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Forums Frequent flyer programs British Airways Executive Club Account lockout last night, and BA does not know why

  • pashmore1971

    Morning all,

    Did anyone else received an email last night saying your account was unlocked but when you try it it is locked.

    Obviously, I did not use the link in the email, but to me it was a genuine email. I went direct to BA website and changed the password.

    Now, when logging in the message is ‘Your account is temporarily unavailable’.

    I then called BA, spoke to someone who could get to a part of my account for verification, and at that point said ‘I can not get any further, as the account is temporarily unavailable, I will pass it on’

    I hope this is not a part of the hacking of BA staff (i understand it was to do with zellis) and it is going under the radar.

    HfP Staff

    My wife has the same.


    Still locked out here too.
    Changed password but can’t log in online or on the app.
    Perhaps you can update all members via headforpoints if you find out more via your BA connections ?


    Yup, same here…


    Yep. Had an email from BA yesterday afternoon ‘we’ve unlocked your account’ (I didn’t know it was locked!.)

    I went straight to the website and reset password. This seemed to work, but I still couldn’t log in. Just got the ‘your account is locked’ message.

    I phoned them this morning, and it was unlocked a couple of hours later, none the wiser as to why!

    I’ve sent some Nectar points over, and Qatar miles. Or maybe it was Award Wallet?


    Same issue for me. I am locked out of my account and BA does not know why – doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?


    Same for me too- exactly the same “unlocked” email when it was never “locked” in the first place.

    Phoned the Silver line and they were completely useless, so have sent an email via the website.

    I wonder whether it is frequent refreshes from Award Wallet that they’ve suddenly found suspicious, or something like that?

    RobH not Rob

    Same here, not got the email yet!


    Snap…p155 up and brewery comes to mind


    I’ve resorted to booking my urgent travel via the other family accounts… No reply on Twitter obviously.


    Same ‘your account is temporarily unavailable’ message too. I spoke to an agent who said that I should receive an email within 7 working days to say that it’s unlocked again.


    My app suddenly stopped and would not login. Website OK but app dead. Uninstall and logged in and it worked.


    We have locked your account temporarily to keep it safe and secure. For more information please refer to the email or letter you received from us.

    This is the message y’all are referring to?


    Yep, that’s the one


    Yes, just tried to login to my account. Got the message above referring me to the email/letter I’ve been sent, but had not received either… so am
    Locked out for no reason with not ability to get back in… obviously can call BA but assuming this will be resolved over the next day or so once they figure out WTF is going on?!


    Spoke to them yesterday

    Today had an email to say

    “We take the protection of your data seriously
    We’ve unlocked your access to your Executive Club account. Please log-in and change your password to keep your account secure.
    Best Wishes,
    Your Executive Club team”

    Guess what happens when I try to log in……..


    Changed password.
    Tried BAEC number instead but still the same issue.

    Tried iPad, android and website.
    Seems to be a random lock.

    Still locked out and same message to look out for email and letter.
    Very very bad IT system by BA


    Same here. Locked out and no sign of any email or message from them. What is going on?

    Super Secret Stuff

    No issues on mine. I was unaffected by their data breach however many years ago, could it be related to that?

    British airways used Move it which has been hacked recently, affecting many large business including the BBC etc. It’s a file transfer system, maybe there was a document with affected peoples data that was obtained during the hack?

    The potential irony of hack victims data being hacked is not lost on me lol


    Same here. Changed password, still can’t login…Player 2 was ok.


    Phoned BAEC yesterday and was told “British Airways” are doing an audit and your account will be unlocked within 7 days!” No apology for any inconvenience or any explanation as to why my account specifically has been locked instead of others!

    Not sure I’m convinced! As of this morning I’m still getting…

    “ We have locked your account temporarily to keep it safe and secure. For more information please refer to the email or letter you received from us.”

    …and am still to receive a single piece of communication from BA!!!


    Still locked as of this morning.


    Called Saturday
    Unlocked this morning..


    very frustrating locked out since last thursday and now the wife is !!!!
    i had planned to make bookings


    I can’t get through to BA, keeps telling me that are all too busy and hangs up on me.

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