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Forums Frequent flyer programs British Airways Executive Club Account lockout last night, and BA does not know why

  • davidbutcher 25 posts

    They’ve told me I will get the email I need within the next two weeks!


    MF176 209 posts

    I’m finally unlocked – it was an email to the email that finally did the trick

    hackinjack 12 posts

    Morning all,

    Did anyone else received an email last night saying your account was unlocked but when you try it it is locked.

    Obviously, I did not use the link in the email, but to me it was a genuine email. I went direct to BA website and changed the password.

    Now, when logging in the message is ‘Your account is temporarily unavailable’.

    I then called BA, spoke to someone who could get to a part of my account for verification, and at that point said ‘I can not get any further, as the account is temporarily unavailable, I will pass it on’

    I hope this is not a part of the hacking of BA staff (i understand it was to do with zellis) and it is going under the radar.

    Different people are getting different stories. My better half called them yesterday to ask them to unlock hers (mine was OK), they told her this is a random selection of accounts being tested for “Data Protection” purposes. Sounds like utter nonsense to me, covering up another IT fail.

    She also emailed as suggested on the other forum here. Had a reply from there as follows:


    Dear Mrs. *****

    Thank you for contacting British Airways.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We have raised a request to the relevant team in order to unlock your account. We request you to kindly wait 24 hours for the former to be fullfilled.

    For any further concerns, we would request you to call your local British Airways Contact Centre.

    Thanks & Regards


    Executive Club

    Then this 10 minutes later from

    Dear Mrs ******
    We take the protection of your data seriously
    We’ve unlocked your access to your Executive Club account. Please log-in and change your password to keep your account secure.
    Best Wishes,
    Your Executive Club team

    poggs 14 posts

    Still locked out.

    Sent the email.

    Got a reply asking me to change my email on sunday.

    Did so. Still locked out.

    THis is a shambles!

    NorthernLass 8,494 posts

    Why would they ask you to change your email? That sounds really rather suspicious – like they know there’s an issue with the current email!

    poggs 14 posts

    Why would they ask you to change your email? That sounds really rather suspicious – like they know there’s an issue with the current email!

    Sorry – typo. Meant password!

    jbmorley247 1 post

    I have had the same message saying they’ve unlocked access to my executive account and I should change my password, I am now locked out and have found BA to be completely useless telling me my account has been deactivated and I should create another which is no good to me as I have avios points etc also have been transferred from department to department, hung up on, given false information on who to contact, I’ve never know such a complete and utter shambles and not one person can help me or tell me why this has happened or if my account has been hacked, Even the complaint has not been responded to via the website other than they are very busy at this time and I might have to wait a while for a response. I hope this gets sorted soon!

    brian 94 posts

    I have still to take action on this, optimistically assuming that BA will actually get in touch

    a) telling me my account is locked and exactly what I need to do to unlock it
    b) telling me exactly what happened and why they felt the need to lock my account without informing me

    If they don’t resolve this I’m genuinely considering waking away from the programme altogether with two unused companion vouchers. Will just try regain access and convert to nectar points and be done with it.

    Ridiculous behaviour from a company this size considering the amount of value some have stored up in their accounts.

    TravelsWithMyHP 14 posts

    Morning all,
    Received the fabled “We have locked your account temporarily to keep it safe and secure. For more information please refer to the email or letter you received from us.” message this morning whilst trying to login to BAEC. Needless to say there is no email or letter from BA to refer to.
    Any recommendations on the most effective way to get out of this? Wait a few days and hope BA resolves it (yeah, right)? Use the e-mail? Something else?

    Colin MacKinnon 306 posts

    I got this message a couple of days ago.

    Called the Blue number and spoke to an agent.

    Explained it was locked, and said I suspected it was due to “suspicious” transactions over the past few days.

    (I had removed my deceased mother from my household account, and added step son, daughter-in-law and grandkids as Friends and Family. Of course, being of Spanish/USA heritage, all have different variations of surname!). I had then booked four economy tickets for them EDI-LHR-USA.

    I then transferred more avios in from Amex and tried to book the returns. With searches for a few USA gateways and dates. That was when the issue arose)

    Helpful agent said no problem, give me a minute and then told me the account would appear unlocked in abut 30 minutes.

    I waited until next day. All worked as usual and I booked the flights.

    TravelsWithMyHP 14 posts

    Sorry to hear your tale of woe Colin but thanks for the advice.
    I called BAEC and they couldn’t tell me why the account had been locked. They instructed me to go to the login page and follow the “forgotten password” link which i did and once the passsword reset was done i was able to login again (and no, i hadn’t mistyped my original password several times, i got the lockout message on my first attempt to login). We trust these people to fly complicated machines through the air :o(

    ThinkSquare 1 post

    My account was locked again today for no obvious reason. I hadn’t accessed my account for a couple of weeks. Maybe AwardWallet (which successfully logged in 7 hours ago) triggered something. At least this time I got an email and the reset password link worked.

    ChrisBCN 295 posts

    We trust these people to fly complicated machines through the air :o(

    I don’t think the people who deal with website accounts are the ones who have anything to do with the ‘complicated machines’…

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