy that the line cuts off after the auto-message advises me to call back later. I googled and found this forum, so am now reassured that it’s not just me!! Thanks for posting. Will sit tight and hope it sorts itself out. If not, I may try to cheekily use it again… Let’s see if they notice that 😉


    Same has happened to me this weekend adding a US return to the outbound 241. The voucher is back in my account, however, the second flight is not ticketed (also didn’t receive an email, which I usually do). However, flight is not until next year so happy to wait and see how it pans out.


    … and in my counter example the Avios history clearly shows “companion voucher refund” and it can’t be used 🤷 until it needs to be used I’ll hold off on another futile call to BA in the hope someone else resolves the backend issues that are causing this.


    Also in the same boat… keen to see how this pans out! Booked the outbound LHR to DBX online using a 241.. added the return via the phone, Avios history shows the balances coming and going, but the 241 voucher is still visible and appears usable when making a dummy booking.


    Anyone have any update on this if they can use their voucher a second time? I have recently used mine and it’s still showing as available so hoping I can use it again


    Have you flown? I’d wait until then before booking anything else.

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