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  • hugo r 282 posts

    Hi just opened the Marriott bonvoy card after cancelling it 3 years ago had the card for 5 days and I’ve used it

    No status bar is showing for the welcome bonus . Should I be concerned? Do they still appear in people’s account ?

    I was referred, the person who referred me got there referral bonus so hopefully I’ll get my enhanced bonus too

    aq.1988 456 posts

    Do you have any other Amex cards? Because the bonus requirement is no personal Amex in the last 2 years, not just no MB Amex.

    One thing to note, I referred someone for a Gold, and they weren’t eligible for a bonus as they already had a BAPP, but they ended up getting the bonus anyway. It was pure luck as they definitely weren’t eligible. YMMV if you decide to put the spend through.

    hugo r 282 posts

    No other cards all been closed for 2+ years… do Amex still feature the spend bar tracker ? Also how long do you have to wait for the elite credits to post

    aq.1988 456 posts

    I don’t have a tracker on my Gold to Platinum upgrade, but usually have it on new cards, but when it’s an enhanced bonus, it usually just says the standard amount (which leads to a lot of confusion). Although, I’ve seen other posts recently saying their trackers disappeared. It might be visible online instead of the app? Not sure about the credits.

    MF176 187 posts

    My spend bar has never appeared on the app for my Marriott card – but when I log in on the website it is there. BAPP shows on both app and website.

    Nights will credit within a few days, and then very quickly after new year in subsequent years.

    HfP Staff
    2,207 posts

    Nights should credit within 2 weeks, and then in first week of January going forward.

    hugo r 282 posts

    Thanks for help . So tracker for nightly award is showing but not the welcome bonus (app or web)

    Called Amex . Last bonvoy card canx 2019 . Plat card canx March 22 . They’re saying not eligible as 24 months hasn’t passed since plat card canx .

    Is that correct ? I did call amex prior to applying to ensure I was eligible, 4 different agents said yes but now I’ve been told this . Is there any redress on this ? Will I still get the night credits

    BBbetter 638 posts

    You said ‘no other cards in the last 2 years’?
    The eligibility criteria is very clear on both Amex and HfP website.
    No signup bonus is correct. You’ll still get the elite nights.

    Matt 323 posts

    You could try making a complaint, if you have relied on incorrect information given to you by the company. I doubt Amex would do anything other than tell you the rules are clear, tough, so you’d have to be prepared to take it to the FOS. Whether you would get anywhere with them is difficult to say – though there’s no cost to you from trying, and it wouldn’t be the most trivial complaint they’ve seen.

    Any evidence that you’ve been misinformed would be helpful, though tricky if it was phone calls.

    hugo r 282 posts

    Hi thanks for the info , well I have the time and dates of the calls , I hope the calls are recorded. I wouldn’t have got the card otherwise . Reason for getting the card as the welcome bonus and elite night credits . I thought the 2 years were up on my cards and Amex CS did confirm this too , I specifically asked if I would get the bonus , all the agents said yes, they even said all cards were cancelled over 2 years ago

    Today I found out that plat closed March 22 which if true makes me not Eligible for the welcome bonus.

    Should I write to Brighton or email the U.K. country manager ?

    From the replies from the forum it seams I’ll still get the elite credits which is good however not happy I’ll not get the 23k welcome bonus

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